An investigation into the design and specification of revenue collection systems in urban mass transit


Prendiville, Alison 2001. An investigation into the design and specification of revenue collection systems in urban mass transit. Thesis University of East London
AuthorsPrendiville, Alison

This thesis describes the nature of the specification and design of revenue
collection systems from four urban mass transit systems: Manchester Metrolink,
Sheffield Suptertram, Grenoble Tag Light Rail system and the Netherlands
National Ticketing system.
Previous research in this area has been generated from an industry perspective that
has focused on new technologies and types of ticketing systems available. In
addition fare collection is frequently discussed, and there is academic research
available, in relation to pricing theory and policy. However, as yet there appears to
be no theoretical or empirical research examining urban mass transit revenue
collection systems and their specification.
This research was initiated from a supplier of revenue collection systems
expressing dissatisfaction in the design and specification selection procedure. In
addition there was a need to conceptualise the important role that a revenue
collection system plays in achieving a public transport operator's objectives.
The aim of this study was to add to the theoretical base of this research area
through the four case studies and to improve the design and selection of revenue
collection systems in `real life' situations.
Due to the nature of the research area being `real world' and revenue collection
systems being bespoke, theoretical propositions were created from the literature
review in order to guide the research and test the hypothesis. Through the
theoretical proposition the role of the revenue collection system in a service
marketing context is also established.
This thesis is presented in seven chapters. Chapter 1 provides an introduction and
background information to the research area. In Chapter 2 the research
methodology is discussed together with the nature of the research. In Chapter 3 the
literature review and the generation of the theoretical propositions and hypothesis
are presented. In Chapter 4 the case studies describe the nature of the revenue
collection systems and their specifications. In chapter 5 the case study analysis is
undertaken based upon the theoretical propositions. Chapter 6 presents the overall
conclusions and tests the hypothesis; it also presents recommendations for
improving revenue collection system specification. Finally Chapter 7 discusses the
research and its strengths and weaknesses and suggests areas for further research.

Keywordsrevenue collection system specification; urban mass transit; ticketing systems; public transport
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