The Views of Students with Dyslexia on the Transition to Secondary School-The Importance of Self-Advocacy

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Kelly, Samuel 2015. The Views of Students with Dyslexia on the Transition to Secondary School-The Importance of Self-Advocacy. Prof Doc Thesis University of East London Psychology
AuthorsKelly, Samuel
TypeProf Doc Thesis

The transition to secondary school can be a stressful and challenging process for young people, especially those with special educational needs. While research acknowledges the importance of additional support for students with dyslexia at post-secondary transition, a systematic literature review indicated that very little research has studied their experience during transition to secondary school. Additionally, there is a growing evidence base for the importance of vulnerable students being taught to self-advocate during transition, though limited research has investigated its efficacy for young people with dyslexia. To address these issues, qualitative exploratory research was conducted with nine young people with dyslexia, who had recently transitioned to secondary school. Data collection involved two semi-structured interviews which were both analysed using thematic analysis. The first interview sought to explore both the experiences of young people with dyslexia during transition, as well as what they found supportive during this process. Findings highlighted the importance of understanding and disclosing dyslexia; requesting appropriate support; knowing strengths and areas for development; adequate information about transition; support from friends and family. Using these findings, the researcher developed five draft self-advocacy based materials which sought to support young people with dyslexia during transition. The second interview explored the views of participants on these materials. The research indicated that the materials would be useful for preparing young people with dyslexia for the transition to secondary school. The materials were then refined based on the feedback of participants. The findings of this research highlighted the importance of transition planning for young people with dyslexia and the potential efficacy of self-advocacy based support.

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