Neural computation in medicine: Perspectives and prospects

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Dybowski, Richard 2000. Neural computation in medicine: Perspectives and prospects.
AuthorsDybowski, Richard
TypeConference paper

In 1998, over 400 papers on artificial neural networks (ANNs) were published
in the context of medicine, but why is there this interest in ANNs? And how do ANNs compare with traditional statistical methods? We propose some answers to these questions, and go on to consider the ‘black
box’ issue. Finally, we briefly look at two directions in which ANNs are likely to develop, namely the use of Bayesian statistics and knowledge data fusion.

Keywordsartificial neural networks; Bayesian statistics; data modelling; classification; Multilayer perceptrons; medical data management
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PrintMay 2000
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Deposited02 Nov 2009
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Dybowski R. (2000) "Neural computation in medicine: Perspectives and prospects". In Malmgren, H., Borga, M., Niklasson, L. (eds.) Artificial Neural Networks in Medicine and Biology (Proceedings of the ANNIMAB-1 Conference, Goteborg, 13-16 May 2000) Springer, 2000, pp 26-36.

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