A quantitative approach to usability evaluation of web sites

Social inequality and the diagnosis of paranoia

Qualitative Research Methods in Mental Health and Psychotherapy: A Guide for Students and Practitioners

Supply Chain Efficiency of Environmentally Friendly Microalgae-­Based Biodiesel Production

Logistics tracking: An implementation issue for delivery network

Concurrent Engineering (CE): A Review Literature Report

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP): A Review Literature Report

Management Information Systems / IT Implementation and Management: A Competive Advantage among Manufacturing Smes in Ghana (2003 2007)

Rethinking the Learning Partnership between Museums and Initial Teacher Training

Becoming a teacher in Primary education: teacher identity and professionalism

An appraisal of health and safety costing and culture in construction

The Private Finance Initiative: Why value for money remains elusive

Dalston Roof Park

Research in Teacher Education: Volume 1, No.2, October 2011

Book Reviews

Research in Teacher Education: Volume 1, No.1, April 2011

An Analysis of the Naor-Naor-Lotspiech Subset Difference Algorithm (For Possibly Incomplete Binary Trees)

The ethanol extract of Scutellaria baicalensis and the active compounds induce cell cycle arrest and apoptosis including upregulation of p53 and Bax in human lung cancer cells

Ethnopharmacological survey and in vitro evaluation of wound-healing plants used in South-western Nigeria

Poppies for Medicine in Afghanistan: Lessons from India and Turkey

Attentional effects of masked famous faces (but not names) and subjective evaluations of a target person

The Social Context of Paranoia

No, we're not 'all in this together'!

Murals and frescoes in greater Los Angeles 1900 -1950

Commentary: Psychology in Cuba as an example of Possibilities for Psychology in the UK

Researching “experience”: Embodiment, methodology, process

Contagion Theory Beyond the Microbe

OurSpace: exploring our cultures

Where next for English teacher education?

The biography of music teachers and their understanding of musicality

Embedding the Global Dimension into Secondary Initial Teacher Training through the use of virtual schools


Changes in the ‘beliefs’ of pre-ITE maths students on a 24-week Subject Knowledge Enhancement Course

You got pwned! The behaviour of young people online and the issues raised for teachers

Choosing a Qualitative Research Method

8 pole high temperature superconductor microstrip dual band bandpass filter design

Knox Knox

Is the Handling Data Cycle about to do a runner?

The arts and humanities and the ‘English Baccalaureate’: STEAM not STEM

Interfaces in narrative research: letters as technologies of the self and as traces of social forces

Book reviews [October 2011]

Supporting physical education trainee teachers in their use of information communication technology while on school-based experiences

When Gove became bigger than God: using social bookmarking to track subject knowledge development and student priorities in Initial Teacher Training

Q methodology: an overview

Editorial [Oct 2011]

Trainee teachers’ perceptions of the Nature of Science and implications for pre-service teacher training in England

From solidarity to social inclusion: the political transformations of Durkheimianism

Centre–surround inhibition is a general aspect of famous-person recognition: evidence from negative semantic priming from clearly visible primes

The Post-Holocaust Jew in the Age of “The War on Terror”: Steven Spielberg’s Munich

Rethinking the private hypothesis: Epistolary topographies in Carrington’s letters

Mapping our skills in learning and teaching

In-utero exposure to the popular ‘recreational’ drugs MDMA (Ecstasy) and Methamphetamine (Ice, Crystal): preliminary findings

Accurate stability prediction of single-bit higher-order Δ-Σ modulators for Speech Codecs

Exploiting Code Mobility for Dynamic Binary Obfuscation


Portobello: Attack of the Clones

Electronic Business model in the context of E-government model in Regional Government in Developing Countries: the case of Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI)

Assessing architectural evolution: a case study

Using the Tropos Approach to Inform the UML Design: An Experiment Report

User generated (web) content: trash or treasure

Successful Reuse of Software Components: A Report from the Open Source Perspective

Analysis of the e-Government stage model evaluation using SWOT-AHP method

Are Developers Fixing Their Own Bugs? Tracing Bug-fixing and Bug-seeding Committers

Framing scrappage in Germany and the UK: from climate discourse to recession talk?

