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Clarke, K. 2016. Science Museum Interactive Gallery.
CreatorsClarke, K.

Balancing the realisation of a spectacular gallery with the need to clearly communicate scientific principles, the Science Museum’s new gallery, Wonderlab, provides an immersive and playground-like experience of scientific discovery.

Wonderlab challenges the the generic bright, wipe clean, panelled architecture of many schools and public spaces, instead muf has created a robust, hardworking space which also delivers a sense of grandeur and delight. muf’s design draws on well known spaces of scientific discovery and learning – Faraday’s lecture hall can be seen in the show space, the orrery recalls George Wright of Derby’s famous painting, and a visit to the still-in-use chemistry labs in Oxford inspired the Chemistry Bar.

muf has designed the gallery and much of its contents in collaboration with the Science Museum, crafts people, artists, contractors, engineers, lighting designers, graphic designers, cost consultants and project managers, including: Siobhan Liddell, Felix de Pass, Luke Jones, Michael Grubb, Arnout Visser, Will Yates Johnson, Swedish design practice Front, graphic design practice Objectif, furniture makers Benchmark, interior designers Paragon, engineers Arup, and Ramboll.

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Deposited11 Dec 2018
Completed12 Oct 2016
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