Olympia Moments Ltd.


Cook, J. 2015. Olympia Moments Ltd. Departure Lounge Gallery, Luton, UK 26 Mar - 24 May 2015
CreatorsCook, J.

‘Olympia Moments Ltd’ represents a company set up by three women who wanted to push the rules and regulations. While most striptease entertainment takes place in licensed pubs and clubs where strict rules apply, underground sex entertainment venues bend these rules, but even if they worried about the judgment of others the Olympia Moments women were in control of what they offered for money. The Olympia Moments evenings embraced the underlying message of Manet’s painting; and they (with the help of some dressing up and some props and games) held the power.

Exhibition titleOlympia Moments Ltd
Web address (URL)http://departure-lounge.org.uk/olympia-moments-ltd/
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With Paul Davies and Melissa Moore, curated by Matthew Shaul.

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Deposited01 Feb 2018
Completed24 May 2015
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