Visualising Globalisation in Documenta 11's Exhibition Catalogue

‘Learning how to ask’: Effectiveness of a training for trauma inquiry and response in substance use disorder healthcare professionals

School surveillance: primary and secondary schools

Privacy, Participation and the City

Defiant Bodies: A Punk Rock Crip Queer Cabaret, Cripping and Queering Emancipatory Disability Research

Anarchism’s Posthuman Future

A Study of the Role of the Master Printmaker at Edinburgh Printmakers

Architecture and Neuroscience; what can the EEG recording of brain activity reveal about a walk through everyday spaces?

Micro Moral Worlds of Contentious Politics: A Reconceptualization of Radical Groups and Their Intersections with One Another and the Mainstream

Advanced technology for gait rehabilitation --- An overview

Psychological Interventions

The professional learning needs and priorities of higher-education-based teacher educators in England, Ireland and Scotland

Protecting children from faith-based abuse through accusations of witchcraft and spirit possession: understanding contexts and informing practice

Race, Culture and Gender: Black female experiences of violence and abuse

Researching to Transgress & Transform

Application of computational methods in isolation of plant secondary metabolites

Singular Fourier-Padé Series Expansion of European Option Prices

Greece in the 21st Century: The Politics and Economics of a Crisis

The Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on the Utilisation of Natural Resources in Nigeria


Soft Policing Adoption in Abu Dhabi Police: A Qualitative Approach

Soft Power Policing in Abu Dhabi: A Summary of Findings

Micro-Wineries as Drivers for Local Economic Development and Innovation in lagging-behind contexts

Multi-stage Strategic Approach in Spatial Innovation: How Innovation District Matter?

Flux-corrected dispersion-improved CABARET schemes for linear and nonlinear wave propagation problems

Listening Theatre: The New Politics of Millennial Performance Makers

Metamodernist, Millennial Milieu in Performance

The Listening Theatre: A Metamodern Politics of Performance

Root Cause Analysis for Fuel Losses in Bulk Oil Storage Tanks

Implementation of Lean manufacturing tools in an abattoir: A case study of a Botswana Private Beef Abattoir

Social Communities of Design and Makers and their Impact on Learning

Cloud Based 3D Printing Business Modeling in the Digital Economy

Investigating Local Economic Trends for Shaping Supportive Tools to Manage Economic Development: San Diego as a Case Study

Assessing Energy use and Overheating risk for Retrofitting A Residential Tower Block Prototype in Northern Cyprus

Museum Education and Democracy

Relationships between two dimensions of employee perfectionism, postwork cognitive processing, and work day functioning

Spirituality in Nursing education: Knowledge and practice gaps

Women and Land in the Muslim World: Pathways to increase access to land for the realization of development, peace and human rights

Institutional Foundations of Construction ICT: A View from the West Midlands of England

Potentiality of Emerging Technologies to Minimise Late-Payments Quandary in Construction

Cold Recycling of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavements

A Comprehensive Reasoning Framework for Hardware Refresh in Data Centers

The application of Bayesian – Layer of Protection Analysis method for risk assessment of critical subsea gas compression systems

Analysis of Penalties Imposed on Organisations for Breaching Safety and Health Regulations in the UK

Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation — ZEMCH 2016

Adaptation as defense against film censorship: Pasolini’s Salò – 120 Days of Sodom in Italy and the UK

Film Review: The making of Where is Europe? directed by Valentina Signorelli (Italy, 2018)

Book Reviews: Schools and Food Education in the 21st Century

Past, Present and Future in Teacher Education

The Importance of Partnership: Collaborative Learning Culture in Songwriting Higher Education

Multilingualism in the Field of Early Childhood

Tapping Into Creativity: A/R/Tography as a Research Methodology Underpinning Teacher Education

Does Lynda.com’s ‘Introduction to SPSS’ Course Provide a Positive Learning Experience Relating to Data Analysis within a Research Methods Module? the Beginnings of an Exploratory Study

Teachers’ Beliefs Concerning Teaching Multilingual Learners: A Cross-Cultural Comparison Between the US and Germany


Research in Teacher Education: Volume 8, No.2, November 2018

Book Reviews: Understanding the Danish Forest School Approach: Early Years Education and Practice

Book Reviews: Miseducation: Inequality, Education and the Working Classes

Acts of Resistance in an Age of Compliance: Teacher Educators, Professional Knowledge-Making and Self-Study

Issues in Teaching and Learning: Student Retention in Higher Education

Using Jungian Archetypes in Contemporary Songwriting Education

Interactive Video and Multiple Choice Question ‘Flipped Classrooms’

A Narrative Structure for Teacher Educator Team Analysis and Development

Building Trust and Empathy: Student Voice and Teachers’ Professional Development With Technology


Research in Teacher Education: Volume 8, No.1, May 2018

Reflecting on the Past, Thinking about the Future: Forced Migration in the 21st Century

Forced Migration: Setting the Scene

Modeling Residual Flexural Strength of Corroded Reinforced Concrete Beams

Let’s Break the Law: Transaction Costs and Advance Rent Deposits in Ghana’s Housing Market

Sexual Harassment, #MeToo and Feminism

Self-Care in Young People With Diabetes: A Qualitative Exploration Using a Salutogenic Approach

Book Review: The Law of International Finance 2nd edn (Oxford University Press 2017) (eds) McKnight, Paterson, & Zakrzewski

Cryptocurrencies – Cross-border Financial Regulatory Dimensions

A role for coaching to support leadership development? The experiences of female Arab leaders: An interpretative phenomenological analysis

Status and Trends of Land Degradation and Restoration and Associated Changes in Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functions

Cyber Intelligence and OSINT: Developing Mitigation Techniques Against Cybercrime Threats on Social Media

The essential guide to Cognitive Behaviour Therapy with children and young people

Review: Feenberg, Technosystem: The Social Life of Reason

Ten Years After: An ‘Austerity Audit’ of Services and Living Conditions for People Living with HIV in the UK, a Decade after the Financial Crisis

Away from Home: A Qualitative Exploration of Health Experiences of Nigerian Students in UK University

Improving Diabetes Outcome: A Need to Understand Management among Africans Living with Diabetes in the UK

Mental Health in low-and middle income countries (LMICs): Going beyond the need for funding

