Diagnosis special issue - Introduction: Moving beyond diagnosis: Practising what we preach

Diagnosis special issue - Part 6: Don’t jump ship! New approaches in teaching mental health to undergraduates

Thinking Internationally, Thinking Sexually: Race in Postwar Fiction, Film and Social Science

PH.D. ABSTRACTS: Researching Primary School Children's ‘Museum Theatre’ Experiences

A Love Song to our Mongrel Selves: Cosmopolitan Habitus and the Ordinariness of Difference

Language and the Process of Socialisation Amongst Bilingual Children in a Nicaraguan Village

Health Pluralism: A More Appropriate Alternative to Western Models of Therapy in the Context of the Civil Conflict and Natural Disaster in Sri Lanka?

Learning in Three Languages in Home and Community

World sensorium : theory practice and significance of the world social olfactory sculpture

The Complicity of Psychology in the Security State

Establishing a platform for networked games on mobile devices using SMS/GPRS

Moving On: The Creative Way

Visceral Cosmopolitanism: Gender, Culture and the Normalisation of Difference

An Agent-Based System to support Geo-Information Analysis

NEEO and Economists Online

Developing Robust Approaches to Evaluating Social Programmes

Personal consultancy: an integrative approach to one-to-one talking practices

Collective creativity: wisdom or oxymoron?

The problematic of strategy: a way of seeing is also a way of not seeing

Community governance or corporate governance? Two models for primary care provision in England

‘Closed policy networks, broken chains of communication and the stories behind an ‘entrepreneurial policy’: The case of NHS Local Improvement Finance Trust (NHS LIFT)

The role of leadership in facilitating Organisational Learning and collective capacity building

Nutritional supplements and conventional medicine; what should the physician know?

Comparison of rosmarinic acid content in commercial tinctures produced from fresh and dried lemon balm (Melissa Officinalis)

Anthropometric Foot Structure of Peripubescent Children with Excessive versus Normal Body Mass

Modulation of LPS stimulated NF-kappaB mediated Nitric Oxide production by PKCε and JAK2 in RAW macrophages

Urban Refugees: Introduction

Making a Difference: Haringey Children’s Fund 2003 -2005

Modelling of water demand in distribution networks

Haringey’s Children’s Fund: an Assessment of the Progress of the Haringey Participation Project

The Long Revolution Revisited

What's wrong with happiness?

How do psychoanalysts know what they know?

Clinical Research in Child Psychoanalysis

Tonality index of sigma-delta modulators: a psychoacoustics model based approach

Stability Analysis of Higher-Order Delta-Sigma Modulators for Dual Sinusoidal Inputs

Improving Geocoding Rates in Preparation for Crime Data Analysis

Control of spatial discretisation in coastal oil spill modelling

Sibling Catastrophes: an Essay on two Jacobean Tragedies

An Evaluation of Current Approaches for Modelling Mobility of Agents

"Memory Hole" or "Heterotopias"?: the Bloomsbury photographs

'Working from the Symptom’: Stuart Hall’s Political Writing

Simone de Beauvoir, Virginia Woolf and the Maternal

Modelling MAS-Specific Security Features

Refugees and asylum seekers

Working with interpreters

Memoryscape: how audio walks can deepen our sense of place by integrating art, oral history and cultural geography

Secure Tropos: A Security-Oriented Extension of the Tropos methodology

Security Attack Testing (SAT)—testing the security of information systems at design time

Factors associated with choosing a career in clinical psychology: undergraduate minority ethnic perspectives

Tackling problems of qualitative social research: A conversation

Secure Information Systems Engineering: A Manifesto

Reasoning About Willingness in Networks of Agents

Sociology as reflexive science: on Bourdieu’s project

The Significance of Socio-genetic Understanding: Response to Fowler

Yearbook I - PhD research in progress July 2007

Yearbook II - PhD research in progress July 2007

Synthesis in the human evolutionary behavioural sciences

Mind the gap(s)…in theory, method and data: Re-examining Kanazawa (2006)

Designed calibration: Naturally selected flexibility, not non-genetic inheritance (Commentary)

The effects of smoking and abstinence on experience of happiness and sadness in response to positively valenced, negatively valenced, and neutral film clips

A double-blind placebo controlled experimental study of nicotine: II - Effects on response inhibition and executive functioning

Professional accounts of electroconvulsive therapy: a discourse analysis

Recognition of emotional and non-emotional biological motion in individuals with autistic spectrum disorders

Psychopathy and offending behaviour: findings from the national survey of prisoners in England and Wales

Using Temporal Business Rules to Synthesize Service Composition Process Models

Introducing the user to the service creation world: concepts for user centric service creation, personalization and notification

Service Discovery Suite for User-Centric Service Creation

Asynchronous JavaScript Technology and XML (AJAX)

Situation Inference for Mobile Users: a Rule Based Approach

Teaching AJAX in Web-centric Courses

Progressive Enhancement in the Real World

Lighting up dark Moon: ethnographic templates for testing paired alignments on the Sun and the Moon

Refugees and history: why we must address the past

Controversies: Historicising the Computer Game

From Catch the Flag to Shock and Awe: how World of Warcraft Negotiates Battle.

