Dismantling the scaffolding of institutional racism and institutionalising anti-racism

Glacial Lake Outburst Flood (GLOF) Hazard Mitigation at Himalayan Region, Nepal

Neonatal Hypoxic-Ischaemic Encephalopathy: Motor Impairment beyond Cerebral Palsy

Cognitive Functioning in UK-based Football (Soccer) Players, with emphasis on Social Cognition

Moral Values, Perceived Access to Care and Preferences for Healthcare Resource Allocation

Reconfigurable Linear Antenna Arrays for Beam-Pattern Matching in Collocated MIMO Radars

Quality of Life of Older People in Karachi, Pakistan

Mental Health Teaching in the Training of Public Health Professionals: A Thematic Analysis of Interviews with Key Stakeholders

Exploring the Impact of Living with Fanconi Anaemia & Diamond-Blackfan Anaemia: A Systemic Consideration

An Exploration of ‘Love Your Body’ Advertising and How This Is Perceived by Women

Investigating the Impact of Social Contact, Coping Strategies, and Social Cognition on Loneliness and Psychological Distress in Older Adults during the COVID-19 Pandemic: An Online Survey

Publisher Correction: Listeners’ perceptions of the certainty and honesty of a speaker are associated with a common prosodic signature

An Integrated Cybersecurity Risk Management (I-CSRM) Framework for Critical Infrastructure Protection

Using Urban Green Systems as an Approach for Future Climate Change Adaptation in London

‘I’m not “racist” but’: Liberalism, Populism and Euphemisation in the Guardian

Police referrals for domestic abuse before and during the first COVID-19 lockdown: An analysis of routine data from one specialist service in South Wales

The Impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences and Recent Life Events on Anxiety and Quality of Life in University Students

Investigation into the Accuracy and Practicality of Methods for Transforming Coordinates between Geodetic Datums

Exploring the Complex Relationship between Posttraumatic Growth, Sport, and Athletes with Acquired Disabilities

Trauma, Memory and Silenced History

Scenographies of the Inner World

An Agent-Based Variogram Modeller: Investigating Intelligent, Distributed-Component Geographical Information Systems

The Experiences of Autistic Transgender and Gender-Diverse Young People

School Reintegration Following Hospital Treatment for an Eating Disorder; Two Case Studies with Multiple Perspectives on the Reintegration Process

Exploring Young Carers’ Experiences of Education

What Are the Lived Experiences of Parents’ Understanding and Supporting Their Child with Selective Mutism? An Exploratory Study

Children with Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and their Experiences of School Belonging: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis

Excluded Girls’ Stories of Belonging

Educational Psychologists’ Views Around the Inclusion of Children with Special Educational Needs and Disability – Do Educational Psychologists Have a Role to Play in Working Towards Inclusive Education?

A Pluralistic Discourse Analysis of Media Representations of Single Mothers by Choice

Experience of Ethnicity in Therapy from the Perspective of Clients Self-Identifying as South-Asian: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis

Thematic Analysis: Exploring Practitioners' Perspectives of Delivering Animal Assisted Therapy

Experiences of Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis and Disease Modifying Treatment: A phenomenological inquiry

Educational Psychologists' Experiences and Perceptions of Reflective Practice

The Experiences of Secondary School Transition for Deaf Children in Mainstream Education: A Participatory Research Approach

An Exploration of What Adolescent Girls with ASC Say Helps Them Successfully Navigate the Social Aspects of Mainstream Schooling

Perspectives of Parents and School Staff on Parental Engagement With Education: A Foucauldian Informed Analysis

Supporting Disengaged Children and Young People Living with Diabetes to Self-Care: A Qualitative Study in a Socially Disadvantaged and Ethnically Diverse Urban Area

An Appreciative Inquiry of Factors Within a Primary School that are Perceived to Support Children Who Are ‘At Risk’ of Exclusion

The Stories of Children with a Diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: A Narrative Analysis

A Participatory Research Approach to Understanding the Experiences of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) Autistic Young People