Psychological advocacy towards healing (PATH): A randomized controlled trial of a psychological intervention in a domestic violence service setting

Natural Language Processing approach to NLP Meta model automation

Supporting Asylum Seekers and Refugees for Two Decades: Initiatives by the University of East London and Refugee Council Archive

Archives, agency and activism: The past and the present in refugee history at the IASFM conference in Thessaloniki

Crafting Resistance: Preserving and Exhibiting the Legacy of Human Rights Resistance through the Art of Chilean Political Prisoners

Vibration Study in Human-Car Seat System: Overview and a Novel Simulation Technique

Recommendation of RILEM TC237-SIB on cohesion test of recycled asphalt

Comparison of High-Strength Steel Pipe and H-Shaped Steel in the Strut of a Braced Wall System

Underpaid and undervalued: the reality of childcare work in the UK

Détournement and female punk bands of the 1970s

Gender Ventriloquism in Studio Production

A Robust Regression-Based Stock Exchange Forecasting and Determination of Correlation between Stock Markets

Sexual Arousal Patterns of Identical Twins with Discordant Sexual Orientations

Finger Length Ratios of Identical Twins with Discordant Sexual Orientations

Gender nonconformity of identical twins with discordant sexual orientations: Evidence from childhood photographs

An Overview of Performing Arts as They Relate to Disability in the United Kingdom

“I've danced my whole life, but none of that is useful at all”: Netflix’s We Speak Dance (2018), Vulnerability and Collaborative Critiques

An Exploration of Women’s Experiences of Sexism in the UK

How Are Individual Differences in Schizotypy Related to Type 1 (Automatic/Heuristic) and Type 2 (Reflective/Effortful) Thinking Processes?

Experiences of Voluntary Psychiatric Admissions to Acute Wards in East London: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis

Exploring the Experiences of Trainee Clinical Psychologists Who Identify as Living with a Disability: A Qualitative Study

Social Cognition and Alcohol Related Brain Damage

What Are Adult Mental Health Services Doing to Improve the Outcomes for Black Service Users? a Mixed Method Analysis of Black Psychologists’ Perspectives and UK Mental Health Trust Data

Psychosocial Management of the Patient With Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

The Experience of Homecoming for U.K. Army Reservists, Following Prolonged Military Mobilisation: A Mixed Methods IPA & Q Sort Study

Clients’ Experience of ‘Being Listened to’ in the Psychotherapeutic Context: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis

Conceiving Conception: A Qualitative Examination of Women’s Experience of Medically Unexplained Infertility, Prior to Medical Intervention

The Experience of Neuropsychological Assessment, Views of Clients with Neurodegenerative Conditions

Greece in the 21st Century: The Politics and Economics of a Crisis

The Effects of Cancer on Romantic and Sexual Relationships for Young People Entering Adulthood

The Goldilocks Paradox: Constructions of Readiness for Therapy on Adult Acute Wards

Stories of the Impact on the Family When One Member Has Been Given a Diagnosis of Dementia

How Do Psychologists and High Intensity Therapists Understand and Engage in Self-Care?

A Participatory Action Research Approach to Participation With Young People Within Mental Health Settings

Gender Differences in the Experience of Psychosis

An Exploration of Teachers’ Conceptualization of Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties (EBD) and What Factors Influence the Strategies and Interventions They Adopt When Working with Individual Pupils Diagnosed with EBD

What Happens to Gender Diverse Young People Who Are Referred to an Adult Gender Identity Service from a Child and Adolescent Service? a Cross-Sectional Look at Intervention Choices and Outcomes

How Do New/Recent Mothers Experience Thoughts of Harm Related to Their Newborn? a Thematic Analysis

Exploring Gay Men’s Experiences of Shame in Relation to Sexuality and HIV and the Implications for Sense of Self and Relationships

An Area of Uncertainty: Practitioners’ Experiences Working with Psychopathy

An Exploration of Schema Modes in Bipolar Disorder

Polish Immigrants and Psychological Help: A Qualitative Exploration

Evaluating a Transdiagnostic, Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) Group for Service Users Transitioning out of Secondary Mental Health Care Services

Exploring the Identity and Relationship Experiences of Lesbian and Bisexual Women with Intellectual Disabilities

Exploring Supervisor Responses to Issues of Race, Culture and Ethnicity in Clinical Psychology Supervision, and the Systemic Factors Influencing This

An Exploration of School Staff Experiences Working with Children Who Display Test Anxiety

Implicit Bias in the UK: Updating the Implicit Association Test

What Stories Do YP Tell about Their Experience of the Selective Education Process

Gender and Achievement: Exploring Boys’ Narratives of Male Identity and Education during Key Stage 1

What Makes Transitioning from Nurture Groups to Mainstream Education Successful or Unsuccessful? the Views of the Children, Parents and School Staff

An Exploration of the Impact of Shame, Narcissism and Social Rank on the Distress and Wellbeing of Midadolescents: Does Self-Compassion Have a Role?

The Ideal Learner: Does Sharing Constructs Elicited from Children at Risk of Exclusion Alter the Perceptions of Teachers Working with Them?

What Meaning Do Children with Special Educational Needs Assign to Academic Progress and What Do They Think Makes Them Get Better? an Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis.

The Power of the Guinea Pig: Exploring Children’s Sense of School Belonging Through Animal-Assisted Activities

Implementing Growth Mindset (Practice) in Schools: An Exploration of Teachers' Views Using a Grounded Theory Approach

Teaching Assistants’ Experiences of the Mediational Language Approach and Peer Supervision in Their Professional Practice: An Exploratory Study

Supporting Children’s Social and Emotional Well-Being in the Early Years: An Exploration of Practitioners’ Perceptions

What are the Views of Pastoral Staff Regarding Exclusion from Secondary School?

