Meeting the Needs of Local Communities and Businesses: From Transactional to Eco-Leadership in the English Further Education Sector

Picasso’s Syphilitic Bodies

Feeling Eco-violence: The Toxic Consciousness of Eco-Aesthetics

Performing Biopouvoir: Producing Docile Bodies and the Eugenic Gaze in the Fitness Industry

In the Changing Light; Daring to Be Powerful

Women Workers' Education

Three-quarter views of depth-rotated faces induce face-specific capacity limits in visual search

A Proposed Machine Learning Based Collective Disease Model to Enable Predictive Diagnostics in Necrotising Enterocolitis

A Machine Learning Techniques to Detect Counterfeit Medicine Based on X-Ray Fluorescence Analyser

Wither democracy? The rise of epistocracy and monopoly in school governance

Attentional Shifting and Disengagement in Rett Syndrome

Decision-making in crisis resolution and home treatment teams: The AWARE framework

Patriarchal Hegemony: Investigating the Impact of Patriarchy on Women’s Work-Life Balance

Managing Diversity in Nigeria: Competing Logics of Workplace Diversity

Consumer Multicultural Identity Affiliation: Reassessing Identity Segmentation in Multicultural Markets

Transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS) at 40 Hz enhances face and object perception

From Margin to Centre? Practising New Forms of European Politics and Citizenship in the Calais ‘Jungle’

The Production of Heritage

Context-Specific Drinking and Social Anxiety: The Roles of Anticipatory Anxiety and Post-Event Processing

Dimensions and Determinants of Financialisation: Comparing OECD Countries since 1997

Corporate Entrepreneurship, Strategy Formulation, and the Performance of the Nigerian Manufacturing Sector

The Vision of the Absurd Aesthetic Machines, Entanglement and Affect

The Influence of Urban Green Systems on the Urban Heat Island Effect in London

Muddied Living: making home with dog companions

How common and severe are six withdrawal effects from, and addiction to, antidepressants? The experiences of a large international sample of patients

Book Review: Les Back and Shamser Sinha with Charlynne Bryan, Vlad Baraku and Mardoche Yemba, Migrant City

From Scutellaria barbata to BZL101 in Cancer Patients: Phytochemistry, Pharmacology, and Clinical Evidence

Learning How to Ask - Does a one-day training increase trauma inquiry in routine substance use disorder practice? Results of a cluster-randomized controlled trial

Narrative Research


Social Media Influencers: Exploratory Analysis on the Relationships Between Female Millennials and Influencers

The Effect of Sustainable Production on Consumer Buying Behaviour in Apparel Industry

Recruitment challenges – a study of how consulting firms practice their recruitment

Examining Challenges Impacting Mobile Money Penetration Levels in Somalia: The Case of Zaad in Mogadishu

Education for a Healthy Democracy

Explaining Sentiment Classification

Affective and enjoyment responses to 12 weeks of high intensity interval training and moderate continuous training in adults with Crohn’s disease

Psychological, social, and welfare interventions for torture survivors: A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials

Qualitative Research in Refugee Studies

The Women’s Royal Indian Naval Service: Picturing India’s New Woman

Greenwashing and Responsible Investment Practice: Empirical Evidence from Zimbabwe

Enter the Surface-Interface: An Exploration of Urban Surfaces as Sites of Spatial Production and Regulation

How do new/recent mothers experience unwanted harm thoughts related to their newborn? A thematic analysis

Policing degrees: New top up degree for serving officers means ‘no-one gets left behind’

Too big to manage: US megabanks’ competition by innovation and the microfoundations of financialization

The Bourdieu paradigm: The origins and evolution of an intellectual social project

Customizable Ceramic Nanocomposites Using Carbon Nanotubes

Talkin’ Transindividuation and Collectivity: A Dialogue Between Jason Read and Jeremy Gilbert

Positive Psychology in the Language Classroom: What is all the hype?

