Drawing and the digital era : Digital perspective and the physicality of reproduction

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Foutris, Dimitris 2001. Drawing and the digital era : Digital perspective and the physicality of reproduction. Prof Doc Thesis University of East London School of Arts and Digital Industries
AuthorsFoutris, Dimitris
TypeProf Doc Thesis

The focus of my research has developed in the following ways; first, is the sense of 'layers' that are distinct in my work. Second, is the importance of scale and the
transformation of the image into a larger scale than the original and which completely changes its appearance and reception. Third, is the use of patterns and
geometrical elements and their relationship to drawing and the drawn work. Fourth is the reference to renaissance paintings and the appropriation of Old Masters' work. The fifth element is the aesthetics of the medium, in for example, the use of 3D software to produce three-dimensional images. Finally the sixth element is the investigation of the possibilities of craft in the digital
world and where I am placed within it as a practising artist, working with available software and yet addressing issues of physical space, form and the material aspects of the object.
In the introduction I set out the issues in my investigation and discuss my use of the computer as a medium in my creative practice.
In the methodology chapter, I refer to different historical periods and how I have made use of their understanding of organisation of form and space in order to support my practice and the nature of my work. In this I have experimented with scale and I have considered illusion and experiments with geometrical and mathematical theories and structures. I have addressed the use of computers as a
creative medium in my practice and the relation of traditional mosaics to the computer's use of pixels and its close affinities with modern styles.
In the chapter which discusses my professional practice, I reflect upon the experience of exhibiting and the feedback gained throughout the research period from dialogue and critique. I refer to the response I have had from the people for the work and to seminars that I attended which helped me to understand better the objectives and the possible outcome of my practice within a research degree.

KeywordsArt; Scale and transformation; Computer as a medium
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PrintDec 2001
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Deposited22 Apr 2014
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