‘Disability and HIV in Africa: Breaking the barriers to sexual health care’

Posthuman Community in the Edgelands

Recontextualizing Mindfulness: Theravada Buddhist Perspectives on the Ethical and Spiritual Dimensions of Awareness.

‘Why are there always three?’: The Gothic Occult in Dario Argento’s Three Mothers Trilogy

Moral Insanity and psychological disorder: the hybrid roots of Psychiatry

The business of governorship: Corporate elitism in public education

Context-Based Sound and the Ecological Theory of Perception

Comradeship of Cock? Gay porn and the entrepreneurial voyeur

From the Unlearned Un-Man to a Pedagogy without Moulding: Stirner, consciousness raising, and the production of difference

Introduction to the Special Issue: Racialized Bordering Discourses on European Roma

Press discourses on Roma in the UK, Finland and Hungary

Well London: Results of a community engagement approach to improving health among adolescents from areas of deprivation in London

The Entrepreneurial University: A Exploration of a value-creation in a non-Management department

'Higher reality', higher learning? Challenging trainee teacher's conceptions of the nature of the world and the nature of science.

One-dimensional creep of unsaturated soft soils

Uncertainty of suction measurement with tensiometers

Creep analysis of an earth embankment on soft soil deposit with and without PVD improvement

Reflections on a Sense of Community: Work in Progress

Developing digital competence: A cross university project

Pile Foundation Design Through the Increased Bearing Capacity of Extended End Pile

Control Space Reduction and Real-Time Accurate Modeling of Continuum Manipulators Using Ritz and Ritz-Galerkin Methods

Excitation of the Earth's Chandler wobble by a turbulent oceanic double-gyre

The promise (and potential pitfalls) of a public health approach in clinical psychology

Caryatid Unplugged: A Cabaret on Performing and Negotiating Belonging and Otherness in Exile

Effects of Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS) Standard: A Study on Core Competencies Building and Organizational Learning

Concurrent enterprise: a conceptual framework for enterprise supply-chain network activities

Analysis of enterprise supply chain communication networks in engineering product development

The Urban Dimension of Innovation Policy: Roxbury Innovation Centre

Adoption of Retrofit Strategies for the Housing Sector in Northern Cyprus

Methodological Challenges Created by Complexity in Interdisciplinary Studies

Retrofit Strategies for the Existing Residential Tower Blocks in Northern Cyprus

Energy Performance Development of Non-regulated Retrofit Mass Housing Estates in Northern Cyprus

Passive Cooling Design Strategies for Retrofit of Residential Tower Blocks in Northern Cyprus

The Role of Labeling and Bias in the Portrayals of Acts of “Terrorism”: Media Representations of Muslims vs. Non-Muslims

Work-related self-efficacy as a moderator of the impact of a worksite stress management training intervention: Intrinsic work motivation as a higher order condition of effect

How Can Spirituality Be Integrated in Undergraduate and Postgraduate Education?

The Work-Family Interface in Turkey

Mindfulness in sport and physical exercise

Islamic Municipal Finance

Towards a Responsible Land Administration Curriculum

A Technique for the Retrospective and Predictive Analysis of Cognitive Errors for the Oil and Gas Industry (TRACEr-OGI)

Architectural Principles for Energy-Aware Internet-Scale Applications

Human factors analysis and classification system for the oil and gas industry (HFACS-OGI)

Thermal Comfort in Zero Energy Buildings

Retrofit Planning for the Performance Gap: Results of a Workshop on Addressing Energy, Health and Comfort Needs in a Protected Building

Improving Thermal Comfort of Low-Income Housing in Thailand through Passive Design Strategies

Improving Thermal Comfort and Indoor Air Quality through Minimal Interventions in Office Buildings

Energy and low-income tropical housing in Tanzania

Prefabrication in the UK housing construction industry

Performance gap? energy, health and comfort needs in buildings

Evaluating the thermal performance of low-income housing in Thailand

Transition in housing design and thermal comfort in rural Tanzania

ZEMCH 2016 International Conference Proceedings

Effects of thermal insulation on thermal comfort in low-income tropical housing

Effects of Solar Shading on Thermal Comfort in Low-income Tropical Housing

Book Reviews

Happier Teachers and More Engaged Students? Reflections on the Possibilities Offered by a Pedagogical Approach Co-Developed by Teachers and Researchers