A Critical Realist Informed Thematic Analysis: Families’ Experience of the Process of Adjustment When a Family Member Is in a Forensic Mental Health Hospital

Leaving Local Authority Care: The Experiences of Separated Young People Seeking Asylum in the UK

An Exploration of Schema Modes in Psychosis

A Qualitative Exploration of Reflective Practice Groups in British Red Cross Services

The Transition to First-­Time Fatherhood Through Adoption

“Who am I?” Personal Accounts of the Dementia Assessment Process and the Impact of the Dementia Label

Making Sense of Internalized Anti-Gay Prejudice from the Perspective of Men Who Have Sex with Men

Separated Young People Seeking Asylum and their Experiences of Undergoing and Age Assessment in the UK

“The Lobe Family”: Collaborative Development of a Psychoeducational Resource for Children who have Experienced an Acquired Brain Injury

Narratives of Christian and Muslim Qualified and Trainee Clinical Psychologists Working in the NHS

Psychologists' experiences of decision-making in clinical work: A thematic analysis

How Do Women Experience Navigating Support After Domestic Abuse?

The Spreading of Misinformation online: 3D Simulation

Generic Business Process Model for SMEs in M-Commerce Based on Talabat’s Case Study

A best-effort integration framework for imperfect information spaces

Tablet Use in Teaching: A Study on Developing an Attitude Scale for Academics

How Do Therapists Experience Working with Interpreters, Particularly in Regard to Issues Relating to Power and the Therapeutic Alliance?

The Wrong Kind of Noise: Understanding and Valuing the Communication of Autistic Children in Schools

Reflections on the value of autistic participation in a tri‐national teacher‐training project through discourses of acceptance, othering and power

Reflections of a black woman practitioner-researcher

Data and the experience of place; the use of data in contemporary spatial and cultural studies

Data, Architecture and the Experience of Place

The Psychosocial Impact of Prison Culture on Black Women Employees

The Advertising Handbook: 4th Edition

Branded Content: Media and Marketing Integration

Branded Content: Implications for Social Communications

Sargent Traditional Society Portrait Painter or Revolutionary Landscape Painter?

Si Sapsford: Sight Size and Sargent

Selling Streetness as Experience. The Role of Street Art Tours in Branding the Creative City

To Occupy, to Inscribe, to Thicken: Spatial Politics and the Right to the Surface

The Right to the City Is the Right to the Surface: A Case for a Surface Commons (in 8 Arguments, 34 Images and some Legal Provisions)

A ‘new’ approach to research: The London-focused policing research network

Why there is no poststructuralism in France: the making of an intellectual generation

Integrated model for the stressors, stress, stress-coping behaviour of construction project managers in the UK

A Coprological Study of Endoparasites in the Icelandic Arctic Fox using Traditional and Molecular Methods

Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation and Decision-Making: The Neuromodulation of Cognitive Reflection

‘Home’ and ‘Return’ – the Experience of Second-Generation Iraqi Kurd Returnees to Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG)

Community-Building in Later Life and the Role of Information and Communication Technologies

Customary Land Rights and Gender Justice in Eastern Nigeria and Ghana

Re-Locating Asylum Activism: Asylum Seekers´ Negotiations of Political Possibilities, Affective Borders and the Everyday

Social Media and Virtual Communities’ Role in the Consumer-Brand Relationship: An Online Investigation into the Development of Consumer Identity

Social Identity and Consumer Preference Formation for High Involvement Products: A Study of Nigerians in the UK

Young Women On Road: Femininities, Race and Gangs in London

An Investigation into Energy Consumption Behaviour and Lifestyles in UK Social Housing: Reducing Operational Energy Post Retrofit

Current physiotherapy practice in Greek intensive care units: a national study

Tolerating Semi-authoritarianism? Contextualising the EU’s Relationship with Serbia and Kosovo

Semi-Authoritarianism Accepted: The European Union’s Problematic Involvement in Serbia

Sustainable regeneration project delivery in UK: A qualitative analysis of practitioners’ engagement

Understanding socio-economic sustainability drivers of sustainable regeneration: an empirical study of regeneration practitioners in UK

Finite Element Analysis and Design of Suspended Steel-Fibre Reinforced Concrete Slabs

Emerging Economies and Energy: The Case of Turkey

The International Political Economy of Oil and Gas

EU Enforcement Mechanisms: Passenger Rights and EC Regulation 261/2004

Better together: A qualitative exploration of women’s perceptions and experiences of group antenatal care

Cochrane Qualitative and Implementation Methods Group guidance series—paper 3: methods for assessing evidence on intervention implementation

Optimizing the learning environment for students in physical education: Integrating theories of motivation

“What’s the Middle Ground? Am I Ever Going to be the Perfect Teacher?:” Self-Study of a Doctoral Student’s Acculturation Process

Faculty members engaging in transformative PETE: a feminist perspective

Back to School Netball Style: An Emerging Highly Inclusive Game for Physical Education or Sport

An Investigation into Psychodynamic Couple Psychotherapists' Theories of Sensate Focus in Clinical Practice

Remembering East Germany's Peaceful Revolution

Conflict, Memory, Displacement

Self-titration by experienced e-cigarette users: blood nicotine delivery and subjective effects (Study Data)

‘The world is best experienced at 18 mph’. The psychological wellbeing effects of cycling in the countryside: an Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis

Analysis of the Activities of the Inflammatory Cytokine Macrophage Migration Inhibitory Factor on Activation of Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress Responses

Scratching the surface of spectacle: Black hypermasculinity and the Television Talent Show

Entrepreneurialism in a London University: A Case Illustration

Marksizam I Međunarodni Odnosi

The Imperial Body and the Eugenic Gaze: Arthur Conan Doyle’s ‘Anthropometric Detective’ and Francis Galton’s ‘Art of Decipherment’

Evolving Androgynous Astrobodies: Hélène Dufau's Occultist Transformism

Developing policy-relevant skills in clinical psychology training

Factors Influencing South Asian Women's Access to Maternity Related Health Services: A Mixed Methods Study in an Ethnically Diverse Urban Setting in the UK

Mechanism of Paracetamol (Acetaminophen) induced Hypothermia

Other race effect on amygdala response during affective facial processing in major depression

Machine-made lace, the spaces of skilled practices and the paradoxes of contemporary craft production

Researching memory in early modern studies

The flavours of love: A cross-cultural lexical analysis

Analogues of Disulfides from Allium stipitatum Demonstrate Potent Anti-tubercular Activities through Drug Efflux Pump and Biofilm Inhibition

Gli3 in fetal thymic epithelial cells promotes thymocyte positive selection and differentiation by repression of Shh

Transitions in Human Computer Interaction: From Data Embodiment to Experience Capitalism

Are Causal Beliefs Associated With Stigma? A Test of the Impact of Biogenetic Versus Psychosocial Explanations on Stigma and Internalized Stigma in People Experiencing Psychosis

Art, Activism and the Tate

An Innovative EPW Design Using Add-on Features to Meet Malaysian Requirements

‘Why I Am Not a Fan of the Lion King’: Ethically Informed Approaches to the Teaching and Learning of South African Dance Forms in Higher Education in the United Kingdom

Masculinities and emotional expression in UK Servicemen: “Big boys don’t cry”?

