Multilingual Narratives of a Pandemic: Covid 19 and Worldmaking

Financing Small Business Development in Osun State, Nigeria: 'A Critical Investigation'

The Digitalisation of Food Supply Chain in Africa: Opportunities and Barriers

Exercise training and resting blood pressure: a large-scale pairwise and network meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials

The effect of isometric exercise training on arterial stiffness: A randomized crossover controlled study

High-Intensity Interval Training and Cardiometabolic Health in the General Population: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomised Controlled Trials

The value of cardiopulmonary exercise testing and stress echocardiography in the prediction of all-cause mortality in adults with end stage renal disease

Exercise Mode in Heart Failure: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Myocardial performance index as a measure of global left ventricular function improves following isometric exercise training in hypertensive patients

Design FOR Circularity (DfC) in Construction: A Mini-Scoping Review of the Strategies

Evolution of the legal test on excessive pricing in the UK

‘Doing the same puzzle over and over again’: a qualitative analysis of feeling stuck in grief.

Trends, Applications, and Challenges of Chatbot Technology

House Price Prediction using Machine Learning Techniques: A Comparative Study

Student nurses’ practices and willingness to teach relatives breast self-examination in Nigeria

Effective Teachers of Multilingual Learners: A Mixed-Method Study of UK and US Critical Sociocultural Teaching Practices

Intragastric balloons for obesity: critical review of device design, efficacy, tolerability, and unmet clinical needs

An Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis of the experience of being diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder

Will the Four-Day Working Week work for you?

The relationship between gratitude and work engagement: examining the mediating role of employee resilience

Group coaching: The new ‘Wild West of coaching’?

Could the Comfort Zone Model Enhance Job Role Clarity in Youth Work? Insights from an Ethnographic Case Study of the United Kingdom-based National Citizen Service

British king acknowledges colonial atrocities in Kenya – here’s what could happen next

Lived experiences of curriculum reform: a netnographic study of Media teachers’ perspectives

Book Review: Childcare Provision in Neoliberal Times: The marketization of Care by Aisling Gallagher

States and International Criminal Justice: COST CA18228 Scoping Survey

Credit Rating Prediction Using Different Machine Learning Techniques. International

Role of management education in adapting the Indian public sector to market-based economic reforms

Relationship between fixed capital formation and carbon emissions: Impact of trade liberalization in India

Investigating the Determinants of Financial Well-Being: A SEM Approach

The impact of Covid-19 on the capital structure in emerging economies: evidence from India

Intersection of Law, Religion, Customs, and the Problem of Child Marriage in Global South: A Comparative Study of India, Nigeria and Uganda

PDE4 Inhibitors: Profiling Hits through the Multitude of Structural Classes

Optimization of 4-amino-pyridazin-3(2H)-one as a valid core scaffold for FABP4 inhibitors

A multilingual grammar for 'The International Style', and its hybrid grammar

Combating domestic violence and sexual and gender-based violence during conflict: the case of the Rohingyas in Myanmar and Bangladesh

Uganda’s Post-War Transitional Justice Process: Have Housing, Land and Property Rights been Restored?

Critical state parameters for a saturated lateritic clay

Reliability of HCT-based Soil Water Retention Curves

Machine Learning-Based Estimation of Soil’s True Air-Entry Value from GSD Curves

The Dewey Decimal Dowsing Project: Meaning Inside the Event

Happy-Accident: The Vessel interview

Photography, Memory and Women in May ’68

Using podcasts to cultivate learner–teacher rapport in higher education settings

How does Equality Smell?

Are We That Map?

Building the economic evidence case for social prescribing

Determinants of maternal mortality in south-western Nigeria: Midwives’ perceptions

Identity or Identification? Why the Difference Between These Concepts Matters

The emotional in-formation of digital life: Simondon, individuation and affectivity

A study of ECT on 278 children and adolescents; methodological, conceptual, and ethical concerns

Editorial perspective: Leaving the baby in the bathwater in neurodevelopmental research

‘Lots of Black people are on meds because they're seen as aggressive’: STOMP, COVID-19 and anti-racism in community learning disability services

EDUCOM Undergraduate Research Annual Yearbook: Academic Year 2022-2023

Building Conscious Awareness through Reflective Practice in Education: A Literature Review

Student induction experiences: Through the lens of gamification

How to Create A Young Advisory Group: A guide by Young Advisors to Natural England

Bodybuilding, Exercise, and Image- and Performance-Enhancing Drug Use during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Developing Employability Skills through Practice-Based Learning

Policing and Academic Partnerships

Emergence and Maturity in Policing COVID-19

Police Leaders as Thinkers

Coloniality and the Politicisation of Literary Heritage Conservation

Entering Adulthood with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy: A Pathfinders Report

Diagnostic Assessment of Autism in Children Using Telehealth in a Global Context: a Systematic Review

Project: Student's voices in empolyability matters: A report of the findings 2023

Part 2: Anthropology, Cultural Studies and Organisations

Rethinking social housing in terms of environmental sustainability: An empirical analysis

Evaluating Consumer’s Behaviour Towards Investing in Sustainable Luxury Real Estate

What can be learned from pupils and staff in Key Stage 3 & 4 Pupil Referral Units about processes leading to permanent exclusion? Opportunities for improving practice

Exploring the Lived Experience of Female Users of Online Sexual Activities in the UK

Stories of people with dementia who experience word-finding difficulties.

