Project-Stage Attitude Gap in Construction Waste Management within UK: An Explanatory Analysis

Masters Thesis

Parmanova, B. 2020. Project-Stage Attitude Gap in Construction Waste Management within UK: An Explanatory Analysis. Masters Thesis University of East London Royal Docks School of Business and Law
AuthorsParmanova, B.
TypeMasters Thesis

2020 dissertation for MSc. Purpose – Main aim/purpose of this dissertation work is to analyze/investigate project team’s attitude along with the construction waste management. Futher, it targets to examine the effects that influence the attitude/behaviour gap at project stage within the framework of construction waste management.
Approach Design / Methodology – The work layout is descriptive by its nature and aimed to be interpretative. Secondary data and quality design adopted for this study helped the researcher to gain insights of project team’s attitudes/behaviours. Generally ten detailed case study interviews have been collected as a secondary data, with a half-structured nature, to mainly respond the research questions that guide the study.
Findings – Results reveal the project team’s optimistic attitude regarding construction waste environment. Factors found to impede team’s behavior at project level were: lack of motivation, complexities between design team and project team, technology system, documentation and legislation awareness, the approaches of senior managers towards workforce.
Research Implications – The researcher reported that a behavioural gap exists at project level among project managers. Moreover, main obstacles were established, which clarified the factors that affect ambiguities.
Practical Implications – The observations have potential significance regarding senior managers, project directors, policy makers, executives and construction waste management companies; implementing and promoting approaches of waste management awareness amongst project managers.
Originality – The dissertation work deals with a literature gap. This research is specific in context, while the attitude/behavior gap has also been researched earlier and focuses on project managers and senior managers.

PublisherUnivertsity of East London
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Online30 Jul 2020
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SubmittedJun 2020
Deposited30 Jul 2020
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