Increased fidelity of protein synthesis extends lifespan

Bank Liquidity Creation: A New Global Dataset for Developing and Emerging Countries

The Distribution of Dividends of Multinational Banks Operating in Latin America

Stewardship Innovation: The Forgotten Component in Maximising the Value of Urban Nature-Based Solutions

Borrelia duttonii-like spirochetes parasitizec Meriones persicus in East Azerbaijan Province of Iran

Unidimensional and Multidimensional Methods for Recurrence Quantification Analysis with crqa

Drinking Water Enhances Cognitive Performance: Positive Effects on Working Memory but Not Long-Term Memory

Covert Aspects of Surveillance and the Ethical Issues They Raise

Gut thinking and eye tracking: evidence for a central preference heuristic

Infant Effortful Control Mediates Relations Between Nondirective Parenting and Internalising-Related Child Behaviours in an Autism-Enriched Infant Cohort

(Re)thinking body-technology relations with Michel Serres: Emotion, sense and the emergence of algorithmic appropriation

Quality of life of stroke survivors in Nigeria (Low-income country). Can outcome be predicted?

Exploring the physical activity of Iranian migrant women in the United Kingdom: a qualitative study

Protocol for developing core outcome sets for evaluation of psychosocial interventions for children and families with experience or at risk of child maltreatment or domestic abuse

Enhancement performance of random forest algorithm via one hot encoding for IoT IDS

Cyber Threat Predictive Analytics for Improving Cyber Supply Chain Security

Reducing embodied carbon dioxide of structural concrete with lightweight aggregate

The Importance of Gender-Aware Design in Digital Health Wearables: A Co-design Study Fostering Sun Protection Behaviour in Young Men

Nox2-deficient Tregs improve heart transplant outcomes via their increased graft recruitment and enhanced potency

Review of the Film Rocks, by Sarah Gavron, Director

Educational Psychology and the Dissemination of Evidence to Professional Practice

Universal Wellbeing Practices in Schools: Framing Evidence-Informed Practice Within the Five Ways to Wellbeing

Tree of Life: A Tool for Therapeutic Growth?

A Systematic Review of Research Evidence Reporting Educational Psychologists’ Use of Contextual Observation in Practice

A Critical Review of the Educational Psychologist’s Role in Engaging with Young Carers

Dyslexia or Literacy Difficulties: What Difference Does a Label Make? Exploring the Perceptions and Experiences of Young People

Supporting Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) Youth Co-Production: An Exploration of Practitioner Views


Educational Psychology Research and Practice (EPRaP): Volume 7, Issue 1

Fire Safety in High-Rise Buildings: Is the Stay-Put Tactic a Misjudgement or Magnificent Strategy?

Enactors or reactors? Work-life border management for women in law in Nigeria

Predicting the Health Impacts of Commuting Using EEG Signal Based on Intelligent Approach

An Effective Hybrid Approach Based on Machine Learning Techniques for Auto-Translation: Japanese to English

An Effective Cost-Sensitive Convolutional Neural Network for Network Traffic Classification

An Appraisal of Financial Penalties under Deferred Prosecution Agreements in the UK

Workers’ Rights: A Public Health Issue: R (on the application of The Independent Workers’ Union of Great Britain) v The Secretary of the State for Work and Pensions

Defeating the Credit Card Scams Through Machine Learning Algorithms

Urban Blue Spaces, Health and Well-being: The Healthy New Towns Programme

The origins of effortful control: How early development within arousal/regulatory systems influences attentional and affective control

Sexual Orientation, Sexual Arousal, and Finger Length Ratios in Women

The Importance of Product Language: An Exploratory Study of Smartwatches for Remote Healthcare

Insights into the role of gender in aesthetic design: a participatory study on the design of digital health wearables

Becoming-cat or what a woman’s body can do

The Gendered Politics of Love: An Arendtian Reading

Accounting For Anger: A Thematic Analysis of Participants’ Understanding Of Anger After Undertaking Anger Management

