Gender Ventriloquism in Studio Production


Reddington, H. 2018. Gender Ventriloquism in Studio Production. IASPM Journal. 8 (1), pp. 59-73.
AuthorsReddington, H.

A process of ventriloquism, with male producers speaking through the mouthpieces of the women they produce, can reinforce gender delineations in pop. After discussing ventriloquism in pop and demonstrating different ways in which this has happened using historical examples, the author’s original interviews with women who record male artists are examined to discover whether a similar process takes place when roles are reversed. The author concludes that aspects of ventriloquism are inherent in production, although some women producers have questioned gender roles during this process. She also notes that as more female mediators enter the profession, we may hear more authentic expressions of women’s identities in popular music.

JournalIASPM Journal
Journal citation8 (1), pp. 59-73
PublisherInternational Association for the Study of Popular Music
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Online20 Aug 2018
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