Supplementary material for An overview of the patterned fens of Great Sandy Region, far eastern Australia

An overview of the patterned fens of Great Sandy Region, far eastern Australia

Mosaic Management: The Missing Ingredient for Biodiversity Innovation in Urban Greenspace Design

Review: Non‐invasive brain stimulation in behavioral addictions: insights from direct comparisons with substance use disorders

Cocaine Money, Cement Houses, and New Residential Arrangements in a Coastal Miskitu Village

Loss of hypothermic and anti-pyretic action of paracetamol in cyclooxygenase-1 knockout mice is indicative of inhibition of cyclooxygenase-1 variant enzymes

Expert Voices: Reading comics and graphic novels

Contemporary Challenges in School Recruitment for Criminological Survey Research: Lessons From the International Self-Report Delinquency Study in England, Germany, the Netherlands, and the United States

PREVENT, Safeguarding and the Common-Sensing of Social Work in the UK

Organizing the sensory: Ear-work, panauralism and sonic agency on a forensic psychiatric unit

Affect Theory and the Concept of Atmosphere

Brexit uncertainty will continue after Halloween unless a deal is struck

Social Work and Countering Violent Extremism in Sweden and the UK

The experiences of educational coaches prior to their first placement: An interpretative phenomenological analysis

Team Coaching: A thematic analysis of methods used by external coaches in a work domain

Color Categorization Independent of Color Naming

Antidepressant withdrawal – the tide is finally turning

A psychophysiological investigation of the interplay between orienting and executive control during stimulus conflict: A heart rate variability study

The Role of Underutilization of Protective Behavioral Strategies in the Relation of Social Anxiety with Risky Drinking

What is Community?

Addressing heterogeneity (and homogeneity) in treatment mechanisms in depression and the potential to develop diagnostic and predictive biomarkers

The frontline of social prescribing – how do we ensure Link Workers can work safely and effectively within primary care?

Bangladeshi Medicinal Plants: Ethnopharmacology, Phytochemistry and Anti-Staphylococcal Activity

Developing ethical guidelines for positive psychology practice: An on-going, iterative, collaborative endeavour

The Anatomy of Memory Politics: A Formalist Analysis of Tate Britain’s ‘Artist and Empire’ and the Struggle over Britain’s Imperial Past

Assessment of the Suitability of the Fall Cone Method to Replace the Casagrande Cup for Liquid Limit Determination of South African Soils

Other Oriented Perfectionism in Tennis Coaching

Information Accrual From the Period Preceding Racket-Ball Contact for Tennis Ground Strokes: Inferences From Stochastic Masking

Becoming Simian: Darwin, Picasso and Creative Evolution

Un modelo de aprendizaje estratégico para el aprendizaje de idiomas

British Sikhs in complementary schooling: the role of heritage language proficiency and ‘culture learning’ in ethnic identity and bicultural adaptation

Three Essays on Earnings Quality

The Role of Oestrogen Receptor Beta (ERβ) in the Aetiology and Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

An International Interdisciplinary Writing Group: Perspectives on Building Partnerships and Developing Community

Muscle Testing – A Concise Manual

Review of the SoTL a Guide for Scientists, Engineers and Mathematicians

The Beliefs of Non-Psychiatric Doctors about the Causes, Treatments and Prognosis of Schizophrenia

Young Women’s Selfhood on Antidepressants: ‘Not Fully Myself’

Peer mentors' experiences and perceptions of mentoring in undergraduate health and sports science programmes

All kinds of strong: Disrupting dominant discourses of fitness within elementary school physical education

A socially just (dis)ability curriculum idea in physical education

Social justice in physical education: A summary of research and teaching

Styles of Collaboration between Entities within Different Sectors of Communities When Working on Sustainability-Related Projects

Democratic Teacher Education Practices

An Interpretive Analysis of Long-Term Success of Black Business in Britain

The Acculturation Model in Second Language Learning: A Cross-Linguistic Study of a Group of English-Speaking Nigerian Immigrants Learning German as a Second Language in Germany

Juggling Teaching and PhD Studies – GROWing Tips

What Influence Earnings Management by Share-Financed Acquirers Prior to Deal Announcements?

Negotiating Development: a psychosocial study of Bangladeshi development workers

“The Education System is Broken:” The Influence of a Sociocultural Foundations Class on the Perspectives and Practices of Physical Education Preservice Teachers

How is paranoia experienced in a student population? A qualitative study of students scoring highly on a paranoia measure

Anisotropy in Sand–Fibre Composites and Undrained Stress–Strain Implications

Bodies, Representations, Situations, Practices: qualitative research on affect, emotion and feeling

A Probabilistic Approach to the Spatial Variability of Ground Properties in the Design of Urban Deep Excavation

Compacted Expansive Elastic Silt and Tyre Powder Waste

Raising Awareness of Mental Health in Higher Education: Research Activity for Educators

Forgotten Solidarities in the Atelier Populaire Posters

A Deep Learning Based Suggested Model to Detect Necrotising Enterocolitis in Abdominal Radiography Images

Context-Aware Driver Distraction Severity Classification using LSTM Network

Predicting the Standard and Deviant Patterns In EEG Signals Based On Deep Learning Model

The Influence of Organisational Culture on Leadership Style in Higher Education Institutions

Whole genome sequencing revealed new molecular characteristics in multidrug resistant staphylococci recovered from high frequency touched surfaces in London

Postmodernism, Ethnicity, and Celebrity Culture in Women’s Symbolic Consumption

Are inexpensive surveys for maintenance management of small existing residential buildings at BIM level 2?”

