Effect of Mindfulness Meditation on Brain-Computer Interface Performance

Seismic response of steel fibre reinforced concrete beam-column joints

Effect of mindfulness meditation on brain–computer interface performance

Cloud Solutions and Market Analysis in the Nordic Countries

Technical Communication in Complex Product-Development Activities: Towards A Sustainable Competitive Advantage Perspective

Supply Chain Information Flow Integration: A Proposed Optimal Approach

ERP SaaS value chain: a proposed SaaS model for manufacturing SCM networked activities

Primary Schoolchildren’s Experiences of Participatory Theatre in a Heritage Site

A Qualitative Study of Experiences of Digital Technology Through Using an Ipad in Therapy

The development and initial validation of The Cognitive Fusion Questionnaire

How value–glamour investors use financial information: UK evidence of investors’ confirmation bias

Policy Report 2: Predictors of Unemployment of PhD Graduates in Social Sciences and Humanities

Flexible robotic device for spinal surgery



Changes in health outcomes in diabetic and pre-diabetic patients in the Newham Community Prescribing pilot project: analysis of pre and post data

The impacts of new CEOs' psychological factors on post-succession strategic change

Childcare markets in an age of austerity

Technical issues that affect the use of retrofit panel thermal shutters in commercial buildings

Offsite construction, a potential answer to the Iranian housing shortages

Mitigating the Risks of Offsite Manufacturing through the Application of BIM

Guest Editorial Preface: Special Issue on Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Housing

Daylighting and solar shading performances of an innovative automated reflective louvre system

Effects of Manual and Automatic Natural Ventilation Control Strategies on Thermal Comfort, Indoor Air Quality and Energy Consumption

Assessing the Risks of Dampness and Mould Growth in Renovated Properties

The power of words: CEOs' psychological factors and CEO turnover types

Research in Teacher Education: Volume 4, No.2, October 2014


Research in Teacher Education: Volume 4, No.1, April 2014

The RIX Wiki Software

Comment: Sochi 2014 - Domicide and the Olympics

Fictitious Capital: London and the Financial Imagination

What Is A Magazine?

Static behaviour of functionally graded sandwich beams using a quasi-3D theory

Structural stability studies of graphene in sintered ceramic nanocomposites

A quasi-3D theory for vibration and buckling of functionally graded sandwich beams

Determining sustainable design management using passive design elements for a zero emission house during the schematic design

Safety and security: The influence of 9/11 to the EU framework for air carriers and aircraft operators

The Economy of West African Dance in Italy

The Biennale 2008 Did Not Take Place

Moisture-induced strength degradation of aggregate–asphalt mastic bonds

Observation of reversible moisture damage in asphalt mixtures

Rajiv Aarogyasri Community Health Insurance Scheme evaluation survey

ROAR Statistics 2008-2013

The Border Crossing

Cycling Cultures in a Mass Motorised Society

not reconciled

My Private Life

For the past yet to come: Utopian conceptions of time and becoming

Cultural nationalism: a review and annotated bibliography

An examination of Chelmsford’s Night Time Economy: A report for the Safer Chelmsford Partnership commissioned through Chelmsford City Council June 2014

Alienation and Digital Labour—A Depth-Hermeneutic Inquiry into Online Commodification and the Unconscious

European democratic politics in crisis?

Standardisation of a mental skills scale in South Africa and the United Kingdom

Neurophysiologic, psychological, sport and health dimensions of three meditation techniques

Two Films About Loneliness

Causal links between external contingencies of self-worth and mindfulness

Topology and mental distress: Self-care in the life spaces of home

Towards a new hospital architecture: an exploration of the relationship between hospital space and technology

The Neo-Liberalisation Policy Agenda and its Consequences for Education in England: A Focus on Resistance Now and Possibilities for the Future

Social media and the co-production of bodies online: Bergson, Serres and Facebook's Timeline

Austerity/Immiseration Capitalism and Islamophobia — Or Twenty-First-Century Multicultural Socialism?

Modulation of pain threshold by virtual body ownership

My Enemies Must Be Friends: The American Extreme-Right, Conspiracy Theory, Islam, and the Middle East

I. Recognition & reflexivity: Editorial introduction to the Special Feature

Stability of Breakwater Armor Units against Tsunami Attacks

Comment on Peckham: contagion-epidemiological models and financial crises

Fibroblast growth stimulation, DPPH antioxidant assay and antimicrobial activities of Funtumia elastica (Preuss) Stapf (Apocynaceae) leaf extracts

From Big Data to Argument Analysis and Automated Extraction: A Selective Study of Argument in the Philosophy of Animal Psychology from the Volumes of the Hathi Trust Collection

Source-Reconstruction of Event-Related Fields Reveals Hyperfunction and Hypofunction of Cortical Circuits in Antipsychotic-Naive, First-Episode Schizophrenia Patients during Mooney Face Processing

Book reviews

Cytomegalovirus infection modulates the phenotype and functional profile of the T-cell immune response to mycobacterial antigens in older life

Belonging to oneself alone: The spirit of neoliberalism

Civilisation and the Domination of the Animal

Psychology and the Refugee Experience

Measuring state de-familialism: Contesting post-socialist exceptionalism

Contextualizing Flow in Games

Embodying limb absence in the search for sexual intimacy

Independent thinkers and learners: a critical evaluation of the ‘Growing Together Schools Programme’

Spectral-360: A Physics-Based Technique for Change Detection

Functionally Optimized Orthoses for Early Rheumatoid Arthritis Foot Disease: A Study of Mechanisms and Patient Experience