The Hidden Cost of Cancer: The Siblings’ Story, A Mother’s Narrative on How Three of Her Children Journeyed Through Their 14-Year-Old Sister’s 9-Month Journey From Ill Heath to Death and Beyond

Physical and rheological characterization of carbonated bitumen for paving applications

Through the prison walls: Using published poetry to explore current UK prisoners’ narratives of past, present and future selves

Contested Porosities

Personal agency in women's recovery from depression: The impact of antidepressants and women's personal efforts

Kissinger and the Business of Government: The Invasion of Cyprus, 15 July-20 August 1974

Making Sense of, and Responding Sensibly to, Psychosis

The Evidence Base for Psychological Interventions for Rheumatoid Arthritis: A Systematic Review of Reviews

A realist synthesis of intentional rounding in hospital wards: Exploring the evidence of what works, for whom, in what circumstances and why

Gendering the Politics of Alienation: Arab Revolution and Women’s Sentiments of Loss and Despair

Choreographing HIV and AIDS in Contemporary Dance in South Africa

‘The Politics of Experience’: Young Refugees, the Dialogical Self & Therapeutic Social Work, Within a Psycho-Analytic Agency Context

Dislocation and Materiality

Everyday Bordering, Belonging and the Reorientation of British Immigration Legislation

'Spontaneous' visual perspective-taking mediated by attention orienting that is voluntary and not reflexive

Overvaluation and earnings management: Does the degree of overvaluation matters?

‘Getting the seat of your pants dirty’: space and place in ethnographic educational research

Capital Home

An Art History of Happiness: Western Approaches to the Good Life through the Last 1000 Years, As Illustrated in Art

Five misconceptions in mindfulness and why they may be harming your pupils

Cultivating Trust and Perceptions of Source Credibility in Online Counternarratives Intended to Reduce Support for Terrorism

Windows of Collaborative Opportunity: Consideration of Governance

Constructing ‘the Psychopath’: A Discourse Analysis of Psychologists’ Understandings of Psychopathy

Cochrane Qualitative and Implementation Methods Group Guidance Paper 5: Methods for integrating qualitative and implementation evidence within intervention effectiveness reviews

A realist evaluation of social prescribing: an exploration into the context and mechanisms underpinning a pathway linking primary care with the voluntary sector

Global Glam and Popular Music: Style and Spectacle from the 1970s to the 2000s. Edited by Ian Chapman and Henry Johnson. London: Routledge, 2016. 300pp. ISBN 978-1-138-82176-7 (Review)

Introduction and Acknowledgments: What's in the Greek Cauldron?

Questioning ‘integrated’ disaster risk reduction and ‘all of society’ engagement: can ‘preparedness pedagogy’ help?

Conduct and reporting of acceptability, attitudes, beliefs and experiences of pregnant women in randomised trials on diet and lifestyle interventions: A systematic review

Experiential cartography and the significance of “untranslatable” words

Cosmic Topologies of Imitation: From the Horror of Digital Autotoxicus to the Auto-Toxicity of the Social

Identity leadership going global: Validation of the Identity Leadership Inventory across 20 countries

Behavioral biases in pension fund trustees’ decision-making

Book Review: Considering Emma Goldman: Feminist political ambivalence and the imaginative archive

The processual life of neoliberalisation: Permutations of value systems and normative commitments in a co-operative trust setting

Understanding the behaviour of hackers while performing attack tasks in a professional setting and in a public challenge

Feeling ‘like a minority…a pathology’: interpreting race from research with African and Caribbean women on violence and abuse

Negative Experiences of Non-Drinking College Students in Great Britain: an Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis

Unthought Meets the Assemblage Brain: A Dialogue Between N. Katherine Hayles and Tony D. Sampson

Brexit and the Counsellor: identity shifts, social responsibility and the therapeutic relationship

‘Extravagant and reckless’ wives and indebted husbands: examining the equity of exoneration

Mining Police-Recorded Offence and Incident Data to Inform a Definition of Repeat Domestic Abuse Victimization for Statistical Reporting

The effects of custom-made compression garments on recovery and performance parameters after high intensity running

How do mental health services respond when child abuse or neglect become known? A literature review

How many of 1829 antidepressant users report withdrawal effects or addiction?

Between international donors and local faith communities: Intermediaries in humanitarian assistance to Syrian refugees in Jordan and Lebanon

To what extent have learners with severe, profound and multiple learning difficulties been excluded from the policy and practice of inclusive education?

Identification and preliminary structure-activity relationship studies of novel pyridyl sulfonamides as potential Chagas disease therapeutic agents

The Roots of Virtue: A Cross-Cultural Lexical Analysis

An Effective TeleHealth Assistive System to Support Senior Citizen at Home or Care-Homes

'Everyone should do it': client experience of receiving adapted Dialectical Behaviour Therapy - an interpretative phenomenological analysis


Gritty Leaders: The Impact of Grit on Positive Leadership Capacity

Attempting to stop antipsychotic medication: success, supports, and efforts to cope

Affect and Social Media: Emotion, Mediation, Anxiety and Contagion

“It’s my diabetes”: Co-production in practice with young people in delivering a ‘perfect' care pathway for diabetes

Social Media, Emoticons and Process


Compensatory Puffing With Lower Nicotine Concentration E-liquids Increases Carbonyl Exposure in E-cigarette Aerosols

Contending with the Minimum Data Set: Subjectivity, linearity and dividualising experiences in Improving Access to Psychological Therapy

Differential impact of socioeconomic position across life on oral cancer risk in Kerala, India: An investigation of life-course models under a time-varying framework

