Hybrid Transfer Learning and Support Vector Machine Models for Asphalt Pavement Distress Classification

If you give them the chance, they will thrive: exploring literacy development through the arts in early childhood education

Review on Sampling Methods and Health Impacts of Fine (PM₂.₅, ≤2.5 µm) and Ultrafine (UFP, PM₀.₁, ≤0.1 µm) Particles

AI-Enhanced Prediction of Multi Organ Failure in COVID-19 Patients

A Graph-Based Method for Identity Resolution to Assist Police Force Investigative Process

An exploration of factors influencing variations in digital technology adoption by small and medium enterprises (SMEs)

Artificial intelligence potential for net zero sustainability: Current evidence and prospects

Analysing an Imbalanced Stroke Prediction Dataset Using Machine Learning Techniques

Roadmap to a net-zero carbon cement sector: Strategies, innovations and policy imperatives

Discipline and Erasure: Women Architects and the Making of Architecture as 'Discipline'

Using Archives to Educate for Feminist Architectural Praxis

Advancements and applications of Artificial Intelligence in cardiology: Current trends and future prospects

Harnessing the potential of African youth for transforming health research in Africa

Temporalities of peer support: the role of digital platforms in the ‘living presents’ of mental ill-health

Enhancing mental health with Artificial Intelligence: Current trends and future prospects

Emerging challenges in innate immunity: Staphylococcus aureus and healthcare-associated infection

Artificial intelligence in healthcare delivery: Prospects and pitfalls

Combined Effect of Multistage Processing and Treatment Methods on the Physical, Chemical, and Microstructure Properties of Recycled Concrete Aggregates

A real-world exploration into clinical outcomes of direct oral anticoagulant therapy in people with chronic kidney disease: a large hospital-based study

Artificial intelligence and the orthopaedic surgeon: A review of the literature and potential applications for future practice: Current concepts

Enhanced Arabic disaster data classification using domain adaptation

Positive time use: a missing link between time perspective, time management, and well-being

Telemedicine as a tool to prevent multi-drug resistant tuberculosis in poor resource settings: Lessons from Nigeria

Proposing Thematic Mapping for Integrated Risk Communication: A study of British & Japanese perspectives in flood-prone communities

A Princess of Science? Becoming the first Woman Professor in Mathematics in Modern Europe

Strengthening economic cooperation: Cooperative economics theory may have the answers

Africa’s Blue Economy: What Role for Social Sustainability?

Cultural Predictors of Facial Ethnicity Preference in the Miskitu and Mestizos of Rural Nicaragua

Repurposing rapid diagnostic tests to detect falsified vaccines in supply chains

In-silico and in-vivo comparative evaluation of the cardioprotective potential of Yellow turmeric and White turmeric in Mn-induced cardiac oxidative stress

Barriers and Enablers for Industry 4.0 in SMEs: A Combined Integration Framework

Race and the space in between: Practitioner reflections on anti-racist practice in one Froebelian early years setting

Closing the diagnostic gap: Liquid biopsy potential to transform ovarian cancer outcomes in sub-Saharan Africa

Multi-site benchmark classification of major depressive disorder using machine learning on cortical and subcortical measures

Determinants of Contraceptive Options among Postpartum Women Attending Selected Health Care Facilities in Nigeria: A Cross-Sectional Study

Mixed debris interaction with obstacle array under extreme flood conditions

Three Criminals in Police uniform: reflections on radical feminist insight to challenge misogyny in policing

The Nature of Italian Populism

An Internal Stakeholder Approach to the Evaluation of Ethical Behaviour in a Scoal Enterprise Hotel

Demand for computer chips fuelled by AI could reshape global politics and security

AI may develop a huge carbon footprint, but it could also be a critical ally in the fight against climate change

Branding fashion through gameplay: the branded gaming and the cool dynamics in the fashion markets. A game-theory approach

Introducing and validating a single-item measure of identity leadership: The visual identity leadership scale (VILS)

Intended or unintended strategy? The activities of middle managers in strategy implementation

Annual Research Review: ‘There, the dance is – at the still point of the turning world’ – dynamic systems perspectives on coregulation and dysregulation during early development

Elevating metaverse virtual reality experiences through network-integrated neuro-fuzzy emotion recognition and adaptive content generation algorithms

Digitally mediated psychotherapy: Intimacy, distance, and connection in virtual therapeutic spaces

Integrating communities’ perspectives in understanding disaster risk

A balanced work-life relationship helps boost employee performance

Tales of the unexpected: The lives and experiences of working-class academics

Insight into Quiet Quitting

Mechanical and hygrothermal properties of hemp-silica bio-composites

Gender inequality in Japan: analyzing preliminary findings from a US investment bank