What Is the Lived Experience for Doctors When They Are Involved in a Serious Incident? A Descriptive Phenomenological Analysis

The Meaning of Re-Emerging Disordered Eating In the Context of Motherhood: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis

An Exploration of Educational Underachievement from the Perspectives of Teachers and White British Working-Class Pupils in an Urban Pupil Referral Unit

Regulating Non-Profit Organisations Against Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing in Saudi Arabia

The Relevance of Human Rights and Human Capital Investment in the Implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs 3 and 4) in Nigeria

Shackled Human Aspects of Predatory Money-Lending: How Vulnerability to Loan Sharks Arises In the United Kingdom

Clinical Psychologist’s Accounts of Personal Distress Experienced Within the Profession: A Discourse Analysis

What Is the Experience of Using Mindfulness as Selfcare for Newly Qualified Counselling Psychologists: Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis

Narrative Relations and Associations: Catherine Kohler Riessman’s Research Dialogism

A Chronicle of Mentoring Narrative Scholarship

Ethical guidelines for positive psychology practice (Version 2.0: English)

Live and Life in Virtual Theatre: Adapting traditional theatre processes to engage creatives in digital immersive technologies

‘What Would Jesus Do?’: Toward a Grounded Theory of Born-Again Christians’ Process of Sanctification and Therapeutic Implications

Exploring the Use of Self-Compassion in the Transition to Motherhood: A Thematic Analysis

An Exploration of the Potential Benefits of Supporting Mentors of Newly Qualified Teachers to Use Solution-Focused Strategies in Their Mentoring Role

Young Adults’ Previous Experience of Self-Harm in the Context of School Bullying: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis

The Utility of Post Traumatic Growth in Clinical Practice, From the Perspective of Therapists Working With Refugees in the UK: A Thematic Analysis

Gender Apartheid: The Challenges of Breaking into ‘Man’s World’

Data Quality Management in Large-Scale Cyber-Physical Systems

Malaysia’s Policy Responses to the Panic of 1997: An Islamic Perspective

Complex interventions to implement a diabetic retinopathy care pathway in the public health system in Kerala: the Nayanamritham study protocol

Medicinal plants used to treat infectious diseases in the central part and a northern district of Bangladesh - an ethnopharmacological perception

Mechanistic aspects of ammonia synthesis on Ta₃N₅ surfaces in the presence of intrinsic nitrogen vacancies

An experimental FTIR-ATR and computational study of H-bonding in ethanol/water mixtures

Observing infants together: long-term experiences of observers and families

The Seventieth Anniversary of the Refugee Council: Voluntary Action, Living Archives and Refugee Voices

Creating Space in the Archive for an Anti-oppressive Community Project: Recording Border Control and Subversion

Review: Annabelle Wilkins, Migration, Work and Home-Making in the City. Dwelling and Belonging among Vietnamese Communities in London

Review: Becky Taylor, Refugees in Twentieth-Century Britain. A History

‘But You Don’t Look Like a Syrian’: Migrant Narrative Beyond the Dichotomous Divide in Migration Studies

From Women’s Rights Lawyer in Pakistan to a Precarious Life in Australia: Learning From Lived Experience

Confronting the Homelands: The Role of Literature in Second Generation Refugee Identity Struggles

Review: Eleuterio Toro, Exiliado en Buckingham Palace (An Exile in Buckingham Palace)

The far right, the mainstream and mainstreaming: towards a heuristic framework

Juan delGado’s Drifting Narratives: Injecting Agency into Refugee Stories

Meaningful Participation as an Approach to Trauma Healing? Reflections from the VOICES Network

Qiestna: Preserving Syrian Oral Heritage One Story at a Time

Arriving and Belonging: Stories from the St Albans Jewish Community

Refugee Organisations in London Remembered

Notions of Gender: Rehabilitating Refugee Women in Partition’s Aftermath

Displacement and Emplacement of People in Our World: A Brief Reflection

Guest Editorial: Twentieth Century Histories of Civic Society Responses to Crises of Displacement

