Distributed online doctor surgery

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Jahankhani, Hamid and Jahankhani, Pari 2002. Distributed online doctor surgery. Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems. (ICEIS 2002) Ciudad Real pp. 3-6
AuthorsJahankhani, Hamid and Jahankhani, Pari
TypeConference paper

This paper reports on redesign of the existing manual system of a Doctor Surgery, to a
computerised system, which takes the advantage of the latest technologies and allows the
patients to have better interaction with the system.
The Doctor surgery plays a major role in human life, over the years we have seen the drastic
changes in the treatment of patient in surgery, however we haven't really seen much changes
on structure of the system as a whole. Many surgeries still use a manual paper based system
for their transaction. The recent rapid development in web technology and growth of
distributed processing seems to be only applicable for commercial business and field such as
medical treatment seems to have fallen behind in the technology and as consequence,
inefficient and ineffective services provided to the patients. The new prototype system has
been designed using Object Oriented Methodology and implemented by using mainly JAVA
(RMI, SQL, SERVLET and other Java packages) for creating the communication server and
the web site. Also, for the end user interface of the database in the surgery ORACLE 7 and
Developer 2000 application was used.
The implementation of the system allows the patient to carry out appointment transaction
(create, query, delete) and communicate with the doctor via the web site, which is connected
to the oracle server in the surgery. The web site provides all the necessary details and
information about the surgery and practice. The final prototype utilises distributed
technology and built upon the research carried out.

KeywordsWorld Wide Web; OO; UML; RMI; Servlet; Information systems; Oracle 7; NHS
ConferenceProceedings of the 4th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems
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PrintApr 2002
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Deposited28 Apr 2010
Web address (URL)http://hdl.handle.net/10552/757
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Jahankhani, H., Jahankhani, P. (2002) ‘Distributed online doctor surgery’, Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems, (ICEIS 2002), Ciudad Real, Spain, April 3-6, 2002, pp 1042-1047..

Place of publicationCiudad Real
Page range3-6
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