British Bangladeshi Muslim Women’s In-Law Relationships: A Narrative Analysis

Worst Case Scenarios in Soccer Training and Competition: Analysis of Playing Position, Congested Periods, and Substitutes

Transitional Activities in Elite Football: Frequency, Type, Effect on Match Outcome and the Novel Concept of Clusters

A bespoke sleep monitoring and sleep hygiene intervention improves sleep in an U18 professional football player: A case study

The Lived Experience of UK Forensic Carers of African-Caribbean Heritage Caring for Someone with Psychosis: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis

How do individuals in the UK experience recovery from prescribed benzodiazepine dependence and what helped?

A Qualitative Exploration of Self-Perceived Problematic Pornography Use Amongst Young People

Using a Game-Like Procedure as a Test of Executive Functions in Children

Exploring Heteronormativity in Mental Health Services: The Experience and Impact of Identity Disclosure for LGBTQ+ Young People who Self-Harm or Feel Suicidal

Using a Game-Like Task as an Assessment of Concept Formation in Children

A collision course with the law: the seismic importance of the Supreme Court’s Rwanda judgment

Rwanda Removals: A Precarious Victory?

Authentic Assessment for Senior People: "I Think that I am Doing This Already"

Improving working relationships employers and employees

Promoting Diversity and Equal Pay

Institutional responses to the challenge of GAI in assessment

Recipes for PIE: An Exploration of Psychologically Informed Environments (PIE) in Homelessness Services

Understanding barriers and facilitators to accessing IAPT for people on low incomes.

Practitioner experiences of delivering Video Interaction Guidance with caregivers and infants: Toward Culturally Competent Care

Trust in Public Health within Black African and Caribbean Communities: Grounded Theory as applied to the COVID-19 Vaccine Uptake

Challenges and Prospects of Private Higher Education in Nigeria

Unmasking Excessive Pricing: Evolution of EU Law on Excessive Pricing from United Brands to Aspen

Enhancement of inverse-distance-weighting 2D interpolation using accelerated decline

Using a Game-Like Procedure as a Test of Executive Functions in Children

Live-project Situations and Design Research: Design studios as spaces for collaborative learning and knowledge production

A Participatory Action Research; Exploring the Economic Aspirations of Youth within the Context of the Community Wealth Building Initiative in Newham

Alternative Narratives of Dementia: Healthcare Professionals Witnessing Blogs from People Living with Dementia

Using a game-like task as an assessment of emotion recognition in children.

Link Workers in Social Prescribing for Young People work: a case study from Sheffield

Energy-Efficient Data Center Network Infrastructure With Network Switch Refresh Model

Constitutive model for plain and fiber-reinforced lightweight concrete under compression

Negotiating Ecological Intersectionality: Environmental Calamity, Sustainability and EcoArtt

Exposing ‘The Venereal Peril’: Fournier's Syphilography, Munch's Heredo-Syphilitic, La Syphilis Arabe, and Picasso's Prostitutes

Introduction: Vitalizing Energies, Creativity and Evolution

Investigating Homelessness And Social Cognition

Hearing Voices Groups and their impact: The experiences of young people and group facilitators

Applying the Team of Life as a Group Intervention within a Community Football Organisation

Experiences of early motherhood following successful reproductive procedures

Exploring nuanced approach to criminalization of late payers in the construction sector

Embodied carbon performance gaps in timber production for the UK built environment: A brief review

Roadmap to making wide-scale adoption of paludiculture a commercial reaility in England

The use of historical accounts of species distribution to suggest restoration targets for UK upland mires within a ‘moorland’ landscape

Care in my own home: Elders' accounts of receiving domiciliary care for the first time

Barriers to Acccessing Pyschological Support Following Early Miscarriage. Perspectives of the IAPT Perinatal Champion.

Road Safety in Great Britain: An Exploratory Data Analysis

Neuroanatomical dimensions in medication-free individuals with major depressive disorder and treatment response to SSRI antidepressant medications or placebo

Diabetic patient experiences of public and government messaging and help-seeking during the COVID-19 pandemic

Evidence Review on Online Risks to Children

Exploring trainee nursing associates’ experiences of home placements in primary care and social care

Student nurses' experiences of discrimination and racism on work placements: What can higher education institutions do?

Trauma-Informed Practice in Schools: Perceptions of School Staff

Understanding the role of peer involvement in UK harm reduction interventions

How is the Power Threat Meaning Framework being used by Clinical Psychologists in Clinical Practice?

CC-DRIVER Policy Brief No. 8: European Youth Survey

Fall Detection System with Accelerometer and Threshold-based Algorithm

Applicability of Federated Learning for Securing Critical Energy Infrastructures

Exploring the Resilience of Heartbroken Divorced Individuals at a University in London

Internal coach and mental health

Application of Blockchain Based e-Procurement Solution for Mitigating Corruption in Smart Cities Using Digital Identities

Blockchain Based Framework for Enhancing Cybersecurity and Privacy in Procurement

Questioning values in the delivery of dance practices at the University of East London

Understanding fNIRS as a neuromodulatory technique

First Do No Harm: Client and Staff Experiences of Negative Effects from Dialecetical Behaviour Therapy

How do psychological therapy practitioners, in their therapeutic approach, understand and work towards the empowerment of women who have been victims of violence?

