A Qualitative Investigation into How the Practice of Coaching Impacts Students and Coaches in a Bahraini Context

PhD Thesis

Fitzgerald, R. 2023. A Qualitative Investigation into How the Practice of Coaching Impacts Students and Coaches in a Bahraini Context. PhD Thesis University of East London School of Psychology https://doi.org/10.15123/uel.8vq8y
AuthorsFitzgerald, R.
TypePhD Thesis

Cultural intelligence and cultural competence are much needed skills is our ever changing world. As coaching psychology continues to spread around the globe, culturally sensitive coaching practice is a prerequisite. Culture influences our perceptions, however over the years, psychology has been accused of being culture blind in the sense that the research which has been conducted and the resulting psychological theories and models, have been based upon Western cultural norms. This study pertains to coaching in Bahrain and seeks to explore the experience of Bahraini university students who engage in a coaching skills programme and also the experience of Western coaches who practice in Bahrain. Two studies were undertaken. The methodology used for both studies was interpretative phenomenological analysis, as this is well suited to cultural research and allows for an in-depth exploration of the richness of individual experience. Study one gathered data from Bahraini university students (n=7) through a focus group interview and study two gathered data from Western coaches who practice in Bahrain (n=5). Results of both studies were integrated and there were a number of concordant findings which specifically pertain to coaching practice in Bahrain. Both studies found that family, culture and religion have a powerful influence upon both the perceptions and the practice of coaching in Bahrain and that cultural sensitivity is vital for Western coaches who wish to practice in Bahrain. The integration of psychological approaches such as indigenous psychology, existential psychology and transpersonal psychology into coaching practice may contribute to culturally sensitive coaching practice in Bahrain.

PublisherUniversity of East London
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