Power Control and Cooperative Sensing in Cognitive Radio

Towards a sustainable and efficient integrated dry ports network (IDPN): Mashreq countries as a case study

Psychosocial Risk Factors in Disordered Gambling: A Descriptive Systematic Overview of Vulnerable Populations

Gambling and Homelessness: Prevalence and Pathways

Prevalence of clinical autistic traits within a homeless population: barriers to accessing homeless services

Heterogeneity in Disordered Gambling: Decision-Making and Impulsivity in Gamblers Grouped by Preferred Form

Predictors of Dropout in Disordered Gamblers in UK Residential Treatment

Hyperfine excitation of CH and OH radicals by He

Proceedings from the 2nd Annual UK Implementation Science Research Conference, 'Advancing the science of scaling up: Improving efficiency and effectiveness of implementation strategies in healthcare': meeting abstracts

Eyes on the Bog: Long-term monitoring network for UK peatlands

Temporalities of Mental Distress: Digital Immediacy and the Meaning of 'Crisis' in Online Support

Ethical guidelines for positive psychology practice

Lime Cake as an Alternative Stabiliser for Loose Clayey Loams

Effect of Grain Size and Shape on Undrained Behaviour of Sands

Trust and power as determinants of tax compliance across 44 nations

How do women with social risk factors experience United Kingdom maternity care? A realist synthesis

Nation and Place Marketing

Social Prescribing in General Practice

What Europeanization? Getting Away with Corruption in the Progressivists-Dominated Serbia

Stosunki między Wspólnotą Europejską a Jugosławią: dokumenty, które miały znaczenie (1980–1992)

Landlords and Tenants: Between Contract, Property and Social Relations

Ductility of Steel-Fibre-Reinforced Recycled Lightweight Concrete

Anonymous Women? A Scoping Review of the Experiences of Women in Gamblers Anonymous (GA)

Aspiration, austerity and ableism: to what extent are the 2014 SEND reforms supporting young people with a life‐limiting impairment and their families to get the lives they want?

Reproducing Masculinities – The Edwardian Performance of Male Adolescent ‘Crisis'

Indoor comfort and adaptation in low-income and middle-income residential buildings in a Nigerian city during a dry season

Investing resources to address social factors affecting health: The essential role of social prescribing

Afterword: ecological catastrophe in the fourth industrial revolution? : the case for eco-socialism and the role of the media

Foreword: the (not so) strange rise of Donald J. Trump

Foreword: Peter’s Return to Marx

Racism and Fascism in the Era of Donald J. Trump and the Alt-Right: Critical Race Theory and Socialism as Oppositional Forces

A Marxist Critique of Sean Walton’s Defence of the CRT Concept of ‘White Supremacy’ as Explaining All Forms of racism and Some Comments on CRT, Black Radical and Socialist Futures

An Investigation into the treatment and modelling of Municipal Solid Waste Incineration (MSWI) Air Pollution Control (APC) residues

The Subjective Voice and Hybrid Documentary Filmmaking Strategies: A Case Study

Novel Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus CC8 Clone Identified in a Hospital Setting in Armenia

Illuminating Phantasmatic Doubles: Hector Durville's and Albert de Rochas

Pro-Abortion Politics

A Sleepwalker’s Guide to the Darker Impulses of the Collective Nonconscious

EU Enforcement Mechanisms: Passenger Rights EC Regulation 261/2004

At what stage in the drinking process does drinking water affect attention and memory? Effects of mouth rinsing and mouth drying in adults

Effects of Trade Tariffs on Domestic Economies and Global Trade: an Exploratory Analysis

The impacts of branding and shopping experience on consumers in luxury retail: A comparative study with reference to Harrods and Selfridges

Heterogeneity in psychiatric diagnostic classification

Impact of Corporate Social Responsibilities on Revenue Generation: A case study of Coca-Cola

Influences of environmental stressors on autonomic function in 12-month-old infants: understanding early common pathways to atypical emotion regulation and cognitive performance

Parents mimic and influence their infant’s autonomic state through dynamic affective state matching

Visuo-tactile stimulation, but not type of movement, modulates pain during the vision of a moving virtual limb

Affect, Cognition and the Neurosciences


Widening Participation Practitioners Write!