Early Reading Experiences of White Working-Class Trainee Teachers

Towards Solving the Recruitment Crisis in Maths Teaching: The Role of Subject Knowledge Enhancement Courses

Using Andragogy to Teach Pedagogy: Expecting Heutagogy – Using Against-the-Grain Teaching Practices for Desired Outcomes


Research in Teacher Education: Volume 7, No.2, November 2017

Research in Teacher Education: Volume 7, No.1, May 2017

The Conservation and Repair of Decorative Terracotta: CPD session from the SPAB

Supplementary material for 'Transient structural variations have strong effects on quantitative traits and reproductive isolation in fission yeast'

Between speaking out in public and being person-centred: collaboratively designing an inclusive archive of learning disability history

Reviews: The representational burden

“A Possible Transmigration”: Anthony Burgess and the Modernist Translations of Cyrano de Bergerac and L’Avare

Supply chain forecasting when information is not shared

RIX Wiki Evaluation Toolkit

The Social Prescribing Service in the London Borough of Waltham Forest: Final Evaluation Report

Review of the Book: Frameworks for Practice in Educational Psychology (2nd Ed.), by B. Kelly, L. M. Woolfson, & J. Boyle

The Hypothesised Female ASC Phenotype: Implications for Research and Practice

Time to Talk: The Benefits of Therapeutic Conversations in Supporting Young People With Sensory/Physical and Medical Disabilities

A Child’s Best Friend?: A Review of Canine Interventions for Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder

Increasing Children’s Working Memory Capacity: Preliminary Evaluation of a Card-Based Programme

A Preliminary Study on Using the “Little Box of Big Questions (2012)” for Children With Social, Emotional, Behavioural and Moderate Learning Needs


Educational Psychology Research and Practice (EPRaP): Volume 3, Issue 2

Book Review: What If Everybody Understood Child Development?

Universal Basic Income: A Psychological Impact Assessment

An Exploration of Current Research Into the Prevalence, Aetiology and Impact of Sleep Difficulties in Children and Young People With Autism Spectrum Disorder: Using the Evidence to Provide Effective Intervention

Sleep issues: Can EPs do more?

Social Information Processing: A Useful Framework for Educational Psychology

Literacy Interventions Promoting Adolescent Reading Engagement and Motivation: A Systematic Literature Review

Reflections on the Role of the Educational Psychologist Within a Multi-Academy Trust

Professional Courage: What Does It Mean for Practitioner Psychologists?


Educational Psychology Research and Practice (EPRaP): Volume 3, Issue 1

Present status of Sphagnum wetland development following surface soil removal in Kuromatsunai, Hokkaido

Effect of economic and security challenges on the Nigerian health sector.

Mental health in BME groups with diabetes: an overlooked issue?

Digital Archives of Refugee History: Resources, Challenges and Opportunities

Alive and Kicking - Perspectives on Access Education

Robot-Bone Attachment Device for Robot-Assisted Percutaneous Bone Fragment Manipulation

Intra-operative fiducial-based CT/fluoroscope image registration framework for image-guided robot-assisted joint fracture surgery

Image-Guided Surgical Robotic System for Percutaneous Reduction of Joint Fractures

Documenting the undocumented: International engagement, archives and preserving the refugee experience (part one)

Documenting the undocumented: International engagement, archives and preserving the refugee experience (part two)

Application of extended end composite pile design in pile foundation work

The Rise of the Drones: Framework and Governance - Why Risk It!

Borderless skies! Sovereign dominance, regionalism: lessons from Europe

The Skies the Limit! Collaborating to Open the Skies with China – Challenges and Opportunities

'The skies the limit!’: Open Skies – with limitations!

