A Cost Effective Cloud Datacenter Capacity Planning Method Based on Modality Cost Analysis

Beyond evidence-based practice: rethinking the relationship between research, theory and practice

Water consumption, not expectancies about water consumption, affects cognitive performance in adults

CO2 sequestration in unsaturated superficial soils

EU Visa and Border Control Policies: What Roles for Security and Reciprocity?

Engineer-to-Order: A Maturity Concurrent Engineering Best Practice in Improving Supply Chains

Performance evaluation of tracking and tracing for logistics operations

Entrepreneurship Education: Designing Pedagogy for Success

Learning Styles and Team Roles - Lessons for Gregorc Based Teams for Effective Enterprice Development

Participatory Action Research with Young People in Museums

The value of psychological flexibility: Examining psychological mechanisms underpinning a cognitive behavioural therapy intervention for burnout

The work-related acceptance and action questionnaire: Initial psychometric findings and their implications for measuring psychological flexibility in specific contexts

Gender Role Attitudes of Female Students in Single-Sex and Coeducational High Schools in Istanbul

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow: A Research Study with Dost Centre for Young Migrants and Refugees A Relationship-based, 360º Service

Common Ground: Democracy and Collectivity in an Age of Individualism

A review of construction SME safety performance; where are we and why?

Greece, Financialization and the EU: The Political Economy of Debt and Destruction

Statistical Sampling Approach to Investigate Child Pornography Cases

Code for Sustainable Homes: opportunities or threats for offsite manufacturing and mass-customization?

Review Of The UK Housing History in Relation to System Building

Research in Teacher Education: Volume 3, No.2, October 2013

Research in Teacher Education: Volume 3, No.1, April 2013

W2ID – Web 2.0 for People with Intellectual Disabilities

Multimedia Advocacy for Person Centred Planning: Small Research Pilot Report

Intelligent diagnostic feedback for online multiple-choice questions

Effects of dispersion surfactants on the properties of ceramic carbon nanotube (CNT) nanocomposites

Structural health monitoring capabilities in ceramic – carbon nanocomposites

'It takes a lot to build trust’. Recognition and Telling: Developing Earlier Routes to Help for Children and Young People

Beyond borders: reflections on the SAA Conference in San Diego

The Boy in the Dress: queering Mantle of the Expert

No Matter: Theories and Practices of the Ephemeral in Architecture

Towards a Cultural Sociology of Nations and Nationalism

The Cultural Politics of Nationalism and Nation-building: Ritual and Performance in the Forging of Nations

Ritual and Performance in the Study of Nations and Nationalism

Developing Electronic Government Models for Nigeria: An Analysis

Protective effects of prebiotics inulin and lactulose from cytotoxicity and genotoxicity in human colon adenocarcinoma cells

Examination of moisture sensitivity of aggregate–bitumen bonding strength using loose asphalt mixture and physico-chemical surface energy property tests

Assessing asphalt mixture moisture susceptibility through intrinsic adhesion, bitumen stripping and mechanical damage

The Weakest Link? Hedging Energy Security Challenges and Opportunities within the Eastern Neighbourhood, the Mediterranean and the Black Sea/Caspian Region

Delimitation of Competences between Member States and the EU in the External Energy Field: the Case of the Caspian Region

Paranoia: Contested and Contextualised

Nicotine derived from the electronic cigarette improves time-based prospective memory in abstinent smokers

Telling the difference between deceiving and truth telling: An experiment in a public space

Booknotes: Review of Immaterial Bodies: Affect, Embodiment, Mediation by Lisa Blackman

The assessment needs to go hand-in-hand with the debriefing: the importance of a structured coaching debriefing in understanding and applying a positive psychology strengths assessment

A Conceptual Lever and the Narrative Construction of the Cyborg as a Quantum Machine

Visual Autobiographies in East London: Narratives of Still Images, Interpersonal Exchanges, and Intrapersonal Dialogues

Formative research: challenges and tendencies

Doing Narrative Research

Crossing Conceptual Boundaries V

Love, Narratives, Politics: Encounters between Hannah Arendt and Rosa Luxemburg

When your face doesn't fit: employment discrimination against people with facial disfigurements

Learning from Network Dysfunctionality: Accidents, Enterprise and Small Worlds of Infection

'I was so done in that I just recognized it very plainly, "You need to do something"': Men's narratives of struggle, distress and turning to meditation

A Cultural Approach to a Canadian Tragedy: The Indian Residential Schools as a Sacred Enterprise

Tarde's phantom takes a deadly line of flight – from Obama Girl to the assassination of Bin Laden

'Coming Out' as a Faith Changer: Experiences of Faith Declaration for Arabs of a Muslim Background who Choose to Follow a Christian Faith

Leaving it all behind to travel: venturing uncertainty as a means to personal growth and authenticity

Social media networking channel LinkedIn, organisational recruitment, andself-initiated expatriation; an exploration

Chelator-Accelerated One-Pot ‘Click’ Labeling of Small Molecule Tracers with 2-[18F]Fluoroethyl Azide

Young children's cognitive achievement: home learning environment, language and ethnic background

New perspectives on the dynamics of the adoption triangle using biographical, literary and psychoanalytic sources

Of Parts and Wholes: International Relations beyond the Human

Archival research: unravelling space/time/matter entanglements and fragments

Men Developing Emotional Intelligence Through Meditation? Integrating Narrative, Cognitive and Electroencephalography (EEG) Evidence.