Displaced Voices: A Journal of Archives, Migration and Cultural Heritage Volume 2, Issue 1 (Summer 2021)

A New Smartphone-Based Optic Nerve Head Biometric for Verification and Change Detection

An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis of the Lived Experiences of Children with Dyspraxia in UK Secondary Schools

Prelude to America’s Downfall: The Stagflation of the 1970s

Why Wouldn't They Be Reconciled? Corbyn's Leadership and the Recalcitrance of the Parliamentary Labour Party

The Rise and Fall of the Ordoliberal Left in Europe

Bird Audio Diarization with Faster R-CNN

Resolving Ambiguity in Hedge Detection by Automatic Generation of Linguistic Rules

Cognitive and Physiological Assessment of Prefrontal Cortex Neuromodulation in Low and High Risk Gambling

Stuck in separation: Liminality, graffiti arts and the forensic institution as a failed rite of passage

Strategies for Subverting the Tyranny of the Corporate Map: An Interview with Babak Fakhamzadeh

Cell-Out: A Long-Distance Mobile Performance of Scores, Reflections, Confessions

Introduction: Walking in the Digital City

A Cross-Cultural and Trans-Generational Study: Links between Psychological Characteristics and Socio-Political Tendency amongst Urban Population in Afghanistan

The Benefits of Fit-for-Purpose Land Administration for Urban Community Resilience in a Time of Climate Change and COVID-19 Pandemic

Children with neonatal Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy (HIE) treated with therapeutic hypothermia are not as school ready as their peers

Nurses’ knowledge of breast screening and the implications for advising women with dense breast tissue: a literature review

Is population an asset or a liability to Nigeria’s economic growth? Evidence from FM-OLS and ARDL approach to cointegration

Remote working and employee engagement: A qualitative study of British workers during the pandemic

Sense of self, depression and adaption to grief, in emerging adults who suffered parental loss

Afterword: Dr Ewen Cameron’s “de-patterning” experiments and the CIA’s MK-Ultra programme

Preserved Extra-Foveal Processing of Object Semantics in Alzheimer’s Disease

Eye-movements reveal semantic interference effects during the encoding of naturalistic scenes in long-term memory

Pleasure, meaning or spirituality: Cross-cultural differences in orientations to happiness across 12 countries

Examining the Impact of Trust on Bank-Customer Relationship Management: Evidence From Nigeria

Marketing to Children in Africa: Ethics, Business, and Public Policy

Musical revitalisation of the schoolyard: results of a service-learning project

B & C Circuit

What are the effects of culture and institutions on classification shifting in India?

Gambling and COVID-19: Initial Findings from a UK Sample

BeWell: a group coaching model to foster the wellbeing of individuals

Raising Doubts About ECT

Returning to Reactionary Democracy: reviews, responses and reflections

Introduction: Corbynism and its Aftermath

Economic evaluation of robot-assisted training versus an enhanced upper limb therapy programme or usual care for patients with moderate or severe upper limb functional limitation due to stroke: results from the RATULS randomised controlled trial

The Role of Finding Out in Type 2 Diabetes Management among West-African Immigrants Living in the UK

Socio-Legal Barriers to the Expansion of Legal Aid in Nigeria: Initiating Legal Reform Through the Customary Court System

Peripheral recovery: Keeping safe and keep progressing as contradictory modes of ordering on a forensic psychiatric unit

From the margins to the NICE guidelines: British clinical psychology and the development of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Psychosis between 1982-2002

Evaluating the Impact of Nature-Based Solutions: Appendix of Methods

Evaluating the Impact of Nature-Based Solutions: A Handbook for Practitioners

Widening graduate employment opportunities for students on Education Studies degrees: a case study at a School of Education in one London university

Portraying Minorities and Portraits of KL

Syedah’s Journey: From Child Marriage to Activist

Trauma and Criticality: How Stories Raise Our Consciousness and Can Heal Our Past