An Exploration into Women’s Choice and Premarital Experiences of Arranged Marriages within a South Asian Community in Britain: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis

A Guide to Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy: Information and Advice for Teachers and Parents

Reflections: An Investigation into Mothers’ Experiences of Having an Adult Offspring with Mild Learning Disabilities

Right-click Authenticate adoption: The impact of authenticating social media postings on information quality

Spread of Misinformation Online: Simulation Impact of Social Media Newsgroups

Introducing B2i2C: an M-commerce model for SMEs

How to Stop Spread of Misinformation on Social Media: Facebook Plans vs. Right-click Authenticate Approach

E-university Lecture Delivery Model: From Classroom to Virtual

Bag of the Devil: The Disablement of Rob Titchener

Reflexive research with mothers and children victims of domestic violence

“Give me some space”: exploring youth to parent aggression and violence

Sciences sociales et populisme

‘Structure’ and ‘genesis’ and Comte’s conception of social science

Pierre Bourdieu

Modelling Knowledge Integration Process in Early Contractor Involvement Procurement at Tender Stage - A Western Australian Case Study

Dealing with donations: The experience of the University of East London

Solving the Linearly Inseparable XOR Problem with Spiking Neural Networks

Privacy preserving encrypted phonetic search of speech data

Knowledge sharing maturity model for Jordanian construction sector

The impact of IEQ on occupants’ satisfaction in Malaysian buildings

On the Making of a National Tragedy: The Transformation of the Meaning of the Indian Residential Schools

Analysis and Design of a Substrate Integrated Waveguide Multi-Coupled Resonator Diplexer

Evaluation of Counselling Partnership’s ‘Survivors of Suicide’ service to inform future provision and commissioning

Evaluation of Grassroots training programme to inform future provision and commissioning

The Art of Protest: Violence, Politics and Otherness

Half the Sky: Music of Lindsay Cooper

Challenging the ‘Othering’ of the Male Adolescent: A historic perspective on representations of precarity and social dystopia

‘Metaphors of Collapse’: The Representation of the Adolescent Body and Youth Violence and Vulnerability

Moisture damage evaluation of aggregate–bitumen bonds with the respect of moisture absorption, tensile strength and failure surface

Spanning the multilevel boundaries of construction organisations: Towards the delivery of BIM-compliant projects

The extent of practitioners' involvement in the delivery of sustainable urban regeneration projects in UK

Towards the delivery of sustainable regeneration projects’ types in the UK: an exploration of the role and level of involvement of key practitioners

Russian Energy Projects and the Global Climate, Geopolitics and Development Conundrum

Law students' clinic experience: Is it all hype in relation to performance on lack-letter law exams

The A-Z of Assessment

A Practical Guide for Maintaining High Activity Levels in Physical Education

A Wormhole Attack Detection and Prevention Technique in Wireless Sensor Networks

The Unbuilding of East Germany: Excavating Biography and History


Turning your dissertation into a publishable journal article

Preparing for and writing up your doctoral thesis

Locating cosmopolitanism within a Trans-Atlantic interpretive frame: the critical evaluation of John Singer Sargent’s portraits and figure studies in Britain and the United States from c.1886–1926.

International Financial Institutions and Biodiversity Conservation

Creating National Identity: Government Sponsored Animation in India 1956-1990

The Pasted Paper Devolution: The Dialogism of Sexual Degeneration and Neoregulation in Picasso's and Braque's Cubist Collages

From Support to Solidarity: Refugees' Interactions with Church Communities in London

Telling Stories in Pictures: Constituting Processual and Relational Narratives in Research With Young British Muslim Women in East London

Narratives Across Media as Ways of Knowing

Critical Aspects for Detection of Coxiella burnetii

Diagnosing Borreliosis

A Scalable Malware Classification based on Integrated Static and Dynamic Features

Low cost SIW Chebyshev bandpass filter with new input/output connection

‘I thought they should know … that daddy is not completely gone’: A case study of sense of presence experiences in bereavement and family meaning-making

High-Frequency Intermuscular Coherence between Arm Muscles during Robot-Mediated Motor Adaptation

Ethnic Cognition and Affect of British-Born Chinese Children

Stressful events and circumstances reported by patients prior to being prescribed antidepressants

Exploring the role of Capabilities in Social Innovation

Constitutive expression of the anti-apoptotic Bcl-2 family member A1 in murine endothelial cells leads to transplant tolerance