An empirical study on the implementation and evaluation of a goal-driven software development risk management model

'You Are Here': Visual Autobiographies, Cultural-Spatial Positioning, and Resources for Urban Living

The Dynamics of Impersonal Trust and Distrust in Surveillance Systems

The school environment and student health: a systematic review and meta-ethnography of qualitative research

Separating acoustic deviance from novelty during the first year of life: a review of event-related potential evidence

'We've Got Some Underground Business Selling Junk Food': Qualitative Evidence of the Unintended Effects of English School Food Policies

Book reviews

The Affective Atmospheres of Surveillance

Sometimes antagonistic, sometimes ardently sympathetic: Contradictory responses to migrants in postwar Britain

Contagion Theory: Beyond the Microbe

Narrative Analysis: The Constructionist Approach

Response of Beam-To-Column Web Cleated Joints For FRP Pultruded Members

Romanticism and the Problem of Capitalism in Post-­War British Film

A father’s tale: stories and experiences offathers whose children have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Exploring Men’s Accounts of Understanding and Seeking Help for Problems with Eating

An avowal of prior scepticism enhances the credibility of an account of a paranormal event

Eu(rope): (re)assembling, (re)casting and (re)aligning lines of de-and re-territorialisation of early childhood

Cyberbullying experiences on-the-go: when social media can become distressing

Towards a research framework for race in education: critical race theory and Judith Butler

“Should I really be here?” Exploring the relationship between Black men’s conceptions of wellbeing, subject positions and help-seeking behaviour

Professional development for professional learners: teachers’ experiences in Norway, Germany and England

‘Vaping’ profiles and preferences: an online survey of electronic cigarette users

Interpretation through emergence: reconstituting the lost complexity of the late Neolithic/Early Bronze Age cosmovision by multi-disciplinary method

'The Open Work’: Ecologies of participation

Brucellosis in Ethiopia

Fenomenos comunicacionales contemporáneos: Analisis de las interacciones que unos jóvenes manifiestan en el muro de la red social facebook

Passeron and the Epistemology of the Social Sciences

From interesting times to critical times? Teacher education and educational research in England

School leaders communicating in complex organisations

Book reviews [April 2013]

Building communities for the future

Why teachers need to hear the voice and experience of the child with dyspraxia

Editorial [April 2013]

A wrong turn for Initial Teacher Education?

Mobile technology: a study on the impact on the role of the Initial Teacher Training (ITT) tutor

Are faith schools educationally defensible?

Transitioning to resilience and sustainability in urban communities

Outcomes of Planned Organisational Change in the Nigerian Public Sector: Insights from the Nigerian Higher Education Institutions

Changing scripts in Nigerian higher education: the case of Kwara State Polytechnic

Cultural Studies, History and Cosmopolitanism in UK

The impact of policy on language learning in complementary schools: the experience of young campaigners for language equality

Absence of direct association between variables does not always mean no evidence of association: Indirect pathways between neighbourhood characteristics and physical activity

Exploring Good Practice in Good Practice in overcoming urban deprivation in East London and Mumbai

Digital media, dialogue and change

Environmental interventions to reduce fear of crime: systematic review of effectiveness

Fear of crime and the environment: systematic review of UK qualitative evidence

Social science and politics: an historical case-study of ‘impact’ or conceptual exchange –Raymond Aron in 1948/9

A time-frequency analysis on the impact of climate variability on semi-natural mountain meadows

Foundations in Wellbeing & Health Promotion: developing a short course

Transnational academic mobility and knowledge creation: a critical reflection on interculturality and (de)coloniality

Field Survey of Coastal Dyke Failure due to 2011 Great Eastern Japan Earthquake Tsunami

Mum’s Lit and the Public Mother as Author

Events and their impact on place - towards an international practice-based classification system

Lottery funding and community partnerships: the Bethnal Green Disaster Memorial Project

Redesigning Joint Strategic Needs Assessment: an assets based approach

A study aimed to investigate the recruitment prospects of people with facial disfigurement and a contrasting group of wheelchair users

Community engagement using World Café: The Well London experience

Joined up musing: Thoughts on being a poet in the community and academy

RadioActive: inclusive informal learning and employability through international internet radio