Constructing Mobile Places between ‘Leisure’ and ‘Transport’: A Case Study of Two Group Cycle Rides

Archive Pleasures or Whose Time Is It?

Leaving the Self: Nomadic passages in the memoir of a woman artist

Anticapitalism and culture: radical theory and popular politics

Assessment of Carbon Fibre Composite Fracture Fixation Plate Using Finite Element Analysis

Bimanual strategies for object retrieval in infants and young children

Deception and self-awareness

Effort Estimation of FLOSS Projects: A Study of the Linux Kernel

Finite element simulation of the hip joint

Effects of nicotine and alcohol on affective responses to emotionally toned film clips

Expectation of having consumed caffeine can improve performance and mood

Protocol for a systematic review of the effects of schools and school-environment interventions on health: evidence mapping and syntheses

Cryptotanshinone has diverse effects on cell cycle events in melanoma cell lines with different metastatic capacity

Object representations in ventral and dorsal visual streams: fMRI repetition effects depend on attention and part–whole configuration

Identifying facial emotions: valence specific effects and an exploration of the effects of viewer gender

Physiological responses and energy expenditure to simulated epee fencing in elite female fencers

The effects of a modest dose of alcohol on executive functioning and prospective memory

'Portraits of Moments': Visual and Textual Entanglements in Narrative Research

Bubbles and Bees: Historical Exploration of Psychosocial Thinking

'Info skills' at the University of East London

John Stuart Mill and Auguste Comte: a trans-cultural comparative epistemology of the social sciences.

Socialisme ou Barbarie [Socialism or barbarism]



Social theory and politics: Aron, Bourdieu and Passeron, and the events of May 1968

Community-based performing arts and young people’s transitions into adulthood: developing policies for young people

The 2012 Olympic Games at Stratford: the latest East London regeneration initiative considered

Sociological analysis and socio-political change: juxtaposing elements of the work of Bourdieu, Passeron and Lyotard

The CEDAR Project Approach to Bringing Together Dispersed Digital Content to Create a Resource for Teaching and/or Research

An adaptive mobile learning system for learning a new language based on learner’s abilities

Adaptive e-learning system using ontology

Efficiency Analysis of the Photovoltaic Systems for Carbon Footprint Reduction (Case Study: University of East London)

Virtuality and Ernest Bloch: hope and subjectivity

Somatic concerns of mental health service users: a specific tale of affect

Personalised mobile learning system based on item response theory

Complex organisation perspectives

Study of deformation of coated tools in orthogonal metal cutting process using FEA

Soil protrusion apparatus for erosion rate prediction with smooth and rough sediment beds

An initial report into thermal performance of hemp and lime wall sections in the wise building at CAT

Genetic algorithm based design optimisation for permanent magnet synchronous motors

Direct state feedback optimal control of a double integrator plant implemented by an artificial neural network

Thermal conductivity of building materials: an overview of its determination

A case study of electronic signature applied in pre-employment screening industry

Reflections on the need for an improved quantitative modeling approach

Comparative investigation of shunt active power filters in 25kv ac electrified systems

A comparison of two robust control techniques for throttle valve control subject to nonlinear friction

Experimental study on the seismic wave propagation in geo-materials

WPA guidance on mental health and mental health care in migrants

Media, democracy and European culture [book review]

Differential patterns of histone acetylation in inflammatory bowel diseases

Primary Healthcare: A ‘Jigsaw’ In Reform of the Health Services

Logical Reasoning and Decision Making

A Provisioning Model towards OAuth 2.0 Optimization

A Performance Optimization Model towards OAuth 2.0 Adoption in the Enterprise

Modality Cost Analysis: A Methodology for Cost Effective Datacenter Capacity Planning in the Cloud

Modality Cost Analysis Based Methodology for Cost Effective Datacenter Capacity Planning in the Cloud

Sufficiency of Windows Event log as Evidence in Digital Forensics

GSi Compliant RAS for Public Private Sector Partnership

Case Study: Using ADLARS to Design and Develop a Real-Time Network Emulator

Visualizing Variability Models Using Hyperbolic Trees

Quantifying time-varying term-risk premia in shipping markets

Software protection

The experiences of young people with epidermolysis bullosa simplex: a qualitative study

