The Effect of Sustainable Production on Consumer Buying Behaviour in Apparel Industry

Masters Thesis

Korkmaz, B. 2019. The Effect of Sustainable Production on Consumer Buying Behaviour in Apparel Industry. Masters Thesis University of East London Royal Docks School of Business and Law
AuthorsKorkmaz, B.
TypeMasters Thesis

2019 dissertation for MSc. Sustainable production consists of producing things that are supportive towards the environment and does not cause global warming or green depletion. Moreover, sustainable products are those that can be recycled and are bio-degradable. Most of the companies are using organic products in modern days due to the increase in customers demand environmentally sustainable products. It is due to the media exposure about global warming, green depletion. It is also seen that animal welfare rights, including the rising concerns of protecting endangered species, have reduced demands for leather jackets, or shoes made from animal skin.
The methods for researching the impact of sustainable production upon buying behaviour of consumers have been determined by maintaining the principle of research onion. Research has been initiated using the inductive approach to analyse multiple impacts of sustainable production upon consumer behaviour. The approach of exploratory research design has been considered to accelerate the research variables of sustainable production and consumer behaviour. Qualitative and quantitative information regarding sustainable production and its corresponding consumer behaviour has been collected from authentic secondary sources like journals and books.
The research also concludes that the firms such as Solly and Zodiac, are using the methods of sustainable production by increasing organic products and paper packaging for attracting modern customers. It also gives future scope where more than one industry can be compared, or a specific firm can be chosen for the sake of development.

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