The experiences of high intensity therapists delivering cognitive behavioural therapy to people with intellectual disabilities

Cosmic Topologies of Imitation: From the Horror of Digital Autotoxicus to the Auto-Toxicity of the Social

Interoception and psychopathology: A developmental neuroscience perspective

Hacia el diseño de un modelo estratégico de aprendizaje de idiomas. Un estudio de caso basado en un grupo de discentes mayores en el marco de una comunidad de práctica profesional

Digital dangers and cyber-victimisation: a study of European adolescent online risky behaviour for sexual exploitation

Experiences of adolescent lung transplant recipients: A qualitative study

Mining the Dark Web: Drugs and fake ids

Academic mobility, transnational identity capital, and stratification under conditions of academic capitalism

How reliant are big development NGOs on UK aid money?

Literacy as a social practice in the early years settings and the effects of the arts: A case study

Emotional responses to disfigured faces and Disgust Sensitivity: An eye-tracking study

A brief guide to ageing and food

Anti-discriminatory Practice in Mental Health Care for Older People

Health and social exclusion in older age: evidence from Understanding Society, the UK household longitudinal study

Proceedings of the International Conference ‘Between Data and Senses; Architecture, Neuroscience and the Digital Worlds’.

Planting the seeds of change: Directionality in the narrative construction of recovery from addiction

Loess as a collapsible soil: Some basic particle packing aspects

The Self–Other Topology: The Politics of (User) Experience in the Like Economy

Effects of the diagnostic label “schizophrenia”, actively used or passively accepted, on general practitioners’ views of this disorder.

On the Ca2 + binding and conformational change in EF-hand domains: Experimental evidence of Ca2 +-saturated intermediates of N-domain of calmodulin

Austerity and Growth in Europe: Germany’s Impossible Mission

Understanding the long-term effects of childhood adversities: Beyond diagnosis and abuse

'When it comes to HIV, that’s when you find out the genuinity of that love’: The experience of disclosing a HIV+ status to an intimate partner

The impact of mindfulness on well-being and performance in the workplace: an inclusive systematic review of the empirical literature

Returnships for women won’t fix the career break penalty

Digital atmospheres: affective practices of care in Elefriends

Childhood and Loss in Early Modern Life Writing

Narratives of the nation in the Olympic opening ceremonies: comparative analysis of Beijing 2008 and London 2012

The Political Consequences of Outsider Labour Market Status in the United States: A Micro-level Study

Option pricing with Legendre polynomials

Beyond Transitional Justice: Peace, Governance, and Rule of Law

On the geography of bubbles and financial crises

A New Method for Estimating the Moisture Content and Flexibility of Polymerised Bentonite Clay Mat

Is electroconvulsive therapy for depression more effective than placebo? A systematic review of studies since 2009.

Can Hip Hop Empower Women?

CASE Tool support for variability management in software product lines

Anthropocene: victims, narrators, and revolutionaries

Resting Physiological Correlates of Reduced Exercise Capacity in Smokers with Mild Airway Obstruction

(Im)Mobilities of Older Pakistani Female Migrants and Material Culture: a Multigenerational Perspective on Gift-Giving

Blurred Boundaries: Remediation of Found Footage in Experimental Autobiographical Documentary Filmmaking

Welcome to Britain in 2017, where everybody is expected to bea border guard

Religious Exploration and Conversion in Forced Displacement: A Case Study of Syrian Muslim Refugees in Lebanon Receiving Assistance from Evangelical Christians

Women, love and power in Enlightenment Scotland

Everyday-Life Business Deviance Among Chinese SME Owners

Authenticity, validation and sexualisation on Grindr: an analysis of trans women’s accounts

Alcohol-induced risky sexual behavior among socially anxious drinkers

A Risk Management Framework for Cloud Migration Decision Support

Affect and subjectivity

Training Basic Visual Attention Leads to Changes in Responsiveness to Social‐Communicative Cues in 9‐Month‐Olds

Academic identity of Access HE tutors: a focused review of the literature

Understanding voice, distribution and listening in Digital Storytelling

Political Narratives and "Abraham Obama"

In my hours of need, I was robbed of my family, friends, beliefs and education. A mother’s narrative on her 14-year-old daughter's nine-month journey from ill health to death.