The PACE trial in chronic fatigue syndrome

Measuring Security Requirements for Software Security

Towards a Framework for Offshore Outsource Software Development Risk Management Model

Supporting Requirements Engineers in Recognising Security Issues

The influence of environmental factors on the generalisability of public health research evidence: physical activity as a worked example

Sexy substances and the substance of sex: Findings from an ethnographic study in Ibiza, Spain

Risk, Transgression and Substance Use: An Ethnography of Young British Tourists in Ibiza

“True stories from bare times on road”: Developing empowerment, identity and social capital among urban minority ethnic young people in London, U.K.

Tales from prison: reflections on a decade of offender research

Researching death: some reflections on life

Emotions, ethnography and crack cocaine users

A Framework for Developing a Collaborative Training Environment for Crisis Management

A Framework to Support Collaborative Software Development and Reusability

A multilevel analysis of the association between social networks and support on leisure time physical activity: evidence from 40 disadvantaged areas in London

Beware, win or lose: Domestic violence and the World Cup

Monogamous order and the avoidance of chaotic excess

From refugee to good citizen: a discourse analysis of volunteering

Key barriers to community cohesion: views from residents of 20 London deprived neighbourhoods

Thank god, I'm back!: (Re)defining the nation as a homely place in relation to journeys abroad

Differential habituation to repeated sounds in infants at high risk for autism

Ominous Parallels and Optimistic Differences: Opium in China and Afghanistan

Solution Oriented School Improvement Programme: Does it do what it says on the tin?

Using a VLE to enhance ‘assessment for learning’ mathematics in school sector

Competence Requirements in Early Childhood Education and Care (CoRe)

Anglo-Saxon pharmacopoeia revisited: a potential treasure in drug discovery

Performance evaluation of the Cognitive Packet Network in the presence of network worms

Crossing conceptual boundaries III

The London childcare market

Divergent Discourses, Children and Forced Migration

‘The Emerging Butterfly’ how can a boy considered likely to receive an ADHD diagnosis at age 5 be provided with a different developmental experience? An extensive clinical exploration with an under 5 boy with an anticipated diagnosis of ADHD, and his journey towards health with the aid of intensive psychotherapy

LIFE BECKONING: A thematic analysis of change in a deprived boy in long-term foster care, during intensive psychoanalytic psychotherapy

“You don’t really have friends, you have acquaintances:” Exploring the experience of friendship for ‘Adult Third Culture Kids’ from the UK. An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis.

21 years in east London: issues in policy, research and practice

An exploration of the construction of gender identity disorders in children and young people in the popular press.

Special educational needs: from education to employment exploring perceptions of 'successful transition'

Working with Diverse Groups of Learners in the Digital Age

A new dawn over the land: shedding light on collective ownership and consent

International law and land rights in Africa: the shift from states’ territorial possessions to indigenous peoples' ownership rights

Indigenous peoples and globalization: from 'development aggression' to 'self-determined development'

FOR GOD'S SAKE: an exploration of the life and work of women religious in Ireland in the twentieth century from a psychoanalytic and systemic perspective.

Material images of humans from the Natufian to pottery Neolithic periods in the Levant

Valuation and reporting of security assurance at operational systems level

From individual to institution: a psychoanalytic approach to work with children, parents, families and organisations

Women, the Political Left and Peace Campaigning in Britain, 1945 -1970

Investigation into the modes of damage and failure in natural fibre reinforced epoxy composite materials

Generating Circulation Diagrams for Architecture and Urban Design Using Multi-Agent Systems

Women entering clinical psychology: Q-sort narratives of career attraction of female clinical psychology trainees in the UK

The effects of ecstasy polydrug use on the psychological well being of young people

Geofencing as a Security Strategy Model

Immersive, Digital, Expressive, Art

Individuation: An Artist's Quest

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy With Depressed Older Adults (A Qualitative Research Study)

Emotional inhibition: A discourse analysis of disclosure

The Effects of Pay for Performance on Disparities in Stroke, Hypertension, and Coronary Heart Disease Management: Interrupted Time Series Study

An exploration of the experiences of men whose partners have undergone a termination of pregnancy due to fetal abnormality

Invesigating the experiences of Iranian and Iraqi asylum seekers and refugees who identify as gay men

What is life like for a mainstream primary school child who has been identified as having learning difficulties?