Parents’ Perspectives of Birth Trauma During COVID-19

Emotion Memory versus Physical Action Towards Anti-racist Pedagogies that Make Way for Critical Praxis

Bourdieu in the Studio: Decolonising and Decentering Actor Training through Ludic Activism

Performance Evaluation of Ensemble Deep Learning Algorithms for Prediction of Pandemic Disease

Sing to me, baby: Infants show neural tracking and rhythmic movements to live and dynamic maternal singing

Evaluating thermogravimetric analysis for the measurement of drug loading in mesoporous silica nanoparticles (MSNs)

In response to: Comment on “Review of Dohan Eherenfest et al. (2009) on “Classification of platelet concentrates: From pure platelet-rich plasma (P-PRP) to leucocyte- and platelet-rich fibrin (L-PRF)”

Making sense of incidents of violence and aggression: A constructivist grounded theory analysis of inpatient mental health nursing staff’s experiences

Exploring shame, mental health, compassion, identity, and help-seeking in Black women who have experienced sexual violence

Coaching for Wellbeing: An Evidence-Based Guide for Practitioners

What keeps me engaging? A study of consumers' continuous social media brand engagement practices

Emotions and food waste behavior: Do habit and facilitating conditions matter?

Is BlockChain Mining Profitable in the Long Run?

Mobile Health Interventions for Cancer Care and Support: The Next Level of Digitalization in Healthcare

Different strokes for different folks: Comparative analysis of 3D printing in large, medium and small firms

Investigating visibility affordance, knowledge transfer and employee agility performance. A study of enterprise social media

Does digital transformation matter for operational risk exposure?

Emergency medical supplies scheduling during public health emergencies: algorithm design based on AI techniques

Enablers or Inhibitors? Unpacking the Emotional Power Behind In-Vehicle AI Anthropomorphic Interaction: A Dual Factor Approach by Text Mining

Applying artificial intelligence in healthcare: lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic

Conditional Tabular Generative Adversarial Net for Enhancing Ensemble Classifiers in Sepsis Diagnosis

Using Machine Learning for Security Issues in Cognitive IoT

Exploring Black Clinical Psychologists’ Experiences of Racism and its Discussion at Work and in the Profession.

Compétences Transversales, il se passe quoi ailleurs?

Warning: High incidence rate of cognitive impairment from electroconvulsive therapy with adolescents

A qualitative investigation of the experiences and impact of negative healthcare provider interactions during a traumatic birth

Does AI bring more benefits or threats to the workplace?

Shifting the Weight: Applications of AI in Olympic Weightlifting

Greece: The Return of the Right

Advancements and challenges in gender equity in British policing

“We need to talk about Giselle"

The Unintended Consequences of African Union Sanctions of Member States: Myths and Realities

Understanding differential effects of energy governance constraints in Nigeria: a transitional justice perspective

Marketing During a Global Crisis: A Study of the Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic in the Retail Banking Sector

An Empirical Investigation on Perception of Organizational Politics, Job Stress & Job Satisfaction Among Academicians in Pakistan Using Second-Order Construct

Numerical and Experimental analysis of a Solar Air Heater with triangular ducts

Waste Energy Collection and Conversion using Advanced Thermophotovoltaics systems

Influence of Multi-Stage Processing and Mechano-Chemical Treatments on the Hydration and Microstructure Properties of Recycled Aggregate Concrete

The Toolbox Approach: Towards a Novel Flexible Way of Implementing and Testing Positive Education

The hubs of transformation dictated by the innovation wave: Boston as a case study

Counselling Psychologists working in Human Rights & Social Justice

Early Childhood Education (ECE) in Nigeria: A system Analysis of Policy in National and Local Contexts

Displacement and painting

Environmental Sensitivity: A Multi-Domain Investigation of its Development in Infancy

An exploration of Educational Psychologists’ views on the impact of remote consultations on attuned interactions

Educational Psychologists’ involvement with Youth Justice Services in England: A national perspective

An Exploration of Pupil Voice Practice in a Virtual School, Using an Appreciative Inquiry Approach.

What Works: The Views of Young Black People on School Wellbeing Provisions

Parental Experiences of Taking Part in Collaborative Psychological Assessment Meetings within the Education, Health and Care Needs Assessment for their Child’s Special Educational Needs

Early years practitioners’ perspectives on weapon and conflict play: Pedagogical challenges and opportunities

Addressing Intersectional Invisibility: Exploring the lived experiences of Black African mothers raising an autistic child in the UK

A Participatory Research Project Exploring Educational Psychologists’ Engagement with Whiteness, White Privilege and Developing Anti-­Racist Practice.

SMEs’ Drivers and Barriers to Decarbonisation in the East of England

Enhancing the Legal Aid Provision in Nigeria through Regulatory Intermediaries

Identification of A.I. Generated Deep Fake Video by Higher Education Students

Corporate Brand Activism: An Exploration of Advertising Polysemy and Online Interpretive Communities

Brand Blunders and Race in Advertising: Issues, Implications, and Potential Actions from a Macromarketing Perspective

Luxury Brand Metaverse Runway Shows: relevant themes

Peatlands: Restoring the Invisible – a matter of Intelligence

Tomoo Otaka: Foundation of a theory of social association, 1932

Clinical psychologists’ experiences of supporting people with aphasia as part of a multidisciplinary team

A case for emojis, more or less: An analysis of word and emoji expressivity in text messaging for high and low alexithymia levels

“There is no barrier when it comes to your deafness”: participatory research exploring the views of Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing students being educated in a Resource Base

Influence of aesthetic design elements on residential satisfaction in apartment Based on Seoul apartment complex

Artificial Intelligence (AI)-Based Technology Adoption in the Construction Industry: A Cross National Perspective Using the Technology Acceptance Model

Sales Control Management in Banking and the Usefulness of Emerging

Sports and Exercise Therapists – working across the physical activity spectrum

Dissecting the Interplay Between Elected Members and Officials in Board Level Technology Decisions: the case of a local authority in England