The Attitudes of Counselling Psychologist Trainees (CPTs) on Integrating Neuroscience into Counselling Psychology (CoP)

Effect of Iron Ore and Copper Ore Tailings on Engineering Properties and Hydration Products of Sustainable Cement Mortar

Blockchain, InsurTech, and Smart Contracts: A Review of Compliance and Digital Shifts

Cement-based solidification of nuclear waste: Mechanisms, formulations and regulatory considerations

Fragments of Thought: Considering Sophie Germain’s process epistemology

The experience of self-harming behaviours that inflict external injuries to the body in UK-based Bangladeshi, Indian and Pakistani women: a literature review

Synergy of Hydration and Microstructural Properties of Sustainable Cement Mortar Supplemented with Industrial By-Products

Circular Economy, Open Innovation, and Green Innovation: Empirical Evidence From Prefecture-Level Cities in China

A Frequency Bin Analysis of Distinctive Ranges Between Human and Deepfake Generated Voices

How Does Supply Chain Transparency Influence Idiosyncratic Risk in Newly Public Firms: The Moderating Role of Firm Digitalization

“Queering” Soho: Contesting the borders of normative space in the neoliberal city

A review of fracture propagation in concrete: fundamentals, experimental techniques, modelling and applications

Decarbonising cement and concrete production: Strategies, challenges and pathways for sustainable development

Active afforestation of drained peatlands is not a viable option under the EU Nature Restoration Law

Blanket bogs exhibit significant alterations to physical properties as a result of temporary track removal or abandonment

The nature and impact of antidepressant withdrawal symptoms and proposal of the Discriminatory Antidepressant Withdrawal Symptoms Scale (DAWSS)

Exploiting Cation Structure and Water Content in Modulating the Acidity of Ammonium Hydrogen Sulfate Protic Ionic Liquids

An AI Powered System to Detect Autism Spectrum Disorder in Toddlers

Lord’s Resistance Army: ICC awards reparations to victims of commander Dominic Ongwen – what happens next

UK and US may recognise state of Palestine after Gaza war – what this important step would mean

Consumer Behaviour and Digital Transformation

Sustainability on the Horizon? An investigation into Sustainable Banking Practices in an Emerging Economy

Evaluating tactics for public order policing: the case of Orgreave during the Miners' Strike of 1984

Development of bispecific antibody mimetics

Evaluation of delays in technical approval of UK Highways Act section 278 projects

The corporatisation and financialisation of social reproduction: care homes and childcare in the UK

An empirical analysis on whether China’s infrastructure lending is a debt trap for Africa

Forming a Young Advisory Group for Natural England's Children's People and Nature Survery (C-PaNS)

Efficiently Improving the Wi-Fi-Based Human Activity Recognition, Using Auditory Features, Autoencoders, and Fine-Tuning

Feminist Judgments at the International Criminal Court: The Case of Dominic Ongwen

Workshop report: Workshop on psychiatric prescribing and psychology testing and intervention in children and adults with Duchenne muscular dystrophy

Porn in the digital woods: a driver of children abusing children?

Predictive precision in battery recycling: unveiling lithium battery recycling potential through machine learning

Introduction to the Special Issue “Turkey, Asia, and the EU in a Changing Global Order”

‘The International Style’ multilingual three-dimensional grammar and hybrid designs

The role of FinTech in driving sustainability and inclusive practices in banking

How Culture and Legal Environment affect Classification Shifting? Global Evidence

Indoor environmental conditions of selected shopping malls in Nigeria: A comparative study of microclimatic conditions, noise levels, and microbial burdens

The perceived impact of counselling training on students' personal relationships

Language as power in the therapy room: A study of bilingual (Arabic–English) therapists' experiences

The Judicial Work of the Ecowas Community Court of Justice from 1 January 2022 to 31 January July 2023

Intention to Hack? Applying the Theory of Planned Behaviour to Youth Criminal Hacking

Letters, Gender and Mathematics: a feminist genealogical approach

An artificial intelligence approach to predicting personality types in dogs

Federated learning with hybrid differential privacy for secure and reliable cross-IoT platform knowledge sharing

The effects of high intensity interval training on quality of life: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

The rise of academic apprenticeships in the UK: how professionals experience the transition from industry to academia

Impact of Head Injury on Cognitive Functioning and Social Cognition in UK-based Female Rugby Players

The Impact of the Ketogenic Diet on Depression and Psychological Wellbeing: A Randomised Controlled Trial with Integrated Qualitative Analysis

