Biographie und Geschichte: Dynamiken individueller und kollektiver politischer Erzählungen [Problems of biography and history: Dynamics of individual and collective political narratives]

Exploring the Potential of Partnership between Museums and Teacher Education

Politics of Conflict: A Survery

Secondary metabolite mapping identifies Scutellaria inhibitors of human lung cancer cells

Antibacterial, antioxidant and fibroblast growth stimulation activity of crude extracts of Bridelia ferruginea leaf, a wound-healing plant of Nigeria

The EUs External Policy of Energy Diversification in the Wider Black and Caspian Sea

Clinical Psychology in Context: A Commentary on David Pilgrim's ‘British Clinical Psychology and Society’

Techno Trans-nationalism

Rethinking the Dissension between Software and Generative Art

Challenging teenagers’ ideas about people with mental health problems

Psychosocial supportwithin a global movement

Tensions and dilemmas in clinical psychology’s relationship with the service user movement

Translating development: an ethnographic study of community-driven development in rural Nigeria

Nurture Groups in Secondary Schools: Perceptions of Children, Parents and Staff.

Mental health service user territories: Enacting 'safe spaces' in the community

Belief in a just world and attitudes towards mental illness

Quality and Performance Evaluation of the Sri Lankan e-Government web Portal

British Asian Theatre: Dramaturgy, Process and Performance

Error-Contagion: Network Hypnosis and Collective Culpability

Towards universal early years provision: analysis of take-up by disadvantaged families from recent annual childcare surveys

Working Paper: Social and Educational Exclusion from the Actors Perspective

Flood perception and mitigation: the role of severity, agency, and experience in the purchase of flood protection, and the communication of flood information

A Neural Network Approach for Intrusion Detection Systems

Mobile Learning Portal for Computing Students

Social cognition in children with Down's syndrome: challenges to research and theory building

Professionalising the Early Childhood Workforce in England: work in progress or missed opportunity?

Families Experiencing Multiple Disadvantage: their use of and views on childcare provision

Public Health Threat of New, Reemerging, and Neglected Zoonoses in the Industrialized World

Challenges and Success in Teaching Legal, Ethical, Social and Professional Issues to Computing Undergraduates

Design of a Delta-Sigma (Δ-Σ) Based Digital-to-Analog Converter for TETRA-2 Transmitter

Social and cognitive development in children with Down syndrome: trying to build wider developmental models?

A presentation briefly outlining the context, vision and future of the Institute for Research in Child Development presented at the UEL Research and Knowledge Exchange Conference. June 28th 2010.

Categorising Microstrip Distributed Elements Coupling Types

IT jobs in UK: current trends

Engaging without Over-powering: a Case Study of a FLOSS project

Relational Narratives: Autobiography and the Portrait

When “long-term memory” no longer means “forever”: analysis of accelerated long-term forgetting in a patient with temporal lobe epilepsy

Human Complement Regulators C4b-Binding Protein and C1 Esterase Inhibitor Interact with a Novel Outer Surface Protein of Borrelia recurrentis

Population Structure of East African Relapsing Fever Borrelia spp.

A Pilot Evaluation of an Online Tool Designed to Aid Development of Basic Laboratory Skills

Enhanced tool wear characteristics of carbide tool inserts having a novel surface structure

Hydraulic roughness – links between Manning’s coefficient, Nikuradse’s equivalent sand roughness and bed grain size

A visual semantic service browser supporting user-centric service composition

Towards an Efficient Context-Aware System: Problems and Suggestions to Reduce Energy Consumption in Mobile Devices

Fabric of peat soils using image analysis

Multi-channel delivery of services – initial pace towards M-Government: the case of Kurdistan region of Iraq

Research achievements in under-deck and combined cable-stayed bridges

Forced dynamic control of non-minimum-phase plants via study of the classical inverted pendulum

Closed-loop control using a backpropagation algorithm: a practicable approach for energy loss minimisation in electrical drives.

Experimental investigation of hydrodynamic erosion of soils

Influence of coupling agents on tensile properties of natural fibre composites

Dynamical behaviour of an under-deck cablestayed footbridge under the action of pedestrian transit

ETSI Reconfigurable Radio Systems – Status and Future Directions on Software Defined Radio and Cognitive Radio Standards

Short duration rainfall in the Iranian province of Sistan and Balochistan

Problems associated with instrument tilts during seismic events

A new perspective on the Roberts filter

Optimum design of artificial hip joints

Potential for research on hemp insulation in the UK construction sector

Impact of corporate governance on information security practices in (UK) financial industry

Can future UK housing meet its energy needs from zero or low carbon sources?