Let’s just do it: Accessibility and inclusion, why does it matter? Involving people with learning disabilities in research

WINGS: Wellness Interventions for Nurses’ Growth and Selfcare

In response to ‘Use of technology by older adults with an intellectual disability in Ireland to support health, well-being and social inclusion during the COVID-19 pandemic’, by Darren McCausland, Mary McCarron and Philip McCallion

Digital Financial Inclusion in a Cashless Society

Exploring the Lived Experience of Black Young People in a Predominantly White Secondary School

The lived experience of Black men involved in knife-enabled crime in London – An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis

Feeling Happiness, Feeling Science: Diffractive Readings of Émilie Du Châtelet’s and Sophie Germain’s philosophical writings

The lived experiences of Syrian Forced Migrants in the United Kingdom and the Implications for Clinical Interventions

A mass-customized housing shape grammar application – The Orange County Sustainability Decathlon experience

The Perspective of Digital Ecosystems for Accessible Tourism: Conceptual and Operational Issues

Notes on [a] Metamodernism [conference]

When Mental Healthcare professionals cannot do the right thing: An exploration of how clinical psychologists make sense of their experiences of Moral Distress and conflicts of conscience

Spatial dependence via the internal capital markets of US global banks

Exploring ‘Long-Stay’ Male Service Users’ Perception of their Physical Healthcare in Forensic Mental Health Services

Growing Up Bilingual: Understanding specific benefits across the mainstream and complementary education sectors

Deep Learning-based Speech Enhancement for Real-life Applications

A Sequential Mixed Method Study of Employee Job Satisfaction in Upscale Restaurants, Malaysia

RDM+PM Checklist: Towards a Measure of Your Institution’s Preparedness for the Effective Planning of Research Data Management

Adoptees’ experiences of education; a positive psychology perspective.

Review of the book Square Pegs: Inclusivity, Compassion and Fitting In: A Guide for Schools, by Fran Morgan with Ellie Costello, edited by Ian Gilbert

Review of the talk Off Air with Jane and Fi at the Women of the World Festival, by Jane Garvey, Fi Glover, June Oscar and Meera Syal

A Critical Review of the Role of Educational Psychologists Engaging with Young People Who Identify as Transgender in the UK

Experiences of Autism Diagnosis: Parental Experiences and Interpretations of the Process of Having a Child Diagnosed with Autism

“It’s Just a New Way of Looking at Learning”: Evaluation of the Mediating Learning Support Assistant (MeLSA) Training Programme

Considering Ways to Operationalise Trauma-Informed Practice for Education Settings

A Critical Review of Educational Psychologist Engagement with the Black Community: A Diverse Group Within a Local United Kingdom Community Context

Educational Psychology Research and Practice (EPRaP): Volume 9, Issue 1


An Exploration of the Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on the Social Inclusion of Deaf Young People Eleanor Dewar

A qualitative exploration of clinical psychologists’ experiences as leaders of intersectional power and its impact on their responses to privilege and discrimination

Outcomes for Young People Involved in PAC

PAC Briefing Report on Community Impact: Learning from the Peer Action Collective

Rapid Evidence Review: Newham Council Participation Academy

From Their Point of View: A collaborative approach to exploring the educational experiences of Black Caribbean boys in secondary school.

Women and Shame: Stories of Recovery from Alcohol Dependence

Immersive gaming in the fashion arena: an investigation of brand coolness and its mediating role on brand equity

An AI powered system to enhance self-reflection practice in coaching

Antisemitism is a form of racism – or is it?

The Analytical and the Political: Situated Intersectionality and Transversal Solidarity

Press discourses on ecological crises in the UK, Israel, and Hungary

Bridging The Gap Between Academia and Practice: A case study for collaborative digital design to fabrication workflow for interlocking kit-of-parts

Synergistic effect of nano silica on carbonation resistance of multi-blended cementitious mortar

Molecular dynamics simulation in concrete research: A systematic review of techniques, models and future directions

Nanoindentation and nano-scratch testing on cement paste

Water-soluble polymers in cementitious materials: A comprehensive review of roles, mechanisms and applications

Influence of Geopolymerization Factors on Sustainable Production of Pelletized Fly Ash–Based Aggregates Admixed with Bentonite, Lime, and GGBS

A review of multi-scale modelling of concrete deterioration: Fundamentals, techniques and perspectives

Properties, compatibility, environmental benefits and future directions of limestone calcined clay cement (LC3) concrete: A review

An ICT architecture for Smart Local Councils: a Mauritian case study

The psychological experience of second-generation Somalis whose parents were forced to migrate during the civil war in the '90s

An Exploration of Adolescent Boys’ Perceptions of Mental Health and Awareness of School-Based Support Systems

A PAC Guide to Peer Research and Social Action on Issues Related to Youth Violence: Learning from the Peer Action Collective

A Guide to Cocommissioning Action Research Collectives: Learning from PAC 2021-2023

Informing Sustainable Standards in 'The Circular Economy' utilising technological and data solutions

Managing the Influence of Stakeholders on the Scope of Major Construction Projects to Prevent Scope Creep in the BIM Era

A PAC Guide to Making the Most of Your Research: Learning from the Peer Action Collective

Towards Tactile Sensing of the Epidural Needle into the Spinal Column

Machine Learning-Based Prediction of Compressive Performance in Circular Concrete Columns Confined with FRP

Non-Invasive Ventilation Sensor Mask (NIVSM): Preliminary Design and Testing

Neoj4 and SARMIX Model for Optimizing Product Placement and Predicting the Shortest Shopping Path