Barriers to women's access to alongside midwifery units in England

What Support? Foucault, Power, and the Construction of Rape

Human Rights-Based Approach to Applied Psychology

Conceptualising rehabilitation as reparation for torture survivors: a clinical perspective

The Marginalised in Genocide Narratives

Advanced Research Training Seminars 2018: A new ARTS model

Theresa May, The Hostile Environment and Public Pedagogies of Hate and Threat: The Case for a Future Without Borders

Work to be done? A survey of educational psychologists exploring their contribution to special schools for profound and multiple learning difficulties

My New School transition to high school for children with special educational needs in England – findings and ideas for practice

Academic progress from the perception of children with SEND: an IPA study

Sergio Tonkonoff, From Tarde to Deleuze and Foucault: The Infinitesimal Revolution, London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2018; 154: ISBN, 978-3-319-55148-7

A synthesis of evidence for the effects of interventions to conserve peatland vegetation: overview and critical discussion

Erratum to: The hyperfine excitation of OH radicals by He

Delphi study to identify key features of community-based child and adolescent mental health services in the East of England

We Must Never Forget Theresa May's Full Frontal Assault On Families Like Mine

From Pain to Blame: Law, Emotion and Property Loss

A study of Ar-N₂ supercritical mixtures using neutron scattering, molecular dynamics simulations and quantum mechanical scattering calculations

‘You have to find your slant, your groove:’ one physical education teacher's efforts to employ transformative pedagogy

'A critical autoethnography of a doctoral students ’ research journey: learning to take risks in the academy

Positioning the Drone: Policing the “Risky” Skies

Understanding the Trajectory of the Academic Progress of International Student In the UK

Racialized and Gendered Cultures of Othering: Displaced People in the Neoliberal World

A meta-model for software protections and reverse engineering attacks

Survey of the effect of viewing an online e-cigarette advertisement on attitudes towards cigarette and e-cigarette use in adults located in the UK and USA: a cross-sectional study

Gaps in Particulate Matters: Formation, Mechanisms, Implications

Fluoxetine selectively induces p53-independent apoptosis in human colorectal cancer cells

Conserving Bogs: The Management Handbook

Clinical guidelines on antidepressant withdrawal urgently need updating

The impact of religion on classification shifting in the presence of corporate governance and BIG 4 audit

Effect of PET Image Reconstruction Techniques on Unexpected Aorta Uptake

Understanding the Impact of Strategic Change Management on the Maritime Crude Oil Transportation Industry in Nigeria

Anodal tDCS and High-Frequency tRNS Targeting the Occipitotemporal Cortex Do Not Always Enhance Face Perception

Protease Activated Receptor 4 as a Novel Modulator of Regulatory T Cell Function

Barriers to recruitment when conducting a commissioned randomised controlled trial of medication versus psychological therapy for generalised anxiety disorder: some lessons learned

The Effect of Bank Capital Buffer on Bank Risk and Net Interest Margin: Evidence from the US

The Political Economy of Iran: Development, Revolution and Political Violence

Robot assisted training for the upper limb after stroke (RATULS): a multicentre randomised controlled trial

An Effective Framework for Enhancing Student Engagement and Performance in Final Year Projects

Women-Entrepreneurship, Religiosity, and Value-co-creation with Ethnic Consumers: Revisiting the Paradox

Technologies in rational self-management: Interventions in the ‘responsibilisation’ of school governors

Who Is Teaching Me and What Do They Know? Student Teachers’ Perceptions of Their Teacher Educators and Mentors

“Englishing” the L1: Reconsidering the use of the mother tongue EFL classroom

The Acculturation Experiences of first wave Kosovan women migrants living in the United Kingdom: An Interpretative phenomenological analysis

We are all teacher educators now: understanding school-based teacher educators in times of change in England

An Examination and Analysis of a Learner’s Errors from the Perspective of a Pedagogical Grammar

International Research, Policy and Practice in Teacher Education: Insider Perspectives

Examining Literacy Development Holistically using the Play and Learn through the Arts (PLA) Programme: A Case Study