A low-cost solution to the high speed operation of stepper motors

An investigation of the thermal properties of hemp and clay monolithic walls

Performance of crushed fruit pits reinforced epoxy composites under impact loading conditions

An examination of the security implications of the supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system in a mobile networked environment: An augmented vulnerability tree approach.

Developing lean six sigma framework for use in small and medium enterprises

Evaluating the 3D rendering of architecture models in a web browser

A probe quality metric taxonomy for assurance evaluation

Mobile learning portal

Matching Demand and Offer in On-line Provision: a Longitudinal Study of Monster.com

The Subversive Survey: 'Arquitectura Popular em Portugal'

Street Policy: Could explorative urban behaviour shape spatial planning?

Marina Abramovic presents: architectural experience as critical, self-reflective practice.

Rethinking representation

Five stage development framework for electronic government

Vision of Electronic Government implementation in Kurdistan region of Iraq

Didi of Rural Bihar: Real Agent of Change?

Reaching for justice: The participation of victims at the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia

A breakthrough in justice? Accountability for post-election violence in Kenya

Dynamic Context-Aware Business Process: A Rule-Based Approach Supported by Pattern Identification

An Architectural Description Language for Secure Multi-Agent Systems

In Search of Lost Space: The Letter and the Artist

Cambridge in the 1960s: intellectual debate as a form of institutional méconnaissance

Understanding the Processes of Translation and Transliteration in Qualitative Research

Virginia Woolf and Visual Culture

My Own Ghost Met Me: Woolf’s 1930s Photographs, Death and Freud’s Acropolis

The Foundations of Social Theoretical Discourse

Introduction: Broken Narratives: Textual and Visual Interfaces

Assessing the functional significance of ecstasy-related memory deficits using a virtual paradigm

The effect of intra-uterine growth on Verbal IQ scores in childhood: a monozygotic twin study

‘How can we help?’ Developing library staff skills to support e-learners at the University of East London

'Wort oder Ton'? Reading the Libretto in Contemporary Opera

Undrawn Hours

Particularity, potentiation, citizenship and pragmatism

Peatbogs and carbon: a critical synthesis to inform policy development in oceanic peat bog conservation and restoration in the context of climate change.

University of East London: the biodiversity evidence‐base

HIV Technologies

Technologies of treatment: Scaling up ART in the Western Cape, South Africa

Being naturalised, being left behind: the HIV citizen in the era of treatment possibility

The State of Play in HIV Health Promotion for Black and Minority Ethnic Men Who Have Sex with Men

The Critical Aesthetics of Modern Urbanism: Experiencing Athens

During pregnancy, recreational drug-using women stop taking ecstasy (3,4-methylenedioxy-N-methylamphetamine) and reduce alcohol consumption but continue to smoke tobacco and cannabis

On not being a fan: Masculine Identity, DVD Culture and the Accidental Collector

Turning to Flirting: Politics and the Pleasures of Boris Johnson

Spinning, Spooning and the Seductions of Flirtatious Masculinity in Contemporary Politics

Undercurrents to Independence: Plantation Struggles in Kenya’s Central Province 1959-60

‘Video Replay: Families, films and fantasy’ as a transformational text: Commentary on Valerie Walkerdine’s ‘Video Replay’

What helps children in a Pupil Referral Unit? An exploration into the potential protective factors of a PRU as identified by children and staff.

Introduction: Mapping Gwen John: Lives, Lines and Images

Modelling national research assessments in CERIF

On the outside : constructing cycling citizenship

Atypical perceptual narrowing in prematurely born infants is associated with compromised language acquisition at 2 years of age

Microsatellite analysis reveals the spatial dynamics of Bombus humilis and Bombus sylvarum

Narratives from within: an Arendtian approach to life histories and the writing of history

(2010) 'Working With Stories as Multiplicities, Opening up the Black Box of the Archive. Life Writing, 7 (1), 19-33.

Book review of Frédéric Keck: Lucien Lévy-Bruhl. Entre philosophie et anthropologie. Contradiction et participation

Creating and Maintaining a Healthy Stratford City: Principles and Practices for Success

Working psychologically with female genital mutilation: an exploration of the views of circumcised women in relation to better psychological practice

Analysis of Fingerprint Image to Verify a Person

E- Government Systems Architecture: Contextual and Conceptual Level

Web services for rural areas—Security challenges in development and use

Stop and search: disproportionality, discretion and generalisations

A Scalable Multiple Perspective Variability Management CASE Tool

A NUI Based Multiple Perspective Variability Modelling CASE Tool

Relapse to smoking during unaided cessation: clinical, cognitive, and motivational predictors

Re-constructing masculinity following radical prostatectomy for prostate cancer

Towards a Framework to Elicit and Manage Security and Privacy Requirements from Laws and Regulations

A Framework to Support Alignment of Secure Software Engineering with Legal Regulations

