“Outside Extremists”, “White East Enders”, “Passive Bengalis”: Tracking Constructions, Mobilizations and Contestions of Racial Categories in Media Discourses

The power to tolerate: contests over Britishness and belonging in East London

Visa Policy within the European Union Structure

The Practical Problems Faced by the University of East London in Meeting the Parking Restraints within PPG13

Land, Law and Islam: Property and Human Rights in the Muslim World

Faith and Virtuality: A Brief History of Virtual Reality

The Unconscious and Others: Rescue, Inclusivity and the Eroticisation of Difference 1930s Vienna

Domestic Cosmopolitanism and Structures of Feeling: the Specificity of London

In Defence Of Disco (Again)


Further exploration of the social cognitive abilities of high-functioning adults with 'autistic spectrum disorders'. Is there evidence to suggest they use alternative routes to problem solution?

“Every Child Matters to Museums”: Cracking Open Culture, Museums, Schools & Creativity

Gender and Racial Others in Post-war Britain

Power, desire and emotions in education: revisiting the epistolary narratives of three women in apartheid South Africa

Evaluating Domestic Violence Initiatives

Steering Debate and Initiating Dialogue: a review of the Singapore preschool curriculum

Intellectual capital: direction, not blind faith

Flexible management of logistics in response to turbulent oil prices: case of a European paint producer

Nucleotide supplementation: a randomised double-blind placebo controlled trial of IntestAidIB in people with Irritable Bowel Syndrome [ISRCTN67764449]

Editorial: Changing migration patterns and responses in the context of child and youth forced migration

Barking and Dagenham’s Childrens’s Fund: Initial Research Findings

Evaluation of Drug Prevention Communications Project for Young People

Working with Repeat Users of the Youth Criminal Justice System

New Deal for Communities Youth Inclusion Programme: Early Outcomes in West Ham & Plaistow

Infant observation research: What have we learned so far?

Stability analysis of higher-order delta-sigma modulators using the describing function method

Beauty and Woolf

Access to Maternity Care for ‘Failed’ Asylum Seekers

The 4th Forced Migration Postgraduate Student Conference: Refugees: Questions of Inclusion and Exclusion

Unequal care: an introduction to understanding UK policy and the impact on asylum-seeking children

Children as Research Advisors: Contributions to a ‘Methodology Participation’ in Researching Children in Difficult Circumstances

A walk of art: the potential of the sound walk as practice in cultural geography

Analysing Security Requirements of Information Systems using Tropos

Modelling Secure Systems Using An Agent Oriented Approach and Security Patterns

Changes in internal states across the binge–vomit cycle in bulimia nervosa

Breaking down barriers: Feminism, politics, and psychology

Generating inferences from written and spoken language: a comparison of children with visual impairment and children with sight

Towards a comprehensive framework for secure systems development

Introduction: A Social Critique of Judgement

Classification in French Social Theory

Practical Engagement





Bourdieu, Pierre (1930-2002)

The hidden curriculum


Pedagogical Practices

Georges Canguilhem, 1904-1995


Basil Bernstein, 1924-2000

Aggression, empathy and sexual orientation in males

Evolutionary Health Psychology

The phylogeny and ontogeny of adaptations (Commentary)

A double-blind placebo controlled experimental study of nicotine: I - Effects on incentive motivation

PHP and Wireless Web Development

XML in the computing Curriculum

Gender, conflict and peace-building: Lessons from the conflict in the former Yugoslavia

Remote Trust with Aspect-Oriented Programming

Communication Web Services Composition and Integration

Automated Reasoning on Aspects Interactions

Agent-based Simulation of Open Source Evolution

What is a lunar standstill? Problems of accuracy and validity in ‘the Thom paradigm’.

The ‘Solarization’ of the Moon: Manipulated Knowledge at Stonehenge

Managing Bilingual Interaction in a Gujarati Complementary School in Leicester

Multicultural, Heritage and Learner Identities in Complementary Schools

Teachers and Tea-Fetchers – What the Future Holds for Japan's Junior College Graduates

Back Home? Refugees’ experiences of the first visit back to their country of origin

“I Want to See All My Friends At Once’’: Arthur Russell and the Queering of Gay Disco

Promoting diversity and enhancing learning opportunities for refugee students in postgraduate education

Modelling to Enhance GSM Network Security

Interactive Design and Delivery Challenges for Wireless Handheld Multimedia Systems

Phonetic Feature Discovery in Speech using Snap-Drift

Mathematical Modelling of Moisture Movement in Geosynthetic Clay Liners

Optimising the Performance of Bentonite in Geosynthetic Clay Liners

Deep Learning in an Adaptive Function Neural Network

Network Security Investment

Evaluating the Security of Mobile Agent Platforms

A Review of Rainfall Data from the Iranian Province of Sistan and Balochistan

Tackling Spam and Spoof Email

Modal Learning in a Neural Network

Emerging Risks and Criminal Investigation of 3G “Smart Phones”

Effect of Record Length on Prediction of Extreme Events Using River Flow Data

FRP Seismic Strengthening of Concrete Structures

Web Accessibility: An Investigative & Comparative Study of the UK & US University Websites

Computing Teaching and Learning in HEI’s Using Constructivism

Rocker Pipe Solution to Alleviate Settlement Induced Distress in Flexible Pipes

High Efficiency and High Speed PM Motors for the More Electric Aircraft

Hyper Sliding Mode Control: A Novel Approach Achieving Robustness With Model Order Uncertainty

Low intensity strength training for ambulatory stroke patients

Psychology and religion: what are they?

