Techno Trans-nationalism


De Souza, Pauline 2010. Techno Trans-nationalism. The International Journal of the Arts in Society. 4 (2), pp. 411-422.
AuthorsDe Souza, Pauline

In experiencing the world, globally, via satellites and sensors, how do
artists respond to this techno trans-national environment? Collaboration in this new environment for art is a key aspect of such techno-connectivity. Techno
trans-nationalism is expressed in every lag, pixilation, layering of software within communication technologies and its tools; tools that can be used for collaborative, creative and performative art practice. Here one must account, also for human distraction, delayed response and miscommunication. Such disjointed elements can also become incorporated into the technology as human ingenuity. This paper
addresses the implementation of and opportunities regarding issues of distribution
and the effect this can have on internet art practice.

KeywordsTechno Transnationalsim; Distribution; Wireless and Digital Signal Processing; Open Source; Peer-to-peer
JournalThe International Journal of the Arts in Society
Journal citation4 (2), pp. 411-422
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Deposited26 Mar 2010
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De Souza, P. (2010) ‘Techno Trans-nationalism’ The International Journal of the Arts in Society 4 (2) 411-422.

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