The influence of zero-hours contracts on care worker well-being

Social, cognitive, behavioural and neighbourhood characteristics associated with sedentary time in men and women living in deprived neighbourhoods

The development and validation of the Bronchiectasis Health Questionnaire

Practitioners' experiences of adolescent suicidal behaviour in peer groups

The transcription factor Gli3 promotes B cell development in fetal liver through repression of Shh

The Opinions of Italian Psychology Students About People Diagnosed with Depression and Schizophrenia: A Comparative Study

Toward the recovery of a sense of self: An interpretative phenomenological analysis of patients' experience of body-oriented psychotherapy for schizophrenia

Articulations of Islamophobia: From the Extreme to the Mainstream?

Preparing for and writing up your doctoral thesis

How do daughters experience having a mother with dementia?

Promoting young people’s mental health and well-being through participation in the arts: A mixed-methods service evaluation of the Zinc Arts ArtZone programme

Human Rights Cinema: The Act of Killing and the Act of Watching

The Neoliberalisation of Higher Education in England: An Alternatives is Possible

Work and care opportunities under different parental leave systems: gender and class inequalities in northern Europe

Why the money development charities spend in Britain is so vital to their work

Introduction: Queer Visual Historiographies

Assessing the Impact and Effectiveness of Hearing Voices Network Self-Help Groups

Dating persons with physical disabilities: The perceptions of South Africans without disabilities

Reviewing the effectiveness of the Oxford tutorial system in teaching an undergraduate qualifying law degree: a discussion of preliminary findings from a pilot study

Taking charge and letting go: exploring the ways a Transition to Adulthood project for teenagers with Duchenne muscular dystrophy has supported parents to prepare for the future

Natural History Dioramas: An opportunity for children to observe physical Science in action in a moment of time

How Professional Hackers Understand Protected Code while Performing Attack Tasks

An investigation into energy consumption behaviour and lifestyles in UK homes: Developing a smart application as a tool for reducing home energy use

Using the Law in Social Work

The sexual and reproductive rights and benefit derived from sexual and reproductive health services of people with physical disabilities in South Africa: beliefs of non-disabled people

Silymarin content in Silybum marianum extracts as a biomarker for the quality of commercial tinctures

Teaching Computational Thinking and Coding in Primary Schools

Summation of visual attributes in auditory‐visual crossmodal

Commentary: Branded Content and Media-Marketing Convergence

Relapsing fever causative agent in southern Iran is a closely related species to East African borreliae

Zen and the Art of Living Mindfully: The Health-Enhancing Potential of Zen Aesthetics

Do English mental health services know whether they followed N.I.C.E. guidelines with patients who killed themselves?

Caveats for the new localism in further education – why the use of principal–agent solutions at the local level will not work

Muscle co-contraction patterns in robot-mediated force field learningto guide specific muscle group training

A systematic review of the impact of mindfulness on the well-being of healthcare professionals

Phoneme-to-viseme mappings: the good, the bad, and the ugly

CeFF: A Frameword for Forensics Enabled Cloud Investigation

Christian and Gay: A Dialogical Narrative Analysis of Negotiating Identity

How do we support beginner teachers to develop awareness and understanding of issues of social justice?

Higher Education and counter-terrorism in the state of exception: the case of England

Positioning, telling, and performing a male illness: Chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome

Do adult mental health services identify child abuse and neglect? A systematic review

Is development becoming universal?

5G Uniform linear arrays with beamforming and spatial multiplexing at 28 GHz, 37 GHz, 64 GHz and 71 GHz for outdoor urban communication: A two-level approach

Adoption of Energy Design Strategies for Retrofitting Mass Housing Estates in Northern Cyprus

Anthropocene, Capitalocene and Liberal Cosmopolitan IR: A Response to Burke et al.’s Planet Politics


Comparing phonemes and visemes with DNN-based lipreading

The Role of Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid B Receptors in Alcohol Related Behaviours in Drosophila Models of Ethanol Tolerance and Preference

Visual speech recognition: aligning terminologies for better understanding

Visual gesture variability between talkers in continuous speech

‘Forgotten Lore’: Can the Socratic method of teaching be used to reduce the attainment gap of black, Asian and minority ethnic students?

