The Community Code on Visas: harmonisation at last?

A Study of Sustainability: Developing a Holistic Approach towards the Scope and Impact of Change

Developments in Support and Promotion of Flexible Delivery for the Foundation Degree in Childhood Studies

Museum Theatre: Children’s Reading of ‘First Person Interpretation’ in Museums

‘No vernacular’: tensions in language choice in a sexual health lesson in The Gambia

A sociolinguistic profile of The Gambia

The Music of the Spheres: Visceral Epiphany and Physical Muse/Music in AB

Contracts with Satan: Relations with 'Spirit Owners' and Apprehensions of the Economy among the Coastal Miskitu of Nicaragua

Triterpenoid saponins from a cytotoxic root extract of Sideroxylon foetidissimum subsp. gaumeri

Quality Factors and Coding Standards – a Comparison Between Open Source Forges

Exploring the Three-Way Relationship in Therapeutic Work with Interpreters

Working with young people to challenge discrimination against mental health service users: a psychosocial pilot study

Editing Virginia Woolf and the Arts: Woolf and the Royal Academy

Preface: Learning from Our Work

Just peace? Peacebuilding and rule of law in Africa: Lessons for policymakers

'Paying for the Emergency by displacing the Settlers' : global coffee and rural restructuring in late colonial Kenya.

Narrative therapy, family therapy and history

Peace as governance? Critical challenges to power-sharing peace deals: Lessons for policymakers

How Networks Become Viral: Three Questions Concerning Universal Contagion

On Anomalous Objects: An Introduction

The Spam Book: On Viruses, Porn and Other Anomalies From the Dark Side of Digital Culture

"A boy Afraid of his Shadow": A Study of how the Experience of a Violent Father has Impacted upon a Latency boy's Development and Search for Identity

Supporting Your Researchers

Evaluation of community level interventions to address social and structural determinants of health: a cluster randomised controlled trial

Build-Level Components in FLOSS Systems

An away day with a difference: developing new ways of working at the University of East London

Structural Complexity and Decay in FLOSS Systems: An Inter-Repository Study

What do child psychotherapists know?

Borrelia recurrentis Employs a Novel Multifunctional Surface Protein with Anti-Complement, Anti-Opsonic and Invasive Potential to Escape Innate Immunity

Enhancement of the Dynamic Performance of Single Phase Active Power Filters Using Virtual Two Axis Strategy Publication

Evolution of a Cross-year Mentoring Scheme

A generalization of the Leibniz rule for derivatives

Website Design Guidelines: High Power Distance and High-Context Culture

Globalization no questions! Labour commanded and Foreign Direct Investment.

‘Cognitive capitalism’ and the rat race: how capital measures immaterial labour in British universities

A Psychosocial Understanding of Personality Disorder: the historical problem of Moral Insanity

Hope, Literacy and Dancing

Secure Tropos: An Agent Oriented Software Engineering Methodology for the Development of Health and Social Care Information Systems

The Learning Gains and Student Perceptions of a Second Life Virtual Lab

The role of perceptual load in object recognition

FAML: a generic metamodel for MAS development

Analysis of Student and Staff Experience in Industrial Projects


A Degree in Advertising: an unwanted child of the business. Why academia and advertising should not be bridged.

The ethical foundation of critical pedagogy in contemporary academia: (self)-reflection and complicity in the process of teaching

Should children drink more water? The effects of drinking water on cognition in children

Aluminum exposure from parenteral nutrition in preterm infants: bone health at 15-year follow-up

Does having a drink help you think? 6–7-year-old children show improvements in cognitive performance from baseline to test after having a drink of water

Practice, Pleasure and Persistence: Collaborative Learning in Turkish

A Security-Aware Metamodel for Multi-Agent Systems (MAS)

Supporting our academic community through a staff questionnaire

Secure Information Systems Engineering: Experiences and Lessons Learned from Two Health Care Projects

Enhancing secure Tropos to effectively deal with security requirements in the development of multiagent systems

Gazing at the colonial gaze: photographic observation and observations on photography based on a comparison between aspects of the work of Pierre Bourdieu and Jean-Claude Passeron

Yearbook III - PhD research in progress July 2009

After the Ball is Over: Bourdieu and the Crisis of Peasant society

PhD Annual Yearbook New Series Volume 1 October 2009

Kant et les lumieres anglaises

Legal Speak:Observations on the use of audio in teaching law

Opportunity for development or necessary nuisance? The case for viewing working with interpreters as a bonus in therapeutic work

Undergraduate Research Opportunities in OSS

Changes in Art: Market Forces or Evolution

Birthweight and paternal involvement predict early reproduction in British women: Evidence from the National Child Development Study

Two more things for consideration: Sexual orientation and conduct disorder (Commentary)

Psychology, Biology and the Market Place

Patterns of change in withdrawal symptoms, desire to smoke, reward motivation and response inhibition across 3 months of smoking abstinence

In What Ways can Electric Vehicles Assist the UK Renewable Energy Strategy?

