Violence Against Women: Entrapment, Repetition and Transformation

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Martinez Aleman, C. 2019. Violence Against Women: Entrapment, Repetition and Transformation. Prof Doc Thesis University of East London School of Arts and Digital Industries
AuthorsMartinez Aleman, C.
TypeProf Doc Thesis

Violence Against Women: Entrapment, Repetition and Transformation is a reflection on my creative practice as a visual artist. The project is the culmination of five years of research into this subject, inspired by artists and theorists to examine it from a feminist point of view. It is an ongoing body of work that explores themes of power, domination, gender inequality, entrapment, repetition and transformation. These issues are still relevant today and my personal interest and experience have motivated me to use my art practice to raise awareness.

Researching feminist theorists such as Amelia Valcárcel, Ana de Miguel Marcela Lagarde y Laura Segato has given me insight into the subject and allowed me to develop my artistic practice further, adding substance to my work and making my work more engaging. Philosophers Rosi Braidotti and Daisaku Ikeda have shown optimism is still possible and that we are all interconnected. They reinforce the importance of building better communities and fighting injustice against women.

Key artists such as Regina José Galindo, Jenny Holzer, Susan Hiller and Lorena Wolfer have been a source of inspiration, encouraging me to explore using different media, including photography, video, installation and performance. They have also shown me ways to use specific tools in my art practice, in order to convey the message of highlighting violence against women and bring about social awareness.

PublisherUniversity of East London
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Deposited05 Dec 2019
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