The Development of a Common Visa Policy under the Treaty of Amsterdam

Introduction: Bourdieu’s practical logic of the social sciences and its implications for international, cross-cultural understanding.

Florence... the experience of becoming a mother in exile

Reading Narratives

A Study on the Effects of Accumulated and Independent Clock Jitter on Discrete-Time Delta- Sigma Modulators

Reviews: Engaging Black Learners in Adult and Community Education(Lifelines in Adult Learning No. 4)

Rethinking the political subject: narratives of parrhesiastic acts

Beyond time management: how the latest research on time perspective and perceived time use can assist clients with time-related concerns

The association between the fraternal birth order effect in male homosexuality and other markers of human sexual orientation

Memory and Photography in the Photo Albums of Virginia Woolf

Virginia Woolf and Vanessa Bell: "the same pair of eyes, only different spectacles"

Security Patterns Meet Agent Oriented Software Engineering: A Complementary Solution for Developing Secure Information Systems

Delegation Mechanisms for Agent Architectural Design

When Security meets Software Engineering: A case of modelling secure information systems

A Secure Architectural Description Language for Agent Systems

The origins, early development and status of Bourdieu’s concept of ‘cultural capital’

Kant, Cassirer et Bourdieu

Determination and evaluation of Web accessibility

Using Open Source Tools to Support Collaboration Within CALIBRE

Using Plone to Support Collaborative Research

Tool support for the effective distribution of agile practice

Evaluation of an awareness distribution mechanism: a simulation approach

Open source ERP for SMEs

Adaptive reuse of Libre software systems for supporting on-line collaboration.

The self-reported importance of olfaction during human mate choice

On sociosexual cognitive architecture (Commentary)

Can there ever be a non-specific adaptation? A response to Simon J. Hampton.

Restoration of Partially Occluded Shapes of Faces using Neural Networks

Surface approximation by piece-wise harmonic functions

The Role of Bridging Social Networks in Refugee Settlement: The Case of Exile Communities from the former Yugoslavia in Italy and the Netherlands

The critical professional and social policy: negotiating dilemmas in the UK Mental Health Act campaign

The TRUST Project: Immersive Play for Children in Hospitals and Rehabilitation

The Forum and the Market: The Complexity of the Social and the Struggle for Democracy

PR like PRocess! Strategy from the Bottom-Up

Using a Software Product Line Approach in Designing Grid Services

Continuous Reinforced Snap-Drift Learning in a Neural Architecture for Proxylet Selection in Active Computer Networks

The Analysis of Network Manager’s Behaviour using a Self-Organising Neural Networks

Cost Effective Ferroelectric Thick Film Phase Shifter Based on Screen- Printing Technology

Generating architectural spatial configurations. Two approaches using Voronoi tessellations and particle systems

Typing African Relapsing Fever Spirochetes

The Human Chorionic Gonadotropin-β Arginine 68 to Glutamic Acid Substitution Fixes the Conformation of the C-Terminal Peptide

Early quadriceps strength loss after total knee arthroplasty

The Organisation and Politics of Social Forums

Topological Approximations for Spatial Representations

Palimpsestic Promenades: Memorial Environments and the Urban Consumption of Space in Post-1918 London

The Construction of the Woman in Karkavitsas’ 'the Slender Girl'

Masculinity as Moments of Becoming: an interdisciplinary account

The effect of victims’ social support on attributions of blame in female and male rape

One Way Street

Wind Farms and Blanket Peat - a report on the Derrybrien bog slide

The street is a state of mind: urban politics, literature and subjectivity

Film as Architectural Critique: the ‘city-in-pieces’ by three British avant-garde filmmakers

Accuracy of familiarity decisions to famous faces perceived without awareness depends on attitude to the target person and on response latency

Strength of visual percept generated by famous faces perceived without awareness: effects of affective valence, response latency, and visual field

25 Years of Electronic Resources Collection Development at the University of Salford: some issues and challenges

Representations of racial difference and 'white anxiety' in the USA and UK: the 1992 US and 1997 UK election campaigns

The origin, structure and development of children's concepts of the Earth

Creative Britain: the role of culture in the re-mediation of social relations in Britain, 1994-2001

