Power to the Workers? A qualitative study of workers' experiences of a 4-day working week

Leadership: Its Role Within Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

From Gentrification to Sterlization: Building on Big Capital

Coda: reflections on public and private space in a post-Covid world

Policy paralysis, financialisation, and the politics of facadism: housing policy post Grenfell

Personality and travel intentions during and after the COVID-19 pandemic: An artificial neural network (ANN) approach

Gamification and e-learning for young learners: A systematic literature review, bibliometric analysis, and future research agenda

The dark side of phubbing in the workplace: Investigating the role of intrinsic motivation and the use of enterprise social media (ESM) in a cross-cultural setting

Way off the mark? Open innovation failures: Decoding what really matters to chart the future course of action

Developing a mental health index using a machine learning approach: Assessing the impact of mobility and lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic

The effect of the valence of forgiveness to service recovery strategies and service outcomes in food delivery apps

Influence of blockchain technology in SME internationalization: Evidence from high-tech SMEs in India

What drives me there? The interplay of socio-psychological gratification and consumer values in social media brand engagement

Why Do Retail Customers Adopt Artificial Intelligence (AI) Based Autonomous Decision-Making Systems?

Kenya and the ICC: law expert answers 4 questions following death of a key lawyer

RFID-integrated blockchain-driven circular supply chain management: A system architecture for B2B tea industry

Relational Power Is the New Currency of Hybrid Work

Investigating the foreign trade-emission nexus in RCEP

Emissions-foreign trade nexus: establishing the need to harmonize environment and economics in RCEP

A review of innovative bond instruments for sustainable development in Asia

Demographic characteristics influencing financial wellbeing: a multigroup analysis

NGO roles in achieving Transitional Justice for crimes against the Rohingya

Book Review: Marketing Global Justice: The Political Economy of International Criminal Law by C. Schwöbel-Patel

OCT2013, an ischaemia-activated antiarrhythmic prodrug, devoid of the systemic side effects of lidocaine

The surfactant co-formulant POEA in the glyphosate-based herbicide RangerPro but not glyphosate alone causes necrosis in Caco-2 and HepG2 human cell lines and ER stress in the ToxTracker assay

Dwoskin and Me: Halting the Flow of Time

Ligand Growing Experiments Suggested 4-amino and 4-ureido pyridazin-3(2H)-one as Novel Scaffold for FABP4 Inhibition

NGOs and legitimacy of international criminal justice in Uganda

Effect of Soil Moisture Evaporation Rate on Dynamic Measurement of Water Retention Curve with High-Capacity Tensiometer

The combined effect of clay and moisture content on very small strain stiffness of compacted sand-clay mixture

Examining social media live stream’s influence on the consumer decision-making: a thematic analysis

The Emergence of Resources Seeking Chinese Firms’ Specific Advantages in Emerging Market

Predicting mental health from the Apter Motivational Style Profile during the COVID-19 pandemic – the importance of planfulness and goal orientation

Investigating the effect of inquiry-based stress reduction on mortality awareness and interpersonal problems among intensive care unit nurses

Educators’ perspectives of online teaching during the pandemic: implications for initial teacher education

Killing Eve: Inflections of Rebirth and Pathogenesis

Movement, Velocity, and Rhythm from a Psychoanalytic Perspective: Variable Speed(s)

Running with Thieves: Baby Driver and The Beat My Heart Skipped

Becoming a Critical Educator

The 2021 NICE guidelines for assessment and management of chronic pain: A cross-sectional study mapping against a sample of 1,000* in the community

Exploring the feasibility and acceptability of a sleep wearable headband among a community sample of chronic pain individuals: An at-home observational study

Class is a verb: lived encounters of a minority ethnic academic who self-identifies with aspects of working class cultures in the UK

Report on the Psycho-Social Needs and Support in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy: The ‘Cinderella’ of DMD Care

Digital Lifeline Fund Report: Easy Read

Digital Lifeline: Infographic

Digital Lifeline: A Qualitative Evaluation

Digital Lifeline Fund: Evaluation Summary

Employee Relations: A Practical Introduction

Employment Law: A Practical Introduction

Best Practices During Covid-19 With A Significant Focus On Online Teaching: A Case Of Private HEI

Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education: Challenges and Opportunities’

Derivation of 9-parameter affine 3D geodetic datum transformations

The Embodied Constitution: Key Workers, Bodies, Rights and COVID in Britain

An integrated social network marketing metric for business-to-business SMEs

Family enterprise and technological innovation

Exploring the knowledge base of innovation research: Towards an emerging innovation model

Why Do SMEs Adopt Artificial Intelligence-Based Chatbots?