What Use Is Research? Primary School Teachers’ Experience of School-based Practitioner Research

Die Möglichkeiten eines supportiven Einsatzes der Phytotherapie bei Brustkrebspatientinnen

gUML: Reasoning about Energy at Design Time by Extending UML Deployment Diagrams with Data Centre Contextual Information

Cloud Strife: Expanding the Horizons of Cloud Gaming Services

A Mutlimodal Approach to Measure the Levels Distraction of Pedestrians using Mobile Sensing

Benefits and drawbacks of social non-drinking identified by British university students

The perception of (naked only) bodies and faceless heads relies on holistic processing: Evidence from the inversion effect

'Tap My Head and Mike My Brain': Neuromarketing and Digital Addiction

Neuropaesaggi digitali: Un'intervista con Tony D. Sampson. In appendice il saggio "La teoria del contagio oltre il microbo" di Tony D. Sampson

Digital Neuroland: An interview with Tony D. Sampson

Critical Realism for Marxist Sociology of Education: A Book Review Symposium

Early Childhood Education and Care: Poverty and Access - Perspectives from England

Trust, Religiosity, and Relationship Marketing: A Conceptual Overview of Consumer Brand Loyalty

Molecular basis of USP7 inhibition by selective small-molecule inhibitors

Touching the Colour and Sound of Your Body’s Tears: Affect and Homage in the Neo-Giallo

The joy of learning: Feminist materialist pedagogies and the freedom of education

Analytical framework for Adaptive Compressive Sensing for Target Detection within Wireless Visual Sensor Networks

GCSE practical work in English secondary schools

Book Reviews

Supporting teacher trainees with Special Educational Needs

Making the good better: do youth social action initiatives impact the life chances of young people equally and what role can educational establishments play?

You need to get out more: global goals, national priorities and local engagement

The place of music education in a crowded school curriculum


A Case in Point...The use of a case scenario to enhance student engagement, theory of cellular respiration and Higher Order Thinking skills in preparation for transition from FE to HE.

‘Downpressor Man’: securitisation, safeguarding and social work

Increased respiratory neural drive and work of breathing in exercise-induced laryngeal obstruction

Daydreams incorporate recent waking life concerns but do not show delayed (‘dream-lag’) incorporations

The peatland map of Europe

Complicity and contestation in the gentrifying urban primary school.

RNA metabolism is the primary target of formamide in vivo

Anti-MRSA Activity of Oxysporone and Xylitol from the Endophytic Fungus Pestalotia sp. Growing on the Sundarbans Mangrove Plant Heritiera fomes

Webber Street: Voice, structure and working class women in poetry

Ethnography and Education

Smiljan Radic: translating design into materiality - the ’Workmanship of Risk’

Predictors of Staff Attitudes Toward Schizophrenia Treatments

Unraveling the Cause of Severe Exertional Dyspnea in a Heavy Smoker

Libraries and research support in small and teaching-led universities: Contextual problems around nascent services in dynamic times

Peace, Governance and Rule of Law, and Transitional Justice: Interrogating the Connections

Transition phase clothing strategies and their effect on body temperature and 100-m swimming performance

An investigation of the effects of K-tape to the gastrocnemius and Achilles tendon on selected gait cycle parameters

Use of clay in the manufacture of lightweight aggregate

The impact of a social prescribing service on patients in primary care: a mixed methods evaluation

Social Justice, Diversity and Leadership

Supporting personal and social development through child-led art projects in the early year settings

Journey to the South

Rescaling the local: Multi-academy trusts, private monopoly and statecraft in England

The Artist in the Library

Litigating Indigenous Peoples’ Rights in Africa: Potentials, challenges and limitations

Seeing an embodied virtual hand is analgesic contingent on co-location

Narratives of Normativity and Permissible Transgression: Mothers' Blogs About Mothering, Family and Food in Resource-Constrained Times

Children and domestic violence: Emotional competencies in embodied and relational contexts