Integrating Risk Management Activities into Requirements Engineering

Prevalence and characteristics of asymptomatic norovirus infection in the community in England

Community Incidence of Norovirus-associated Infectious Intestinal Disease in England: Improved Estimates Using Viral Load for Norovirus Diagnosis

Asymptomatic Rotavirus Infections in England: Prevalence, Characteristics, and Risk Factors

The effectiveness of M-health technologies for improving health and health services: a systematic review protocol

Risk factors for symptomatic and asymptomatic norovirus infection in the community

The world is out to get me, bruv: life after school exclusion

Researching “dangerous” and “problematic” populations: some methodological reflections

Notes on the end of life: the social interactions between patients, carers and professionals

Crack houses in the UK: some observations on their operations

Los Gitanos (Gypsies) in La Coruña, Spain: Neither socially included nor integrated?

Editorial [on drug treament]

The Pandora Project: Advanced Training Environment for Crisis Scenarios

Usability of Web Browsers for Multi-touch Platforms

Microsoft Windows 7 Multi-touch Based Variability Management Solution

Charting Cartographies of Resistance: Line of Flight in Women Artists’ Narratives

Geofencing Components and Existing Models

Pilot study on the impact of VLE on mathematical concepts acquisition within secondary education in England

Methodology issues and design approach of VLE on mathematical concepts acquisition within secondary education in England

Editorial. Rethinking Professionalism in Early Childhood: untested feasibilities and critical ecologies

Crossing conceptual boundaries II

Concrete and Abstract Racial Domination

Changing career guidance practice in Connexions: a question of ethics?

Assessing the effectiveness of a self-regulated learning programme on children in mainstream primary school in Hong Kong

Experiences of South Asian Women with Breast Cancer: Coping via 'Strength through Connection'

An exploratory study of the constructions of 'Mental Health' in the Afro Caribbean Community in the United Kingdom

An intercultural exchange: A reflection of the aspects involved

Mentoring Models for student-teachers professional development


Derechos humanos y cibercultura

Responsabilidad social en la comunicación con la web

Mapping the Body's Movement

Is Shopping All Bad?

From perversion to policy: Knowing and not-knowing in the emergence and management of critical incidents

Static and dynamic characteristics of peat with macro and micro structure perspective

Custodians of the land: indigenous peoples, human rights and cultural integrity

An Investigation Into Automatic Road Network Update Using Trajectory Data and Performance- Guided Neural Network

High Power Density, High Speed, Three Phase Brushless Permanent Magnet DC Motor

Developing a systems psychodynamic approach to health and social care

Influence of muscle morphology on muscle strength and gait in children with haemophilia

Investigation of the anti-tumour effects of Scutellaria barbata and Scutellaria baicalensis on human lung cell lines

Retro Style, Class and the Home The Making and Unmaking of Value

Debates on child abuse and trauma in psychoanalysis and feminism: The shift from non-trauma to trauma-based psychotherapy discourse

Distributing Power: A Cratological Study of Emerging Technologies for Electric Power Supply

Politics beyond representation? The al Aqsa Intifada and the late modern subject of colonial occupation

Website quality and culture an integrative theoretical model with empirical validation

Muslim women in Mauritius: A study of inheritance through the weave of family relationships and the laws

The role of message framing and issue-involvement in promoting regular physical activity among sedentary university students

Do bonobos say NO by shaking their head?

The Meeting of Art Cultures

Parental Perceptions of the Efficacy of Diagnostic and Educational Pathways for Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder in Northern Ireland

Genome-Wide Association Study Reveals Multiple Loci Associated with Primary Tooth Development during Infancy

Reading the rereadings: Valerie Walkerdine responds to the commentaries on ‘Video Replay’

Press replay – Introduction to special section on rereading Valerie Walkerdine's ‘Video replay: Families, films and fantasy’

Democracy and Experimentation: two fundamental values for education

The development of peer coaching skills in primary school children in years 5 and 6

Are teachers technophobes? Investigating professional competency in the use of ICT to support teaching and learning

A qualitative investigation into the experience of psychologist's around self-disclosure when working with clients

How do people with an Autistic Spectrum Diagnosis (ASD) coordinate with other people?

An integrative study of differing relational patterns produced around the experience of disappointment: Theoretical and clinical implications of the distinctive significance and nature of the role of disappointment in the schizoid and depressive processes during childhood development

Literacy difficulties: the origins of the labels used, their perceived purpose and the meanings ascribed to them by children, their parents and teachers

Transition to adulthood: experiences of unaccompanied asylum seekers in the UK

Reading to mastery: A paraprofessional delivered small group systematic reading intervention informed by the psychology of efficacy development.

An exploratory study of the factors influencing individuals' recovery and ability to return to work after experiencing stress, burnout, anxiety or depression.