Lived Experiences of a Rohingya Journalist

Introducing the Writers

Action Research and Academic Skills: Co-Creating with Refugee Women


Displaced Voices: A Journal of Archives, Migration and Cultural Heritage Volume 1, Issue 2 (Winter 2021)

Empirical Analysis of an Augmented Schumpeterian Endogenous Growth Model


What are the views and experiences of autistic teachers? Findings from an online survey in the UK

Does Increasing Product Complexity and Diversity Cause Economic Growth in the Long-Run? A GMM Panel VAR Evidence


Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) in Networking: A Comprehensive Survey & Evaluation

Motor adaptation and internal model formation in a robot-mediated forcefield

Young People’s Involvement in Hub67: A Case Study of the Development and Practice of Open Access Youth Work in the Context of the Urban Regeneration of East London

Performing and Counter-performing Borders: Feminist Stories of Migrant Rights Activism in the United Kingdom

How Do Women Who Are Violent In Couple Relationships Understand Their Violent Behaviour?

Modelling Suspended Sand Transport Under Breaking Waves

Mental Health and Wellbeing Implications of the COVID-19 Quarantine for Disabled and Disadvantaged Children and Young People: Evidence from a Cross-cultural Study in Zambia and Sierra Leone

What is the Difference between 'Good' and 'Bad' Stress? Understanding Possible Effects of Socio-economic Status on Learning, 2016-2018

Therapists' Experience of Working with Interpreters in NHS settings: Drawing Upon a Psychoanalytic Theoretical Framework to Contextualize the Findings of an IPA Study

Hedonism and Luxury Fashion Consumption Among Black African Women in the UK: An Empirical Study

Insight from dream and event discussions using the Schredl method of dreamwork in experienced and inexperienced dreamworkers

The Land Rights, Climate Justice and Gender Equality Conundrum: Human Rights Strategies and Practice

Drug screening using shape-based virtual screening and in vitro experimental models of cutaneous Leishmaniasis

Heroes or criminals? The legitimacy of humanitarian organisations rescuing lives in the Central Mediterranean Sea after 2017

Systematic Review Protocol: Peer research methods and best practice: mixed methods review of the health and social sciences literature

Good Sleep Quality Improves the Relationship Between Pain and Depression Among Individuals With Chronic Pain

The Myth and the Reality of Work-Life Balance in Nigeria

Identifying Heating Technologies suitable for Historic Churches, Taking into Account Heating Strategy and Conservation through Pairwise Analysis

Work-Life Border Control Model: A Re-think of Border Theory

Work-Life Interface: Non-Western Perspectives

Realising the Potential of General Population Research to Reconceptualise the study of “Delusions”: From Normalising “Psychosis” to De-Familiarising “Normality”

The Experiences and Needs of Autistic School Staff: Summary Report of Phase 2 Covid-19 Findings

The Interaction of Diet and Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Aging and Cognition

Beyond The Call of Duty: Realities of Work-Life Balance in the United Arab Emirates Education Sector

Childhood adversities among students at an English University: A latent class analysis

Pension scheme trustees as surrogate decision makers

Using language learning strategies to transform teaching and learning experiences in mainstream classrooms

Joint Coordinate Optimization in Fingerprint-Based Indoor Positioning

Using Linguistically Appropriate Practice (LAP) in the language classroom

Cognitive Predictors of Precautionary Behavior During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Comparative Genomics Analysis Demonstrated a Link Between Staphylococci Isolated From Different Sources: A Possible Public Health Risk

Influence of manmade effects on geomorphology, bathymetry and coastal dynamics in a monsoon-affected river outlet in Southwest coast of Sri Lanka

Is tDCS a potential first line treatment for major depression?