Giving’ and ‘responding’ differences in gestural communication between nonhuman great ape mothers and infants

European university-community partnership-based research on urban sustainability and resilience

Forensic Malware Analysis: The Value of Fuzzy Hashing Algorithms in Identifying Similarities

Competence Based Education and Training (CBET) and the End of Human Learning: The Existential Threat of Competency

Race, Gangs and Youth Violence: Policy, Prevention and Policing

Semantic-Based Model Analysis Towards Enhancing Information Values of Process Mining: Case Study of Learning Process Domain

‘It’s like taking a bit of masculinity away from you’: towards a theoretical understanding of men’s experiences of infertility

Policy and Research Evidence in the ‘Reform’ of Primary Initial Teacher Education in England

“Halal fiction” and the limits of postsecularism: Criticism, critique, and the Muslim in Leila Aboulela’s Minaret

My Private Life II


Farmers and policy-makers’ perceptions of climate change in Ethiopia

Splitting to Survive: Understanding Terrorist Group Fragmentation

Gangs in the UK?

The Politics of Migration in Italy: Perspectives on Local Debates and Party Competition [book review]

Neurophysiological Correlates of Featural and Spacing Processing for Face and Non-face Stimuli

Active Learning with Tablet Computers in the Early Years

Novel Psychoactive Substances (NPS): no longer legal, not always highs

Reassembling Documents of Life in the Archive

Corporate governance and dividend pay-out policy in UK listed SMEs: The effects of corporate board characteristics

A Cultural-contextual Assessment of the use of Social Marketing Approach in HIV/AIDS programmes in Kenya

Feasibility of high-intensity interval training and moderate-intensity continuous training in adults with inactive or mildly active Crohn’s disease: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial

Non-Pharmacological Interventions for Chronic Pain and Depression: any Possible Applications of Multisensory Feedback Approaches Based on Body Representation?

Developing Research-Led Teaching: Two Cases of Practical Data Reuse in the Classroom

Workplace well-being in the London-Chinese business community

The Visual Turn and the Digital Revolution

Migrant health—a cause for concern?

Adding a further twist to the tail of Leptospirosis in the UK

Walking Women: A Study Room Guide on women using walking in their practice

Hydroalcoholic crude extract of Casearia sylvestris Sw. reduces chronic post-ischemic pain by activation of pro-resolving pathways

Debordering and everyday (re)bordering in and of Dover: Post-borderland borderscapes

Using semantic-based approach to manage perspectives of process mining: Application on improving learning process domain data

Inference Engine Based on a Hierarchical Structure for Detecting Everyday Activities within the Home

The kinesin motor protein Kif7 is required for T-cell development and normal MHC expression on thymic epithelial cells (TEC) in the thymus

Prediction architecture based on block matching statistics for mixed spatial-resolution multi-view video coding

The use of Excessive Force in Riot Control: Law Enforcement and Crimes against Humanity under the Rome Statute

"The Shadow Falls": Understanding the Factors Involved in Decision-Making in Local Authority Children's Services

Experiencing Counselling Psychology Training: An IPA Analysis

Changes in behaviour and salivary cortisol following targeted cognitive training in typical 12-month-old infants

Sustained Attention in the Face of Distractors: A Study of Children with Rett Syndrome

Urban transformation with TURAS open innovations; opportunities for transitioning through transdisciplinarity

Preliminary evaluation of a school-based resilience-promoting intervention in a high-risk population: Application of an exploratory two-cohort treatment/control design

The iNEAR programme: an existential positive psychology intervention for resilience and emotional wellbeing

An exploration of an integrated counselling and coaching approach with distressed young people

Go home?: The politics of immigration controversies

Mental health clinicians’ beliefs about the causes of psychosis: Differences between professions and relationship to treatment preferences

Growing Musicians in English secondary schools at Key Stage 3 (age 11-14)

The Future of Enterprise Security with Regards to Mobile Technology and Applications

Actor-Network Theory as a Framework to Analyse Technology Acceptance Model’s External Variables: The Case of Autonomous Vehicles

Pain During Illusory Own Arm Movement: A Study in Immersive Virtual Reality

A Reversal Theory Examination of Running Experiences and the Experiential Advertising of Three Leading Running Brands