Corporate entrepreneurship champions: mapping the past and present states of the field for future advancements

Balancing food waste and sustainability goals in online food delivery: Towards a comprehensive conceptual framework

The Impact of Technological Turbulence on SMEs Business Model Innovation Performance: The Contingent Role of Entry Order

Digital Economy: The New Engine of Growth for Society 5.0

Comparative Analysis of Cryptographic Algorithms in Context of Communication: A Systematic Review

MFES Framework for Efficient Feature Selection Among Subsystems in Intelligent Building

HID 2022: The 3rd International Competition on Human Identification at a Distance

Automated detection approaches to autism spectrum disorder based on human activity analysis: A review

Vulnerability prediction for secure healthcare supply chain service delivery

Contemporary Dance in South Africa: The Toyi-Toying Body

e-Government development: Benchmarking Ghana and Tanzania

‘One size does not fit all’: understanding the situated nature of reflective practices

A guide to promoting equity in HE for refugees and asylum seekers

Choreographing the Archive of a White Female South African

Influencing Police and Community Relations in Abu Dhabi with a Soft Power Approach during COVID-19

We Are All Police—Abu Dhabi Police Community Engagement Initiative

Book Review: Rethinking Advertising as Paratextual Communication

Self-Presentation and Representative Politics: Essays in Context, 1960-2020

Balanced approach for tendering practice at the pre-contract stage: the UK practitioner’s perspective

Contractor-led design risk management in international large project: Korean contractor’s perspective

The Soundscape of Alola: Exploring the Use of Hawaiian Musical Tropes and Motifs in the World of Pokémon Sun and Moon

Patients who decide to forgo Breast Cancer Treatment: Perspectives and Experiences of Cancer Professionals.

The Process of Identity development in young Afghan 1.5 generation refugees in England: A Narrative Inquiry

A mixed method study of a gratitude diary intervention on tinnitus-related distress in adults

Autonomy of experience: time, space, path and place as blended artistic methodology in M A P, an online, interactive poetry experience

6.3 Local and overtopping scour

An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis Exploring the Experience of Marital Tension for Jordanians Residing in the United Kingdom

Race, Morality, Moral Distress and Clinical Decision Making Among Mental Health Professionals

A Qualitative Exploration of Self-Perceived Effects of a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reducation (MBSR) Intervention on Deeply Distressing Experiences. An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis

Homelessnewss, Women and Mental Health: Service Provider Perspectives

The Experiences of Autistic Young People and Managed Moves

“It’s that Internal Struggle”: Grenfell Residents Lived Experience of Psychological Distress, Post-Fire, 14-06-17. An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis.

Stories of opportunity, challenges, and hardship in Irish men aged 65 and over

Automating the data-driven predictive control design process for building thermal management

A Modelling Workflow for Predictive Control in Residential Buildings

MPC and Optimal Design of Residential Buildings with Seasonal Storage: A Case Study

Fast and accurate method for computing non-smooth solutions to constrained control problems

Data-Driven Predictive Control With Improved Performance Using Segmented Trajectories

Large-Scale Music Genre Analysis and Classification Using Machine Learning with Apache Spark

Blockchain Empowered Federated Learning Ecosystem for Securing Consumer IoT Features Analysis

A Machine Learning-Based Anomaly Prediction Service for Software-Defined Networks

In what ways do the views of parents/carers change through the participation in Multi-Family Groups in Schools?

Programming in Two Semesters: Using Python and Java

CODI–A Web Application to Facilitate Live, Remote Programming Lab Sessions

Application of Genetic Programming and Artificial Neural Network Approaches for Reconstruction of Turbulent Jet Flow Fields

Statistical analysis of high-speed jet flows

The Paradigm Shift Needed by Micro, Small and Medium Sized Enterpsies to Operate in The International Construction Market

Worldmaking in the Time of COVID-19: The Challenge of the Local and the Global

AI Boosts Performance but Affects Employee Emotions

Employee's lying behavior and the role of self-awareness

Receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitors negatively impact on pro-reparative characteristics of human cardiac progenitor cells

Transplantation of Skeletal Muscle-Derived Sca-1⁺/PW1⁺/Pax7⁻ Interstitial Cells (PICs) Improves Cardiac Function and Attenuates Remodeling in Mice Subjected to Myocardial Infarction

Can manager's listening behavior benefit employees? Power distance may have the answer

Bioactivity and In Silico Studies of Isoquinoline and Related Alkaloids as Promising Antiviral Agents: An Insight

Examining the diversity of ultra-running motivations and experiences: A reversal theory perspective

Applying the Delphi Method to Measure Enterprise Content Management Workflow System Performance

The Rubik’s Cube of Identity

Foster carers’ narrative; Looking after unaccompanied refugee children in the UK

A critical analysis of prevention and population health discourses in mental health policy

Association between early and current gastro-intestinal symptoms and co-morbidities in children and adolescents with Angelman syndrome

An Overview of the Adaptive Behaviour Profile in Young Children with Angelman Syndrome: Insights from the Global Angelman Syndrome Registry

Mental health and spiritual well-being in humanitarian crises: the role of faith communities providing spiritual and psychosocial support during the COVID-19 pandemic

An exploration of high achieving Black Caribbean young people’s racialised experiences of their secondary school education

"So You've Taken Someone Else's Nostalgia": Trauma, Nostalgia, and American Hero Stories

Impact of the pandemic on social media influencer marketing in fashion: a qualitative study

Found Poems and Creative Editing

‘Work that Body’: Disco, Counterculture and the Promise of the Transformation of Work

Arts and Well-Being

Identify Your Strengths

Coaching Psychology as a Profession: Ethical and Practice-Related Issues

Characterizing Heterogeneity in Neuroimaging, Cognition, Clinical Symptoms, and Genetics Among Patients With Late-Life Depression

Tackling inequalities in research

Wellbeing skills in the classroom: exploring the right match for every teacher and school

Communication NonViolente: un outil à tester

Le biais de négativité en classe: alors concrètement, on fait quoi?