Critical Socio-Cultural Elements of the Intercultural Endeavour of English Teaching in Colombian Rural Areas

Co-producing early years policy in England under the Coalition Government

Emotional Responses to Disfigured Faces: The Influences of Perceived Anonymity, Empathy, and Disgust Sensitivity

Peat Bog Ecosystems: Weathering, Erosion and Mass Movement of Blanket Bog

Peat Bog Ecosystems: Structure, Form, State and Condition

Peat Bog Ecosystems: Peat Bogs, Climate and Climate Change

Peat Bog Ecosystems: Key Definitions

Peat Bog Ecosystems: Impacts of Artificial Drainage on Peatlands

Peat Bog Ecosystems: Grazing and Trampling

Peat Bog Ecosystems: Ecological Impacts of Forestry on Peatlands

Peat Bog Ecosystems: Domestic peat extraction

Peat Bog Ecosystems: Commercial peat extraction

Peat Bog Ecosystems: Burning

First versus second generation electronic cigarettes: predictors of choice and effects on urge to smoke and withdrawal symptoms

Understanding Reading Comprehension: Processes and Practices

Throwaway History: Brand Ephemera and Consumer Culture

Non-holistic coding of objects in lateral occipital complex with and without attention


Fostering learner independence through heuristic scaffolding: A valuable role for teaching assistants

The Undream

Nonlinear Stability Prediction of Multibit Delta-Sigma Modulators for Sinusoidal Inputs

Collaboration and contestation in further and higher education partnerships in England: a Bourdieusian field analysis

Developmental Antecedents of Proactive and Reactive Rebelliousness: The Role of Parenting Style, Childhood Adversity, and Attachment

Well London Phase-1: results among adults of a cluster-randomised trial of a community engagement approach to improving health behaviours and mental well-being in deprived inner-city neighbourhoods

Number-space associations in synaesthesia are not influenced by finger-counting habits

Acute electronic cigarette use: nicotine delivery and subjective effects in regular users

MDMA and heightened cortisol: a neurohormonal perspective on the pregnancy outcomes of mothers used ‘Ecstasy’ during pregnancy

Barking Riverside Green Roof Experiment: Phase 2

ROAR 2013 review

Multicultural or cosmopolitan?

imagining and living the revolution: an Arendtian reading of Rosa Luxemburg’s letters and writings

Conversion of salvianolic acid B into salvianolic acid A in tissues of Radix Salviae Miltiorrhizae using high temperature, high pressure and high humidity

Critical Infrastructure Failure and Mass Population Response: what is the nature of collaboration in this field? Sandcastle report

‘Not everything that the bourgeois world created is bad’: aesthetics and politics in women workers' education

Democratic Access or Privileged Exclusion: Preserving (and Listening!) to the Voice(s) of the Refugee, within the Archival Record of the Nation-State

Face-specific capacity limits under perceptual load do not depend on holistic processing


Local voices in internationalised justice: The experience of civil parties at the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia

‘I was never much good at writing’: trainee teachers’ attributions in writing

Action research – questioning techniques in the FE sector: a qualitative study

Early years education: are young students intrinsically or extrinsically motivated towards school activities? A discussion about the effects of rewards on young children’s learning

Computer programming, ICT and gender in the classroom: a male-dominated domain or a female preserve?

Considering cross-phase peer mentoring in ITE: what can each party bring to the table?

Barriers and motivators to attaining a school-based MA in Education: a case study

The role of practical experience: toward an ITE signature pedagogy

Evoking the sublime: Absence and presence in live electroacoustic performance

The role of childhood social position in adult type 2 diabetes: evidence from the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing

'Well London' and the benefits of participation: results of a qualitative study nested in a cluster randomised trial

Changes in addressing inequalities in access to hospital care in Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra states of India: a difference-in-differences study using repeated cross-sectional surveys

The Best Laid Plans: Access to the Rajiv Aarogyasri community health insurance scheme of Andhra Pradesh

The ‘state of exception’ and disaster education: a multilevel conceptual framework with implications for social justice

The effect of arm training on thermoregulatory responses and calf volume during upper body exercise

Phytotherapy for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome: A review of the literature and evaluation of practitioners’ experiences

The placebo and nocebo effects on peak minute power during incremental arm crank ergometry

Racialised norms in apprenticeship systems in England and Germany

Cochrane Corner: Thyroid hormone replacement does not improve subclinical hypothyroidism (Note)

Measures of exposure to the Well London Phase-1 intervention and their association with health well-being and social outcomes

'A kinder sort of contract': A research study with the Migrants Resource Centre in London looking at holistic service provision

21st Century London Outcasts: Welfare Reforms and Their Impacts on Refugee Families living in London

Valuing Complex Third Sector Organisations

Young people’s transitions in London and temporal orientations of agency

Critical cartography as anarchist pedagogy? Ideas for praxis inspired by the 56a infoshop map archive

LLand Grab, Climate Change and Human Rights

Protecting Community Lands and Natural Resources

The landgrabbers: the new fight over who owns the earth

MappingForRights: An initiative of the RFUK and his partners in the Congo basin

Land grabbing, Land Rights and Human Rights: (Re) Setting the Agenda

‘Land Rights are Human Rights’: The case for a Specific Right to Land?

Litigating Land Rights for Minorities and Indigenous Peoples:Successes and Challenges

Explaining levels of wellbeing in Black and Minority Ethnic populations in England

Targeting of viral interleukin-10 with an antibody fragment specific to damaged arthritic cartilage improves its therapeutic potency

The LIFE Model: A Meta-Theoretical Conceptual Map for Applied Positive Psychology

A Qualitative Analysis of Experiential Challenges Associated with Meditation Practice

A religion of wellbeing? The appeal of Buddhism to men in London, United Kingdom.