Analysis of Deep Neural Networks for Military Target Classification using Synthetic Aperture Radar Images

Road Deterioration detection A Machine Learning-Based System for Automated Pavement Crack Identification and Analysis

Artificial Intelligence in Concrete Mix Design: Advances, Applications and Challenges

Customer Churn Prediction Model Using Artificial Neural Network: A Case Study in Banking

Scalable Machine Learning Model for Highway CCTV Feed Real-Time Car Accident and Damage Detection

Artificial Intelligence Applications in Road Traffic Forecasting: A Review of Current Research

Utilising Convolutional Neural Networks for Pavement Distress Classification and Detection

Real-Time Customer Emotion Analysis in E-Commerce based on Social Media Data: Insights and Opportunities

Implementing a Chatbot Music Recommender System Based on User Emotion

Predicting Shear Capacity of RC Beams Strengthened with NSM FRP Using Neural Networks

Machine Failure Prediction using Joint Reserve Intelligence with Feature Selection Technique

Customized Mass Production in Modular Design Approach for Lightweight Structures Using Bent Metal Pipes

The impacts of occupant behaviour on energy performance, thermal comfort, indoor air quality, and health in social housing

Indoor environmental quality and energy performance: Reviewing the case of council homes in London

Profiling the vendors of COVID‐19 related product on the Darknet: An observational study

Modular design and manufacturing processes using space-filling solids

Towards energy-efficient retrofitting of social housing in the UK: Assessing the occupant behaviour and indoor environmental quality of a council block in London

‘Ever yours, mathematically’: women’s letters and the mathematical imagination

Booking positions in small offshore financial centers: Focus on US global banks

Assessing the effect of retrofit strategies on thermal comfort and energy performance in social housing

'It's All So Pointless. Ah, But It's Not Though, Is It? It's Really Real and When You Feel It You Can Really Feel It': Theatre and Performance within Metamodernism

Enhancing Automatic Speech Recognition Quality with a Second-Stage Speech Enhancement Generative Adversarial Network

A Deep Learning Speech Enhancement Architecture Optimised for Speech Recognition and Hearing Aids

Making sense of burnout: A reflexive thematic analysis of how teachers in England discuss and encounter the term burnout.

A Participatory Action Research Study: Dementia & Human Rights

The experience of ICU nurses working on the frontline during the COVID-19 pandemic

Complexity Reduction in Beamforming of Uniform Array Antennas for MIMO Radars

Testing the Social Cognitive Model of Well-being among international students in China

Original Scientific Research Study: Identifying the Significance of Specific Eccentric and Concentric training Modalities on Punching Impact Power (IP) Output in Boxers and Thai boxers

Cinematic Aesthetics of Resistance: Reframing the Non-fiction Oppositional Film

Strategies for mainstreaming nature-based solutions in urban governance capacities in ten European cities

Developing an Understanding of the Encounters between Local Authority Social Workers in England and Women who have been Subjected to Domestic Abuse

Form-function relationship in the amplitude and frequency modulations of infant - directed speech: A predictive processing perspective

Reading letters of an eighteenth-century femme philosophe: love as an existential and creative force in Émilie Du Châtelet’s correspondence

Depression Earlier on in Life Predicts Frailty at 50 Years: Evidence from the 1958 British Birth Cohort Study

The Peatland Challenge – Mission Impossible for the Forgotten Lands?

Book Review: The Palgrave Handbook Of Imposter Syndrome In Higher Education

Justifying an EdD student’s research method for exploring the educational experiences of South Asian Muslim females

Is there a place for love in early childhood education and care in England? Early years educators’ beliefs

A status-based crisis of teacher shortages? A discussion

Ausländerzentralregister parents’ experiences of SEN diagnosis and support in international and local schools in Germany

The impact of performance-related pay in teaching: is it fair for all?

'If you’re a teacher, you’re a failed musician’: exploring hegemony in a UK conservatoire

Active learners in numeracy: implementing guided play for early numeracy learning

Facilitation of trialogic spaces: reflections from Irish and Scottish online lesson studies


Research in Teacher Education: Volume 13, No. 1, June 2023

Introduction: The Nearly Silent Listener

Review of Dohan Eherenfest et al. (2009) on “Classification of platelet concentrates: From pure platelet-rich plasma (P-PRP) to leucocyte- and platelet-rich fibrin (L-PRF)”

The development of the relationship between auditory and visual neural sensitivity and autonomic arousal from 6 m to 12 m

Supplemental: BPS Guidelines for Psychologists Working with Refugees and Asylum Seekers in the UK

The Role of Poetry in Building Community Identity in Newham, a Psychosocial Exploration

Issues Within the Sri Lankan Tamil Community During the Covid Pandemic in England and How These Challenges Were and Continue to be Met

Psychosocial Challenges at a Refugee Camp: When Volunteer Preparation is Lacking

Pockets of Positivity: School leaders’ Strategies for Developing School Inclusion for Students with Refugee and Asylum-seeking Backgrounds

The Inaudible Bereaved: A Critical Analysis of the Voice of a Bereaved Syrian Refugee in the UK: A Case Study

Potentially Morally Injurious Experiences (PMIEs) in the Humanitarian Sector: The Role of Moral Expectations

Editorial: Ethical Responses in Archiving the Evidence of Forced Migration: Documenting A History of `Refugee Psychology and Psychosocial Interventions’ on the Living Refugee Archive

Displaced Voices: A Journal of Migration, Archives and Cultural Heritage, Volume 3 Issue 1 (Spring 2023)