National Accounts of Well-being: bringing real wealth onto the balance sheet

The Happy Planet Index 2.0: Why good lives don’t have to cost the Earth

Isolating Stock Prices Variation with Neural Networks

Modal Learning Neural Networks

Use of Mobile Phone Technologies in the Classroom Context

Snap-Drift Neural Network for Selecting Student Feedback

Policy, agency, and intercultural dialogue: Experiences of refugees from war-torn Yugoslavia in Italy

Paranoia: a social account

Prevalence and correlates of psychopathic traits in the household population of Great Britain

Psychopathy among prisoners in England and Wales

Personality disorder and offending behaviour: findings from the national survey of male prisoners in England and Wales

Inter-rater reliability of the Foot Posture Index (FPI-6) in the assessment of the paediatric foot

Prediction of Anthropometric Foot Characteristics in Children

Teenage pregnancy and social disadvantage: systematic review integrating controlled trials and qualitative studies

Introduction: Reconstructing Life, Place and Identity

The Effectiveness of Source Code Obfuscation: an Experimental Assessment

User-Centric Future Internet and Telecommunication Services

‘What sort of Fish was it?’ How Players Understand their Narrative in Online Games.

Personalized Service Creation and Provision for the Mobile Web

Service Composition Quality Evaluation in SPICE Platform

The Behaviour and Perceptions of On-Line Consumers: Risk, Risk Perception and Trust

Shear Modulus and Damping Properties of Peat Soils

Drying Kinetic of Prehydrated and Extruded Clay Mat

Influence of Salinity on the Consistency and Swelling Characteristics of Bentonite

Photoelastic Method Revisited for Residual Stress Measurement in High Density Polyethylene Pipes

Recognising Activities of Daily Life through the Usage of Everyday Objects around the Home

High Frequency Resistance and Capacitance Measurement for Archaeological Surveying

Architectural Studies of Games Engines – the Quake Series

Religion, Spirituality and Virtue

A project to assist Family Action’s Building Bridges practitioners with the use of the Index of Family Relations as an outcome measurement (Final Report).

Achieving carbon neutral structures through pure tension: using a fabric formwork to construct rammed earth columns and walls

Challenges in the onboard oil condition monitoring

Evaluation of approximate pattern matching algorithms for OCR texts

Ecrime threats on Egovernment – the case of Maldives

Integrating lean and six sigma for optimum manufacturing performance

Hydraulic design charts for elliptical pipes.

Question response grouping for online diagnostic feedback

Security strategy models (SSM)

Virtual two axes strategy for speeding up the determination of the reference current in single phase active power filters.

Paradigm shift in PLC programming

Sliding mode vector control of PMSM drives with flexible couplings in motion control

Current trends and advances in IT service infrastructures security assurance evaluation

Evaluating location based privacy in wireless networks

Using ICA for analysis of seismic events

The triple helix of information security, government regulations and offshore outsourcing in UK

Sustainable materials for high performance composites

A comparison of fixed final time optimal control computational methods with a view to closed loop implementation using artificial neural networks

Road traffic accident hotspot identification using modified Voronoi Process

e-Government security implications

Guidelines for benchmarking and manufacturing level agreement for outsourcing

Thermo-mechanical performance of a novel composite liner used in cured-in-place pipe renovation process

Development of methyl cellulose and carboxymethyl cellulose composite membranes for the separation of miscible liquids by applying pervaporation technique

Human organ re-representation using UML and CMAUT

Teaching a Dyslexic Student: A Personal View how Critical Incident Analysis can be used as an Effective Pedagogical Tool in Undergraduate Biosciences

Play the story: Embodiment and emplacement in the video game

First International Workshop on Telecom Service Oriented Architectures (TSOA-07)

Weaving Business Processes and Rules: A Petri Net Approach

A User-centric Mobile Service Creation Approach Converging Telco and IT Services

XDM-Compatible Service Repository for User-Centric Service Creation and Discovery

A Web-Based application to verify Open Mobile Alliance device management specifications

Poverty and Wellbeing at the ‘Grassroots’ - How Much is Visible to Researchers?

Does FDI reduce poverty? Case studies from India.