ADHD : a grounded theory of Bangladeshi family workers' perspectives

Biographical landscapes: nurses' and health visitors' narratives of learning and professional practice

Proteome analysis of bacterial pathogens

A comparative study of state art policies : institutional practices and exhibition organisation in Britain and Germany c.1945-51 with particular attention to the cultural policies of the British-occupied zone of North West Germany during these years

Managing meaning and belonging: young women’s negotiation of authenticity in body art

Biometrics ‘Big Brother Exposed’

ADLARS: An Architecture Description Language for Software Product Lines

Feature Guided Architecture Development for Embedded System Families

A Generic Reference Software Architecture for Load Balancing Over Mirrored Web Servers: NaSr Case Study

How effective are measures taken to mitigate the impact of direct experience of armed conflict on the psychosocial and cognitive development of children aged 0–8?

Thoughts on Contextualising Practice

Problematic and non-problematic ecstasy (MDMA) usage : cognitive and psychopathological aspects

Development of an Optimum Artificial Wrist Joint

Unfinished business : a study of how middle managers with nursing and accountancy backgrounds manage identity in changing UK health care

An exploratory study of a mentoring project for African Caribbean boys with behavioural and emotional difficulties

Parents Finding Out: Young people's experiences of parents' responses to self-harm

ICU psychosis: the patient's experience. An investigation of patients' understanding of hallucinations and delusions whilst in intensive care and post- discharge

Sexual torture. Exploring discourses within one refugee community

A discourse analysis of men's perspectives on seeking help from mental health services

An exploration of the factors influencing the career choice of male trainee clinical psychologists: a Q methodological study

Living with feelings of difference. The impact of delayed sexual and reproductive development on women's lives

Comparing memories of unusual or anomalous experiences viewed as psychotic experiences with those memories deemed to be culturally acceptable

Making a Difference. A study examining the experience of doctors working in A & E in treating people who present with self-mutilation

An investigation into how women over seventy years old and living in an inner London borough experience and understand their positions as old(er)women

The challenge of understanding: A grounded theory analysis of how general practitioners recognise psychological problems in their ethnic minority patients

Clinical psychologists' experiences of working with survivors of torture and the processes by which they manage such work

Living with Turner syndrome: the challenges and experiences of chronic ill health, body-image and infertility

The effect of trauma on autobiographical memory

To tell or not to tell in the case of Alzheimer's Disease: The experience of disclosing dementia related information to others

The stigmatisation of mental health difficulties by adolescents, and its association with religious affiliation

Placement endings in long term foster care: the effects on carers and their ideas for the future

The adolescent experiences of individuals who later develop psychosis

From social dimensions of adjustment to poverty reduction strategy papers : the evolving and revolving world bank discourse on poverty 1987-2003

Economic Mental Models: A Novel Approach to Risk Perception and Behavioural Choice

The consistency of risk-taking across domains, and the relative contribution of situational and personality variables on the decision to take risks

The influence of decision framing, probability, magnitude of pay-off and personal exposure to decision consequences in risky decision-making

Conference Commentary - Widening Participation to University Study Through Flexible Study

Conference Report- Towards a Global Understanding of Lifelong Learning: Making a Difference

Bridging the Gap: widening participation in Sweden and England

REFINE Project: England, Wales and Northern Ireland Country Report

Higher Education in the USA, Student fees, financial aid and access

Widening Participation: A Rough Guide for Higher Education Providers

Joint hypermobility: The use of a new assessment tool to measure lower limb hypermobility

Foot Pressure Measurement Differences Between Boys and Girls With Reference to Hallux Valgus Deformity and Hypermobility

Tbx3 can alter limb position along the rostrocaudal axis of the developing embryo

El lado más oscuro de las microfinanzas: Evidencia de Cajamarca, Perú

Impact assessment of microfinance: protocol for collection and analysis of qualitative data

Money with a Mission (Volume 2): Managing the Social Performance of Microfinance

Monitoring the Diversity of the Poverty Outreach and Impact of Microfinance: A Comparison of Methods Using Data from Peru

The darker side to microfinance: Evidence from Cajamarca, Peru