Where next for English teacher education?


Maguire, Meg 2011. Where next for English teacher education? Research in Teacher Education. 1 (1), pp. 30-34.
AuthorsMaguire, Meg

In this short piece, what I want to do is raise some
questions and engage in some musings based
on a consideration of the current proposals for
reforming teacher education as outlined in the
Schools White Paper (DfE 2010) entitled ‘The
importance of teaching. In what follows, I want
to briefly review the main proposals of the White
Paper. I then want to suggest that much of what
is being proposed is an amalgam of long-standing
policies and strategies for reform of teacher
education that have been reworked and tweaked
to fit with current discourses of markets, efficiency
and globalising necessities. Despite all the rhetoric
and policy activity around new proposals for
teacher education, one of the most surprising
things about all this current ‘policy noise’ is the
way in which many previous policies for reforming
the sector are being resuscitated in the new White
Paper. What might be some of the intended and
unintended outcomes of some of the proposed
changes to teacher education in England?

KeywordsTeacher Education; Education Policy; Reform; The Schools White Paper (2010)
JournalResearch in Teacher Education
Research in Secondary Teacher Education
Journal citation1 (1), pp. 30-34
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PrintApr 2011
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Deposited06 Apr 2011
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Maguire, M. (2011) ‘Where next for English teacher education?’, Research in Secondary Teacher Education, 1(1) pp.30-34..

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