Robust outcome prediction for intensive care patients


Ramoni, Marco, Sebastiani, Paola and Dybowski, Richard 2001. Robust outcome prediction for intensive care patients. Methods of Information in Medicine. 40 (1), pp. 39-45.
AuthorsRamoni, Marco, Sebastiani, Paola and Dybowski, Richard

Missing data are a major plague of medical databases in general, and of Intensive Care Units databases in particular. The time pressure of work in an Intensive Care Unit pushes the physicians to omit randomly
or selectively record data. These different omission strategies give rise to different patterns of missing data and the recommended approach of completing the database using median imputation and fitting a logistic
regression model can lead to significant biases. This paper applies a new classification method, called robust Bayes classifier, that does not rely on any particular assumption about the pattern of missing data and compares it to the traditional median imputation approach using a database of 324 Intensive Care Unit patients.

KeywordsIncomplete Data; Classification; Costs analysis; medical databases; Intensive Care Units; medical data management
JournalMethods of Information in Medicine
Journal citation40 (1), pp. 39-45
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Deposited02 Nov 2009
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Ramoni M, Sebastiani P, Dybowski R. (2001) "Robust outcome prediction for intensive care patients". Methods of Information in Medicine, 40 (1) 39-45..

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