Recruitment challenges – a study of how consulting firms practice their recruitment

Masters Thesis

Sunby, E. 2019. Recruitment challenges – a study of how consulting firms practice their recruitment. Masters Thesis University of East London Royal Docks School of Business and Law
AuthorsSunby, E.
TypeMasters Thesis

2019 dissertation for MSc. This study shows the results of in-depth interviews based on how elite consulting companies carry out their recruitment process. Interviews were conducted with six different companies, the participants being HR managers or other recruiting staff. The findings were then analysed to see how consulting firms in the Oslo area utilise screening methods, and employer branding to remain competitive in the market. The results from these methods provide evidence that screening via social media, and the company's ability to create an organisational identity through employer branding, have an effect on employee choice.
The purpose of the study was to test existing research related to the topics of recruitment, screening and employer branding in a new context. The study can help increase understanding of how to use social media in the selection process and thus improve the quality of this screening tool, as well as how companies should market themselves to attract desirable candidates. Furthermore, it can result in better quality of the recruitment process within the companies and have a positive effect on the recruitment in a very competitive market for the most suitable graduates.
When reviewing existing theory, a research gap was identified related to the effect of social media in the Norwegian context. By filling this research gap, the researcher hopes that companies can benefit from this study and gain a broader understanding of the impact social media and employer branding have on the selection process.

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OnlineSep 2019
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