Mapping Affect Studies


Lara, A. 2020. Mapping Affect Studies. Athenea Digital. 20 (Art. 2812).
AuthorsLara, A.

This editorial for the special issue Mapping Affect Studies, I briefly introduce therelevance to explore the intersections between affect studies and other relevantfields for social sciences and humanities. To create a frame to explore such inter-sections, I explore the affective turn in relation to its epistemological/ontologicalassumptions, its methodological challenges, and the politics of the affective turn.Then, I offer some notes on two intersections with fields that are missing in thisSpecial issue: the intersection between affect and feminism, and affect and disabil-ity. I finish this introduction by presenting the articles of the special issue.

JournalAthenea Digital
Journal citation20 (Art. 2812)
PublisherUniversitat Autonoma de Barcelona
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PrintJul 2020
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Deposited15 Jul 2020
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