Dost Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow: an evaluation of a 360º relationship-based model of practice with young refugees and migrants

Consulting with young people to inform systematic reviews: an example from a review on the effects of schools on health

Detailed Response Modelling of Nonlinear Soil-Structure Interaction

Research-Led Advocacy and Strategic Collaborations promoting Equal Rights For Muslim Women

Altered muscle strength and architecture influences motor performance in boys with severe haemophilia and ankle joint haemarthrosis

Rebelliousness and attachment difficulties as legacies of parental neglect in childhood

Creating Theatre for Young Audiences: Engaging diverse communities and creating external partnerships – Guantanamo Boy

Barriers to the early initiation of antenatal care: a qualitative study of women and service providers in East London

Vaping’ profiles and preferences: an online survey of electronic cigarette users

Ethanol-induced changes in G-proteins gene expression

New and novel uses for paracetamol

Good thinking or gut feeling? Decision-making style and rationality in traders, bankers and financial non-experts

The Cleaners' Voice

‘Good night and good-bye’: temporal and spatial rhythms in piecing together Emma Goldman’s auto/biographical fragments

Neighbourhood deprivation monitoring in Rotterdam and London: exploring barriers to evidence-based policy and practice

On establishing ceramic chemical groups: exploring the influence of data analysis methods and the role of the elements chosen in analysis

Systematic review of the effects of schools and school environment interventions on health: evidence mapping and synthesis

A model for the proteolytic regulation of LpxC in the lipopolysaccharide pathway of Escherichia coli

Staging the sensation

The emergence and practice of co-design as a method for social sustainability under New Labour

The next best thing

Deception in context: coding nonverbal cues, situational variables and risk of detection

The development of generic competences in Malaysian civil engineering programmes: a case study

Equity and evidence in twenty-five years of early childhood policy research

Racial Identity Attitudes, Africentrism, Self-Esteem and Psychological Wellbeing in Black Men: A Mixed Methods Study

Cognitive and emotional processes in persecutory delusions

Counselling and Clinical Psychologists’ Experience of Client Violence in the Workplace

Pronouncing printed words: investigating a semantic contribution to adult word reading

Environmental activism, environmental politics, and representation: the framing of the british environmental activist movement

The experience of adjustment to relationship changes in men whose female partners have an acquired brain injury (ABI)

Promoting “Hope” and Well-being in Adolescents following Transition to Secondary School

Children’s experiences of learning mindfulness to help develop their attentional skills

The Development of Public Relations and Integrated Marketing Communications at the General Post Office, 1933-39: a Study in the Emergence of ‘Admass’ in the United Kingdom

Towards competent systems. A critically-ecologic perspective on processes of professionalisation of the early childhood workforce in Europe

Aspiring to evidence-based policy and practice; but what type of evidence is useful?

Energy, Development and Health Futures in Poorer Countries

‘Reforming’ teacher education? Analysing and theorising work in a contested field

A story of quid pro quo knowledge transfer

Developing the scaffolding practices of teaching assistants: A continuing professional development model

Reflections on my experience of co-producing early childhood policies in England

Collaborative work between different professionals working in public services for Children with Special Educational Needs in Malta: Current applications and pathways to best future practice

The Seasonality Thermostat: Female Reproductive Synchrony and Male Behavior in Monkeys, Neanderthals, and Modern Humans

Transnational pathways to integration: Chinese traders in Serbia

Predictors of the timing of initiation of antenatal care in an ethnically diverse urban cohort in the UK

Physical activity in deprived communities in London: examining individual and neighbourhood-level factors

Spatial Configurations: Complex Systems Experiment of Design Automation

A grammar of creative workplaces

Big and Pumped: Embodied Masculinity in Homosocial Sporting Environments

Robust Control of Diesel Drivelines

The Complex Dynamics of Wishful Thinking: The Critical Positivity Ratio

Resistant acts in post-genocide Rwanda

Applicability of Neural Networks to Software Security

‘Life just kind of sparkles’: Clients’ experiences of being in a Cognitive Behavioural Group and its impact on reducing shame in Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Photography and the Limits of Place

Care Worker Motivations: Implications for Social Policy and the Future Care Workforce

Teachers’ Perceptions of their use of Humour in the Primary Classroom

Chinese Acupuncture Combined with Antidepressant Medication for Hospitalized Depression Patients: A Pragmatic Randomized Controlled Trial

The impact of climate change on semi-natural meadows in Northern Portugal - A time-frequency analysis

Exploring new developments and applications of ‘practice-near’ research in social work

The school environment and student health: a systematic review and meta-ethnography of qualitative research

Toward a Critical Utopian and Pedagogical Methodology

What attracts people with disabilities to pursue a career in clinical psychology?