Teaching through the language of feelings: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis of Psychoeducational Implications for Young EAL Children

Home, Human Rights and Horizontal Effect: An English Approach to Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights

Immunomodulatory tetracyclines ameliorate DNBS-colitis: Impact on microRNA expression and microbiota composition

Modelling Everyday Understandings of Mortality: A Qualitative Enquiry

The effect of psychosis associated CACNA1C, and its epistasis with ZNF804A, on brain function

RadioActive101-Learning through radio, learning for life: an international approach to the inclusion and non-formal learning of socially excluded young people

Audiovisual semantic congruency effect with onomatopoeia

Creative collaboration on a disability and sexuality participatory action research project: A reflective diary account

The Importance of Occupancy and Energy Use Patterns on Predicting Building Energy Performance: a case study of a residential building in London

Mobile Technologies and Forced Migration

Forced Migration: Current Issues and Debates

Uber in Ghana: Markets and Institutions in the Emergence of Ride-Sharing Taxis

Staying on, and coming off, antidepressants: the experiences of 752 UKadults.

Using different art forms to investigate the impact on children’s involvement in literacy activities

Empowering Young People who Experienced Domestic Violence and Abuse: The Development of a Group Therapy Intervention

Environmental benefits of using cross-laminated timber with hempcrete insulation in buildings

‘Beauty and the Beast’: everyday bordering and sham marriage discourse

Electronic Cigarettes: Puffing Topography and Self-titration - the Importance of Nicotine Concentration, User Experience and Device Characteristics

A Conceptual Model for Climatic-responsive Vernacular Architectural Forms

A Sustainability-Driven E-Government Maturity Model (SDEGM) from the Perspectives of Developing Countries

Involvement of the fission yeast GATA transcription factor Gaf1 in TOR-dependent stress and nutrient responses

The End Again: Degeneration and Visual Culture in Modern Spain

Long non-coding RNA repertoire and targeting by nuclear exosome, cytoplasmic exonuclease and RNAi in fission yeast

International Conference for Sustainable Design of the Built Environment (SDBE 2018): Proceedings

Life lines: Loss, loneliness and expanding meshworks with an urban Walk and Talk group

An audit of ECT in England 2011-2015: Usage, demographics, and adherence to guidelines and legislation

Pupil Voice in Literacy Intervention: How is pupil voice used and how can this be developed?

Causal beliefs in people experiencing psychosis: The relationship to treatment accessed and the perceived helpfulness of treatment

A systematic review into the incidence, severity and duration of antidepressant withdrawal effects: Are guidelines evidence-based?

Materialism, Social Stratification, and Ethics: Evidence from SME Owners in China

Immunomodulatory tetracyclines shape the intestinal inflammatory response inducing mucosal healing and resolution

The United States of America: Counterterrorism pre-9/11

Sediment Resuspension Due to Near-Bed Turbulent Effects: A Deep Sea Case Study on the Northwest Continental Slope of Western Australia

Adverse Effects of Antidepressants Reported by a Large International Cohort: Emotional Blunting, Suicidality, and Withdrawal Effects

Correspondence: Network meta-analysis of antidepressants

Behaviour of steel-fibre-reinforced concrete beams under high-rate loading

Mindfulness-based interventions in the workplace: An inclusive systematic review and meta-analysis of their impact upon wellbeing

The Influence of Maturity Status on Jumping Performance of Inner London Secondary School Students

Unravelling the GSK3β-related genotypic interaction network influencing hippocampal volume in recurrent major depressive disorder

The ALI Architecture Description Language

The Professional Development of Higher Education-Based Teacher Educators: Needs and Realities

The explosive growth of the ABCP market between 2004 and 2007: A “search for yield” story

Associations between polygenic risk scores for four psychiatric illnesses and brain structure using multivariate pattern recognition

Peatland afforestation in the UK and consequences for carbon storage

T-bet controls intestinal mucosa immune responses via repression of type 2 innate lymphoid cell function


Infants' visual sustained attention is higher during joint play than solo play: is this due to increased endogenous attention control or exogenous stimulus capture?

Mapping Morality with a Compass: Testing the theory of ‘morality as cooperation’ with a new questionnaire

Addressing the challenges of teaching legal ethics to take account of the widening participation agenda

Development of equal and unequal filtered power splitter using substrate integrated waveguide

Ways to Wander the Gallery

Functional Connectivity Evaluation for Infant EEG Signals based on Artificial Neural Network

Child's Play? Children and Young People's Resistances to Domestic Violence and Abuse

An Open Source Software Architecture for Smart Buildings

The Application of a Semantic-Based Process Mining Framework on a Learning Process Domain

A qualitative study exploring the experience and motivations of UK Samaritan volunteers: “Why do we do it?”

Comparison of Critical Speed and D' Derived From 2 or 3 Maximal Tests

Learning in Physical Science Opportunities at Natural History Dioramas

Withdrawn, strong, kind, but de-gendered: Non-disabled South Africans’ stereotypes concerning persons with physical disabilities

The Narrative Architecture of Political Forgiveness

The dimensions of prosociality: a cross-cultural lexical analysis

‘Compliant environment’: turning ordinary people into border guards should concern everyone in the UK

How young adults in London experience the Clubhouse Model of mental health recovery: a thematic analysis

Correspondence: Purpose, humility, civility, and science

The Disintegration of Euro-Atlanticism and New Authoritarianism: Global Power-Shift

Gender, Migration and the Intergenerational Transfer of Human Wellbeing

A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of the Impact of Mindfulness-Based Interventions on the Well-Being of Healthcare Professionals

“Who will marry a diseased girl?”: Marriage, gender and tuberculosis stigma in Asia

‘Now, where were we?’ The highs and lows of hunting data with a research pack

Addressing Energy Efficiency in System Design: A Journey FromArchitecture to Operation

Deleuze, Simondon and the problem of psychological life

Perceptions of students with autism regarding higher education support services

Blending Human and Artificial Intelligence to Support Autistic Children’s Social Communication Skills

Behaviour of Headed Stud Connectors in Composite Beams with Very Deep Profiled Sheeting

The impact of peer-to-peer coaching on self-esteem, test anxiety and perceived stress in adolescents

Whiteness, populism and the racialisation of the working class in the United Kingdom and the United States