Brand Value Co-Creation in the Social Commerce Era: Empirical Evidence From Iran

Entrepreneurship and the Informal Sector: Challenges and Opportunities for African Business Development

Experience of positive psychology coaching while working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic: an Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis

Very preterm infants engage in an intervention to train their control of attention: results from the feasibility study of the Attention Control Training (ACT) randomised trial


Crossing Conceptual Boundaries XI, Winter 2021

Re-Visiting Polymorphous Ideology: Populism of the Left and Right

Modalities of Parrhesia

Digital Storytelling in the Museum: Bringing Cultural Heritage to Life

From Abstract Concept to Active Participants: Reflections on a Purposive Sample

Surgical Robot Platform with a Novel Concentric Joint for Minimally Invasive Procedures

Policy ‘Meandering’: The Influence of Mental Health and Well-being in Educational Policies

The quiet crossing of ocean tipping points

Re-positioning SoTL toward the T-shaped Community

Facilitating Successful Smart Campus Transitions: A Systems Thinking-SWOT Analysis Approach

How Accurate are ECT Patient Information Leaflets Provided by Mental Health Services in England and the Royal College of Psychiatrists? An Independent Audit

Attitudes to Fake News Verification: Youth Orientations to ‘Right Click’ Authenticate

Patterns of Genital Sexual Arousal in Transgender Men

Crosstalk between the mTOR and DNA Damage Response Pathways in Fission Yeast

How to Engage Consumers through Effective Social Media Use—Guidelines for Consumer Goods Companies from an Emerging Market

A second independent audit of electroconvulsive therapy in England, 2019: Usage, demographics, consent, and adherence to guidelines and legislation

Gambling in COVID-19 Lockdown in the UK: Depression, Stress, and Anxiety

Knowing How You Know: Toddlers Reevaluate Words Learned From an Unreliable Speaker

Stigma Hurts: Exploring Employer and Employee Perceptions of Tattoos and Body Piercings in Nigeria

Antigone re-imagined: uprooted women’s political narratives

Anti-MRSA Constituents from Ruta chalepensis (Rutaceae) Grown in Iraq, and In Silico Studies on Two of Most Active Compounds, Chalepensin and 6-Hydroxy-rutin 3’,7-Dimethyl ether

The role of courage in the development and practice of coaches

The experience of positive psychology coaching following unconscious bias training: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis

Mobile Instant Messaging (M.I.M.) in Improving SME in Manufacturing: Case Study

Understanding Motivation to Adhere to Guidelines for Alcohol Intake, Physical Activity, and Fruit and Vegetable Intake Among U.K. University Students

‘Maturing Out’ as dilemmatic: Transitions towards relatively light drinking practices among UK University students

Neo-liberal Globalization and Income Inequality: Panel Data Evidence from OECD and Western Balkan Countries

Dehydration in older people: a systematic review of the effects of dehydration on health outcomes, healthcare costs and cognitive performance

Rights to the front Child Rights-based pedagogies in early childhood degrees

An Analysis of Renewable Energy Usage by Mobile Data Network Operators

Listeners’ perceptions of the certainty and honesty of a speaker are associated with a common prosodic signature

Modern-Day Slavery? The Work-Life Conflict of Domestic Workers in Nigeria

Race, Immigration and Health: The Hostile Environment and Public Health Responses to Covid-19

Impact on health and provision of healthcare services during the COVID-19 lockdown in India: A multicentre cross-sectional study

Reliability analysis of bistable composite laminates

Synthesis and Characterization of Silver-Coated Polymeric Scaffolds for Bone Tissue Engineering: Antibacterial and In Vitro Evaluation of Cytotoxicity and Biocompatibility

Examining Relationships and Sex Education through a child rights lens: an intersectional approach

Sex Differences in Sexual Arousal and Finger Length Ratio

Characterizing Visual Programming Approaches for End-User Developers: A Systematic Review

Acute impact of a national lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic on wellbeing outcomes among individuals with chronic pain

Selection of Optimized Retaining Wall Technique Using Self-Organizing Maps

Freedom and Flexibility: The Work-Family Balance of Single Female Entrepreneurs in Nigeria

Moral barriers to HIV prevention and care for gay and bisexual men: Challenges in times of conservatism in Brazil