Prevalence, severity and correlates of restricted and repetitive behaviours in children with autistic spectrum disorders: a cross-sectional study

Speaking about the unspeakable: Women who sexually abuse children

How do clinical psychologists talk about gender in relation to their work with older men and women?

Parenting a child with gender identity issues

Experiences of living with a visible difference and social support among individuals seeking appearance-altering surgery

Couples' co-construction of their experiences of the transition to parenthood

Constructions of Paranoia: A Q-Methodology Study.

An exploration of the meaning and relevance of spiritual beliefs amongst survivors of torture

Understanding patient satisfaction: the predictive value of quality of life and patient self-selected goals

The development of a scale to measure cognitive behavioural processes across a range of psychological disorders

Investigating the relationship between black men's conceptions of wellbeing, subject positions and help-seeking behaviour

The Impact of the FRIENDS Emotional Health Programme on Anxiety, Self-Statements and Coping Strategies in Children

What motivates learning in a religious Jewish school?

An Evaluation of the Programme Acceptability of FRIENDS, an Emotional Well-being Programme

What are the Views of White British Working Class Secondary School Boys on Achievement in School?

The Utility of Educational Psychologist's Reports Within a Local Authority, According to Its Major Stakeholders

How do culturally Deaf people experience neuropsychological assessment?

Counselling Bisexuality: A qualitative exploration of 'affirmative' therapeutic engagement with bisexuality

The views of students, parents and teachers concerning mental health terminology and mental health promotion in primary schools in Ireland

An investigation into how drama is used to develop young people's empathy and social skills in secondary schools

Experiences versus Expectations for Service Provision for Children with Complex Medical Conditions. Implications for Educational Psychologists

Following NICE 2008: a practical guide for health professionals on community engagement with local black and minority ethnic (BME) community groups

Crouzon Syndrome: a case report

A Spiking Neural Network Model of the Medial Superior Olive using Spike Timing Dependent Plasticity for Sound Localisation

Post-Cochlear Auditory Modelling for Sound Localisation using Bio-Inspired Techniques


The role of dietary breadth in national bumblebee (Bombus) declines: Simple correlation?

The role of perceived costs and perceived benefits in the relationship between personality and risk‐related choices

Training for ethical discernment as a company policy: the eval'ethic experience

Higher Education and Communities: Barking & Dagenham

Evaluation & Sustainability Study: Aimhigher – Hampshire & Isle of Wight

Towards a New Agenda for Lifelong Learning: Access Diversity and Participation

Using computers in early years education: What are the effects on children’s development? Some suggestions concerning beneficial computer practice

The Finders of London

Dependence Cluster Visualization

Artificial Neural Network-Based System for PET Volume Segmentation

A history of global youth work

A qualitative exploration of mental health professionals' experience of working with survivors of trauma in Sri Lanka

Countering the psychological impact of terrorism: challenges for UK homeland security

Critical Reflections on Securing the Olympics: Conclusions and Ways Forward

Towards an Understanding of Terrorism and the Olympics

Tourism and Islamophobia

Researching Diaspora Tourism: Journeys of the UK Pakistani Community to the Ancestral Homeland

Data Report – Survey of Secondary PGCE trainees 2008/9: Evaluation Virtual Schools Wiki

Integrin-Linked Kinase Is a Functional Mn2+-Dependent Protein Kinase that Regulates Glycogen Synthase Kinase-3β (GSK-3β) Phosphorylation

Cell-autonomous integrin control of Wnt and Notch signalling during somitogenesis

How Can the Code for Sustainable Homes Deliver the UK Zero Carbon Homes?

Can poverty drive you mad? 'Schizophrenia', socio-economic status and the case for primary prevention.

Hearing Voices and Listening to What They Say

Schizophrenia and Borderline Personality Disorder

Metaphoric and non-metaphoric use of the term “schizophrenia” in Italian newspapers

The effectiveness of electroconvulsive therapy: A literature review

Amygdala activation to masked happy facial expressions

Subregional hippocampal deformations in major depressive disorder

Ketamine-Induced Disruption of Verbal Self-Monitoring Linked to Superior Temporal Activation

Visual lives: Carrington's letters, drawings and paintings

Nomadic Narratives, Visual Forces: Gwen John’s Letters and Paintings

Beyond Narrative Coherence

In the Fold between Power and Desire: Women Artists’ Narratives

Internet Child Abuse: Current Research and Policy

‘It’s a Limited Kind of Happiness': Barriers to Achieving Human Well-being among Peruvian Migrants in London and Madrid

Everyday and prospective memory deficits in ecstasy/polydrug users

Modelling the adverse effects associated with ecstasy use

Falkland: a sonic investigation of place