International Banking in Global Perspective


D'Avino, C. and Shabani, M. (ed.) 2024. International Banking in Global Perspective. Taylor & Francis (Routledge).
EditorsD'Avino, C. and Shabani, M.

Banks play the most vital role in the economy by acting as financial intermediaries and providing the necessary credit to fund consumption and investment, thereby effecting real economic activity. Banks have been in existence for centuries and while the core of their function remains the same, their business model has changed dramatically over the years. Most notably, banking internationalisation has gained prominence in the last three decades.

This book offers a comprehensive understanding of the business model, challenges and benefits of international banks.

It features banks that are global and highlights their overseas activities. It documents the recent trends in international banking activity and serves as a one-stop-shop for students and scholars. Furthermore, in the post-financial crisis of 2007-09 there has been a surge in the FinTech industry where banks have sought an opportunity to expand and compete, the core of which is the provision of services via the newly established online technology as well as the green finance initiative. The book brings together the issues and opportunities ahead as global banks respond to market and environment conditions in these arenas.

The text will be a useful resource for students, researchers and scholars of banking, international finance and international economics as well as students wishing to pursue a professional career in banking. Given the vital role banks play in the economy, their structure and activities are of great interest to policy makers also.

PublisherTaylor & Francis (Routledge)
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Print04 Mar 2024
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SeriesRoutledge International Studies in Money and Banking
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