What a touchy subject! Discussions, reflections and thoughts about touch on the UEL BA (Hons) Dance: Urban Practice course

Life Cycle Assessment of construction materials: Methodologies, applications and future directions for sustainable decision-making


Thombosis, major bleeding, and survival in COVID-19 supported by veno-venous extracorporeal membrane oxygenation in the first vs second wave: a multicenter observational study in the United Kingdom

Epilepsy update: diagnosis, classification and management


Efforts to Improve the Accuracy of Information About Electroconvulsive Therapy Given to Patients and Families

An exploration of girls' experiences of exclusion from and reintegration into mainstream secondary schools

Service-Level Barriers To Accessing Support Following Intimate Partner Violence For Men Who Have Sex With Men: Service Provider Perspectives

A Mixed Methods Study Investigating the Mediating Effects of Experiential Avoidance on the Relationship Between Alexithymia and Psychological Distress

Patterns of Transformation

Comparative Analysis of Tick-Borne Relapsing Fever Spirochaetes from Ethiopia and Nigeria

Identifying school-based teacher educators’ professional learning needs: an international survey

Power, positionality and practitioner research: Schoolteachers’ experiences of professional doctorates in education

Animalizing International Relations

Are branded content capable of increasing a brand’s inclusivity?

A Comprehensive Review of Mobile User Interfaces in mHealth applications for elderly and the related ageing barriers

International HRM Practices in Africa: The Implications of Chinese Firms Operating in Africa

Challenges of Adopting and Implementing Green Human Resource Management Practice: The Perspectives of Organisational Culture and Political Commitment in Nigeria

Industrial Trade Dispute and Legal Regulation in Nigeria

Work-Life Balance Among Medical Doctors in Public Hospitals in Algeria

Managing Human Resources in Africa: A Critical Approach

Labour force transitions and changes in quality of life at age 50 to 55 years: evidence from a birth cohort study

Employee Voice: Insights from Pakistan

Education policies in England: exploring the relationship between the focus on attainment/achievement in the school-environment and adolescents’ mental health

Young children as citizens: learning from practice in the early childhood setting

Exceptional Women in Science Education? Émilie Du Châtelet and Maria Gaetana Agnesi

Unveiling the Rational Development of Stimuli-Responsive Silk Fibroin-Based Ionogel Formulations

Enhancing CSI-Based Human Activity Recognition by Edge Detection Techniques

Building resilient wooded landscapes: How can we support saproxylic invertebrates into the future?

Theories of Costs of Health and Safety Compliance and Non-Compliance with Regulations

Gender (in)equity in global mental health research: A call to action

Using artificial intelligence-enhanced video feedback for reflective practice in coach development: benefits and potential drawbacks

Computer Vision and Image Analysis for Industry 4.0

Annotator-dependent uncertainty-aware estimation of gait relative attributes

WINGS: Wellness Interventions for Nurses’ Growth and Selfcare: A pilot study on palliative care nurses to promote resilience, post-traumatic growth, and subjective wellbeing at Purdue University, USA (2021-23)

Intentionality and Healing- Applying SOPHIE as a Reflexive Practice in Higher Education

An investigation into the mechanisms of inter-brain synchrony during early social interactions

Political Participation in the Corbyn Movement

The impact of health pandemic on WCM: Evidence from the UK

Sentiment-Driven Cryptocurrency Price Prediction: A Machine Learning Approach Utilizing Historical Data and Social Media Sentiment Analysis

The Determinants of Foreign-Direct-Investment (FDI) Inflows in Nigeria

Family adversity and health characteristics associated with intimate partner violence in children and parents presenting to health care: a population-based birth cohort study in England

Resistance of multiple stakeholders to e-health innovations: Integration of fundamental insights and guiding research paths

A comprehensive review towards sustainable approaches on the processing and treatment of construction and demolition waste

Proceedings of the International Conference: Repurposing Places for Social and Environmental Resilience

The Conceptualisation of Employee Voice in Permacrisis: A United Kingdom Perspective

Employee Voice in the Global North: Insights from Europe, North America and Australia

Home is where the hate is: gender, race, class and the domestic abuse plotline in fiction and on screen

A Novel Mechanical Design of a Wearable Fingertip Haptic Device for Remote Meniscus Palpation

An Extended Reality Solution for Mitigating the Video Fatigue of Online Meetings

Automatic Scenario Generation for Robust Optimal Control Problems

Illicit COVID-19 products online: A mixed-method approach for identifying and preventing online health risks

Sensing the heat: Climate change vulnerability and foreign direct investment inflows

Replacing C₃S Cement with PP Fibre and Nanobiosilica in Stabilisation of Organic Clays

Interoperability Benefits and Challenges in Smart City Services: Blockchain as a Solution

Women, Science and Fiction Revisited

Exploring the relationship between civic engagement, early life, and wellbeing: a mixed methods study with a diverse sample of university students

Neural oscillatory insight into the endogenous cognitive processes and inter-personal contingencies that drive infant attention and support joint action during early infant-caregiver interaction

Optimising the use of Materials for Construction MSMEs: Building a Comprehensive Framework for Decision-Making and Resource Allocation through an Analytic Hierarchy Process

Securing IoT Devices Against Emerging Security Threats: Challenges and Mitigation Techniques

The Effectiveness of DKIM and SPF in Strengthening Email Security

Employing Machine Learning Algorithms to Detect Stress with a Specific Emphasis on Commuting Methods

An independent audit of Electroconvulsive Therapy patient information leaflets in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales

Keep Quiet: Unheard Voices of Domestic Workers in Nigeria

The need for antidepressant withdrawal support services: recommendations from 708 patients