Locating the m(o)ther

Gender differences in medical students’ attitudes toward male and female rape victims

Trading Justice for Security? UN Anti-Terrorism, Due Process Rights, and the Role of the Judiciary: Lessons for policymakers

Transitional Justice and Peacebuilding: Considerations for policymakers

Embedding Global Citizenship into Secondary Initial Teacher Training through the use of Virtual Schools: some lesson

“I already know how I feel about this”: using assessment to encourage criticality

The changing ‘beliefs’ of Pre-ITE students on how mathematics should be taught

Research into pedagogical 'belief statements' held by pre-ITE students

Interpretations of, and orientations to, “understanding mathematics in depth”: students in MEC programmes across institutions

Learning styles, personalisation and adaptable e-learning

Participation Cartography: The Presentation of Self in Spatio-Temporal Terms

Everyday spaces of mental distress: the spatial habituation of home

"This is for life": a discursive analysis of the dilemmas of constructing diagnostic identities

In vitro activity of an aqueous allicin extract and a novel allicin topical gel formulation against Lancefield group B streptococci

Concrete Panels: The 2009 Chelsea Flower Show

Without You

Modulation of internal model formation during force field-induced motor learning by anodal transcranial direct current stimulation of primary motor cortex

An assessment of prospective memory retrieval in women with chronic fatigue syndrome using a virtual-reality environment: an initial study

Words fail me: the verbal IQ deficit in inflammatory bowel disease and irritable bowel syndrome

Experiences of people living with HIV

Identifying exogenous drivers and evolutionary stages in FLOSS projects

Adult numeracy: a review of research

Your money matters evaluation: money management for older people

Attributions for psychobiological changes in ecstasy/MDMA and other polydrug users

The Fight for Peace Academy UK: An Independent Assessment

The value of community based performing arts organisations for young people

The UK government’s Critical National Infrastructure policy for emergency services communications platforms: vulnerabilities in the TETRA architecture

Mobile devices and services: bridging the digital divide in rural areas

Web services security evaluation considerations

Improving Public Administration Performance through Electronic Government Applications

Internet Governance or Internet Control?

Computer Anti-forensics Methods and their Impact on Computer Forensic Investigation


Inhibition and re-appraisal within emotional discourse: the embodying of narration

Software Development Risk Management Model – A Goal Driven Approach

Offshore-Outsourced Software Development Risk Management Model

Goal and Risk Factors in Offshore Outsourced Software Development From Vendor's Viewpoint

Eliciting Security Requirements and Tracing them to Design: An Integration of Common Criteria, Heuristics, and UMLsec

Diagnosing norovirus-associated infectious intestinal disease using viral load

Diagnosing rotavirus A associated IID: using ELISA to identify a cut-off for real time RT-PCR

Injecting drug use and unstable housing: Scope for structural interventions in harm reduction

A project to assist Family Actions's Building Bridges practitioners with the use of the Index of Family Relations as an outcome measurement: final report

A review of effectiveness, including cost effectiveness wherever possible, of commissioned healthy weight-related projects in City and Hackney: final report

Early Childhood Education in Europe: Achievements, Challenges and Possibilities

Barriers and incentives to urban park use: Melbourne-based second generation Australians who generally speak a language other than English at home

Crossing conceptual boundaries I

Listening to Learners

The under-representation of Pakistani children looked after: do the beliefs of parents and social workers play a role?

Addressing culture in the EFL classroom: A dialogic proposal built up through dialogism

Peer coaching and mentoring to improve teaching and learning

Action research within east London post-compulsory provision

Land Rights and the Forest Peoples of Africa: Historical, Legal and Anthropological Perspectives

Mental imagery in synaesthesia

Visual Terror: A Study of the Visual Compositions of the 9/11 Attacks and Major Attacks in the 'War on Terror' by British and French Television Networks

Pro-Social Practice Amongst the Akamba of Eastern Kenya: An Alternative Volunteering Paradigm?

Exploring the perceptions of parents and young people with emotionally based school refusal and those who support them in the context of changing services

African Students at the University of East London: Issues of Participation and Retention in Higher Education

Investigating the role of the Primary Motor Cortex in Motor Learning using a combination of Robotics and Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation with Implications for Rehabilitation

Rhythmic digitality and the modulations of perception

Access and Gender in Multimedia Education

A Framework for Modelling Trust During Information Systems Development

Locals & Aliens: Maids in Contemporary Egypt

An exploration of the experience of stress in the Police service

Infants' Developing Use of Body Information in Forming Categorical Representations of Human and Non-human Animals

The Political Economy of Sex Work in Europe

Evaluation of Wound Healing Activity of Selected Nigerian Plants

The relationship between probiotics, prebiotics and bile acids and the impact on gut health

Translocational Belonging, Identity and Generation: Questions and Problems in Migration and Ethnic Studies

Facilitating the Recruitment of Minority Ethnic People into Research: Qualitative Case Study of South Asians and Asthma

Early childhood education and care:key lessons from research for policy makers

Thinking on the Front Line Why some social work teams struggle and others thrive

Musicians' Constructions of Creativity and of Psychotherapy: a Discourse Analysis

To the Wedding

Nationalising the real : the cultural politics of reality TV in postcolonial Malaysia

Anosognosia for memory disorder in people with acquired brain injury: a multidimensional investigation.