From Aberfan to the ‘Canvey Factor’: schools, children and industrial disasters

Psychometric properties and confirmatory factor analysis of the CASP-19, a measure of quality of life in early old age: the HAPIEE study

Social Anxiety and Heavy Situational Drinking: Coping and Conformity Motives as Multiple Mediators

Millenial Motivation to NOWING® - How can Millenials develop motivations to be fully present in their early adulthood?

Fight for Peace Academies in Rio and London - assessing their progress and impact

Food Banks in East London: Growth by Stealth and Marginalisation by the State

Making policy better: remembrance of things past

The exposure of students to ‘payday’ lenders; challenging predatory lending and developing alternative solutions

An evaluation of the New Choices for Youth Right Here Project in Newham Sixth Form College

A Semantic Rule-based Approach Supported by Process Mining for Personalised Adaptive Learning

Frequent Pattern Mining Algorithms for Finding Associated Frequent Patterns for Data Streams: A Survey

Gender differences and age-specific associations between Body Mass Index and other cardiovascular risk factors in CMV infected and uninfected people

Characterization of GABAB-receptor mediated neurotransmission in the human cortex by paired-pulse TMS–EEG

How different are the visual representations used for object recognition in middle childhood and adulthood?

Pilot study investigating the utility of a specialized online symptom management program for individuals with myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome as compared to an online meditation program

Comparability of accelerometer- and IPAQ-derived physical activity and sedentary time in South Asian women: A cross-sectional study

Early childhood education and care and poverty: Working paper prepared for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Psychosocial factors involved in memory and cognitive failures in people with myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome

Communication and interpretation of emotional distress within the friendships of young Irish men prior to suicide: a qualitative study

Introduction: Gender and Scottish Enlightenment Culture

High Prevalence of Rickettsia africae Variants in Amblyomma variegatum Ticks from Domestic Mammals in Rural Western Kenya: Implications for Human Health

Basic psychological need satisfaction from the perspective of permanently excluded children and young people: An exploratory study

Evaluation of the Planning and Implementation of NHS Local Improvement Finance Trust (LIFT) in East London

Memory, Place and Subjectivity: Experiments in Independent Documentary Filmmaking

Review of policies and interventions for low-income families with young children

Culture, Politics and Global Mental Health

Experience Of Distress And Use Of Psychological Therapy: Perspectives From Users Of An IAPT Service

Exploring parents’ and children’s perceptions of nurture groups and the ways in which they impact upon parent-child relationships

Increasing mental health capacity in a post-conflict country through effective professional volunteer partnerships: A series of case studies with government agencies, local NGOs and the diaspora community

Globalization, culture and mental health [Editorial]

Live Client Clinics: Bridging the Gap

A Foucauldian-Informed Analysis of the ways in which families in London construct their understanding of the August 2011 riots

A Foucauldian Analysis of ‘Troubled Families’

How Psychiatrists Talk About the Relationship Between Trauma and Psychosis

An Exploration of Nurture Groups in Secondary Schools: How They are Working in One Large Shire County in the South-East of England

Microphones in a Landscape: Sound, Place And the Ecological Model of Perception

The Constructions of Risk by Mental Health Professionals Working in a Low and Medium Secure Forensic Service

An Exploration of Designated Teachers’ Perceptions of the Role of Educational Psychologists in Supporting Looked After Children

Executive Function Deficits in HIV-Associated Neurocognitive Decline

“Opening Up”: How is Positive Change Made Possible for Gang-Involved Adolescents In Contact with a Mental Health Charity?

Bermudian Educators' Perceptions of the Roles and Functions of School Psychologists

Satisfaction in Long-Term Heterosexual Relationships: An Exploration of Discourse and Lived Experience

Development of methodologies for researching online: the case of food blogs


Hydrodynamic investigation of fluvial sediment transport with Soil Protrusion Apparatus (SPA)

A new reform in teacher education? A historical perspective on recent developments in teacher education in Germany – the case of North Rhine-Westphalia

Embedding Information and Communication Technology across the curriculum – where are we at?

If you can name it you can claim it: redefining youth work

The appropriation of the professionalisation agenda in teacher education

Recognising self-esteem in our pupils: how do we define and manage it?

Book Reviews [ October 2014]

Physical Education assessment from 2014: assessing without limits

Developing trainee teachers’ understanding of representations of diversity in children’s picture books: did initial teacher training learning impact on Newly Qualified Teachers’ practice?

Open Access Policy

The potential therapeutic value of therapist stuckness in systemic practice

Beyond Figuration and Narration: Deleuzian approaches to Gwen John's paintings

Narrative Personae and Visual Signs: Reading Leonard’s intimate photo-memoir. a/b: Auto/Biography Studies.

The Effect of Megaevents on the Educational Environment: Perceptions of London 2012

Counsellor-Client Ethnic Difference: The Therapeutic Process, Relationship And Competence

Emirati Students In The UK: Cultural Identity Transformation

Identity, Belonging and Political Activism in The Sri Lankan Communities in Germany

Exploring Therapists’ Understandings of Childhood Sexual Abuse and the Impact of this on their Practice with Adult ‘Survivors’: A Discursively Informed Thematic Analysis.

Allied Health Professionals’ Roles and Boundaries in the “New” NHS

Secondary School Exclusions: Young people’s experiences of support

The autobiographical you: letters in the gendered politics of the labour movement.