Post-Activation Potentation of Trunk Rotational Movement on Punch Power Output in Amateur Bozers

Telehealth delivery of adapted CBT-I for insomnia in chronic pain patients: a single arm feasibility study

Geography and business models of global banks

International Banking in Global Perspective

The appeal of rural crime: the eye of the beholder

Policing and Investigating Criminal Activities by Gangs Using E-Bikes, E-Scooters and E-Motorcycles in the UK

Rubrics in higher education: an exploration of undergraduate students’ understanding and perspectives

Teaching a tough subject from a perspective of psychology

Blockchain-based Decentralised Application (DApp) towards Achieving a Hunger-Free World

Biochar-concrete: A comprehensive review of properties, production and sustainability

Thermal energy storage in concrete: A comprehensive review on fundamentals, technology and sustainability

‘I am struggling to survive’: Financial inequity in postgraduate teacher education in England

Europe, the World Economy and New Imperial Grossraums

“The Will to Survive”: The Lives of Young People with “No Papers” in the United Kingdom

Physical match demands across different playing positions during transitional play and high-pressure activities in elite soccer.

Does Silence have a place in Higher Education? Exploring the effectiveness of positive silence as an instrument of pedagogy.

Dyslexia and Comorbid Dyscalculia: rate of comorbidity and underlying cognitive and learning profile

Thermal Creep and Stress Relaxation of London Clay


Work-Life Balance: Does Leadership Matter?

Learn Programming with C: An Easy Step-by-Step Self-Practice Book for Learning C

The Human Affectome

Prevalence of metabolic syndrome among Vietnamese adult employees

Deep learning with image-based autism spectrum disorder analysis: A systematic review

A reinforcement learning recommender system using bi-clustering and Markov Decision Process

Demystifying the Impact of Service Recovery Strategies: Evidence From Healthcare and Telecom Sectors

Political Leaders' Identity Leadership and Civic Citizenship Behavior: The Mediating Role of Trust in Fellow Citizens and the Moderating Role of Economic Inequality

Acceptability of home-based transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) in major depression: a qualitative analysis of individual experiences

Composing ‘Symmorphies’: The Music of the Planets in František Kupka’s Magnetic Modernism

Flamboyantly Gay, Jewish and Avant-Garde: Alfred Flechtheim’s Dealing with Transitional Aesthetics, Transsexualities and Antisemitism

The Body in British Art, Medicine, Science and Eugenics in the long Nineteenth Century

The African Continental Free Trade Area Agreement: The Development of a Rules-Based Trading Order

The Civic Republican Deficit in Africa and the Failure of Post-colonial Trade Arrangements

Driving customer engagement and citizenship behaviour in omnichannel retailing: evidence from the fashion sector

Understanding the competitiveness factors of Korean contractors in the international construction market

Mapping the link between socio-economic factors, autistic traits and mental health across different settings

Automatic scenario generation for efficient solution of robust optimal control problems

Psychological empowerment and creative performance: Mediating role of thriving and moderating role of competitive psychological climate

Athletic participation brings more job opportunities, true or false?

‘No evidence of harm’ implies no evidence of safety: Framing the lack of causal evidence in gambling advertising research

Research and Practice in the Professional Development of School-Based Teacher Educators: Comparative Insights from the International Forum for Teacher Educator Development (InFo-TED) 2021 SBTE Survey

Understanding the complexity of materials procurement in construction projects to build a conceptual framework influencing supply chain management of MSMEs

Original Scientific Research Study: An Investigation into the Physiological Profiles of Muay Thai and the Relationships to Striking Performances

Using mobile health technology to assess childhood autism in low-resource community settings in India: An innovation to address the detection gap

Aesthetic Labour Outcome and Experience of Individuals with Tribal Marks in Nigeria

Hidden in the archive of gender and science: The agonistics of knowledge and learning

A CSI-based Human Activity Recognition using Canny Edge Detector

The Continuity of Othering in Feminist Methodology: Activist-Scholar and the Insider/Outsider Dynamics

Forecasting Bitcoin Prices in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic Using Machine Learning Approaches

Palestinian Refugee Women From Syria to Jordan: Gender, Displacement and Geopolitics of Anti-Palestinianism

Decolonizing feminist theories and mapping surging feminist knowledges

Digital tools for direct assessment of autism risk during early childhood: A systematic review

Attention control in autism: Eye-tracking findings from pre-school children in a low- and middle-income country setting

Differences Amongst Estimates of the UK Problem Gambling Prevalence Rate Are Partly Due to a Methodological Artefact