Behaviour of pultruded beam-to-column joints using steel web cleats

Foot loading patterns in normal weight, overweight and obese children aged 7 to 11 years

Globalisation, education policy and the Bologna Process: Interlocking and dependency discourses

Discrimination and Other Barriers to Accessing Health Care: Perspectives of Patients with Mild and Moderate Intellectual Disability and Their Carers

On the Sustainability of Web Systems Evolution

The Performance of RANS Models for Prediction of Flows in Meandering Channels

Critical positive masculinity

Is acupuncture as effective as pharmacological management in migraine prophylaxis?

Engagement with meditation as a positive health trajectory: Divergent narratives of progress in male meditators

Brain responses and looking behavior during audiovisual speech integration in infants predict auditory speech comprehension in the second year of life

Training for overcoming health disparities in mental health care: Interpretive-relational cultural competence

Can psychotherapeutic interventions overcome epistemic difference?

Brand consumer relationship: How young female consumers of UK relate to their tobacco brands

Formation of trust in e-commerce websites in Nigeria

CONSUMER BRAND RELATIONSHIPS: Examining Consumers Loyalty to Mobile Telecommunication Service Providers in Nigeria

Consumer E-Lifestyles and Psychographics in the context of the German Mobile Telecommunications Market

What values do customers create/co-create through their interaction with luxury brands

How do Project Teams impact on project success, A case of Heathrow Terminal 2

Developing a scope Risk Evaluation Framework for Olympic Games’ Legacy Projects and Implementing the Framework as a case study survey for Convergence Theme in Regeneration of London Host Boroughs

Sustainability; A New element of Project Success

The relationship between customer satisfaction and brand loyalty in the fast food industry of United Kingdom

How can project management add value on implementation of strategy?: a study applying project management and OPM3 skills during strategy implementation process

A study of non-monetary rewards as a motivation tool for employee performance in Tesco

Globalisation and Power Shift to Emerging Economies: The Case Study of India

The Potential Impact of implementing Project Management strategies in Real Estate SMEs of Pakistan: a Case Study of Sahir Associates Pvt Ltd.

Investigation of the uses of Social Media in a Project Environment and the Quantification of the benefits of applying Social Media Paradigms to a Project Environment

The Interests of Justice under the ICC Prosecutor Power: Escaping Forward

From Hyperlink to Ink: Media Tactics and Protest Strategies of the UK Radical Environmental Activism Movement

Survey Protocol for Research on 'Vulnerability to Poverty: Insurance Role of Microsavings against Crises in Two Villages in Northeast Rural Bangladesh'

Contesting Europeanism: Migrant Solidarity Activism in the European Union

Gentrification and the Economic and Housing Crises of the 2000’s: A Critical Analysis of Government-Sponsored Enterprises and Predatory Lenders

Leadership Styles and Students Motivation or Demotivation at their Work Places Empirical Evidence – University of East London

Emerging Global Business Landscape & Innovation Challenges, Issues & Implications for HRM Function- A case in Russia

Modelling the Frequency of Operational Risk Losses under the Basel II Capital Accord: A Comparative study of Poisson and Negative Binomial Distributions

Basel III and the risk management of banks in Vietnam

Corporate Governance: An Indian Perspective-Disparities in Theory and Reality

A test of market timing skills in hedge funds

Risk evaluation and mitigation in domestic photovoltaic projects: According to the UK climate polcy

Is it worth it to invest through fund managers? Test of Monte Carlo simulation on UK, USA, Germany, Europe, Nigeria and emerging market fund 2008-2012

The devil you know: The effect of brand recognition and product ratings on consumer choice

Perceptual load effects on processing distractor faces indicate face-specific capacity limits

‘There was something about aspiration’: Widening participation policy affects in England and Australia

American Anthropologist Ruth Landes and Race Relations Research in Postwar Britain: A Research File

Volunteering and learning in HE: exploring and acknowledging student experience

The use of Web 2.0 technology for pre-service teacher learning in science education

The times they are a-changing: some thoughts on the historical and contemporary tensions in Initial Teacher Education for the lifelong learning sector in the UK at this pivotal moment in time

Beyond the betrayal of democracy in schools: lessons from the past, hopes for the future

Art and design is still a gendered school subject

Editorial [October 2013]

Sociocultural factors involved in the teaching of English as foreign language in rural areas of Colombia: an analysis of the impact on teachers’ professional development

Theories of workplace learning in relation to teacher professional learning in UK primary schools

Identity and Belonging: conceptualisations and political framings

The Intersections of Class, Gender, Sexuality and ‘Race’: The Political Economy of Gendered Violence

Comparing implicit and synaesthetic number-space associations: visuospatial and verbal SNARC effects

The orthopaedic error index: development and application of a novel national indicator for assessing the relative safety of hospital care using a cross-sectional approach