Enhancing School-based Careers Work for Years 7-9

Development of a Novel Vaccine Delivery Platform Using Probiotic Yeasts

Product placement in the UK: Media Promotion & Product Integration Project

Therapists’ experiences of the therapeutic alliance with clients with drug problems: An interpretative phenomenological analysis

Enterprise Adoption Oriented Cloud Computing Performance Optimization

Stories of professional care: Narrative analysis of accounts from people with dementia

How do young people developing minority sexual identities construct ‘sexual identity’?

A study of the relationship between transliminality and interpersonal difficulties: Is the severity of interpersonal difficulties related to sensitivity to unconscious psychological material?

The missing link – the role of primary care in global health

Using hypnosis to disrupt face processing: mirrored-self misidentification delusion and different visual media

Not all synesthetes are alike: spatial vs. visual dimensions of sequence-space synesthesia

Synesthesia: an introduction

A Novel Cytomegalovirus-Induced Regulatory-Type T-Cell Subset Increases in Size During Older Life and Links Virus-Specific Immunity to Vascular Pathology

Psychosocial factors involved in memory and cognitive failures in people with myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome

Pilot study investigating the utility of a specialized online symptom management program for individuals with myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome as compared to an online meditation program

Functional Heterologous Protein Expression by Genetically Engineered Probiotic Yeast Saccharomyces boulardii

Multi-voxel pattern analysis (MVPA) reveals abnormal fMRI activity in both the 'core' and 'extended' face network in congenital prosopagnosia

Objectively measured physical activity and sedentary time in south Asian women: a cross-sectional study

Narrating Moments of Political Change

Beyond narrative: The shape of traumatic testimony

An Expedition to the Snowy Peaks: An Exploration of the Antecedents for and Barriers Against Executive Level Career Achievement of Black Men in the UK

Maternal perspectives of disability: an interpretative analysis of mothers’ experiences of having a child with Dravet syndrome

Building underground and protected schools to survive nuclear war and desegregation in the 1960s

An Exploration of the Factors that Support a Successful Transition from Primary to Secondary School for Children with Social Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties: The Child’s Perspective

Adult Attachment and Coping Processes: the predictive effect of attachment style on behavioural and cognitive coping responses to a partner's infidelity

What a difference a state makes: health reform in Andhra Pradesh

Manipulating soil microbial communities in extensive green roof substrates

Neural effects of cognitive–behavioural therapy on dysfunctional attitudes in depression

Electrophysiological Correlates of Processing Unattended Objects in Visual Cognition

An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis of Punjabi Sikhs’ Experience of Caring for a Relative with Dementia

I Know You Can't See It But It Hurts : A Research Study into the Experiences of Young People, Their Parents and Healthcare Professionals, Who Live and Work with Medically Unexplained Physical Symptoms

An Exploration of the Relationship Between Socio-Economic Factors and Career Readiness in University Students in Lebanon

A Narrative Study Exploring Survivor/Service-User Professionals' Accounts of Sharing Personal Experiences at Work

The influence of social comparison on cognitive bias modification and emotional vulnerability.

The effect of autonomous and controlled motives on eating dysregulation: Implications for individuals classified as underweight, overweight or obese

The psychological impact of working in post conflict environments: a personal account of intersectional traumatisation

Intersectional traumatisation: The psychological impact of researching genocidal violence on researchers

Modelling of the relationships between Mobile Device Technologies (MDTs) and UK educational practices

Mobile Assemblages and Maendeleo in Rural Kenya: The Case of Marakwet

Somali male refugees: Perceptions of depression and help-seeking

The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Consumer Perception: A Case Study of Investigating on Turkish Consumer

What is the Impact of FDI in Albanian Economy?

Consumer Attitude and Subject Norm Influence towards Online Banking Behaviour: The Malaysian Context

ESG Disclosure, Corporate Governance and Firm Performance: Empirical evidence from UK, France, Germany, Japan and US markets 2008-2012.

The Risk Management Practices of Microfinance Banks in Nigeria

Depreciation of Currency and Its Impact on Stock Market Returns- The Case of Dollar Depreciation

The Forecast of Exchange Rates using Artificial Neural Networks, and their comparison to classic models

Sponsorship Management in Vietnam: Progression, Development, and Recommendation.

How does brand image influence purchase intention of the consumers in the UK clothing sector?

An examination of how the market entry decision influences the business ability to internationalise and survive in a foreign market (The case study of Diageo in African market)

A critical analysis of financial and business performance of cement industry Pakistan

The Effect of Global Financial Crisis on the Nigerian Economy

Corporate cash holdings: Determinants and implications from Vietnamese market

The Impact of Performance Appraisal on Employee Performance. A case study of first bank of Nigeria plc.

ESG in Focus : UK, France, Germany, China and Malaysia Evidence

Comparisons of Returns Between Randomly Chosen Portfolios from Indexes and Returns of Best Performing Equity Funds; Determining Whether Investors Should Pay Management Fees to Equity Funds’ Managers

A Review on the Impact of Globalisation on the Cocoa Industry in Nigeria

Training and Development in the Nigerian Public Sector: A Case Study of the Public Schools

Exploring Relationship Marketing in Nigerian Banking Industry. (A case study of Access Bank Nigeria Plc)

The Impact of the 2008 Global Financial Crises on Islamic Banking Institutions

Exchange Rate Risk and Impact on Foreign Trade

How Does the UK Stock Market React to Changes in Macroeconomic Variables?

What are the Factors that Influence the Application of Lessons Learned, and how does this Impact on Project Success or Failure?