Promoting Resilience and Agency in Children and Young People Who Have Experienced Domestic Violence and Abuse: the “MPOWER” Intervention

Anodal transcranial direct current stimulation over the right dorsolateral prefrontal cortex enhances reflective judgment & decision-making

Regional Crises and Corruption: The Eclipse of the Quality of Working Life in Nigeria

Book Review: The Ethics of Storytelling: Narrative Hermeneutics, History and the Possible

Insight from the Consideration of REM dreams, Non-REM Dreams and Daydreams

Genograms in Research: Participants’ Reflections of the Genogram Process

Elevated physiological arousal is associated with larger but more variable neural responses to small acoustic change in children during a passive auditory attention task

Saartjie Baartman, Nelisiwe Xaba, and me: the politics of looking at South African bodies

Spectacular Images of the ‘Refugee Crisis’

Neoliberalism, citizenship and education: A policy discourse analysis

The dynamics of spirituality: A cross-cultural analysis of untranslatable terms

Cochrane Qualitative and Implementation Methods Group Guidance paper 2: Methods for assessing methodological limitations, data extraction and synthesis, and confidence in synthesized qualitative findings

Cochrane Qualitative and Implementation Methods Group Guidance Series - paper 1: Introduction

Cochrane Qualitative and Implementation Methods Group Guidance series - paper 6: Methods for question formulation, searching and protocol development for qualitative evidence synthesis

“Pork pies and vindaloos”: learning for cosmopolitan citizenship

The Anatomy of International Students’ Acculturation in British Universities

Capturing Magnetic Energies: Durville’s Phantoms and Rochas’ Superconscious Doubles

The Indifferent

Adolescent and caregivers’ experiences of electronic adherence assessment in paediatric problematic severe asthma

Mesmeric Modernism: František Kupka’s Art as a Magnetic Force Field

Quantitative easing, global banks and the international bank lending channel

Implicit Mentalising during Level-1 Visual Perspective-Taking Indicated by Dissociation with Attention Orienting

Confounding Homophobic Panic: Aestheticists and Physical Culturalists after the Wilde Trials

Extinguishing Green: Mourning and Melancholia in Ecoart

Capturing Unconsciousness: The New Psychology, Hypnosis and the Culture of Hysteria

Anti-Staphylococcal Calopins from Fruiting Bodies of Caloboletus radicans

The quiet virtues of sadness: A selective theoretical and interpretative appreciation of its potential contribution to wellbeing

Structure-based hydro-mechanical properties of sand-bentonite composites

Neural Predictors of Gait Stability When Walking Freely in the Real-World.

What Future? Organisational Forms, Relationship-Based Social Work Practice and the Changing World Order

Galectin-1 is required for the regulatory function of B cells

Michael Sappol, Body Modern: Fritz Kahn, Scientific Illustration and the Homuncular Subject

Conjunctions: social work, psychoanalysis and society

LBHF Climate Proofing Housing Landscapes: Monitoring Report 3 - October 2016 to September 2017

“I Believe I Know Better Even than the Psychiatrists What Caused It”: Exploring the Development of Causal Beliefs in People Experiencing Psychosis

Ngā Whakāwhitinga (standing at the crossroads): How Māori understand what Western psychiatry calls “schizophrenia”

Printmaking – Solo Printmaking Place

Principles of Infection Control

Risk and parenting assessments in child welfare court proceedings – a psychodynamic approach

An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the ‘Speech Bubbles’ Drama Intervention Programme, 2015-17

Development and validation of the multi-dimensional questionnaire of scientifically unsubstantiated beliefs

Guidelines for Psychologists working with Refugees and Asylum-seekers in the UK: Extended version

Uncovering the Unconscious in Psychosocial Research

Measles: what you can do

Safeguarding Adults Under the Care Act 2014. Understanding Good Practice

Non-pharmacological techniques for the extremes of the cough spectrum

Is there a role for herbal medicine in the treatment and management of periodontal disease?

Review: Perception of work-related empowerment of nurse managers

Market concentration, foreign ownership and determinants of bank financial performance: evidence from MENA countries

The Bodily Illusion in Adverse Conditions: Virtual Arm Ownership During Visuomotor Mismatch

The spatial contours of wellbeing: A content analysis of metaphor in academic discourse

Islamic Tourism

Resting-state functional connectivity predicts the ability to adapt to robot-mediated force fields

Researching the Borderlands: Balancing insider and outsider status in qualitative research

Evaluation of community-level interventions to increase early initiation of antenatal care in pregnancy: protocol for the Community REACH study, a cluster randomised controlled trial with integrated process and economic evaluations

The Klan is History: a historical perspective on the revival of the far-right in ‘post-racial’ America

How orchids concentrate? The relationship between physiological stress reactivity and cognitive performance during infancy and early childhood

Imagery Interventions in Health Behavior: A Meta-Analysis

Identification of Pyrazolo[3,4-e][1,4]thiazepin based CYP51 inhibitors as potential Chagas disease therapeutic alternative: In vitro and in vivo evaluation, binding mode prediction and SAR exploration

Robots as Art and Automation

Imagining the 'baffling geography' of age

Change is Inevitable; Growth is Intentional (Paper 2)

Are we really doomed? Critical pathways for advancing children’s rights through theory and practice

Regulatory T cell-derived extracellular vesicles modify dendritic cell function

Nox2 in regulatory T cells promotes angiotensin II–induced cardiovascular remodeling

An Anomaly-based Intrusion Detection System in Presence of Benign Outliers with Visualization Capabilities

Action as narration/narration as action: reading Maud Gonne’s auto/biographical writings as marginalized knowledges of the historiographical operation

Conceptualising education governance: Framings, perspectives and theories

Assembling schools as organisations: On the limits and contradictions of neoliberalism

Painting the Body: Feminist Musings on Visual Autographies

Living and thinking the event

Efficacy and acceptability of non-invasive brain stimulation for the treatment of adult unipolar and bipolar depression: A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised sham-controlled trials

CFT & people with intellectual disabilities

Naltrexone Reverses Ethanol Preference and Protein Kinase C Activation in Drosophila melanogaster

Declining sex ratio in India: changing the trend through the 'He and She' approach at the grassroots?