Can e-Government Systems Bridge the Digital Divide?

Black and White Mixed-Race Experiences: The Voices of Young People

Constructing Care in the Community Together: A Discourse Analysis of Care Planning Meetings

Black and minority ethnic men's perceptions of Clinical Psychology as a career: A qualitative study exploring levels of career attractiveness and factors that propose a barrier for entry to the profession

Barriers to reporting: Police officers discuss male rape

How Can the Experience of Being on a Community Treatment Order be Understood in Service User Narratives?

The role of parental influences in the development of musical performance

Womens' experiences of breast cancer when diagnosed in old age: An interpretative phenomenological analysis

A grounded theory of the conceptualisation of the therapeutic relationship by practitioners of cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT)

Making sense of unusual experiences: A discursive approach to insight

IUCN UK Commission of Inquiry on Peatlands

Object representations in ventral and dorsal visual streams: fMRI repetition effects depend on attention and part–whole configuration

Urban sustainability standards: predetermined checklists or adaptable frameworks?

How British NHS Clinical Psychologists talk about their experiences of considering spirituality in therapeutic sessions

Social Cognition in Temporal Lobe Epilepsy

Exploring the experiences of recently qualified educational psychologists in the area of emotional intelligence and applications in practice: an interpretative phenomenological analysis

Probation Officers: The Next Generation

Exploring Discourses of Femininity with Female Patients in a Medium Secure Unit

Military Separation: Effects and Mitigating Factors. (A mixed methods study: does separation relate to retention? how does acceptance of separation develop?)

The relationship between pre-therapy adult attachment style and the quality of early working alliance in counselling.

Limb reconstruction: distress, appearance concerns, social support and patient experience

Managing overweight: Children's stories of their journey through treatment and beyond

Exploring the experiences of young people with gay or lesbian parent/s

A Group Intervention for Adolescents with Asperger Syndrome or High-functioning Autism and Anxiety in Mainstream Secondary Settings: An Evaluation Study

On being involved in a major incident abroad: an exploratory study of an international service

Exploring Social Cognition and Executive Function in HIV-associated Neurocognitive Disorders (HAND)

The voice of young people who offend

Developing a model of consultees' understanding of mental health consultation in a school setting

Parents' explanatory beliefs concerning their child's Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD): A Grounded Theory Approach

Clarity Through the Smoke: An Investigation into London Service Users' Experiences and Understanding of the Interaction of 'Psychosis' and Cocaine

Young adult men's constructions of help-seeking and masculinity: a discourse analysis

Service Users' Experience of Computerised Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: An Interpretative Phenomenological Study

E-therapist experiences and perceptions of using email to interact therapeutically

What are the barriers to non-medical residential crisis support being developed and utilised to support people experiencing psychosis?

Growing up in the UK: Examining the discursive constructions of young adult Kosovar-Albanian men.

Understanding the Impact of Meditative Homework on Thought Processes in the Context of Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT)

Reducing risk and promoting resilience: applying Educational Psychology practice within a multi-agency preventive model

Pattern of neural responses to verbal fluency shows diagnostic specificity for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder

Does RecA have a role in Borrelia recurrentis?

Spirochaetes: past lessons to future directions [Editorial]

Differential patterns of histone acetylation in inflammatory bowel diseases

The Dilemma of Closeness and Distance: A Discursive Analysis of Wall Posting in MySpace

The problem with ‘radicalization’: the remit of ‘Prevent’ and the need to refocus on terrorism in the UK

Here to Stay? The Rising Threat of Violent Dissident Republicanism in Northern Ireland

Why Do People Become Dissident Irish Republicans?