Exploring Polish migrants' adaptation to life in the UK: an interpretative phenomenological analysis


Brain responses to audiovisual speech mismatch in infants are associated with individual differences in looking behaviour

Socioeconomic status and functional brain development - associations in early infancy

Exploring early developmental changes in face scanning patterns during the perception of audiovisual mismatch of speech cues

Choosing Death: Working-Class Coming of Age in Contemporary British Cinema

Methods of Determining Hip Joint Centre: Their Influence on the 3-D Kinematics of the Hip and Knee During the Fencing Lunge

The militarisation of English schools: Troops to Teaching and the implications for Initial Teacher Education and race equality

Types of Social Capital and Mental Disorder in Deprived Urban Areas: A Multilevel Study of 40 Disadvantaged London Neighbourhoods

Community engagement to reduce inequalities in health: a systematic review, meta-analysis and economic analysis

The right to freely dispose of natural resources: Utopia or forgotten right?

CEEM: A Practical Methodology for Cloud Services Evaluation

TURAS Multidisciplinary urban landscape design guidelines: Poplar HARCA - Carradale House

Subjective thirst moderates changes in speed of responding associated with water consumption

Strategy modulates spatial perspective-taking: evidence for dissociable disembodied and embodied routes

TURAS green roof design guidelines: Maximising ecosystem service provision through regional design for biodiversity

Cochrane Corner: Corticosteroids help to resolve sore throats quickly

The influence of socioeconomic status on women's preferences for modern contraceptive providers in Nigeria: a multilevel choice modeling

Not in Our Class

The Costs of Childcare

darkmatter : Racial Reconfigurations and Networked Know ledge Production

Evaluation of multi-segmental kinematic modelling in the paediatric foot using three concurrent foot models

Neurophysiology of Robot-Mediated Training and Therapy: A Perspective for Future Use in Clinical Populations

Response to Simon Susen’s “Bourdieusian Reflections on Language: Unavoidable Conditions of the Real Speech Situation”

From Le savant et le politique (Weber, int. Aron, 1959) to Le savant et le populaire (Grignon & Passeron, 1989) from an English perspective

Policy and Practice Within The United Kingdom

Urban Leptospirosis in Africa: A Cross-Sectional Survey of Leptospira Infection in Rodents in the Kibera Urban Settlement, Nairobi, Kenya

Strange zones: Science fiction, fantasy and the posthuman city

Book Review of The Birth of British Television by Mark Aldridge

Review of book series proposal: Entertainment Industries. (Edited by Tanya Nitins, Stephen Harrington, Christy Collis and Alan McKee).

Young peoples' journeys with cancer and the factors that influence their experiences

Donor Conception: The perspective of fathers where donor sperm has assisted conception

Male Survivors of Sexual Assault: To tell or not to tell?

An exploration of young people’s experiences of posttraumatic growth and their understanding of what helps in this process following bereavement

Exploring the experiences of siblings of young people diagnosed with an ‘eating disorder’

Talking about an invisible illness: the experience of young people suffering from inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)

Postpartum Psychosis: A Foucauldian analysis of women’s experiences of living with this diagnosis

An Evaluation of the Impact of Nurture Provision upon Young Children, Including their Language and their Literacy Skills

Mental health clinicians' perspectives on working with Community Treatment Orders

Learning Support Zones: The Unheard Voices of Students exhibiting Social, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties

Alcohol use and the Turkish-Kurdish community: a thematic analysis

The Stories Young People with Social, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties (SEBD) Tell About Their Futures

How might parents of pre-pubescent children with gender identity issues understand their experience?

Visual Culture [book review]

Introduction: What is narrative research?

From Experience-Centred to Socioculturally-Oriented Approaches to Narrative

Exploring the impact of positive and negative emotions on cooperative behaviour in a Prisoner’s Dilemma Game

Why the three letters matter

A personalized adaptive e-learning approach based on semantic web technology

ADHD: ‘Because You’re Worth It’: The Marketisation of ADHD to Adult Women

Identity, identification and narcissistic phantasy in the novels of Kazuo Ishiguro

Investigation of antimicrobials from native British plants used in 10th century Anglo-Saxon wound healing formulations

Mothers' experiences of a primary specialist provision for autism attended by their child

Exploring the Experiences of Fathers of Children with a Visible Facial Difference

Hygrothermal performance of hemp based thermal insulation materials in the UK

An exploration of the ways in which children with Communication Difficulties can be enabled to express views on their experience of meeting Educational Professionals: An Action Research project

A Genealogy of the Care Programme Approach in Mental Health Services

Commemoration and transitional objects

An exploration of the ways in which Ethiopian refugee people living in the UK understand extreme adversity

Experience of coercion and treatment pressures amongst mental health service users

‘What happens next?’ An exploration of how general practitioners talk to men presenting with possible symptoms of prostate cancer

Nonlinear Model-Based Approach for Accurate Stability Prediction of One-Bit Higher-Order Delta-Sigma (Δ-Σ)Modulators

Mind the gap in mindfulness research: A comparative account of the leading schools of thought.