Quiz sur ce qui impacte VRAIMENT les apprentissages scolaires

Qu’est-ce qui marche (vraiment?) en classe?

Les compétences socioémotionnelles pour réussir à l’école (et ailleurs): ça s’apprend!

Strengths-Based Tools for 8-12-year-old Pupils: Towards a Proof of Concept

la Règle du Feedback (Feedbackruler): un outil pour optimiser les apprentissages et le bien-être des élèves

Urban Living Labs: Experiences of Nature-Based Solutions in the European Union

Partially-conformal variations of the Standard Molodensky datum transformation

Partitions of normalised multiple regression equations for datum transformations

Improving data quality assessment of connected vehicles data with machine learning and statistical methods

The Politics and Ethics of Transhumanism: Exploring Implications for the Future in Advanced Capitalism

What has dignity got to do with menstrual health?

I Really Don't Care, Do You?: The Philosophical Problems of Producing or Performing Empathy in Contemporary Performance.

The Gaming Democracy Project: Virtual Democracy in the Age of Fascism IRL (In Real Life)

Can I Join In? Playful Performance and Alternative Political Realities

Pathways to African Unification: The Four Riders of the Storm

The Way Home: Space Migration and Disorientation

Exploring the Experience of Participants Applying a Brief Mindfulness Intervention in Response to Food Cravings for People Engaging in Emotional Eating Behaviour: A Thematic Analysis

The Experience of Work Stress in Newly Qualified Counselling Psychologists Working in Multi-Disciplinary Team Settings: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis

Editorial: Why Free Speech?

The Experience of the COVID Pandemic for People with Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) in the U.K.

EDUCOM Undergraduate Research Annual Yearbook: Academic Year 2021-2022

Editorial: Characterisation, functions and roles of antigen-specific regulatory T cells in health and disease

A Meaning in Life Intervention: Setting Personal Goals and Reviewing Life Story Increases Positive Affect

Homelessness in autistic women: Defining the research agenda

The Formation and Maintenance of Causal Beliefs around Voice-Hearing, within Hearing Voices Network Groups

How is Genetic Psychiatric Research Presented in the UK Media?

Risk Assessment of Deadly Economic Socio-Political Crisis with Correlational Network and Convolutional Neural Network

The Effects of Olympic Weightlifting Derivatives on Muay Thai Roundhouse Kicking Performance

Analysing the Pupil Premium Plus for Looked After Children with Social Pedagogy

Fibre-Reinforced Polymer (FRP) in Civil Engineering

Behaviour of steel end plate bolted beam-to-column joints

Bolted and hybrid beam-column joints between I-shaped FRP profiles Chapter Bolted and hybrid beam-column joints between I-shaped FRP profiles

Developing the Critical Verbatim Theater Artist during the Pandemic: A Transatlantic Collaboration

Joan Littlewood and Ariane Mnouchkine against the canon: developing the actors’ social representations through clowning

Pierre Bourdieu and actor training: towards decolonising and decentering actor training pedagogies

A Review of Recycling Methods for Fibre Reinforced Polymer Composites

Exploring the Experiences of Receiving the Label ‘Treatment Resistant’ for People with a Diagnosis of Schizophrenia

Looking at Barriers to UK Gender Services for Young People in Racialised Minority Groups

Exploring British Punjabi-Sikh Men’s Views about Alcohol Consumption

Service Users’ Experiences of “Paranoia” on Psychiatric Wards

An Exploration of the Barriers and Facilitators to Clinical Psychologists Routinely Asking about Histories Of Childhood Abuse and Neglect

A Machine Learning Approach to Identify the Preferred Representational System of a Person

An Evaluation of Online Method of Levels Therapy with Young People

Engaging with People and Populations in Health Promotion Research: A Snapshot on Participatory Processes

What Is the Impact of Neoliberalism on Clinical Psychology Practice? A Foucauldian Genealogical Analysis

Partners and Pregnancy Loss: Perspectives from Co-mothers in the UK

Profiling The Physiological Parameters of Boxers in The Parachute Regiment. ‘Every Man an Emperor’

Understanding the Barriers to Mental Health Services from a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ+) Homeless Perspective

Domestic Abuse in the UK Sri Lankan Tamil Community: Understanding Shame

Generalizability, Replicability, and New Insights Derived From Registered Reports Within Understudied Populations: Introduction to the Special Issue

How Do Young People Describe, Understand and Manage Experiences of Shame?