Forecasting Foreign Exchange Rates with the use of Artificial Neural Networks/Learning Machines and comparison with Traditional Concepts and Linear Models

An exploratory study of consumers' attitude towards unethical corporate practices and the concept of consumer social responsibility

Staff Performance Management in the Nigerian Banking Industry: Focusing on Employees’ Appraisal System

The Relationship between Innovation Influence and Customer Loyalty: An Empirical Study of an Experience Economy Industry

Factors That Influence Brand Choice of Mobile Telephony in Nigeria.

Consumer Brand Relationship

Cosmetics brand switching among black women in UK

An evaluation of consumer perceptions and motivations towards luxury fashion brands – A case of consumers in London and Paris

Primary Teacher Education in England: Forty Years On

Putting the ‘app’ in Happiness: A Randomised Controlled Trial of a Smartphone-Based Mindfulness Intervention to Enhance Wellbeing

Assessing knowledge and attitudes towards addictions in medical residents of a general hospital

Differences in Physicians’ and Nurses’ Recent Suicide Attempts: An Exploratory Study

Audiovisual Abstractions

The Biography of Music Teachers, Their Understanding of Musicality and the Implications for Secondary Music Education

‘To me, it's like a little box of tricks’: Breaking the depressive interlock as a programme participant in mindfulness-based cognitive therapy

Understanding Hard to Reach Adolescents: A Bio-Psycho-Social Model of Aetiology, Presentation and Intervention

The Adoption and Adaptation of New Technologies: Online Newspapers in Lebanon between 2008 and 2014

Don’t shoot the messenger: an exploration of how professional networks struggle to receive, contain and process painful communications from and about adolescents in the care system

Pierre Bourdieu and the Early Luc Boltanski (1960–1975): Collective Ethos and Individual Difference

The PREDICTS database: a global database of how local terrestrial biodiversity responds to human impacts

A very gradual suppression: A history of Turkish opium controls, 1933-1974

Pluralism, Minor Deviations, and Radical Change: The Challenge to Experimental Music in Downtown New York, 1971–85

Streets for Cyborgs: The Electronic Flaneur and the Posthuman City

Impact of stroke: a functional, psychological report of an inner-city multiracial population

Social Anxiety: Personal Narratives on Journeys to Recovery

Repetitive Behavior in Rubinstein–Taybi Syndrome: Parallels with Autism Spectrum Phenomenology

Analysing Change: Complex Rather than Dialectical?

Liberation for Straw Dogs? Old Materialism, New Materialism, and the Challenge of an Emancipatory Posthumanism

Impact of Universal Health Insurance Coverage on Hypertension Management: A Cross-National Study in the United States and England

Service-users’ experiences of interpreters in psychological therapy: a pilot study

Evaluation of a School-Based Intervention to Promote Physical Activity and Sport among Young People Aged 11-13 in East London, UK

Modelling And Reasoning About Trust Relationships In The Development Of Trustworthy Information Systems

What is the Impact of Excessive Body Mass on the Biomechanical Walking Characteristics in 7 to 11 Year Old Children

Seismic Correction in the Wavelet Domain

Exploring embodied and located experience: Memory Work as a method for drug research.

Shear behaviour of steel-fibre-reinforced concrete simply supported beams

Statically-Indeterminate SFRC Columns under Cyclic Loads

Geospatial water quality assessment system for the Sg. Buloh river basin in Malaysia

Full-Scale Shaking Table Tests on a Substandard RC Building Repaired and Strengthened with Post-Tensioned Metal Straps

Hygric properties of hemp bio-insulations with differing compositions

The comparative in situ hygrothermal performance of Hemp and Stone Wool insulations in vapour open timber frame wall panels

Changing context, changing landscapes: a review of teacher education in Norway and England

A Retrospective Study of the Yo-Yo IE2 Test: Can It be Used to Differentiate Between Different Levels of Futsal Referees?

A Pilot Study of the Physiological Demands of Futsal Referees Engaged in International Friendly Matches

Who would be a Residential Child Care Worker?

How has the Diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome Impacted on the Educational Experiences of Young Men

Educational Psychologists’ Perceptions of Early Literacy Instruction, Assessment and Intervention. A Paradigm Shift in the Understanding of Beginning Literacy?

Looking behaviour and preference for artworks: The role of emotional valence and location

Peer Relationships Within The Recovery Journey: Perspectives Of Forensic Dual Diagnosis Clients

Autistic Functioning and Language Development

An Action Research Project to Explore and Develop Family Therapists’ Experiences of Using Systemic Art and Music Techniques in a CAMHS Setting

'So you want to be a manager?' To what extent does the recognition and understanding of 'Projective Processes' Play a useful part in the management of frontline social work practice- an in-depth study of a children and families

Race, Identity and the Transference/Countertransference: A Mixed –Race Patient and a Mixed-Race Therapist- A Single Case Study

A Study of Patients Referred Following an Episode of Self-harm, a Suicide Attempt, or in a Suicidal Crisis Using Routinely Collected Data

Understanding Experience and Constructing Identity in 'Spiritually Transformative' Accounts of 'Psychosis'

Memory, Re-enactment and Repair

Attention modulates adaptive motor learning in the ‘broken escalator’ paradigm

Does outstretching the arms improve postural stability?