Trauma theory: Contexts, Politics, Ethics

Connecting with the Cosmic: Arthur Russell, Rhizomatic Musicianship, and the Downtown Music Scene, 1973-92

Evaluation of cyber legislations: trading in the global cyber village

Updating of Road Network Databases: Spatio-Temporal Trajectory Grouping Using Snap-Drift Neural Network

Updating Road Network Databases: Road Segment Grouping Using Snap-Drift Neural Network.

How Secured are Advanced Economies if Advancing Economies are less secured?

Requirements Modelling and Design Notations for Software Product Lines

Challenges in the Application of Feature Modelling in Fixed Line Telecommunications

Geotechnical Challenges with Malaysian Peat

Mathematical and Physical Study of Pipe Lines Subjected to Differential Ground Movement

Flexibility of ‘Clay Mats’

Market Relations, Non-Market Relations and Free Software

A Comparison of Two Hidden Markov Approaches to Task Identification in the Home Environment

Recognising Activities of Daily Life Using Hierarchical Plans

Infants perceive human point-light displays as solid forms

Open Source Migrations: Experiences from the European public administrations

Examining security in mobile communication networks

Accessibility evolution tools comparison

An assessment of neural network algorithms that could aid SME survival

A review of e-governance models in the EU

Virtual environment behaviours: a case for culture inclusion in existing information systems theories

Information and network management security Investment

Implementing electronic government in Iran

Feature discovery using snap-drift neural networks

Review of identity and access management systems

Modelling trust in information systems development: existing approaches and limitations

Automated updating of road network databases: road segment grouping using snap-drift neural network

Observer based robust control

Utilisation of fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) composites in the confinement of concrete

Improving outsourcing framework by integrating with lean

Integrating energy and environmental considerations into building design through use of a simplified thermal assessment method

CAD/CAM/CNC of dies for car alloy wheels and golf clubs

Observer based robust control of a linear motor actuated vacuum air bearing

Improved cogging calculation methods for surface mounted permanent magnet synchronous motors

Grey-scale morphology applied to shoeprint detection

Optimum design of an artificial wrist implant

Reliability of river control structures

New training framework for lean manufacturing – an empirical study

Exploration of mobile educational technology

Activity Levels, Dietary Energy Intake, and Body Composition in Children Who Walk to School


Making it New: the discourses of architecture and modernism in Britain

E-Business Models for use in e-Government for Developing Countries

Chronic Poverty and Entitlement Theory

Commentary to the Special Issue ‘Working with refugees and asylum seekers’

Adapting the “Staged Model for Software Evolution” to FLOSS

Towards a Telecommunication Service Oriented Architecture

What is a typical rape? Effects of victim and participant gender in female and male rape perception

Angry and happy faces perceived without awareness: a comparison with the affective impact of masked famous faces

The categorical structure of knowledge for famous people (and a novel application of centre–surround theory)

Architecture as image-space-text

Not Thinking but Questioning

Modernist Noir

Plato and Hegel stay home

Reducing Friday alcohol consumption among moderate, women drinkers: evaluation of a brief evidence-based intervention

Fabric Formwork

Glass Cities

The Use of Bead Beating to Prepare Suspensions of Nuclei for Flow Cytometry from Fresh Leaves, Herbarium Leaves, Petals and Pollen

The Search for a Library Management System for the Lib-Infosphere

An inquiry into mindfulness based cognitive therapy for depression in a Buddhist setting.