Understanding Homelessness in Higher Education: Care Leavers’ Accounts

The Use of a Newly Developed Computer Game to Measure Executive Functioning in Young Neurotypical Children and Children with a Diagnosis of an Autism Spectrum Condition

Cancer, Sex and Intimacy: The Experiences of Gay, Bisexual and Queer Men

Editorial: Natural products as potential therapeutics to tackle life-threatening infections: From field to market

Critical Realism and Qualitative Research in Psychology

Moving towards digital lands: on processes of interaction in museum's virtual spaces

Microscopic Structure of Liquid Nitric Oxide

European Youth Cybercrime, Online Harm and Online Risk Taking: 2022 Research Report

COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy among Pregnant Women Attending Antenatal Clinics in Pakistan: A Multicentric, Prospective, Survey-Based Study

The Complexity of Data-Driven in Engineer-To-Order Enterprise Supply-Chains

Employee Well-Being During COVID-19 Pandemic: The Role of Adaptability, Work-Family Conflict, and Organizational Response

Inhibition of mitochondrial function: An alternative explanation for the antipyretic and hypothermic actions of acetaminophen

Ten top tips: Supporting disengaged children and young people with diabetes to self-care

Children and Young People’s Experience of Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder

Addressing Whiteness and Racism in Clinical Psychology: White Clinical Psychologists’ Experiences within Leadership

“We’re Seen as Human after We’re Dead”: Exploring Black Men’s Barriers to Expressing Psychological Distress

Exploring the Experiences of Bangladeshi Parents Whose Children Have Been Diagnosed with Autism

Parental Experiences of Professional Involvement for Children And Young People with Selective Mutism and Their Preferred Support

Developing Educational Psychology Practice to Support Restorative Approaches in Schools

The experiences of seeking and receiving psychological support of homeless people who are from a minority ethnic background: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (IPA)

One’s Place and the Right to Belong

The Lives of Working Class Academics: Getting Ideas above Your Station

Evaluation of the Integrated Social Prescribing Model in Redbridge

Sediment Size Effect on the Landward Coastal Structure Scour Prediction due to Tsunami

Authoritarian leadership and cyberloafing: A moderated mediation model of emotional exhaustion and power distance orientation

Humor at work that works: A multi-level examination of when and why leader humor promotes employee creativity

Inaccessible and stigmatizing: LGBTQ+ youth perspectives of services and sexual violence

Editorial and introduction to Forced Migration & Mental Health

Guidance for clinicians when working with refugees and asylum seekers

Laboratory modelling of vertical sediment mixing in the surf zone

The Experience of Eco-Anxiety of Individuals Who Have Been through an Ecopsychology Support Group for Facing the Climate Crisis: A Grounded Theory Inquiry

Early Childhood Critical Illness: Exploring the Narratives of Children, Their Parents and School Staff

Exploring Children’s Constructions of COVID-19 Using Participatory Approaches: A Grounded Theory Study

Three Sides to Every Story: Engaging an Autoethnographic Everyday Lived Experience of Race and Crime to Explore Legislative Policy-Practice Tackling the U.K. Gang

Gendering Death: A Study of Oppressive Stereotypes Underlying Muslim Funeral and Burial Rituals in Egypt

Ensuring an equitable digital society: challenges of digital transformation in the charity sector

Cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon) as a prophylaxis for urinary tract infections in women: A systematic review with meta-analysis

The Efficacy of Stress Coping Strategies in Taiwan’s Public Utilities During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Regulatory T Cell Derived EVs – Designing Novel Immune Based Therapies to Prolong Lifespan of Transplanted Tissue

Artists’ Mapping under COVID-19: Work from the Walk Create Gallery

Choosing and Securing Secondary Provision for Their Child on the Autistic Spectrum – An Action Research Project Investigating Parental Motivations, Experiences and Suggestions for Improvement to Practice

An Archaeological Model for St. Mary’s Field Museum: Collaboration between UEL Unit A and L - P: Archaeology working for Fusion-JV on behalf of HS2

Zoonotic Politics: The Impossible Bordering of the Leaky Boundaries of Species

Surface structure on abandoned upland blanket peatland tracks

Editorial: Public health and prevention: Part One

Editorial: Public health and prevention: Part Two

How much are senior UK public health professionals taught about mental health?

An Exploration of the Narratives of Young People Who Have Experienced Emotional Based School Avoidance

Making Sense of Gender: The Perspectives of Autistic Children in Key Stage 2 and the Adults That Know Them Well

Do people perceive benefits in the use of social prescribing to address loneliness and/or social isolation? A qualitative meta-synthesis of the literature

Organisations’ Contributions to the 2018 Review of the Mental Health Act: Social Processes, Racial Disparities and the Role of Stakeholders

What Does Self-Compassion Mean for Individuals Who Have Experienced a Compassion Focused Intervention for Chronic Pain?