Marxism and Educational Theory

Thinking dispositions and cognitive reflection performance in schizotypy

Meanings of Failed Action: A Reassessment of the 1946 Royal Indian Navy Uprising

Opera, improvisation and empowerment: a creative and pedagogical methodology

Techno-securitisation of Everyday Life and Cultures of Surveillance-Apatheia

Counselling training in Afghanistan: the long term development of the INSPIRE project

Artificial Intelligence in the Business of Tourism: A Market Strategy in the UK Travel Distribution

History, Fidelity and Time in Rhea Galanki's Novels

Water supplementation after dehydration improves judgment and decision-making performance

Individual violent wave-overtopping events: behaviour and estimation

Positive Semiotics

High-intensity interval training and moderate-intensity continuous training in adults with Crohn’s disease: a pilot randomised controlled trial

Authors' response to a critique by Jauhar and Hayes of ‘a systematic review into the incidence, severity and duration of antidepressant withdrawal effects: Are guideline evidence-based?’

WHO guidance on mental health training: a systematic review of the progress for non-specialist health workers

Health assets in a global context: a systematic review of the literature

Kernel Context Recommender System (KCR): A Scalable Context-Aware Recommender System Algorithm

Pharmacological targeting of the GABAB receptor alters Drosophila's behavioural responses to alcohol

Why work ‘at home’? Oxfam’s value-added and the UK Poverty Programme

Building visual worlds: Using maps in qualitative psychological research on affect and emotion

Dynamics of brain connectivity after stroke

Redesigning prison: the architecture and ethics of rehabilitation

What Make the Impact of the Financial Crisis on Innovation Different Across European Countries?

Articulating, reclaiming and celebrating the professionalism of teacher educators in England

Variance Ranking Attributes Selection Techniques for Binary Classification Problem in Imbalance Data

Intimate Partner Violence in Treatment Seeking Problem Gamblers

An Independent Audit of Pharma Influence in Public Mental Health Trusts in England

Minimum income for healthy living and frailty in adults over 65 years old in the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing: a population-based cohort study

Membrane radiolabelling of exosomes for comparative biodistribution analysis in immunocompetent and immunodeficient mice – a novel and universal approach

The effectiveness of psychoanalytic/psychodynamic psychotherapy for reducing suicide attempts and self-harm: Systematic review and meta-analysis

New Materialisms in the Archive: in the mode of an œuvre à faire

Positive and negative effects of antipsychotic medication: an international online survey of 832 recipients

Translations of New Public Management: A decentred approach to school governance in four OECD countries

The effects of dream rebound: Evidence for emotion-processing theories of dreaming

Perspectives on Access to Higher Education: Practice and Research

Identification and classification of unmapped blanket bogs in the Cordillera Cantábrica, northern Spain

Examining banking productivity drivers in MENA banks after financial liberalisation in 1990s

Physical Inactivity in Pulmonary Sarcoidosis

Perceived stressors and coping mechanisms of female migrant domestic workers in Singapore

Determinants for Successful Agile Collaboration between UX Designers and Software Developers in a Complex Organisation

An essential role for dNTP homeostasis following CDK-induced replication stress

Cultural trauma: Ron Eyerman and the founding of a new research paradigm

Comparative efficacy and acceptability of non-surgical brain stimulation for the acute treatment of major depressive episodes in adults: systematic review and network meta-analysis

School Age Neurological and Cognitive Outcomes of Fetal Growth Retardation or Small for Gestational Age Birth Weight

Placing Austerity in Context: The Greek Case Between Neo-Liberal Globalisation and an Ordoliberal EU

Investigating the feasibility of using student reflective journals to understand how clinical legal education can develop the ethical competence of law students

Anger as a moral emotion: A 'bird's eye' systematic review

Places of Poverty and Powerlessness: INGOs working ‘at home’

In Search of Perfect Boundaries? Entrepreneurs’ Work-Life Balance

Vitalist Modernism

Reinforcement reduces the size–latency phenomenon: A cost–benefit evaluation of saccade triggering

Embedding Recovery to Transform Inpatient Mental Health Care: The 333 Model

Deep Learning Approach for Intelligent Intrusion Detection System

Social Media's Impact on Creative Thought

Epistolary Lives: fragments, sensibility, assemblages in auto/biographical research

Organizations need ethical leaders: how to attract and nurture cultural creatives into positions of leadership and influence

Positive work: A Multidimensional Overview and Analysis of Work-Related Drivers of Wellbeing

Experiences of UK African-Caribbean Prostate Cancer Survivors of Discharge to primary care