The Online Therapeutic Relationship: Examining Tradeoffs between Convenience and Depth of Engagement

Teenage Mothers and Education

Clinical psychologists’ constructions of their work with children

Psychiatric survivors and narratives of activism

Investigation on the Turning Parameters for Surface Roughness using Taguchi Analysis

Semantic Rule-based Approach for Supporting Personalised Adaptive E-Learning

A school in mind: an investigation of the stresses, pressures and challenges faced by Primary School Head Teachers in a context of organizational change in schools

A genealogical exploration of the conditions of possibility for re-feeding to emerge as a treatment regimen

“Doing the same puzzle over and over again”: a qualitative analysis of feeling stuck in grief

Diaspora entrepreneurship: a study of Nigerian entrepreneurs in London

Telling my story: an analysis of how disclosure to the Irish commission to inquire into child abuse is constructed

Biomechanics of the paediatric foot and lower limb: associations with adiposity

Gender variance in childhood/adolescence: gender identity journeys not involving physical intervention

An exploration of adolescents’ experiences of intensive family interventions

School Exclusion and Reintegration: An Exploration of Pupils’, Parents’ and Teachers’ Experiences

Medicalising menstruation: the case of premenstrual dysphoric disorder and DSM 5

Towards a context-specific theory of flourishing: explorations on the meaning, measurement, and policy implications of flourishing in higher education

Standing in the shadows: faith, homelessness and troubled lives

Managing Risk of Construction Projects: A case study of Iran

Dissimulation strategies on neuropsychological tests: A qualitative investigation

Emancipatory research with children in Pupil Referral Units: a Foucauldian perspective on policy and practice

Exploring the experiences of Indian Gujarati people in the London area supporting a person with dementia

The Appropriateness of the Helical Axis Technique and Six Available Cardan Sequences for the Representation of 3-D Lead Leg Kinematics During the Fencing Lunge

Land Rights as Human Rights: The Case for a Specific Right to Land

Portuguese Hosts for Ornithodoros erraticus Ticks

Farewell to the Self: Between the Letter and the Self-Portrait

Educating the seamstress: studying and writing the memory of work

Towards the development of a UK Peatland Code: Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES) Pilot Research Project

Investigation on the Turning Parameters for Surface Roughness using Taguchi Analysis

The experience of having a son conditionally discharged under Section 37/41 Mental Health Act 1983 and then recalled to hospital: An interpretative phenomenological analysis

Neuroimaging-Based Biomarkers in Psychiatry: Clinical Opportunities of a Paradigm Shift

Orienting Muslims: Mapping Global Spheres of Affiliation and Affinity in Contemporary South Asian Fiction

Narratives of Women’s Belonging: Life Stories from an East London Street

A Novel CMAUT-UML Framework for the Optimisation of Clinical Information System (CIS) and Prediction of CVD Percentage Risk

Model Based and Robust Control Techniques for Internal Combustion Engine Throttle Valves

Organisational Climate and Performance: A Case Study of Nigerian High Growth SMEs

In Times of Liquid Modernity: Experiences of the Paralympic Student-Athlete

Educational Psychologists Experience of Taking Part in Group Supervision: A Phenomenological Study

An Investigation into the Lived Experiences of HIV-Positive African Women Living in the UK

Language in Education Policy and Practice in Post-Colonial Africa: An ethnographic case-study of The Gambia

Trainee Counselling Psychologists Experiences And understanding of Reflective Practice and its Impact Upon Personal and Professional Development

An Exploration of Net-Centric Systems in the Workplace

Reputation Management and the ‘Observer Effect’ in Persons with High-Functioning Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome

Word reading and picture naming: Phonological encoding in English language production

Exploring perceptions of school through negative school experience – what can Educational Psychologists learn? An interpretative phenomenological study with young mothers of pre-school children.

An Exploration of Mental Health Constructions and Children’s Evaluation of a Local Authority’s TaMHS Therapeutic Resource

An exploration of constructions of meanings narrated by a cohort of older people in relation to their mental illness, its connection to and impact on ageing and familial relationships

Understanding and Examining the Different Views and Perspectives of Educational Professionals on School Refusal

Dangerous liaisons-our expanding appreciation of microbial synergism [Editorial]

Shared understandings? The interface between systemic psychotherapists and the family courts

Surface Treatment and Adhesive Bonding of Commercial PVC

Towards Religious/Spiritual Competence for Applied Psychologists in NHS Settings in the UK

Evaluation of the Planning and Implementation of NHS Local Improvement Finance Trust (LIFT) in East London

An Exploration of the Current Working Relationship between the Educational Psychologist and the Young Offender in England.