Using the interaural time difference and cross-correlation to localise short-term complex noises

A comparison of sound localisation techniques using cross-correlation and spiking neural networks for mobile robotics

International Law and Land Rights in Africa: The shift from states’ territorial possessions to indigenous peoples’ ownership rights

Locus of engagement: understanding what employees connect with at work

Student Experience: HE in FE


Work integrated learning: where there's a WIL, there's a way

Enduring partnerships: the Forum for Access and Continuing Education (FACE)

Sustaining Aimhigher - A Partnership Approach

Which Way Now to Widen Participation: Lifelong Learning, Economy and Society

A New Variable for Spatial Accessibility Measurement in Social Infrastructure Planning

Barking Riverside ISIS Invertebrate Assemblage Analysis

Utopian Politics: Citizenship and Practice

Older consumers and celebrity advertising

Re-defining discontinuity: Implications for the functions of dreaming

Themes of continuity: Commentary on “The continuity and discontinuity between waking and dreaming: A Dialogue between Michael Schredl and Allan Hobson concerning the adequacy and completeness of these notions”

Glycoclusters presenting lactose on calix[4]arene cores display trypanocidal activity

Applied Training In Sport & Exercise Psychology For Those From A Sport Science Background In The UK

The Relationship Between Psychological Skills and Psychological Well-Being

A Report on the Evaluation of a Breath Workshop for Stress Management by Sport Psychology Students

Sports, Social Capital and Public Space: developing an educational legacy

Introduction: Gender and Generations: women and life cycles

Tourism’s Role in National Identity Formulation for the United Kingdom’s Pakistani Diaspora

Researcher Reflexivity in Tourism Studies Research: Dynamical Dances with Emotions

An Unstable Decade: The European Economic Community and Yugoslavia 1968-1979

Questionable Adaptation: Young Muslims and European Identity

The European Economic Community and Yugoslavia in the 1980s

The Code for Sustainable Homes as a viable driver towards a zero carbon future in the UK

Elektrokonvulsiv behandling ved alvorlig depresjon – i konflikt med den hippokratiske eden?

An exploratory investigation of psychologists' responses to a method for considering "objective" countertransference

The Roles of Gender and Coping Styles in the Relationship Between Child Abuse and the SCL-90-Subscales ‘Psychoticism’ and ‘Paranoid Ideation’

The prevalence of voice-hearers in the general population: A literature review

The Influence of Causal Explanations and Diagnostic Labeling on Medical Studentsʼ Views of Schizophrenia

Childhood adversity and hallucinations: a community-based study using the National Comorbidity Survey Replication

Machine learning classification with confidence: Application of transductive conformal predictors to MRI-based diagnostic and prognostic markers in depression

Cortisol responses to serial MRI scans in healthy adults and in depression

No effect of 5HTTLPR or BDNF Val66Met polymorphism on hippocampal morphology in major depression

Hippocampal atrophy in first episode depression: A meta-analysis of magnetic resonance imaging studies

Characteristics of the Internet for criminal child sexual abuse by online groomers

Legislation and Policy: Protecting Young People, Sentencing and Managing Internet Sex Offenders

Conceptualizing Human Well-Being from a Gender and Life Course Perspective: The Case of Peruvian Migrants in London

Poverty, migration and human well-being: towards a post-crisis research and policy agenda

International migration and the downturn: assessing the impacts of the global financial downturn on migration, poverty and human well-being

Constructing human wellbeing across spatial boundaries: negotiating meanings in transnational migration

Constructing Migrant Wellbeing: An Exploration of Life Satisfaction Amongst Peruvian Migrants in London

Up-Beat UK: A programme of research into the relationship between coronary heart disease and depression in primary care patients.

The prevalence of suicidal ideation identified by the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale in postpartum women in primary care: findings from the RESPOND trial

Prospective memory functioning among ecstasy/polydrug users: evidence from the Cambridge Prospective Memory Test (CAMPROMPT)

The Role of Executive Processes in Accounting for Prospective Memory Deficits in Ecstasy/Polydrug Users

Visuospatial working memory impairment in current and previous ecstasy/polydrug users

The caress of the audible: Re-sounding Falkland

Littoral Struggles, Liminal Lives: Indian Merchant Seamen’s Resistances

The Forging of a White Gay Aesthetic at the Saint, 1980–84

Disco and the Queering of the Dance Floor

Big Business, Real Estate Determinism, and Dance Culture in New York, 1980-88