Palacio Subercaseaux Conservation Strategy

Novel approaches for the serodiagnosis of louse-borne relapsing fever

A Probabilistic Data Fusion Modeling Approach for Extracting True Values from Uncertain and Conflicting Attributes

A Phenomenological Inquiry into Human Trafficking Survivors’ Experiences of Receiving Narrative Exposure Therapy

A Foucauldian Discourse Analysis of ‘Mental Health Recovery’ Talk

A Phenomenological Inquiry into the Experience of Receiving Individual Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) For Psychosis within a Psychosis Recovery Outreach Programme in Lebanon

A Collective Narrative Practice Methodology in the case of LGBTQI+ Muslims

Il metaverso come pratica museale

The National Student Survey and the ‘Customerization’ of University Students: A Qualitative Study of UK Higher Education

Costs of healthy living for older adults: the need for dynamic measures of health-related poverty to support evidence-informed policy-making and real-time decision-making

Thermal Comfort and Energy Performance of Residential Buildings in Russia

Energy Consumption Behaviour in Historical Churches

Energy Performance & Thermal Comfort in Office Buildings in Russia

Enhancing Thermal Comfort in Converted Dwellings through Passive Design Strategies

Temporal Dislocation and Audiovisual Practice

Overcoming Regulatory T Cell Suppression through Ex Vivo Priming of Natural Killer Cells for Cancer Immunotherapy

Becoming an Adult through Adversity: Young People’s Stories of the Transition to Adulthood

Disclosure and Help-Seeking after Sexual Violence: Giving Voice to the Experiences of African and Caribbean Women

Analysis of greenhouse gas mitigation performance in UK urban areas

Navigating pedagogical challenges through authentic pedagogy during the transition to online learning amid COVID-19

Unsettling the Trump Baby: Learning from values and pedagogy in the early childhood nursery

Tales of Sexual Diversity and Identity, from Second-Generation, South Asian Individuals in the United Kingdom

Social prescribing for children and young people

Prevention and Promotion for Better Mental Health Fund: London Borough of Newham Local Evaluation Report

Prevention and Promotion for Better Mental Health Fund: Evaluation of Projects to Support a Borough-Wide Trauma-Informed Initiative in Tower Hamlets

Time-series clustering for sensor fault detection in large-scale Cyber-Physical Systems

Monsters and Margins

Infrastructural Decay: Artists Exploring the Social and Political Relationships of Maintenance and Repair

Emerging Scathed: A Critical Analysis of Current Approaches to Domestic Violence – Fusing Punitive & Restorative Solutions

Pandemic Subversions: The Rise of the Cybermen

Care and Complexity; Feminist Considerations in the Work of Tai Shani and Zadie Xa

Liberal and Marxist Social Movement Theories: A Structuralist and Critical Realist Approach

A Review of Health and Nutrition in Prisons: A Challenge Between Human Rights Conventions, Nutrition Guidelines and Health Policies

The Acholi People of Northern Uganda: The Forgotten Community

The Nomadic Subject in Student Organizing

Crossing Conceptual Boundaries XII, 2022

Preventing Homelessness: Exploring How Clinical Psychologists Can Support Young People and Families

Ethical Veganism project raw data and syntax in SPSS

Review of the book Mental wellbeing in schools: What teachers need to know to support pupils from diverse backgrounds, by Mahmud, A. and Satchell, L. (Eds.)

Collaborating and Managing Tension Within Multi-Professional Teams Supporting Children With Autism at Risk of Exclusion

The Prosocial Framework: Theory, Practice and Applications Within Schools

The Psychological Foundations of The Mediating Learning Support Assistant (MeLSA) Training Programme

The Lost Generation of Autistic Women’s Experiences of Secondary School: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis Approach


Educational Psychology Research and Practice (EPRaP): Volume 8, Issue 1

The Stranger and the Periphery

Muslimah: Decolonising and Re-Presenting Contemporary British Cinematic Representation of Black Muslim Women

Impact of Marriage and Social Norms in Determining Women’s Property Rights within the Muslim Communities of Bangladesh

Understanding Customer Switching Behaviour in the Retail Banking Sector: The Case of Nigeria and the Gambia

Critical Reflections on Universal Human Rights Discourses in the Context of National Conflicts over Cyprus

The Materiality of Media: To What Extent Has the Boom in the Manufacture of Modern Technological Devices Been Implicated in Territorial Conflicts Within Democratic Republic of Congo?

Analysis of Heterogeneous Data Sources for Veterinary Syndromic Surveillance to Improve Public Health Response and Aid Decision Making

Using Feedback to Enhance Both Academic Skills and Explicit Wellbeing Skills: Presentation of a Novel Evidence-Based Tool

Tant qu’il y a de l’espoir…

Stories of Surviving through Hardship in Elder Sikh Punjabi Women

Cognitive Assessment: Perspectives from Adults with Intellectual Disability

Acid activated smectite clay as pozzolanic supplementary cementitious material

How can Educational Psychologists improve their practice of working systemically in Early Years settings? Evidence from Action Research in one Local Authority Nursery in the Southeast of England

Estimating UK House Prices using Machine Learning

Trans and the Normalisation of Difference

Dazzled by the Sunshine Machines

An Effective Random Generalised Linear Model to Predict COPD

Digital Data Extraction for Vehicles Forensic Investigation

An Effective Galaxy Classification Using Fractal Analysis and Neural Network

Evaluating the Stressful Commutes Using Physiological Signals and Machine Learning Techniques

Effective Machine Learning Based Techniques for Predicting Depression

Enhancement Techniques for Improving Facial Recognition Performance in Convolutional Neural Networks

Banks During the Pandemic: A Japanese Perspective

The Impact of Stroke on the Quality of Life (QOL) of Stroke Survivors in the Southeast (SE) Communities of Nigeria: A Qualitative Study