The Performance Characteristics of a Surface-Modified Cutting Tool

Psychologists’ experiences of working with Mindfulness-Based Interventions in the context of the Therapeutic Relationship.

Oliver Hill and the Enigma of British Modernism during the Inter-War Period

Virtual Machine and Code Generator for PLC-Systems

An Exploration of How Counselling Psychology Trainees Experience their Negative Internal Reactions to Clients

Urban Leptospirosis in Africa: A Cross-Sectional Survey of Leptospira Infection in Rodents in the Kibera Urban Settlement, Nairobi, Kenya

How to be a good professional: existentialist continuing professional development (CPD)

Evaluation of multi-segmental kinematic modelling in the paediatric foot using three concurrent foot models

Neurophysiology of Robot-Mediated Training and Therapy: A Perspective for Future Use in Clinical Populations

Children’s experiences of having a younger sibling with severe and complex special educational needs An interpretative phenomenological analysis

Religion and cultural politics: Islam and Bourdieu

Response to Simon Susen’s “Bourdieusian Reflections on Language: Unavoidable Conditions of the Real Speech Situation”

Harms caused by China's 1906–17 opium suppression intervention

Heterotopias of control: Placing the material in experiences of mental health service use and community living.

Spiking neural network connectivity and its potential for temporal sensory processing and variable binding

Effects of Prochlorperazine on Normal Vestibular Ocular and Perceptual Responses: A Randomised, Double-Blind, Crossover, Placebo-Controlled Study

Fuzzy Ensembles for Embedding Adaptive Behaviours in Semi-Autonomous Avatars in 3D Virtual Worlds

Advancements and Challenges towards a Collaborative Framework for 3D Tele-Immersive Social Networking

A Framework for Human-like Behavior in an Immersive Virtual World

Organising images of futures-past: remembering the Apollo moon landings

Coherent clusters in source code

Spiking Neural Network Connectivity and its Potential for Temporal Sensory Processing and Variable Binding

Efficient Identification of Linchpin Vertices in Dependence Clusters

A relational society

‘It's been hell.’ Italian and British practice educators’ narratives of working with struggling or failing social work students in practice learning settings

Projective Identification and the Fear of Failing: Making Sense of Practice Educators' Experiences of Failing Social Work Students in Practice Learning Settings

Tuckers firm: a case study of British organised crime

How the East Influenced Drug Prohibition

Conceptualizing Terrorism

Catastrophe Survived? The Failure of the Tragic in Moira Buffini'sWelcome to Thebes

The placebo and nocebo effects on peak minute power during incremental arm crank ergometry

Teachers’ attitudes and approaches: Their role in presenting ICT as a beneficial learning tool to children

Quantitative evaluation of microstructure characteristics of cement-consolidated soil

Micromechanics of quartz sand breakage in a fractal context

A Time to Think, A Time to Talk: Irish Republican Prisoners in the Northern Ireland Peace Process

Risk assessment of terrorist and extremist prisoners

A Comprehensive Digital Forensic Investigation Model and Guidelines for Establishing Admissible Digital Evidence

A Framework for Realistic 3D Tele-Immersion

Widening participation in higher education: the role of professional and social class identities and commitments

A Provenance-Aware Policy Language (cProvl) and a Data Traceability Model (cProv) for the Cloud

Crisis and the Commons Today

Decision-making competence in everyday life: The roles of general cognitive styles, decision-making styles and personality

Determinants of defender-prospector strategic preferences: examining the effects of personality and culture

Unemployment and the set point model of life satisfaction: does religion heal old wounds?

The Commons

Educational opportunities used by formal education of the Museum of Natural History 1st generation. The effect of educational activities that take place in the museum of Zoology of the University of Patras in building the concept of classification of animals from preschoolers.

Narrative pleasure in Homeland: The competing femininities of “rogue agents” and “terror wives”

The undiscovered country: widening participation to postgraduate study

Widening Access to Higher Education in Divided Communities

When ‘neutral’ evidence still has probative value (with implications from the Barry George Case)

A framework to support selection of cloud providers based on security and privacy requirements

Evaluating cloud deployment scenarios based on security and privacy requirements

Towards the design of secure and privacy-oriented Information systems in the cloud: Identifying the major concepts

Utilization of multi attribute decision making techniques to integrate automatic and manual ranking of options

Bearing Black

Machine Learning Optimisation for Realistic 2D and 3D PET-CT Phantom Study

Immunolocalization of Kisspeptin Associated with Amyloid-β Deposits in the Pons of an Alzheimer’s Disease Patient

The Role of Neurotransmitters in Protection against Amyloid-β Toxicity by KiSS-1 Overexpression in SH-SY5Y Neurons

Protein kinase D2 regulates migration and invasion of U87MG glioblastoma cells in vitro

