Patterns of Transformation

Prof Doc Thesis

Warren, K. 2023. Patterns of Transformation. Prof Doc Thesis University of East London School of Architecture, Computing & Engineering
AuthorsWarren, K.
TypeProf Doc Thesis

My artwork is an exploration of abstract mark-making that arises from a contemplation of the relationship between the individual and the landscape. This connects my work with a form of ecological thinking referred to as ecopsychology; a concept which offers me the freedom to explore patterns in nature while remaining purposefully connected to environmental concerns.

My drawing process is thus informed by patterns in earth, sea, and sky, by the mark-making process itself and by the human detritus that pollutes, but is nevertheless a part of, the landscape as I encounter it. All of this feeds into the cycle of drawn acts.

The abstraction of my drawn forms resolves into a more material practice in my sculptures which make use of found objects and evoke the entanglements that characterise the ecology of the contemporary world. In this way, my art making suggests modes of thought, encompassing all aspects of the environment, which are required to open space for ecological action.

Keywordsabstraction; landscape; animism; free-form drawing; sculpture; ocean; ecology; ecosophy; ecopsychology; pollution
PublisherUniversity of East London
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Online10 Aug 2023
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Completed08 Aug 2023
Deposited10 Aug 2023
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