Teachers’ Continuous Professional Development CPD in Algeria and England: A Comparative Study of MFL Teachers in Medea and London

PhD Thesis

Abdat, A. 2023. Teachers’ Continuous Professional Development CPD in Algeria and England: A Comparative Study of MFL Teachers in Medea and London. PhD Thesis University of East London School of Education and Communities https://doi.org/10.15123/uel.8w278
AuthorsAbdat, A.
TypePhD Thesis

This study explores how Modern Foreign Language (MFL) teachers in two research contexts in Algeria and England perceived their experiences with Continuing Professional Development (CPD). The study also explored the factors that MFL teachers perceived to have either supported or hindered them from engaging with CPD more profitably. The research is timely and original because it is the first empirical research that brings the two contexts together to document MFL teachers’ perceptions of their engagement with CPD. It explores theories of workplace learning, focusing on Situated Learning Theory (SLT) to help unpack the different layers involved in teacher learning. These include the influence of government policy; the institutional learning environment; as well as teachers’ individual dispositions to learning, which forms the conceptual framework for the thesis. Research methods used to collect data in this study were non-participant observation and individual semi-structured interviews. Observations took place during formal CPD sessions of teachers and data was collected from these sessions using field notes. This helped gain an understanding of the CPD provision in the Algerian and English context. Individual semi-structured interviews were held with ten MFL teachers from each of the research contexts to gain an in-depth understanding of their experiences and engagement with CPD. Interviews were also held with two CPD coordinators from Algeria and one CPD coordinator from England to investigate the nature and purpose of the CPD sessions in the eyes of the CPD coordinators. Data analysis was carried out using thematic analysis to provide deeper understandings of teachers’ perceptions of CPD. The study identified teachers’ CPD as a complex phenomenon with an amalgam of influences that impacted upon their learning. There are significant factors affecting MFL teachers’ engagement with CPD including governmental policies that have promoted a culture of performativity and accountability in schools; the expansiveness, and/ or the restrictiveness of the institutional learning environment; as well teachers’ 3 individual dispositions to engage in CPD opportunities. While the findings of this research have provided greater insight into the CPD provision for MFL teachers in both research contexts, it is hoped that it will also inspire for further research that would bring more light to the professional needs of MFL teachers in different educational contexts. Myriad factors need to be considered when planning for formal and informal activities of CPD in secondary schools for MFL teachers. Based on the practical implications of this study, suggestions have been made to guide future CPD provision and make suggestions for school leaders, researchers, and policy makers to bring about changes to MFL teachers’ engagement with CPD and practice.

PublisherUniversity of East London
Digital Object Identifier (DOI)https://doi.org/10.15123/uel.8w278
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Online19 Jul 2023
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