MIMO Virtual Array Design for mmWave 4D-Imaging Radar Sensors

Waveform Design for 4D-Imaging mmWave PMCW MIMO Radars with Spectrum Compatibility

CSI-Based Human Activity Recognition Using Multi-Input Multi-Output Autoencoder and Fine-Tuning

Employee Voice in the Global South: Insights from Asia, Africa and South America

Development of Low-Carbon Lightweight Concrete Using Pumice as Aggregate and Cement Replacement

Challenging the Concept of Sustainability to Perform Global Actions: Rotterdam as a Case Study

Teachers’ Continuous Professional Development CPD in Algeria and England: A Comparative Study of MFL Teachers in Medea and London

Microplastic pollution in the estuarine and river environment of the River Thames, UK

A Review of Fibre Reinforced Polymer Bridges

La gestion de classe à la HEP-VS, au fait, c’est quoi?

Développer les compétences émotionnelles chez les adolescent·es à l’école

A Review of Workplace Gossip: The Development of a Process Model for Studying Workplace Gossip

2022 Civic Data Innovation Challenge: Relationship Portfolio Mapping

A New Lens on Improving Physical Health with Psychological Interventions: A Systematic Review

Using theatre as a data collection tool in menstrual health research in rural India

Return of the Tbx5; lineage-tracing reveals ventricular cardiomyocyte-like precursors in the injured adult mammalian heart

Re-evaluating Turkey’s global relationships and its shift toward the South-East Asian region

The Marsh

Zonal jets in the Southern Ocean: a semi-analytical model based on scale separation

Simple and effective method for the extraction of silymarin from Silybum marianum (L.) gaertner seeds

Athlete experiences of mental health disclosure and help seeking behaviour in amateur and professional basketball

The Autistic Experience of Exercising within Nature-Based Environments: An Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis

Exploring Diverse Adolescents & Youth Education Across the Displacement Linear: Education in Emergencies (EiE) Experiences and Colonial Entanglements

Essays in High Frequency Trading and Market Structure

Who is a coach and who is a coaching psychologist? Professionalising coaching psychology in the United Kingdom

Postactivation Potentiation for Muay Thai Kicking Performance

Heritage in a Van: The Paradox of Intangibility

The role of rehearsal and reminding in the recall of categorized word lists

Decision Making by Applying Machine Learning Techniques to Mitigate Spam SMS Attacks


Advances in Gender Equity in British Policing

Machine Learning based Cryptocurrency Price Prediction using historical data and Social Media Sentiment

Determinants of Foreign-Direct-Investment (FDI) in Nigeria

“The great source” microplastic abundance and characteristics along the river Thames

Management accounting system: Insights from the decision making theories

Genome architecture and diverged selection shaping pattern of genomic differentiation in wild barley

Online group coaching: the experience of postgraduate students during the COVID-19 pandemic

Personalised learning pedagogies and the impact of student progression and retention

A Duoethnographic Study of Power and Privilege in the Psychotherapeutic Space: Dialogical Research as Professional Development

A Pedagogy of Vulnerability: its Relevance to Diversity Teaching and ‘Humanising’ Higher Education

Labour silence on abuse uncovered in reports

On the economic impact of information security announcements: an event study analysis

Working together: NGOs, academics, practitioners and researchers

TEDD: a database of temporal gene expression patterns during multiple developmental periods in human and model organisms

Integrative omics identifies conserved and pathogen-specific responses of sepsis-causing bacteria

Predators Far and Near: The Sadean Gothic in Penny Dreadful

South Asian Women's Cinema: Between Festivals and Streaming

Commentary on ‘‘Information flow and dynamic functional connectivity during electroconvulsive therapy in patients with depression"

Using multimedia technology to enhance self-advocacy of people with intellectual disabilities: Introducing a theoretical framework for ‘Multimedia Advocacy’

Ukraine, Multipolarity and the Crisis of Grand Strategies

Ukraine, Europe, and the re-routing of Globalization

A screen actor prepares: Self-taping by reversing Stanislavsky’s Method of Physical Actions

Impact learning: A learning method from feature’s impact and competition

Short Utterance Dialogue Act Classification Using a Transformer Ensemble

An integrated process for planning, delivery, and stewardship of urban nature-based solutions: the Connecting Nature Framework

Data sharing for business model innovation in platform ecosystems: From private data to public good

Pressure, Threat, and Fear in the Classroom: Pupils' and Teachers' Perceptions of Soft Failure in an 11+ Context

The Entrepreneurial University: Traditional and Contemporary Roles of the University

University Spinoffs and Technology Commercialisation

Ethics in Education and the Development of Coaches

Academic Entrepreneurship: Promoting Economic and Societal Developments

Academic Entrepreneurship in Nigeria: A Book of Reading

Economic Drivers of Turkey’s Foreign Policy and the Issue of “Strategic Autonomy” (Sub-Imperialism)

Caregiver Perceptions of Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disabilities in New Delhi, India

What happened to domestic programmes? The intriguing case of Islamic Relief Worldwide

Everyday (Re)bordering

Cough syrup can harm children: experts warn of contamination risks

Common health assets protocol: a mixed-methods, realist evaluation and economic appraisal of how community-led organisations (CLOs) impact on the health and well-being of people living in deprived areas

Antileprotic drugs

Antitubercular drugs

Worker and workplace Artificial Intelligence (AI) coexistence: Emerging themes and research agenda

Designing withdrawal support services for antidepressant users: patients’ views on existing services and what they really need