Memory Assessment of Older Adults using Ability Tests

Mania, meaning and gender: an exploratory study to investigate men's experiences of mania

Rethinking rehabilitation: the lived-experience of service users in mental health rehabilitation services

Neuropsychological sequalae of coronary artery bypass grafting.

How do members of New Religious Movements manage beliefs others might find unusual? A Grounded Theory

A discourse analysis of the initial negotiation of therapeutic parameters and the development of new problem descriptions, in two different psychological therapies

An Exploration of the Factors Influencing the Career Choice of Female Trainee Clinical Psychologists

The clinical relevance of personality disorder cognitions in the eating disorders

An exploration of outcomes of psychological therapy for refugees

Experiences and resilience of school-age mothers: Their own perspectives

Cognitive Emotion Regulation and Divorce Adjustment: A Mixed Methods Study

A discourse analysis of how refugee volunteers talk about themselves and their experiences of volunteering.

Students' Anxiety and their Perception of Relationships and Conflict Resolution within the School

Evaluating the Efficacy of the Staff Sharing Scheme (Gill & Monson 1995)

The Solihull Approach: Its use by school and community nurses in school drop-in sessions

Where's the "Psychology" in British Educational and Child Psychology? An Exploratory Investigation into Educational Psychologists' Perspectives

Open dialogue across cultures: Establishing a therapeutic relationship with the refugee family

Permanent Exclusion from School: The Views of Pupils and Parents

An investigation into the training needs of school staff in relation to their understanding about children who are looked after by social care.

An Evaluation of Sex and Relationship Education Taught to Year 9 Pupils by Teachers and External Facilitators

Clinical governance in mental health services: A study of a quality system

"...asked to take on the training of our profession": Principal Educational Psychologists' views - hopes, expectations and concerns - about employing Trainee Educational Psychologists

From Anthropology to Child Psychotherapy : Cross Cultural Observations of Infants and Turbulent Environments

Prognostic and Diagnostic Potential of the Structural Neuroanatomy of Depression

Narratives of loss, longing and daily life: The meaning of home for Cypriot refugees in London

Mind your language: working with interpreters in healthcare settings and therapeutic encounters

New concepts for the old challenge of African relapsing fever borreliosis

Myths, legends and realities of relapsing fever borreliosis

Against Good Advice: Reflections on conducting research in a country where you don't speak the language

The effects of flood experience, perceptions and trust on flood protection purchase

Blended Professionals: Stirred but not shaken

Challenging Isolation: The Role of Lifelong Learning

Communities and Widening Participation in Higher Education in the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham

Assessing the impact of global variables on program dependence and dependence clusters

A sinapic acid–calix[4]arene hybrid selectively binds Pb2+ over Hg2+ and Cd2+

An Investigation Into Eastern European Males Motivation For Gym Usage In An East London Gym

Perceptions of Sport Psychology and The Sport Psychologist: The Director Sportifs View

False dawns or new horizons? Further issues and challenges for Critical Terrorism Studies

Worldmaking Agency–Worldmaking Authority: The Sovereign Constitutive Role of Tourism

Special Issue Endnote: Tourism and Worldmaking – Where Do We Go From Here?


Interventions for treating hallux valgus (abductovalgus) and bunions

The Art of Evolution: Darwin, Darwinisms, and Visual Culture

The Regional Implications of Kosovo’s Policy of Independence

Climate change: The impact of sea level rise on Egypt

Mitigating Climate change: By behavioural and Social Design

Neural correlates of sad faces predict clinical remission to cognitive behavioural therapy in depression

Evaluation of CEOP ThinkUKnow internet safety programme and exploration of young people's internet safety knowledge.

Investigating police practice in the UK: achieving best evidence in work with young victims of abuse

Internet Sex Offenders: Individual Autonomy, 'Folk Devils' and State Control

Online groomers: Profiling, policing and prevention

Urbanization and Security: Moving Forward, Key Themes, and Challenges

Review Essay: Well-being, Poverty and Social Policy

Redefining development for national security: implications for civil society

Chance Encounters: Serendipity and the Use of Music in the Films of Jean Cocteau and Harry Smith

The Invisible Empire: White Discourse, Tolerance and Belonging

Hold On to Your Dreams: Arthur Russell and the Downtown Music Scene, 1973-1992