Image processing techniques in a server robot waiterless restaurant

Thermal Footprint Detection

Stiffness properties of intraply woven hybrid composites by numerical homogenisation

Finite element stress analysis of a hybrid fracture fixation plate

Training for successful lean manufacturing implementation

Forced dynamic control: a model based control technique illustrated by a road vehicle control application

A brief review of instrument de-convolution of seismic data

Possibilities for Relapsing Fever Reemergence

An Overview of growth in the ICT sector in India: can this growth be pro-poor?

Service Creation in the SPICE Service Platform

An Aspect-Oriented Approach for Dynamic Monitoring of a Service Logic Execution Environment

A Dynamic Analysis Tool for Extracting UML 2 Sequence Diagrams

‘Novel’: Between photographing and writing the city

‘An Avenue that Looks Like Me’: Re-presenting the Modern Cityscape

Architectural Grounding in Miller's Elektra: Temporality and Spatiality in the Graphic Novel

Semantic priming over unrelated trials: evidence for different effects in word and picture naming

House Diaries

Voices of the Unheard: perceptions of the success of interventions with commercially sexually exploited girls in three countries

Visual surreal languages in western poster art

Rocker pipe solution to alleviate settlement induced distress in flexible pipes

Mindfulness based cognitive therapy : a two-part investigation of the benefits and challenges for mental health professionals.

Dance, technology and the material mutations of rhythm

Re-embodying the alienation of exile : feminist subjectivity, spectatorship, politics and performance

Performance evaluation of encapsulated road pavement on difficult ground condition

Assessing competence for registration in the healthcare professions : the experiences of dietitians and their students

Lightweight high performance materials for car body structures

Lightweight High Performance Materials for Car Body Structures

Does increasing communication through visual learning environments enhance student perceptions of lecturers?

Priming of depth-rotated objects depends on attention and part changes

Barking & Dagenham Children’s Fund: Early Outcomes Report

Weaving Behaviour into Feature Models for Embedded System Families

Towards More Flexible Architecture Description Languages for Industrial Applications


What is known about the long-term economic impact of centre-based early childhood interventions?

Child and Youth Migration: Changing Trends and Responses [editorial]

The attitudes of Black African immigrants towards the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness and their implications for health promotion.

Justice not revenge: The International Criminal Court and the ‘grounds to exclude criminal responsibility’ – defences or negation of criminality?

Geographical Information Systems Coupled Prediction Modelling of Road Traffic Accidents in Brunei

The development of strategies for the breeding of black spot resistant roses

The Public Librarian in Modern London (1890-1914): the Case of Charles Goss at the Bishopsgate Institute

Researches into the evolution and form of mental space, and impediments to its development : the importance of other minds

An investigation of Special Educational Needs (SEN) resources and practice in mainstream secondary schools in a region of Ireland

Multi-agency working for children with physical difficulties. An investigation into the processes and effects of joint planning

Caught in the crossfire' : NGOs, between states, donors and grassroots communities: a socio-political analysis based upon case studies of two British NGOs development programmes in Pakistan

'Everyday problem solving' and ‘theory of mind' in the dementias

Mania, meaning and gender: an exploratory study to investigate women's experiences of mania

"They think they are just crazy". An exploration of the experience of young people who have a parent in contact with mental health services

Understanding a mental health problem: How are the views of their local faith community and those of the NHS mental health staff caring for them, experienced by Christian service-users

Exploring healthy pregnant women's decisions to opt for an elective caesarean section

Parents in partnership with practitioners: creating a reality

An exploratory study into the potential effects of a diagnosis of HIV on gay men's ideas about themselves, and ideas of forming new sexual relationships with other men

Team talk and personality disorder: a discursive analysis

The independence index. A proposed diagnostic for isolated functioning ability grounded in a study of current human needs in an increasingly solitary society

The experience of losing a wanted baby in the pre-natal period

An exploratory study into the processes nurses employ to recognise the spiritual needs of clients with psychosis

An exploratory study of bilingual health advocates experiences of working with psychologists and clients with mental health difficulties within a therapeutic context

The impact of patient-professional communication on women's adjustment to gynaecological cancer. A qualitative study

An investigation into how mutual understanding is established between psychiatrists and outpatients with a diagnosis of schizophrenia; using the mechanism of conversational repair

Implementing Policing with the Community in Northern Ireland: An Exercise in Strategic Organisational Change

Connecting Research and Practice: A scientific approach

Perception-based Modelling of System Behaviour

Support & Recognition for Widening Participation Practitioners

Ethnicity, Education and Employment: Appendix F: UEL Case Study Report

Ethnicity, Education and Employment: Executive Summary

Annex F: Literature Review. Sub-theme 4: Local employment opportunities provided by higher education institutions

An investigation of vocational progression pathways for young people and adults in building crafts and hospitality CoVEs: a London case study

Towards a Global Understanding of Lifelong Learning: making a difference

Songs from the Flats

The Needs and Expectations of Higher Education Learners in a Further Education College

Novel nucleotide–calixarene conjugates via phosphoester linkage

Hydroxycinnamic acid clustered by a calixarene platform: radical scavenging and antioxidant activity

Premature Mortality in Slovenia in Relation to Selected Biological, Socioeconomic, and Geographical Determinants

Post‐colonial Pakistani Mobilities: the Embodiment of the ‘Myth of Return’ in Tourism

Critical review: The assessment and conservative treatment of hallux valgus deformity in healthy adults

Victims Speak: Comparing Child Sexual Abusers’ and Child Victims’ Accounts, Perceptions, and Interpretations of Sexual Abuse

Child victims of sexual abuse: Children's experience of the investigative process in the criminal justice system