Low Power Analog Processing for Ultra-High-Speed Receivers with RF Correlation

Immunomodulatory Effect of Minocycline on Macrophage Phenotype and Function

Drivers of Sustainable Business Model Innovations: An Upper Echelon Theory Perspective

Conclusion: Epistolary Poethics and Agonistic Politics

An Innovative Approach Based on Machine Learning to Evaluate the Risk Factors Importance in Diagnosing Keratoconus

Researching Development NGOs: Global and Grassroots Perspectives

Epistolary Narratives of Love, Gender and Agonistic Politics: An Arendtian Approach

Modelling language for cyber security incident handling for critical infrastructures

Recent advances in MXene composites research, applications and opportunities

New Deal for Young People Mentoring Research Report

Frontiers in blue-green infrastructure

Green roofs

Archiving Displacement and Identities: Recording Struggles of the Displaced Re/making Home in Britain

A Comparative Study of the Work-Life Balance Experiences and Coping Mechanisms of the Nigerian and British Single Student-Working Mothers

Impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on microplastic abundance along the River Thames

Evaluation of deep learning models for classification of asphalt pavement distresses

Deception Detection in Conversations using the Proximity of Linguistic Markers

A Qualitative Investigation into How the Practice of Coaching Impacts Students and Coaches in a Bahraini Context

Digital community assets: Investigating the impact of online engagement with arts and peer support groups on mental health during COVID-19

Cooling is hotting up in the UK

“A Little Superpower That I Know is There”: Exploring the Meaning and Role of Prāṇāyāma in the Wellbeing of Adults in Mid-life

Radiolabelling of Polyclonally Expanded Human Regulatory T Cells (Treg) with ⁸⁹Zr-oxine for Medium-Term In Vivo Cell Tracking

The Impact of Participatory Budgeting on Health and Well-Being: A Qualitative Case Study of a Deprived Community in London

Bad apples spoiling the metaphor? How and why self-serving leaders stir up counterproductive behaviors at work

Bordering seafarers at sea and onshore

An evolution of global and regional banking networks: A focus on Japanese banks’ international expansion

Antidepressants and suicide: 7,829 inquests in England and Wales, 2003-2020

Theorizing the relationship between the digital economy and firm productivity: The idiosyncrasies of firm-specific contexts

Messing up research: A dialogical account of gender, reflexivity, and governance in auto-ethnography

Inhibition of thrombin on endothelium enhances recruitment of regulatory T cells during IRI and when combined with adoptive Treg transfer, significantly protects against acute tissue injury and prolongs allograft survival

Therapeutic work with clients living in poverty

De-medicalising public mental health with the Power Threat Meaning Framework

Exploring the Experiences of Coaches Working on the Edge: Trauma, Posttraumatic Growth, and Coaching

Adventure, Posttraumatic Growth, and Wisdom

Employment Discrimination against Indigenous People with Tribal Marks in Nigeria: The Painful face of Stigma

Comparative Analysis of Tick-Borne Relapsing Fever Spirochaetes from Ethiopia and Nigeria

Applying a framework for critical reflection in educational psychology practice: views of trainee educational psychologists

An agenda for creative practice in the new mobilities paradigm

Global mental health and climate change: A geo-psychiatry perspectiv

Editorial to the special issue on ”Asian Powers in the Eastern Mediterranean”

Complicity, trauma, love: an exploration of the experiences of LGBTQIA+ members from physical education spaces

Coxiella burnetii

Critical Theory and International Relations: Knowledge, Power and Practice

Lost for Words: Difficult Conversations about Ethics, Reflexivity, and Research Governance

Book Review: The Lab Book: Situated Practice in Media Studies

A real-time fingerprint-based indoor positioning using deep learning and preceding states

Playing for Resilience in a Pandemic; Exploring the Role of an Online Board Game in Recognising Resources

Digital Onboarding and Employee Outcomes: Empirical Evidence from the UK

Life satisfaction in Europe and Iran: the role of self-esteem, gender identification and ambivalent sexism

Time for hard choices: A new global order for mental health

A national school-based screening program for mental health problems among children aged 6 to 12 years in Iran: scale development and psychometric evaluation

East End Jam: A Multi-Sensory Urban Foraging Artwork

‘Trap Life’: The psychosocial underpinnings of street crime in inner-city London

Leveraging Administrative Data to Better Understand and Address Child Maltreatment: A Scoping Review of Data Linkage Studies

Innovation Across Cultures: Connecting Leadership, Identification, and Creative Behavior in Organizations

Mental Health of Iranian College Students in a Nationally Representative Sample of over 74,500 Individuals: Scale Development and Standardization

Vitalist Picasso: Bergson's “Psychic States”, Phantasmatic Luminescence and Occultist Cubism

Vitalist Modernism: Art, Science, Energy and Creative Evolution

Towards a framework for flourishing through social media: a systematic review of 118 research studies

Growing up bilingual: language proficiency, social identities and competences of complementary school-attendees and non-attendees in the UK

Enactors or reactors? Work-life border management for women in law in Nigeria

The far right, the mainstream and mainstreaming: towards a heuristic framework

Sense of self, depression and adaption to grief, in emerging adults who suffered parental loss

The Hindi Horror Film

What are the views and experiences of autistic teachers? Findings from an online survey in the UK

Attitudes to Fake News Verification: Youth Orientations to ‘Right Click’ Authenticate

Antigone re-imagined: uprooted women’s political narratives

Critical pedagogies for community building: Challenging ableism in higher education physical education in the United States

The value of ambivalent emotions: a cross-cultural lexical analysis

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