Long-Term Effects from Bacterial Meningitis in Childhood and Adolescence on Postural Control

Applications of neuromodulation to explore vestibular cortical processing; new insights into the effects of direct current cortical modulation upon pursuit, VOR and VOR suppression

Educational Legacy: Using Q-Methodology to Elicit Stakeholder Perceptions within a Deliberative Process

Acute alcohol intoxication impairs segmental body alignment in upright standing

Trait Anxiety in Sickle Cell Disease: investigating and exploring links to the management of pain

Design for Manufacture of a Brushless Synchronous Servomotor

Modelling large-scale information systems using ADLs – An industrial experience report

REVERIE: Natural Human Interaction in Virtual Immersive Environments

STRANDS OF THE SIXTIES: A Cultural Analysis of the Design and Consumption of the New London West End Hair Salons c. 1954-1975

Professional Judgment, Practitioner Expertise and Organisational Culture in Child Protection: An Ethnographic Study

‘Running with the Fox and Hunting with the Hounds’: Social Work Tutors' Experiences of Managing Failing Social Work Students in Practice Learning Settings

Questioning the Rule-Making Imperative in Therapeutic Stabilizations of Non-Monogamous (Open) Relationships

Author's reply to the commentary by Gilpin et. al.

Intracortical modulation, and not spinal inhibition, mediates placebo analgesia

Mediation and digital intensities: Topology, psychology and social media

RadioActive101: Using internet radio to break-down the boundaries for inclusion into smart cities

RadioActive101: Implementation and Evaluation of Internet Radio as an Educational Intervention for Inclusion, Informal Learning and Employability, as part of Addressing Inequality: Is ICT a Silver Bullet?

Reconsidering a strategy-based instruction (SBI) to teaching and learning another language using transferrable language learning strategies within a sociocultural framework

The Artpolitics of May Stevens’ work: disrupting the distribution of the sensible

The intersubjective endeavor of psychopathology research: methodological reflections on a second-person perspective approach

Research on the couch: single-case studies, subjectivity and scientific knowledge

TMS-EEG Signatures of GABAergic Neurotransmission in the Human Cortex

What is the Impact of Intermittent Strabismus upon The Therapeutic Relationship ?

Fast authentication in wireless sensor networks

Reflexivity in Criminological Research

The enjoyment of space: the university campus in students’ narratives and photography

“At Times I Wasn’t Sure How to Position Myself in the Room… As a Trainee or As a Client”: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis of Trainee Counselling Psychologists’ Experiences of Disclosure in Personal Therapy and its Impact on Personal and Professional Development

Regulatory T Cell-Derived Exosomes: Possible Therapeutic and Diagnostic Tools in Transplantation

Talent Identification and Development in Tennis

Expectancy effects in tennis: The impact of body language and playing record on impressions of a tennis player and ratings of performance

Refugee Women Doing Paid Domestic Work: Disempowering structures of refugee settlement and the question of agency

RSA Transitions: Building a rehabilitation culture

RSA Transtions: Masterplan - a framework for rehabilitation culture

Shear Strength in Terms of Coulomb C-Intercept

Sociology, Politics, Thinking and Acting: A Festschrift for Nira Yuval-Davis

Building community engagement into Higher Education in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

Story, Narrative, Material

Continuity and change in disaster education in Japan

(Un)covering ground: dance, space and mobility

Introduction to Women Against Fundamentalism: Stories of Dissent and Solidarity

Gobernar la educación a través de los padrespolítica educativa y construcción de subjetividades neoliberales en Inglaterra. (Governing education through parents: education policy and the construction of neoliberal subjectivities in England)

Professionalizing school governance: the disciplinary effects of school autonomy and inspection on the changing role of school governors

Affective Labour and Neoliberal Fantasies: The Gendered and Moral Economy of School Choice in England.

A large study on the effect of code obfuscation on the quality of java code

Valued tradition? Armed policing in the UK

The Good Liberal and the Scoundrel Author: Fantasy, Dissent, and neoliberal subjectivity in Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials

What is narrative research? Starting out

Social Revolution and the Commons

The commons: a brief life journey

RereadingThe Empire Strikes Back

Policy Governance without Government in European Higher Education

Learner Journeys -- Origins, Experiences and Destinations

Response to “On the use of the likelihood ratio for forensic evaluation: Response to Fenton et al.”

Endoplasmic Reticulum Degradation-Enhancing α-Mannosidase-like Protein 1 Targets Misfolded HLA-B27 Dimers for Endoplasmic Reticulum-Associated Degradation

Choosing DBSCAN parameters automatically using differential evolution

A fuzzy anomaly detection system based on hybrid PSO-Kmeans algorithm in content-centric networks

A hybrid multiobjective RBF-PSO method for mitigating DoS attacks in Named Data Networking

Synchronous online CPD: empirical support for the value of webinars in career settings

The intellect, mobility and epistemic positioning in doing comparisons and comparative education

Why the Olympic Park is a successful multi-cultural landscape

Into the Woods

A critical exploration of practice assessment panels: participation, power, emotion and decision making in relation to failing social work students

Cloud to Cloud Registration for 3D Point Data: Rigorous, automatic cloud-to-cloud registration for 3D point data

Some observations on computer lip-reading: moving from the dream to the reality

Which phoneme-to-viseme maps best improve visual-only computer lip-reading?

Less is more: Temporal fault predictive performance over multiple Hadoop releases

ORBS: Language-Independent Program Slicing

A critical exploration of practice assessment panels: participation, power, emotion and decision making in relation to failing social work students

An efficient system for preprocessing confocal corneal images for subsequent analysis

Integration operators for generating RDF/OWL-based user defined mediator views in a grid environment

Positioning university as a brand: distinctions between the brand promise of Russell Group, 1994 Group, University Alliance, and Million+ universities

A Decision Framework Model for Migration into Cloud: Business, Application, Security and Privacy Perspectives

Resolution limits on visual speech recognition

HIV Disclosure: Practices, Knowledges and Ethics

Trauma and silence: strategies of mediation in the aftermath of civil war

Strange Eclecticism : Alien, Messy and Discrete

Shared parental leave is a nice idea – but will it actually work?