Življeno iskustvo i „pokretna sjećanja“ izmještanja: Arhiv živog izbjeglištva kao protu-arhiv za reprezentaciju povijesti živog izbjeglištva

Transcranial direct current stimulation effects in late life depression: a meta-analysis of individual participant data

Cognitive Enhancement and Social Mobility: Skepticism from India

From the lab to the field: acceptability of using electroencephalography with Indian preschool children [version 1; peer review: 1 approved with reservations]

Coaching Conversations to Enhance Wellbeing

A Collagen-based Formulation for Sustained Release of Aflibercept

The Sub-Second Dynamics of Spontaneous Mimicry: An Electromyography Study Tracking Infant Caregiver Dyads during Free Play

Assessing the Efficacy of Open-Source Solutions to Automated Facial Coding: A Methods-Comparison Study with EMG

Applied Positive School Psychology

‘It’s kind of revolutionary’ - An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis Exploring Clients’ Experiences of Using Journaling in Coaching

Retrospective Narratives of the Brokering Roles Assumed by Child Migrants Folllowing Resettlement

Responsible Management: Promoting Work-Life Balance through Social Sustainability and Green HRM

Understanding sensory regulation in typical and atypical development: The case of sensory seeking

How to Prepare for Adversity

Factors affecting the sustainability of community mental health assets: A systematic review

Pollinator-flower interactions in gardens during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown of 2020

Surviving and thriving the Covid-19 Crisis: How University Teachers and Students supported one another through Feminist Co-Mentoring and Dialogue

Innovative Technologies and Digital Equity: Supporting Unaccompanied Asylum-Seeking and Refugee Children to Achieve Digital Literacy

Quantifying preference for social stimuli in young children using two tasks on a mobile platform

Exploratory Analysis of Connected Fully Autonomous Vehicles on the Safety and Efficiency of Road Networks using Microsimulation

Αφηγηματικές περιπλοκές [Narrative Entanglements]

“Life Is Not Just Normal as Before” COVID-19 and Digital Service Provision in the Charity Sector: A Case Study of the Refugee Council’s Children’s Section

A Guide to Providing Emotional Support Online to Refugee Youth

Adjunctive home-based transcranial direct current stimulation treatment for major depression with real-time remote supervision: An open-label, single-arm feasibility study with long term outcomes

Speaker Recognition using Multiple X-Vector Speaker Representations with Two-Stage Clustering and Outlier Detection Refinement

The Walkbook: Recipes for Walking & Wellbeing

Reforms to improve reproducibility and quality must be coordinated across the research ecosystem: the view from the UKRN Local Network Leads

Exploring the Impact of Covid-19 on Employees' Boundary Management and Work-Life Balance

Antitubercular activity assessment of fluorinated chalcones, 2-aminopyridine-3-carbonitrile and 2-amino-4H-pyran-3-carbonitrile derivatives: In vitro, molecular docking and in-silico drug likeliness studies

‘The Storm’ Community Oriented Real-Life Design Project; Revisiting the Curriculum

How does social support shape the relationship between career calling and PERMA?

‘Food Was My Medicine, My Medicine to Recovery And Healing’ - A Phenomenological Study of Posttraumatic Growth through Positive Nutrition

“DALSTON! WHO ASKED U?”: A Knowledge-Centred Perspective on the Mapping of Socio-Spatial Relations in East London

Convolutional Recurrent Smart Speech Enhancement Architecture for Hearing Aids

Historic Churches and Their Hygrothermal Environment: A Review of Criteria Related to Building Fabric, Artefacts, Artwork and Occupants

Loess in Britain and Ireland: Formation, modification and environmental significance, a review in memory of John Catt (1937–2017)

Sulphated and Non-sulphated Disaccharides: Cellular And Molecular Mechanisms of Action in Macrophage Function

Berom cultural beliefs and attitudes towards mental health problems in Nigeria: a mixed-methods study

Fractals for the Sustainable Design of Engineered Particulate Systems

Recent advances in nature-inspired solutions for ground engineering (NiSE)

Stabilisation of peat with colloidal nano and micro silica

Experience Capitalism: Selected Texts English / Spanish Translated by Ana Fabbri

Strength and Microstructure of Geopolymer Based on Fly Ash and Metakaolin

Humanitarian interventions and psychosocial training programs

On the formation enthalpies and bandgaps of linear, cyclic and cubic neutral sodium chloride clusters (NaCl)ₙ, n = 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10

The WonderBread Factory: re-reading transformative data through poetic eyes as early career researchers, a poetic representation

Low-carbon cements: Potential for low-grade calcined clays to form supplementary cementitious materials

She Walked to Sculpt, Interlope, Wrap, Lick & Squeeze Into Space

Potential of Connected Fully Autonomous Vehicles in Reducing Congestion and Associated Carbon Emissions

When one door closes, another opens: How the failure of the Turkey - Austria natural gas pipeline project has led to recovery, resilience and scalability of successor projects

A comprehensive review on the use of hemp in concrete

Towards Sustainable Production Processes Reengineering: Case Study at INCOM Egypt

A Sleep Monitoring System Using Ultrasonic Sensors

Can Ensemble of Classifiers Provide Better Recognition Results in Packaging Activity?

