Bactericidal activity of the new 4-quinolones DU-6859a and DV-7751a


Morrissey, Ian and Smith, J.T. 1995. Bactericidal activity of the new 4-quinolones DU-6859a and DV-7751a. J Med Microbiol. 43 (1), pp. 4-8.
AuthorsMorrissey, Ian and Smith, J.T.

The bactericidal activity of two new 4-quinolones, DU-6859a and DV-7751a, was investigated against strains of Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, S. epidermidis, Streptococcus pneumoniae and Enterococcus faecalis. DU-6859a and DV-7751a were more bactericidal than any 4-quinolone tested previously. Furthermore, DU-6859a was unique among 4-quinolones in being able to kill Ent. faecalis after incubation for only 3 h in nutrient broth. The bactericidal mechanisms of DV-7551a were similar to those of other 4-quinolones, but, uniquely, DU-6859a possessed additional bactericidal mechanisms against both Str. pneumoniae and Ent. faecalis. This may explain the unusually potent bactericidal activity of this agent against these species. These results show that DU-6859a is a unique extended-spectrum 4-quinolone, which should prove to be superior to established 4-quinolones.

Keywordsquinolones; bacterial strains; Antibacterial agents; bactericidal activity
JournalJ Med Microbiol
Journal citation43 (1), pp. 4-8
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PrintJul 1995
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Morrissey I, Smith JT. (1995) ‘Bactericidal activity of the new 4-quinolones DU-6859a and DV-7751a’ J Med Microbiol 43 (1) pp.4-8..

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