Men with learning disabilities: Gendered subjectivities

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Wing, David 1999. Men with learning disabilities: Gendered subjectivities. Prof Doc Thesis University of East London School of Psychology
AuthorsWing, David
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Gender, as a factor of human experience in the lives of men and women with learning
disabilities has largely been neglected as an important area of investigation within
clinical psychology. Although there have been recent moves to address this neglect by
exploring the experience of gender for women with learning disabilities there has been
virtually nothing in exploring the implications of gender for men with learning
This study is a qualitative investigation into how a number of men make sense of
themselves in relation to gender and learning disability. Eleven men were interviewed
in depth and a discourse analytic method as described by Potter and Wetherell (1987)
applied to analyse their accounts. Several interpretative repertoires were defined from
the analysis of the participants' accounts and have been described under the following
heuristic categories: 'Learning Disability: A construction of inability', 'Learning
Disability: Positioned as non-adult', 'The meaning of work', 'Sexual relationships',
'Appeals to 'sameness" and 'Learning Disability: An essentialist construction'. What
emerged from the interviews was how, having been positioned within these repertoires,
the participants' appeared to experience what can be described as multiple 'fractured'
identities at the point of intersection between sometimes conflicting demands of
masculinity and disability.

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PrintNov 1999
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Deposited09 Jun 2014
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