Parallel systems and architectural form

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Coates, Paul and Thum, Robert 2000. Parallel systems and architectural form. Proceedings of the Greenwich 2000 Symposium: Digital Creativity International Conference. January 2000 London: University of Greenwich.
AuthorsCoates, Paul and Thum, Robert
TypeConference paper

This paper describes the work of students in Unit 6 of the Diploma school at the UEL during 1995-99. The unit in
association with the MSc has been investigating parallel systems with the aid of computers in order to explore the idea
of emergent form as a way of generating designs. The first part of the paper intention is to clarify motivation and the
conceptional stance of the unit. Here we will define the terminology important for the ideas. We will also sketch out to
pedagogical as well as architectural aims of the course.
The main body of this paper will discuss five student projects representing a variety of parallel systems which are used
by the students to tackle set design tasks. The projects covered are:
• Sean Macmillan Generating housing as a vernacular infill algorithm taking account and micro environmental
• Michel Mesut redensification using Japanese models of space and urbanism
• Riko Sibbe Emergent patterns of use from multi mapped urban fields and hill climbing agents
• Claudia Schmid Agents with vision deforming & folding surfaces to provide programmatic enclosures
• Pablo Miranda Parallel models of spatial organisation – accessibility indices and isovists

Keywordsparallel systems; computer generated designs; architecture; pedagogy
ConferenceProceedings of the Greenwich 2000 Symposium: Digital Creativity International Conference
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PrintJan 2000
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Deposited25 Aug 2010
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Coates, P. and Thum, R. (2000) 'Parallel systems and architectural form' Proceedings of the Greenwich 2000 Symposium: Digital Creativity International Conference, January 2000, London: University of Greenwich..

Place of publicationLondon: University of Greenwich.
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