Introduction - Special Section: Narratives of Translation within Research Practice

Lessons from Digital Switchover in South Korea

England’s Dreaming? UK critical psychology

Nudging into subjectification: Governmentality and psychometrics

A family of experiments to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of source code obfuscation techniques

Objects of Transcendence

Body mass index, but not FTO genotype or major depressive disorder, influences brain structure

Dreaming and insight

Transformations of self and sexuality: Psychologically modified experiences in the context of forensic mental health

The neuroprotective role of catalase overexpression in SH-SY5Y cells against beta-amyloid and H2O2 toxicity

Benzothiazole Aniline Tetra(ethylene glycol) and 3-Amino-1,2,4-triazole Inhibit Neuroprotection against Amyloid Peptides by Catalase Overexpression in Vitro

Surveillance and subjectivity: Everyday experiences of surveillance practices

First Self-Adjuvant Multicomponent Potential Vaccine Candidates by Tethering of Four or Eight MUC1 Antigenic Immunodominant PDTRP Units on a Calixarene Platform: Synthesis and Biological Evaluation

The value of school engagement and school partnership working: review of the literature

Sport Psychology

An insight into the impact of different sports on students aged 11- 12 years old in London

Is trauma-focused therapy helpful for survivors of war and conflict?

A novel microstrip dual-band bandpass filter using dual-mode square patch resonators

National and ethnic identification, intergroup attitudes, and sport participation in the context of the London Olympics

Developing ethnic identities and ethnic attitudes in children: Theory and research in context

A Radial Basis Function Scheme for Option Pricing in Exponential Lévy Models

Religious obligations to travel: first-generation Pakistani migrants from Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Early Improvement in Eating Attitudes during Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Eating Disorders: The Impact of Personality Disorder Cognitions

Assessment of gait characteristics and orthotic management in children with Developmental Coordination Disorder: Preliminary findings to inform multidisciplinary care

Rivals and Conspirators: The Paris Salons and the Modern Art Centre

The Future of the Post-Yugoslav Space

Europe and the Post-Yugoslav Space: From Intervention to Integration

Europe and the Post-Yugoslav Space

The European Neighbourhood Policy and its Capacity to Manage Mobility and Migration

Debating European Identity


Debating European Identity: Bright Ideas, Dim Prospects

Muslim Diaspora and European Identity: The Politics of Exclusion and Inclusion

TORC1 signaling inhibition by rapamycin and caffeine affect lifespan, global gene expression, and cell proliferation of fission yeast

Inhibition of TORC1 signaling and increased lifespan: gained in translation?

Communication methods for effective policy delivery

A blended model for the public-private provision of policing for England and Wales

Physiotherapy Assessment of Patients with non-cystic Fibrosis Bronchiectasis: Current Clinical Practice and Ongoing Research

A literature review and meta-analysis of drug company-funded mental health websites

Erectile Dysfunction and the Internet: Drug Company Manipulation of Public and Professional Opinion

Renaming ‘schizophrenia’: a step too far or not far enough?

Effect of diagnostic labeling and causal explanations on medical students' views about treatments for psychosis and the need to share information with service users

How much evidence is required for a paradigm shift in mental health?

Les adversitats en la infància incrementen el risc de psicosi: metaanàlisi d’estudis pacient-control, prospectius i de tall transversal de cohort

Electroconvulsive Treatment: Hypotheses about Mechanisms of Action

Predictive neural biomarkers of clinical response in depression: A meta-analysis of functional and structural neuroimaging studies of pharmacological and psychological therapies

Modulation of amygdala response and connectivity in depression by serotonin transporter polymorphism and diagnosis

Modafinil Augmentation Therapy in Unipolar and Bipolar Depression

‘Man up!’: Discursive constructions of non-drinkers among UK undergraduates

Being a non-drinking student: An interpretative phenomenological analysis

Twisthands at the Deadstop

gLCB: an energy aware context broker

Emergency situations supported by context-aware and application streaming technologies

Characteristics of people with low health literacy on coronary heart disease GP registers in South London: A cross-sectional study

The Border Crossing: Experiments in the Cinematic Representation of Memory

Truth, Dare or Promise: Art and Documentary Revisited

Clinical Psychology

Are taxpayers, who pay their taxes, all cooperative citizens?

Are low-intensity CBT interventions effective and meaningful for the Latino community in the UK?

Concrete Analysis and Trade-Offs for the (Complete Tree) Layered Subset Difference Broadcast Encryption Scheme

Shake Table Tests on Deficient RC Buildings Strengthened Using Post-Tensioned Metal Straps

Russell, (Charles) Arthur (21 May 1951)

Levan, Larry (20 July 1954)

Knuckles, Frankie (18 Jan 1955)

The Forging of a White Gay Aesthetic at the Saint, 1980-84