Multicultural Nationalism New Labour and the Politics of Race and State

Patterning : the informatics of art and fashion

The cultural politics of female same-sex intimacy in post-apartheid South Africa

Training the eye of the photographer: the education of the amateur

Development of composite membranes for the separation of miscible liquids by applying pervaporation technique to pressurised feed solutions

On Cultural Amnesia Critical Theory and Contemporary Discourses of Forgetting

Priming of plane-rotated objects depends on attention and view familiarity

Policy, theory and research

Automatic Teller Machine for disable users and its security issues

A review on Biometrics in the Past, Present and Future

Crack-heroin speedball injection and its implications for vein care: Qualitative study

A scoping review of the evidence relevant to life checks for young people aged 9 to 14 years

Childcare and early years survey 2007: parents’ use, views and experiences

The multi-dimensional analysis of social exclusion

The Microphysics of Participation in Refugee Research

Nomadic Territories: A Human Rights Approach to Nomadic Peoples' Land Rights

Indigenous Rights in the Making: The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

Historical Indigenous Peoples' Land Claims: A Comparative and International Approach to the Common Law Doctrine on Indigenous Title

Ethnic Disparities in Diabetes Management and Pay-for-Performance in the UK: The Wandsworth Prospective Diabetes Study

The Nature of Grammar, its Role in Language and its Evolutionary Origins

Israeli women's documentaries 1988-2004 : politics, strategies, aesthetics

Information and communication technologies and the "empowerment" of women in rural Uganda

Situated Cosmopolitanisms: notions of the Other in contemporary discourses on cosmopolitanism in Britain and Germany

Proteomic and mass spectral data mining to search for biomarkers of pathogenic neisseria

Expectations of Marriage Before & After the First Year of Marriage Among Maltese Catholic Couples

"Not a neutral event": Clinical Psychologists and gifts offered in therapeutic relationships

'Would ya, could ya ?' Male perspectives on the meaning of penetrative sex, and the issues involved in forgoing this activity in their emotionally committed relationships with women

The process of developing a novel proverbs task. Is it possible to create a 'culture-fair' test of verbal abstract reasoning?

Constructions of gender identity: how clinical psychologists talk about working with trans people,

A study of the experiences of parents with 22ql1, of children with 22qll

Talking About Acute Inpatient Mental Health Care: A Qualitative Analysis of Service Users', Carers' and Professionals' Accounts

A Research Study into the Process of Change in Under Fives' Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

An analysis of both published texts and men's talk about postnatal distress in men.

Fathers' experiences of having a premature baby

The Experience of Being Parent to a Child with Immunodeficiency Disorder: One Year On from Haematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation (HSCT),

An exploration of therapists' experiences of responding to expressed suicidal ideation in their therapeutic work with older adult clients

The intersection of transnational activism, power and soft law : how transnational advocacy networks may influence investor protection within the European Union

An explorative study considering the process of change at school and local authority level as a result of implementation of the Education (Additional Support for Learning) (Scotland) Act 2004 and The Additional Support for Learning (Changes in School Education) (Scotland) Regulations 2005, with its support document: Supporting children's learning - code of practice 2006.

An examination of the factors associated with the differences in interrogative suggestibility in a group of male defendants aged 16 to 36 years of age with learning disabilities.

Knowing me, knowing you : a study of relationships between adopted children and their grandparents

Exploring Cross-cultural boundaries

East Germany: The contested story

Social networking technology: place and identity in mediated communities

Context, Setting and Teacher Identities: a comparative study of the values of newly qualified teachers in Norway, Germany and England

A spiking neural network implementation of sound localisation

The evidence for consistent individual differences: influence of pay-offs, probabilities, and framing in risky decision-making

The validation of a new instrument to measure individual differences in decision-making ability, efficiency and style

Transformation, Progression and Hope: Whatever Happened to Lifelong Learning?

Cultural identity and the hybrid image

Synthesis of water-soluble nucleotide-calixarene conjugates and preliminary investigation of their in vitro DNA replication inhibitory activity

Working with depressed clients: Valuable information and guidance for those working with this unique population in the fitness industry

Evaluation of an Inter-Disciplinary Sport Science Intervention to the Great Britain Under 16 Korfball Team Preparing For the Youth Talent World Cup

Terrorism and Public Information

The Emergency Response: Progress and Problems

The Domestic Threat: The Cases of Northern Ireland and Animal Rights Extremism

Emergency Response, Intelligence and Causes: The Case of the London Suicide Bombings

Reform by Crisis: The Murder of Stephen Lawrence

Habitat and habitat management requirements of the shrill carder bee (bombus sylvarum) and the brown-banded carder bee (bombus humilis) in South Essex

Predictors of amygdala activation during the processing of emotional stimuli: A meta-analysis of 385 PET and fMRI studies

Assessing the organisational costs of HIV/AIDS on NGOs in Malawi: results from a pilot study

Common patterns of sense making: A discursive reading of quantitative and interpretative data on sexual boredom