Construal of sources of help for psychological problems by charismatic evangelical Christians

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Stredwick, Jane Rebecca 1995. Construal of sources of help for psychological problems by charismatic evangelical Christians. Prof Doc Thesis University of East London School of Psychology
AuthorsStredwick, Jane Rebecca
TypeProf Doc Thesis

Previous research on constructions of help-seeking for
psychological problems in Christians in the UK is absent. What
research there is more generally, has been over-shadowed in
psychology and psychotherapy by the dominance of a pathologyoriented
social system and values about what is good and how life
should be lived "healthily". The aim of this research was to use
a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods, to
investigate the ways in which Christians construe help-seeking
for psychological problems from various sources. 14 committed
Christians from a close-knit group in East London were
participants in the study. Participants were interviewed using
repertory grid methodology and, using the "Triadic method", 10
bipolar constructs were elicited for each person. The grids was
then filled in, and the element and construct ratings were
factor-analysed. The resultant factors were then returned to the
participants, each being interviewed in order to elaborate,
modify or interpret them from their own point of view. A
thematic analysis of the interview transcripts was carried out.
The analysis produced 4 significant themes: 1)Belief in the
"intrusive spiritual", 2)Fami1iarity, friendship, trust and
safety, 3)Secular professionals and 4)Authority, hierarchy and
power. The clinical and theoretical implications of these
findings were discussed and suggestions for future research made.

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PrintMay 1995
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Deposited06 Jun 2014
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