The Public Life of Emotions

Fundamental deficiencies in the megatrial methodology

Promoting Healthy Living in South Leytonstone: A Case Study

Community Computers: The success of the Flexible Learning Centre in South Leytonstone

Evaluation of Healthworks in Newham Health and Safety in Schools Programme

An Evaluation of Newham Community Health Services NHS Trust, Bilingual Co-Workers Project

Subsidised Nursery Places: A route to employment in Lea Bridge

Robust outcome prediction for intensive care patients

Prediction regions for the visualization of incomplete datasets

Confidence Intervals and Prediction Intervals for Feed-Forward Neural Networks

Highly epidemic strains of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) do not differ from other MRSA or methicillin-sensitive strains in capsule formation, Protein A content or adherence to HEp-2 cells

Evaluating Groupware Support for Software Engineering Students

Reverse engineering to achieve maintainable WWW sites

Evolution, development and learning - a nested hierarchy?

Symbols, Stimulus Equivalence and the Origins of Language

Cross-ethnic networks, self-reception system, and functional integration of refugees from former Yugoslavia in Rome, Italy

The Rwandan Experience of Fostering Separated Children

A discourse analysis of professional accounts of electroconvulsive therapy

Next Generation Networks: the service offering standpoint

Service opportunities for next generation networks

UML requirements for Distributed Software Architectures

Call Control Component implementing converged Telephony- Internet networks

The Design of Microstrip Six-Pole Quasi-Elliptic Filter with Linear Phase Response Using Extracted-Pole Technique

High Temperature Superconducting Ferrite Phase Shifter with New Latching Structure

Reassessing emotion recognition performance in people with mental retardation: a review

Current work at CECA

Determination of void content in filament wound composites

The effect of pharmacokinetics on the batericidal activity of ciprofloxacin and sparfloxacin and sparfloxacin against Streptococcus pnuemoniae and the emergence of resistance

Occupational health and safety amongst sex workers: a pilot peer education resource

Exploring attitude and belief correlates of adhering to the new guidelines for low-risk single-occasion drinking: an application of the theory of planned behaviour

Face recognition and emotional valence: Processing without awareness by neurologically intact participants does not simulate covert recognition in prosopagnosia

An investigation into the design and specification of revenue collection systems in urban mass transit

Financial Development and Economic Growth: The Role of the Stock Markets

Stories of partnership love : q methodological investigations.

Phenomenological processes underlying coping humour.

Transference, hypnosis and the fate of psychoanalysis.

The spatial data quality analysis in the environmental modelling.

Where Am I? Locating Self and Ethnicity on the World Wide Web

Nonlinear analysis of reinforced concrete portal frames

A study of the applicability of performance indicators in the management of a professional service in the public sector.

Mobile robot navigation using single camera vision

The Risk of Authenticity: Jung's Transcendent Function in examples of Women's Visual and Literary Practice

Towards an Analytic Theorization of Colour-Coded Object Relations

Responses to supplementary UV radiation of some temperate meadow species

Land titling and economic development

High Precision Analytical Solar Radiation Pressure Modelling for GNSS Spacecraft

Strategy Effects in Word Recognition

Pentecostalism and the adaptive significance of trance

Risk-Taking, Dangerous Behaviour in Childhood

The Flexible Design Methodology: A Framework to Encourage Manufacturing Companies to Develop Strategic Platform Designs

Information Technology: A Philosophical Inquiry into the Mechanisation and Ownership of Intelligence

Characterisation of selected sialoglycoproteins isolated from human lung carcinoma cells

A contextual visual perspective of image making in Pakistan since 1947

Drawing and the digital era : Digital perspective and the physicality of reproduction

Cytotoxic Mechanism of Chlorpromazine

Living in a storm: an examination of the impact of deprivation and abuse on the psychotherapeutic process and the implications for clinical practice.

Investigation of potential genetic instability within the Helicobacter pylori genome

A series of publications in the field of child psychology

A series of publications in the field of child psychology

Isolation of the avian homologue of the homeobox gene Mox2 and analysis of its expression pattern in developing somites and limbs

Terrorist Groups and Political Fronts: The IRA, Sinn Fein, the Peace Process and Democracy

Rheumatic diseases of childhood and adolescence