Cook, J. 2017. The ELSC FILES. Casa das Artes, Porto, Portugal
CreatorsCook, J.

The ELSC FILES is a collaborative book project with the East London Stripper Collective that evidences the activism of a group of six women, juxtaposing this with the language of photographic portraiture and performance within an East London warehouse awaiting demolition and redevelopment. In this setting these representations and re-representations within a series of six books challenge the notion of ‘progress’ in many ways. The content includes not just portraiture, but evidence of social media as a site for participation, communication and public event organisation - challenging the stigma of stereotype that dogs the perception of this industry

Exhibition titleThe Book Dispersed
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The Book Dispersed: group exhibition curated by Media Instáveis/ Unstable Media.

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Deposited01 Feb 2018
Completed08 Oct 2017
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