Identification of Food Packaging Activity Using MoCap Sensor Data

Lunch-Box Preparation Activity Understanding from Motion Capture Data Using Handcrafted Features

Bento Packaging Activity Recognition Based on Statistical Features

Sensor- and Video-Based Activity and Behavior Computing: Proceedings of 3rd International Conference on Activity and Behavior Computing (ABC 2021)

Proceedings of the International Conference on Big Data, IoT, and Machine Learning: BIM 2021

Sickle Cell Disease in Young Men, and Its Impact on Relationships

Introduction: Context Matters in Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management in Nigeria: A Review and Conceptual Model

The Acceptance and Practicality of Digital HRM in Nigeria

HRM in the Global South: A Critical Perspective

Soluble Papain to Digest Monoclonal Antibodies; Time and Cost-Effective Method to Obtain Fab Fragment

A Holistic Framework for Complex Big Data Governance

Two-Stage Deep Learning Approach for Speech Enhancement and Reconstruction in The Frequency and Time Domains

Participatory Assessment: Designing a Learner-driven Test

Confidence interval estimation for fingerprint-based indoor localization

Application of Graph-Based Technique to Identity Resolution

JGPR: a computationally efficient multi-target Gaussian process regression algorithm

Working with interpreters in mental health

What the Gazza documentary gets wrong about domestic violence

Neuronal gating of tactile input and sleep in 10-month-old infants at typical and elevated likelihood for Autism Spectrum Disorder

Novel antibacterial polyurethane and cellulose acetate mixed matrix membrane modified with functionalized TiO₂ nanoparticles for water treatment applications

Borderlands and Radical Hope: Beyond academic philanthropy

Introduction – Diffractions

Thinking with Stephen J. Ball: Lines of Flight in Education

mmWave V2V Localization in MU-MIMO Hybrid Beamforming

A Mixed Reality Approach for dealing with the Video Fatigue of Online Meetings

Influence of aggressive exposure on the degradation of nano-silica admixed cementitious mortar integrated with phase change materials

Worrying about leadership: Is it a liability or an advantage for leadership of women and men?

Quality Assurance, Quality Improvement and Leadership

Writing Stories of and from the Future: Fostering Personal and Socio-Political Action

Climate justice is central to addressing the climate emergency’s psychological consequences in the Global South: a narrative review

Conceptualizing Cybercrime: Definitions, Typologies and Taxonomies

Learning in a floating world of disciplines: Reflections on the MetaPraxis Project

Topology of active site geometries in HCP and FCC nanoparticles and surfaces

A novel Auto-ML Framework for Sarcasm Detection

DEEP: A dual EEG pipeline for developmental hyperscanning studies

Oscillatory entrainment to our early social or physical environment and the emergence of volitional control

The Experience of Self-Harming Behaviours That Inflict External Injuries to the Body in UK-Based Bangladeshi, Indian and Pakistani Females: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis

UNFCCC COP26 Global Peatlands Pavilion Summary Report

An Analysis of the Development of Modular Building Design Elements to Improve Thermal Performance of a Representative High Rise Residential Estate in the Coastline City of Famagusta, Cyprus

Supplementary data for 'Assessing the Domestic Energy Use and Thermal Comfort of Occupants in a Post-war Social Housing Development Estate in Famagusta, Northern Cyprus'

Supplementary material for 'Assessing the Domestic Energy Use and Thermal Comfort of Occupants in a Post-war Social Housing Development Estate in Famagusta, Northern Cyprus'

Microplastic abundance in the Thames River during the New Year period

Assessing the Domestic Energy Use and Thermal Comfort of Occupants in a Post-war Social Housing Development Estate in Famagusta, Northern Cyprus

The Role of the GATA Transcription Factor Gaf1 in Nutrient Responses and Cellular Ageing

Foot and Ankle Impairments Affecting Mobility in Stroke

Going Forward: Remote Working in the Post-COVID-19 Era

The Use of Social Media by PR Practitioners and Organizations in Saudi Arabia

Pupil Premium for Looked after Children: Its Allocation, Use and Impact on Educational Outcomes for Children Aged 5-12

The way of the bricoleuse: experiments in documentary filmmaking

The Impact of CISO Appointment Announcements on the Market Value of Firms

Dynamic evaluation method for assessing households’ thermal sensation using parametric statistical analysis: A longitudinal field study in the South-eastern Mediterranean climate

The Lived Experience of Hotel Isolation: Evaluation of the Newham Council Hotel Isolation Pilot: Learning from a Rapid Evaluation 2021–2022

Newham Council Welfare Check-in Call Pilot: Learning from a Rapid Evaluation 2021–2022

Acute Ingestion of a Commercially Available Pre-workout Supplement Improves Anaerobic Power Output and Reduces Muscular Fatigue

The experiences of 585 people when they tried to withdraw from antipsychotic drugs

Reimagining Mothering in the Pandemic: The Birth of a New Patriarchy

The Effects of Basic Psychological Needs Satisfaction and Mindfulness on Solicitors’ Well-being

A Review of Fibre Reinforced Polymer Structures

Association between general intelligence, creativity and wisdom in gifted adolescents: empirical findings from a non-western country

How important are informed consent, informed choice, and patient-doctor relationships, when prescribing antipsychotic medication?