A Semantic Rule-Based Approach for Software Privacy by Design

Hedging and pricing early-exercise options with complex fourier series expansion

Etymologies of wellbeing: Exploring the non-English roots of English words used in positive psychology

Exploring the perceptions of Greek counsellors’ and counselling psychologists’ professional identity and training experience, through the lens of the first alumni graduates of a Greek state University

Online Hate: From the Far-Right to the ‘Alt-Right’, and from the Margins to the Mainstream

Making "The Russian Lion": Vladislav von Krajewski’s Bodybuilding of George Hachenschmidt

Engaging with civil society to improve access to LTBI screening for new migrants in England: a qualitative study

Broken and mended: Therapeutic processes, recovery, and desistance in a substance use treatment programme for life-sentenced prisoners

A new Borrelia on the block: Borrelia miyamotoi – a human health risk?

Efficient computation of european option prices and their sensitivities with the complex fourier series method

An Empirical Study Comparing Different Art Forms to Develop Social and Personal Skills in Early Years Education

Reducing barriers to trauma inquiry in substance use disorder treatment – A cluster-randomized controlled trial

A professional development programme for care home nurses in east London

Exploring the relationship between grapheme colour-picking consistency and mental imagery

Psychosocial correlates in treatment seeking gamblers: Differences in early age onset gamblers vs later age onset gamblers

Time-Limited Adolescent Psychodynamic Psychotherapy: A Developmentally-Focussed Psychotherapy for Young People

Archival Methods in Auto/biographical Research

All the Water in the World

Nomadic Contagions and the Performance of Infrastructure in Dale Farm's Post-eviction Scene

Nursing students' trait mindfulness and psychological stress: A correlation and mediation analysis

How do early childhood education leaders navigate ethical dilemmas within the context of marketised provision in England?

Application of carbon nanotubes in cancer vaccines: Achievements, challenges and chances

Exploring the Dynamics of Consumerism in Developing Nations

Creative failure: Stiegler, psychoanalysis and the promise of a life worth living

The impact of water consumption on hydration and cognition among schoolchildren: Methods and results from a crossover trial in rural Mali

Securitising Social Work: Counter Terrorism, Extremism, and Radicalisation

Terpenes from Zingiber montanum and Their Screening against Multi-Drug Resistant and Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus

Assessing overheating risk and thermal comfort in state-of-the-art prototype houses that combat exacerbated climate change in UK

A conceptual model for loess in England: Principles and applications

Mapping and mainstreaming Islamophobia: between the illiberal and liberal

The atmosphere of the ward: Attunements and attachments of everyday life for patients on a medium-secure forensic psychiatric unit

Critical reflections: Merits of using youth-centric technology in keeping young people safe across Europe

The pressures of building reciprocal relationships in an intergenerational research team

Policing: Monitoring, Investigating and Prosecuting ‘Drones’

Policing Aviation: Keeping the Peace Intelligence-Fed Security!

Community engagement and social justice: Making a difference through improving communication across language and culture in mental health and community settings

Intercultural Counselling and Psychotherapy with new immigrants and refugees

Culture, Mental Health, and Immigrants

Refugee and Asylum Seekers Experience

Working with Interpreters

Cyber Security Threat Modeling for Supply Chain Organizational Environments

Memory, Place and Autobiography: Experiments in Documentary Filmmaking

Word naming slows picture naming but does not affect cumulative semantic interference

Bilingualism and Multilingualism in Secondary Education in England

UEL Research Data Management Policy

Theodicy and Lovindeer’s ‘Wild Gilbert’ on Nicaragua’s Mosquito Coast

Towards Efficient and Scalable Data-Intensive Content Delivery: State-of-the-Art, Issues and Challenges

Participatory pedagogy for values education in early childhood education

What is the Impact of Early Adult Rheumatoid Arthritis on the Biomechanical and Functional Characteristics of the Foot and Lower Limb?

The poetics of justice: aphorism and chorus as modes of anti-racism

Understanding and Applying Ecological Principles in Cities

International Policy Perspectives on Change in Teacher Education


Archives, Genealogies and Narratives in Women Workers’ Education

The rise and reality of INGO domestic programming

Book Review: Costis Hadjimichalis, Crisis Spaces: Structures, Struggles, and Solidarity in Southern Europe, New York: Routledge, 2018. ISBN: 9781138184503 (cloth); ISBN: 9781315645131 (ebook)

Neo-liberalism and Ordoliberalism – One or Two Critiques? An Introduction

Flying the flag for business unity in a period of uncertainty

Brexit demands a coherent new industrial policy