Employers aren’t ready for shared parental leave

Why UK should follow Nordics’ lead on universal childcare

Developing a strategy-based instruction approach to teaching and learning modern languages to train ab-initio primary PGCE trainees

Improving the reading skills of young people with Duchenne muscular dystrophy in preparation for adulthood

Recent Advances in Neuroimaging of Mood Disorders: Structural and Functional Neural Correlates of Depression, Changes with Therapy, and Potential for Clinical Biomarkers

Methodological pluralism in qualitative research: Reflections on a meta-study

Analytical Pluralism in Qualitative Research: A Meta-Study

A 1-Year Study of Endurance Runners: Training, Laboratory Tests, and Field Tests

Scaffolding learning for independence: Clarifying teacher and teaching assistant roles for children with special educational needs

Young People and Development: The Role of Global Youth Work in Engagement and Learning

Building is also a verb

Producing morphologically complex words: An ERP study with children and adults

Being creative with technology: using ICT to enhance the teaching of literacy and numeracy

Supervising Mental Health Clinicians in The Context of Complex Organisational Dynamics

Salient Distractors Can Induce Saccade Adaptation

Human preferences for sexually dimorphic faces may be evolutionarily novel

Immunocytochemical staining of endogenous nuclear proteins with the HIS-1 anti-poly-histidine monoclonal antibody: A potential source of error in His-tagged protein detection

The Dance Factor: Hip Hop, Spectacle and Reality Television

Retrofitting social housing in the UK: Home energy use and performance in a pre-Community Energy Saving Programme (CESP)

In the Upper Tribunal (Lands Chamber) Matter CON/93/2012, William Sinclair Horticulture Ltd (1) and the Boothby and Penicuik Peat Company Ltd (2) v Natural England - Land at Bolton Fell Moss, Cumbria - Rebuttal Report of Richard Aidan LINDSAY of University of East London

In the Upper Tribunal (Lands Chamber) - Matter CON/93/2012, William Sinclair Horticulture Ltd (1) and the Boothby and Penicuik Peat Company Ltd (2) v Natural England, Land at Bolton Fell Moss, Cumbria - Expert Report of Richard Aidan Lindsay of The University of East London.


Refugees, grief and loss: Critical debates

Five Most Influential Digital Campaigns

Morpholylureas are a new class of potent and selective inhibitors of the type 5 17-β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase (AKR1C3)

Memory sources of dreams: the incorporation of autobiographical rather than episodic experiences

Evidence for the preferential incorporation of emotional waking-life experiences into dreams.

Experiencing “continuity”: A qualitative investigation of waking life in dreams.

The effect of time of night on wake–dream continuity.

Rewriting the Scottish Canon: the Contribution of Women’s and Gender History to a Redefinition of Social Classes

Development of Purine-Derived18F-Labeled Pro-drug Tracers for Imaging of MRP1 Activity with PET

A Single-Visit Field Test of Critical Speed

Evaluation of Performance Enhancement for Crash Constellation Prediction via Car-to-Car Communication

"We’ll meet again - don’t know where, don’t know when" Supporting Community Visiting in Essex Care Homes

Compressive Sensing-based Target Tracking for Wireless Visual Sensor Networks

Comparative Analysis on the Competitiveness of Conventional and Compressive Sensing-based Query Processing

Are there any differences in enjoyment, positive feelings and perceived competence after participation in sport in children with varying physical literacy

Race and Cultural Diversity: The Training of Psychologists and Psychiatrists

L’adieu au modèle de « l’homme soutien de famille ». Le présent postsocialiste à la lumière du passé socialiste

Great expectations. Dual-earner policies and the management of work–family conflict: the examples of Sweden and Slovenia

The Role of the Visual in Narratives of Violence: Co-creating Fissures

A Short Psychosocial History of British Child Abuse and Protection: Case Studies in Problems of Mourning in the Public Sphere

Effect of age-related ventilatory inefficiency on respiratory sensation during exercise

Critical political economy of communications: A mid-term review

Critical Political Economy of the Media

Smiling at you: Works 2000 – 2014

Smiling at you

Biometrika (1987)

Testing the Relationship between Nationalism and Racism: Greek-Cypriot Students' National/Ethnic Identities and Attitudes to Ethnic Out-groups

Research with Children and Young People

Synbiotics: the impact of potential prebiotics inulin, lactulose and lactobionic acid on the survival and growth of lactobacilli probiotics

Young people's involvement in policy research

Capacity and Autonomy

Revolt in Photos: The French ‘68 in the Student Press and the Mainstream Media

Tourism and Citizenship: Rights, Freedoms and Responsibilities in the Global Order

Using the Law in Social Work

Projective Identification as an Unconscious Defence: Social Work, Practice Education and the Fear of Failure

History as tragedy, never as farce: tracing the long cultural narrative of child protection in England

Spotlit: Defences against anxiety in contemporary human service organisations

The Politics of International Political Economy

The political economy of the Arab uprisings

Options pricing under the one-dimensional jump-diffusion model using the radial basis function interpolation scheme

Energy Security or Energy Governance? Legal and Political Aspects of Sustainable Exploration of Shale Gas in Poland

A Nobel Prize for the Empirical Analysis of Asset Prices

Financial systems in financial crisis — An analysis of banking systems in the EU

Nostalgia at the Boundary: A Study at Lords Cricket Ground

The higher education journey of young London residents in a changing landscape: June 2014