Total synthesis of acylphloroglucinols and their antibacterial activities against clinical isolates of multi-drug resistant (MDR) and methicillin-resistant strains of Staphylococcus aureus

Energy-efficient retrofit of social housing in the UK: Lessons learned from a Community Energy Saving Programme (CESP) in Nottingham

Ornithodoros savingyi – the tick vector of Candidatus Borrelia kalaharica in Nigeria

How does drinking water affect attention and memory? The effect of mouth rinsing and mouth drying on children's performance

Guidance for psychologists on working with community organisations

Rethinking the subject in feminist research: narrative personae and stories of ‘the real’

Management and creation of Open Mosaic Habitat for invertebrate conservation

Dispossession: Examining the Rights of the Excluded

Understanding Your Commercial Lease or Licence

The ecosystem approach in ecological impact assessment: Lessons learned from windfarm developments on peatlands in Scotland

Is the promise of nation branding sustainable?

Facing the void: Embodying fear in childhood homes

A protocol for a randomised controlled trial of prefabricated versus customised foot orthoses for people with rheumatoid arthritis: the FOCOS RA trial [Foot Orthoses – Customised v Off-the-Shelf in Rheumatoid Arthritis]

The prevalence, antibiotic resistance and mecA characterization of coagulase negative staphylococci recovered from non-healthcare settings in London, UK

Whole Genome Sequence and Comparative Genomics Analysis of Multi-drug Resistant Environmental Staphylococcus epidermidis ST59

Organising safe and sustainable care in alongside midwifery units: Findings from an organisational ethnographic study

The Tenant As Consumer: A Welcome Development?

Education Governance and Social Theory: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Research

Urban Space and the Posthuman Imaginary

Is the MENA banking sector competitive?

Neo-Liberalism and Ordoliberalism: A Critique of Two Forms of Imperialism and Authoritarianism

Towards Energy-efficient Retrofit of Council Housing in London: Assessing the Impact of Occupancy and Energy-Use Patterns on Building Performance

Liberal and Illiberal Islamophobias

Protest Photography from 1968 to Today

Pharmacological Modulation of Alcohol Tolerance via GABA-B receptors in Drosophila melanogaster

How do practitioners in early years provision promote Fundamental British Values?

Child abuse & child protection: Contemporary issues in research, policy & practice

A systematic review and meta-analysis of the neural correlates of psychological therapies in major depression

Aspects of alcohol use disorder affecting social cognition as assessed using the Mini Social and Emotional Assessment (mini-SEA)

Morphological encoding beyond slots and fillers: An ERP study of comparative formation in English

Early contributions to infants’ mental rotation abilities

Should UK Physiotherapists Choose Wisely?

Just another ordinary bad birth? A narrative analysis of first time mothers' traumatic birth experiences

Incorporation of recent waking-life experiences in dreams correlates with frontal theta activity in REM sleep

"Accountability Criteria and Remedies under Tort Law for Victims of Human Rights Abuses".

Characterisation of the interleukin-4 signalling cascade involved in the induction of cyclooxygenase-2 and the polarisation of macrophages into an anti-inflammatory phenotype

A framework to apply cloud-based enterprise resource planning in the United Arab Emirates manufacturing companies-a case approach

International perspectives on child victimisation

PROGRESS: the PROMISE governance framework to decrease coercion in mental healthcare

Nicotine absorption from e-cigarettes over 12 months

'It makes sense and it works': maternity care providers' perspectives on the feasibility of a group antenatal care model (Pregnancy Circles)

Foxa1 and Foxa2 in thymic epithelial cells (TEC) regulate medullary TEC and regulatory T-cell maturation

Medical data analysis based on Nao robot: An automated approach towards robotic real-time interaction with human body

Converging Paths to Common Ground: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Influencing Institution Business

Zero-Hour Contracts and Stress in UK Domiciliary Care Workers

Toward a Neuroscientific Understanding of Play: A Dimensional Coding Framework for Analyzing Infant–Adult Play Patterns

New meanings of thin-skinned: The contrasting attentional profiles of typical 12-month-olds who show high, and low, stress reactivity.

Increases in Arousal are More Long-Lasting than Decreases in Arousal: On Homeostatic Failures During Emotion Regulation in Infancy

Trump, the Alt-Right and Public Pedagogies of Hate and for Fascism: What is to be Done?

Colour cosmetics consumption among Moroccan women: Examining the Nexus of Attitudes, Religion, and The media

Intersectional Border(ing)s

‘National Resources’? The Fragmented Citizenship of Gas Extraction in Tanzania

"There Were Only Friendly People and Love in the Air": Fans, Tourism and the Eurovision Song Contest

Politics, Public Pedagogy and Action: Beyond a Pedagogy of Hope

International Participatory Radio for the Inclusion and Non-formal Learning of Socially Excluded Young People

The BOLD response in primary motor cortex and supplementary motor area during kinesthetic motor imagery based graded fMRI neurofeedback

The Impact of Academies on School Connectedness, Future Aspirations and Mental Health in Adolescents from Areas of Deprivation in London

Sexuality erased, questioned, and explored: the experiences of South Africans with physical disabilities

Trends and patterns in UK treatment seeking gamblers: 2000–2015

Uncovering Natural Longevity Alleles from Intercrossed Pools of Aging Fission Yeast Cells

Geographical Variation in GP drug prescribing for Schizophrenia and similar psychosis in England

Representing Variability in Software Architecture: A Systematic Literature Review

‘Real-world’ compensatory behaviour with low nicotine concentration e-liquid: subjective effects and nicotine, acrolein and formaldehyde exposure

Islamic Relief Domestic Programmes Research

Craving Assemblages: Consciousness and Chocolate Desire

A Hybrid Approach to Recognising Activities of Daily Living from Patterns of Objects Use

Theatre of Testimonies: Performing Memory

Female Cosmetic Coalitions: How to be Women Together Through Direct Sales Cosmetics

Using the Psychological Contract to Explore the Experiences of Migrant Domiciliary Care Workers within London

An Exploratory Analysis of Children's Consumption and Identity Projects

Feminists against Sexual Violence in War: The Question of Perpetrators and Victims Revisited

Attempting to discontinue antipsychotic medication: withdrawal methods, relapse and success

Historical changes in the shoreline and management of Marawila Beach, Sri Lanka, from 1980 to 2017

Country-level welfare-state measures and change in wellbeing following work exit in early old age: evidence from 16 European countries

Curiouser and Curiouser: What Happens After the Return from Wonderland?

