Passionate Leaders(hip) at Work

PhD Thesis

Trinh, S. 2021. Passionate Leaders(hip) at Work. PhD Thesis University of East London School of Business and Law
AuthorsTrinh, S.
TypePhD Thesis

Addressing the need for a new form of leadership to fight this global leadership crisis, Passion In Leadership In Organisations (PILIO) is investigated.
Following a pragmatic research stance, this research is composed of three studies: a meta-aggregative literature review analysed with a Thematic Analysis (study 1), a mixed-methods Systematic Review (study 2), and a Grounded Theory Methodology analysed with descriptive statistics and thematic analysis (study 3).
Study 1 examined 26 studies, study 2 reviewed a sample of 13,205 individuals across 44 global studies, and study 3 interviewed 22 Chief Executive Officers, men and women from all industries and regions of the world.
The definitions of Passionate Leadership In Organisations and Passion In Leadership In Organisations are produced. A Passion In Leadership In Organisations model which identifies 4 types of leaders is revealed: Obsessive Leader, Sacrificial Leader, Managerial Leader, Passionate Leader.
The theory of passion lifecycle is proposed explaining the evolutive level of passion in leadership through time, suggesting a point of optimal conditions. A dark side of PILIO continuum is revealed contrasting the dark side of passion versus the bright side of passion, and indicating ways to either lose to or to fight against passion in leadership.
Dual Passion-People-Energy flow exposing the relationship between passion, energy and desire to connect with people is unpacked. The study evidences the multidimensional character of Passion In Leadership In Organisations and both the transferability and the humanistic and prosocial aspects of Passion In Leadership In Organisations are critically discussed.
This study contributes to both the leadership literature and research on motivational constructs in Positive Psychology, offering practical insights beneficial to scholars, policy makers and practitioners in their quest to address the current global leadership crisis and the lack of a type of leader who can build a better world.

PublisherUniversity of East London
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Online02 Dec 2021
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Submitted08 Nov 2021
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