A Critical Review of the Educational Psychologist’s Role in Engaging with Young Carers


Pickup, H. 2021. A Critical Review of the Educational Psychologist’s Role in Engaging with Young Carers. Educational Psychology Research and Practice. 7 (1), pp. 1-7. https://doi.org/10.15123/uel.899yv
AuthorsPickup, H.

Diversity comes from difference and may arise through factors such as individuals’ class, gender identity or ethnicity. The need to consider diversity arises when membership of a diverse group results in disadvantage through a reduced ability to participate within the community. The role of EPs in engaging with diverse groups involves countering discrimination and removing barriers to participation that may arise through perceived incongruence with societal norms. Young carers are a diverse group due to a home life that differs from the expected norm. This paper critically reflected on the implications of this for their ability to successfully engage with their environment and achieve positive psychological wellbeing. Caring was found to have the potential to detrimentally affect attainment and lead to social isolation and reduced wellbeing. However, some more recent research indicated that it is possible to find benefit within the caring role, conferring positive wellbeing for some young carers. The potential role of EPs in engaging with young carers and removing barriers to their participation in their community was explored with reference to critical psychology and self-determination theory frameworks and an eco-systemic approach. Critical reflection on the literature and personal experience indicated that consideration of individual circumstances, the adoption of solution-focused approaches and advocacy through raising awareness and decreasing prejudice can lead to positive change at various systemic levels, promoting autonomy, connectedness and acceptance.

JournalEducational Psychology Research and Practice
Journal citation7 (1), pp. 1-7
PublisherSchool of Psychology, University of East London
Digital Object Identifier (DOI)https://doi.org/10.15123/uel.899yv
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Deposited12 Aug 2021
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