Suburban breakout: Nomadic reverie in British pop

Review: Robert J. Shiller, Narrative Economics: How Stories Go Viral and Drive Major Economic Events

Antimicrobial Diterpenes: Recent Development From Natural Sources

Visa Code Regulation (EC) No 810/2009

Situational factors shape moral judgments in the trolley dilemma in Eastern, Southern, and Western countries in a culturally diverse sample

Multimodal hyperscanning reveals that synchrony of body and mind are distinct in mother-child dyads

Muting, filtering and transforming space: Autistic children's sensory ‘tactics’ for navigating mainstream school space following transition to secondary school

Museum Pedagogy and Early Years Children: A Critique of Research, Policy and Practice

Exploring the role of contextual behavioural science variables and education in the prosocial domain of global poverty and human rights

O Que as Cidades Precisam Para se Transformarem Com Soluções Baseadas na Natureza?

Laboratórios Vivos Urbanos: Experiências de Soluções Baseadas na Natureza na Comunidade Europeia

A novel DeepMaskNet model for face mask detection and masked facial recognition

Examining Safavid Biomorphic Patterns in Design

A response to yet another defence of ECT in the absence of robust efficacy and safety evidence

Response to the Royal College of Psychiatrists’ critique of our audit of ECT usage

Social justice, health equity, and mental health

Rethinking Paranoia and Distressing and Disruptive Unusual Beliefs

Transforming Chemicals and Drugs into “Medication” and “Treatment”: The power of language

Time to acknowledge the bias of some electroconvulsive therapy researchers and defenders

Tissue Proteome of 2-Hydroxyacyl-CoA Lyase Deficient Mice Reveals Peroxisome Proliferation and Activation of ω-Oxidation

Negative Influences of Differentiated Empowering Leadership on Team Members’ Helping Behaviors: The Mediating Effects of Envy and Contempt

Is conditional conservatism a source of deviations of financial statements from Benford’s Law?

Biological Psychiatry and The Mass Murder Of ‘Schizophrenics’: From Denial to Inspirational Alternative

Depression: Why Drugs and Electricity Are Not the Answer

Leaving Home: Safer Spaces Beyond the Neoliberal Family


Cubism Contagions: Syphilophobia, Abject Bodies and Avant-guerre Biopolitics

Vitalist Cubisms: The Biocultures of Virility, Militarism and La Vie Sportive

Composing ‘Symmorphies’: Chromatism, Astral Vision and a Music of the Spheres in František Kupka’s Cosmological Abstractions

Racial and Ethnic Differences in Falls Among Older Adults: a Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

Fire and Smoke: Savouring Ethnographic Encounters with Sustainability in Cyprus’ Rural Tourism Spaces

Education 4.0: Is Characterising and Harmonising Intelligences a Way of Thinking about a Pedagogy 4.0 for Higher Education?

A Machine Learning Framework for House Price Estimation

The effects of sex and handedness on masturbation laterality and other lateralised motor behaviours

Water Consumption Increases Handwriting Speed and Volume Consumed Relates to Increased Finger‑tapping Speed in Schoolchildren

Adequacy of Inquiry About, Documentation of, and Treatment of Trauma and Adversities: A Study of Mental Health Professionals in England

“It didn't bring back the old me but helped me on the path to the new me”: exploring posttraumatic growth in British veterans with PTSD

Police referrals for domestic abuse before and during the first COVID-19 lockdown: An analysis of routine data from one specialist service in South Wales

The Impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences and Recent Life Events on Anxiety and Quality of Life in University Students

The Repressed Visual Legacies of May ’68

Bank Liquidity Creation: A New Global Dataset for Developing and Emerging Countries

Infant Effortful Control Mediates Relations Between Nondirective Parenting and Internalising-Related Child Behaviours in an Autism-Enriched Infant Cohort

Determining stakeholder priorities and core components for school-based identification of mental health difficulties: A Delphi study

The Gendered Politics of Love: An Arendtian Reading


Sex Differences in Sexual Arousal and Finger Length Ratio

Acute impact of a national lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic on wellbeing outcomes among individuals with chronic pain

An Action Research Inquiry: facilitating early childhood studies undergraduate researcher development through Group Supervision

The Social Construction of Conspiracy Beliefs: A Q-Methodology Study of How Ordinary People DefineThem and Judge Their Plausibility

Psychological Predictors of Mortality Awareness: Time Perspective, Contentment With Age and Paternal Antipathy and Neglect

Traces in the Archive: Re-imagining Sofia Kovalevskaya

Working women on the move: genealogies of gendered migrant labour

What Cities Need to Transform with Nature-Based Solutions

Genealogies and Assemblages of Resistance: Jeanne Bouvier’s Struggles in ‘Le Travail à Domicile’

Meeting the challenges of media and marketing convergence: revising critical political economy approaches

Epilogue: Decolonising Disco—Counterculture, Postindustrial Creativity, the 1970s Dance Floor and Disco

Wander: Score