Facial disfigurement, categorical perception, and the influence of Disgust Sensitivity

Novel online Recommendation algorithm for Massive Open Online Courses (NoR-MOOCs)

UCET Discussion paper on effective Continuing Professional Development

A Better Touch: C-tactile Fibers Related Activity is Associated to Pain Reduction During Temporal Summation of Second Pain

Religion and Consumer Behaviour in Developing Nations

‘None of my other teachers know my face/emotions/thoughts’: Digital technology and democratic assessment practices in higher education physical education

Forced unemployment or undocumented work: The burden of the prohibition to work for asylum seekers in the UK

Digital Witness: Found Footage and Desktop Horror as Post-Cinematic Experience

Comparison of Rheological Behaviour of Bio-Based and Synthetic Epoxy Resins for Making Ecocomposites

Digit Ratio (2D:4D) and Amniotic Testosterone and Estradiol: An Attempted Replication of Lutchmaya et al. (2004)

An Action Research Inquiry: facilitating early childhood studies undergraduate researcher development through Group Supervision

Collisional excitation of interstellar PN by H₂: new interaction potential and scattering calculations

Are Antidepressants Overprescribed? Patients’ Experiences of the Prescribing Process

The Work-Family Balance of British Working Women During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Mental Health Prejudice, Discrimination and Epistemic Injustice: Moving beyond Stigma and Biomedical Dominance

The Psychodynamics of Lynch Mobs: Grouping, Ganging or Lynching

Financial Technology and African Capital Markets Post Covid-19

Fannia Mary Cohn et le mouvement pour l’éducation des ouvrières aux États-Unis

The role of Facebook groups in the management and raising of awareness of antidepressant withdrawal: is social media filling the void left by health services?

Researching Teacher Education in Urban Contexts

Break or Continuity? Friedrich Engels and the Critique of Digital Surveillance

China & the USA: Globalisation and the Decline of America’s Supremacy

Assessment in Field Education: Capability, Competence and Contradictions

Policing Gender Performativity in Jordan: disciplining and correcting ‘dangerous’ women

Reflections on Teaching Anthropologically and Fostering Belonging as Anti-Racist Allies in a ‘Widening Participation’ University: An Ecological Approach

"No shit Sherlock"! Canine DNA and policing public space

Editor’s Introduction: Amor Narratio

Moving Between Worlds: Border Women in Narratives of Forced Displacement in Greece

The Operational Loops of a Pandemic

Understanding Global Development: A Guide to Success and Failure

CEO Profile and Earnings Quality

Religiosity and Global Brand Consumption as an Agent of Modernisation in Developing Economies

Seduction, Sharing Stories, and Borderlinking in Co-Constructed Narratives

‘But Are They All Horrid?’ On the Intermittent Use of the Gothic in Hindi Horror Cinema

Feeling the Real: The Non-Nomadic Subject of Feminism

Working with Interpreters in Mental Health: Good Practice Guidelines

Help Seeking Views Relating to Depression Among Older Black Caribbean Adults Living in the UK

Mental Health, Mental Illness and Migration

Palestinian Mental Health Under Military Occupation and Chronic Warlike Conditions

Narrative Rhythmanalysis: the art and politics of listening to women’s narratives of forced displacement

Troubling norms? Adults and teenagers with a life-limiting impairment in Denmark and England talk about their lives, support and future plans

A Retrospective Case Study of the Thematic Content of Psychotic Experiences in a First Episode Psychosis Population

Tourism, inclusive growth and decent work: a political economy critique

Branded Content: The Fateful Merging of Media and Marketing

Media Systems and Misinformation

Community engagement and social justice: Making a difference through improving communication across language and culture in mental health and community settings

Intercultural Counselling and Psychotherapy with new immigrants and refugees

Refugee and Asylum Seekers Experience

Working with Interpreters

The Acculturation Experiences of first wave Kosovan women migrants living in the United Kingdom: An Interpretative phenomenological analysis