Manufacture and performance of lightweight aggregate from waste drill cuttings

Impaired Visual Search in Children with Rett Syndrome

Male Rape, Masculinities, and Sexualities: Understanding, Policing, and Overcoming Male Sexual Victimisation

Parental neural responsivity to infants’ visual attention: how mature brains influence immature brains during social interaction

Compassion fatigue, compassion satisfaction and work engagement in residential child care

Effectiveness and acceptability of myo-inositol nutritional supplement in the prevention of gestational diabetes (EMmY): a protocol for a randomised, placebo-controlled, double-blind pilot trial

Comparative thermodynamic analysis in solution of a next generation antibody mimetic to VEGF

Examining United States Professional Women’s Volleyball Entities Use of Twitter for Social Media Marketing and Brand Development

The “Inside” and “Outside” Perspectives of Corporate Rebranding: A case study of Greggs Plc

What attributes from Food Aesthetics, Service Quality Cues or the Roles, Consumption Rituals or The Norms and Boundaries of the Service Provider contributes to customer Service Experience in a Fine Dining restaurant context?

Investigation into key drivers of customer loyalty of independent coffee shops in the London coffee shop market

Attitude-behaviour Gap in Green Consumerism among Men: An Exploratory Analysis

„Die Architektur des Neoliberalismus verleugnet die Arbeit“

„Klubs! Mehr Klubs!
 Und zwar so schnell wie möglich!“

Parenting and oral health in an inner-city environment: a qualitative pilot study

An Investigation into the Relationship between Post Occupancy Behaviour and Energy Efficiency in Residential Buildings

Commentary: Mechanical Pain Thresholds and the Rubber Hand Illusion

A Pedagogical Response to Decoloniality: Decolonial Atmospheres and Rising Subjectivity

‘The banter levels are good’: Developing social and human capital through education

The Making of Democratic Actors: Counting the Costs of Public Cuts in England on Young People’s Steps towards Citizenship

How to challenge racism in British schools

Wave Propagation and Scour Failure of Coastal Structures due to Tsunamis

Doctor Who’s timely challenge to racism, hatred and Donald Trump

Policing - The technological revolution: Opportunities & challenges!

GPS precise point positioning for UAV photogrammetry

Improving the Building Performance and Thermal Comfort of an Office Building to Reduce Overheating Risk

Leisure Visitor’s Responses to Natural History Dioramas

Testing the effectiveness of REACH Pregnancy Circles group antenatal care: protocol for a randomised controlled pilot trial

Agents and spectres: Life-space on a medium secure forensic psychiatric unit

Living ‘in between’ outside and inside: The forensic psychiatric unit as an impermanent assemblage

Crossing Conceptual Boundaries X

Open Access Policy

A E I O U: Articles, Essays, Interviews and Out-takes

Good night, sleep tight (remix)

Regeneration Songs: Sounds of Investment and Loss in East London

The Production of Play: new forms for civic engagement within contested urban realms

An updated meta-analysis of the distribution and prevalence of Borrelia burgdorferi s.l. in ticks in Europe

Investigating the effects of smart technology on customer dynamics and customer experience

Factor structure and psychometric properties of the Body Appreciation Scale-2 among adolescents and young adults in Danish, Portuguese, and Swedish

The Power of Choice: A Study Protocol on How Identity Leadership Fosters Commitment Toward the Organization

For whom is the feedback intended? A student-focused critical analysis of turnitin software as a tool for learning

Seeds of Legacy, Hybrid and Flexible Spaces

No black scientist has ever won a Nobel – that’s bad for science, and bad for society

Affective Computational Model to Extract Natural Affective States of Students with Asperger Syndrome (AS) in Computer-based Learning Environment

An Integrated Cyber Security Risk Management Approach for a Cyber-Physical System

E-Government Maturity Model for Sustainable E-Government Services from the Perspective of Developing Countries

Management of peripheral arterial disease in diabetes: a national survey of podiatry practice in the United Kingdom

Tourism, border politics, and the fault lines of mobility

Above and Beyond the Battle: Virtuosity and Collectivity within Televised Street Dance Crew Competitions

Comment un outil cartographique de suivi et de communication permet-il d’élargir l’accès à plus d’étudiants et à des étudiants plus divers?

The Handbook of Mental Health and Space: Community and Clinical Applications

Neoliberal Development and Struggle Against It: The Importance of Social Class, Mystification and Feasibility

Deciphering ‘Arab Hospitality’: Identifying Key Characteristics and Concerns

Share: A New Model for Social Work

Dance Floor Transformation: Counterculture, Post-industrialism, and Environmental Design in New York City during the 1970s and Early 1980s

'Beauty Vlogging: Practices, Labours, Inequality'

A novel use for oil-contaminated drill cuttings in the manufacture of lightweight aggregate

Towards a Comprehensive Evidence-Based Approach For Information Security Value Assessment

Prospects of Pharmacological Interventions to Organismal Aging

Mesmeric Trances and Phantasmatic Doubles: Occultist Magnetism and Neo-Magnetic Bodies

Occultist Vitalist Realism: The Phantasmatic Bodies of Durville, Duchamp and Kupka

Capturing the Vital Force: Neo-Magnetic Photography and Durville’s Phantasmatic Doubles

Circumventing Censorship: Virilizing Victorian Homoeroticism

Science, Occultism, Culture

Bleisure Travel Report: Worker Productivity and Well-being

Social media and mental health: A topological approach

Restoration of Freshwaters: Principles and Practice

Current clinical management of smoke inhalation injuries: a reality check

Physiotherapy in cystic fibrosis Α comprehensive clinical overview

Digitally Mediated Emotion: Simondon, Affectivity and Individuation

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park BAP Monitoring: Terrestrial Invertebrate Survey Report for idverde

Belonging: Exploring students’ ideas around belonging, comfort and discomfort in library and learning spaces

Therapeutische Arbeit mit suizidalen Jugendlichen Die psychodynamische Kurztherapie (TAPP)