Primate Visions: Modernist Monkey Business

Dangerous Doubles: Paul Richer's Museums of Pathological Sculpture and 'Nouvelle Anatomie Artistique'

Punitive Spectacles: The Sadistic Art of Écorché

Imagining Transplantation and Transspeciation: Patricia Piccinini's Transgenic Art

Modeling Foreign Exchange Rate Pass-Through Using the Exponential GARCH

Magnetic Modernism: Frantisek Kupka's Mesmeric Abstraction and the Revolution of Consciousness

"L'élément fluid": Magnetism, Radioactivity and Hélène Dufau's Transformism

Becoming “Le moteur humain”: “The Art of Work” and “The Taylored Body”

Astrobiology and the Third Gender: Hélène Dufau's Occult Transformism

REF 2014 Portfolio: Peatbogs and carbon: a critical synthesis to inform policy development in oceanic peat bog conservation and restoration in the context of climate change

Foot care and intellectual disability

Fungal toenail infections

Chronic Recurrent Multifocal Osteomyelitis

Iron Curtain 1: An English-Deutshces Demokratisches Happening

Official Discrepancies: Kosovo Independence and Western European Rhetoric

The Politics of (No) Alternatives in post-Milošević Serbia


Psy Policing: The Borderlands of Psychiatry and Security

Systematic screen for mutants resistant to TORC1 inhibition in fission yeast reveals genes involved in cellular ageing and growth

LaSSO, a strategy for genome-wide mapping of intronic lariats and branch points using RNA-seq

Lithium suppresses Aβ pathology by inhibiting translation in an adult Drosophila model of Alzheimer's disease

Parallel Profiling of Fission Yeast Deletion Mutants for Proliferation and for Lifespan During Long-Term Quiescence

Embedding ‘Critical Thinking’ skills in MSc induction programmes

An update on measurement and monitoring of cough: what are the important study endpoints?

Queer conversations: improving access to, and quality of, mental health services for same-sex-attracted clients

Adverse emotional and interpersonal effects reported by 1829 New Zealanders while taking antidepressants

“Social dangerousness and incurability in schizophrenia”: Results of an educational intervention for medical and psychology students

From adversity to psychosis: pathways and mechanisms from specific adversities to specific symptoms

Beliefs of people taking antidepressants about causes of depression and reasons for increased prescribing rates

Patient-Centered Perspectives on Antidepressant Use

Saving psychiatry from itself: will young psychiatrists choose authoritarian power or authoritative respect?

Mandatory Reporting? Issues to consider when developing legislation and policy to improve discovery of child abuse

The traumagenic neurodevelopmental model of psychosis revisited

'Stop flexing your roots, man': Reconversion strategies, consecrated heretics and the violence of UK first-wave punk

“It’s Where You Come From That Makes You Who You Are”: Suburban Youth and Social Class

The Effects of Using Identity Deception and Suggesting Secrecy on the Outcomes of Adult-Adult and Adult-Child or -Adolescent Online Sexual Interactions

Cyber safety for adolescent girls: bullying, harassment, sexting, pornography, and solicitation

Psychiatric profiles of mothers who take Ecstasy/MDMA during pregnancy: Reduced depression 1 year after giving birth and quitting Ecstasy

It's a lonely journey: a rapid evidence assessment on intrafamilial child sexual abuse

The Usefulness of a Critical Discourse Analysis Approach to the Study of Newspaper Reviews of Contemporary African Art in Britain

Adaptation of naturally paced saccades

Visual cues that are effective for contextual saccade adaptation

HAUTO: Automated composition of convergent services based in HTN planning

Automated context aware composition of Advanced Telecom Services for environmental early warnings

Non-Verbal Cues to Deception and their Relationship to Terrorism

Time-Dependent Reliability Assessment of Corrosion Affected Reinforced Concrete Structures

Gamma process modelling for lifecycle performance assessment of corrosion affected concrete structures

Reliability based structural performance assessment of corrosion damaged RC structures

The Scared, Supernatural and Spiritual: Views and Experiences of Faith Leaders and Clinical Psychologists Concerning Religion, Spirituality and Mental Health

Evaluation of structural behaviour of corrosion damaged reinforced concrete bridges

Evaluation of Residual Strength of Corrosion Damaged Reinforced Concrete Structures

Constructing Twenty-First Century Socialism in Latin America: The Role of Radical Education

Comprehensive Education Bolivarian-style: the alternative school in Barrio Pueblo Nuevo, Venezuela

Capitalismo de austeridad / empobrecimiento: ¿qué podemos aprender del socialismo venezolano?

Racism and Antiracist Education

Prospective memory deficits in illicit polydrug users are associated with the average long-term typical dose of ecstasy typically consumed in a single session.

Temporal and visual source memory deficits among ecstasy/polydrug users

Reasoning deficits among illicit drug users are associated with aspects of cannabis use

Tracking Functional Decline using Ambient Intelligence for Alzheimer's Patients

Gender, international migration and the inter-generational transmission of human wellbeing

Crossing Conceptual Boundaries VI

Creative Refuge: Art-based research workshops with children in Palestinian refugee camps

Late development of metric part-relational processing in object recognition.

Health and well-being at work: The hospital context

Cuban internationalism – An alternative form of globalization


The impact of dynamic assessment: an exploration of the views of children, parents and teachers

Activist Listening

Building secure attachments for primary school children: a mixed methods study

Social Psychology of Emotion

Towards a Political Economy of Global Tourism Revisited

The Pedagogy of Self-expression in Animation Film Design

Family Consumption Systems in Africa: A Focus on Children