Classification of Major Depressive Disorder via Multi-Site Weighted LASSO Model

Genetic interactions and functional analyses of the fission yeast gsk3 and amk2 single and double mutants defective in TORC1-dependent processes

The TOR Signaling Pathway in Spatial and Temporal Control of Cell Size and Growth

The sexual lives of people with disabilities within low- and middle-income countries: A scoping study of studies published in English

Meeting the needs of parents and carers within library services: responding to student voices at the University of East London

The Social Imperative

Current Perspectives and Practice

Conclusion References

Banking regulation and the changing geography of off-balance sheet activities

Responses to the marginalisation of Roma young people in education in an age of austerity in the United Kingdom

Youth Transitions and Legacies in an East London 2012 Olympic host borough

Inclusion is Dead: Long Live Inclusion

Variables of Transnational Authorship: Hou Hsiao-hsien and Wei Te-sheng

"No-one's ever asked me before": On Analysing subjective accounts of hearing voices and person- centred therapy

Film, Architecture and Spatial Imagination

End of Life Issues and Older People’s Mental Health

Cohort differences in exercise adherence among primary care patients referred for mental health versus physical health conditions

Effect of e-cigarette advertisements and antismoking messages on explicit and implicit attitudes towards tobacco and e-cigarette smoking in 18–65-year-olds: a randomised controlled study protocol

Content Discovery Advertisements: An Explorative Analysis

The Group as a Psycho-Educational Medium for the Teaching of Anti-Racist Practice on Social Work Trainings

Development of a Building Information Modelling (BIM)-Based Real-Time Data Integration System Using a Building Management System (BMS)

Beside-the-mind: an unsettling, reparative reading of paranoia

United Kingdom

The role of sports clubs in helping older people to stay active and prevent frailty: a longitudinal mediation analysis

An Investigation into Sukuk and the Socioeconomic Development in Malaysia

The interpersonal adverse effects reported by 1008 users of antidepressants; and the incremental impact of polypharmacy

Working for patient safety: a qualitative study of women’s help-seeking during acute perinatal events

Robot Assisted Training for the Upper Limb after Stroke (RATULS): study protocol for a randomised controlled trial

Introduction to the Special Issue on Individual Differences in Multisensory Perception: An Overview

A review of the evidence assessing impact of social prescribing on healthcare demand and cost implications

Investigation of the Role of Protein Kinase D in Human Rhinovirus Replication

An investigation of a dual-processing hypothesis of lucid dreaming

Informed consent in physiotherapy practice: it is not what is said but how it is said

Creating expert publics: A governmentality approach to school governance under neoliberalism

Popular Representation of East Germany: Whose History is It?

Matching website and audience personalities: the case of music artist marketing

Substrate Integrated Waveguide (SIW) Bandpass Filter with Novel Microstrip-CPW-SIW Input Coupling

Rhizomatic affective spaces and the therapeutic potential of music in prison: a qualitative meta-synthesis

Effects of antidepressant therapy on neural components of verbal working memory in depression

Enduring ideals: revisiting Lifetimes of Commitment twenty-five years later

Maternal Environments

Mystification of production and feasibility of alternatives Social class inequality and education

Professional and Ethical Issues when working with Learning Disabled clients

Commentary on ‘Case Studies of Innovative Practice and Policy’ Section

Working with Interpreters in Mental Health

Anti-discriminatory Practice: Caring for Carers of Older Adults with Mental Health Dilemmas

Ageing, Ethnicity and Mental Health


The Management of Disclosure in Children’s Accounts of Domestic Violence: Practices of Telling and Not Telling

Neural correlates of single- and dual-task walking in the real world

Soft Eyes: observation as Research

Public–private partnerships to improve primary healthcare surgeries: clarifying assumptions about the role of private provider activities

Psychoanalysis, Philosophy and Myth in Contemporary Culture: After Oedipus

Taskification – Gamification of Tasks

SignalSense - Towards Quality Service

CrimeSafe - Helping you stay safe

The Importance and Impossibility of Eighteenth-Century Manhood

Renfrew Close Rain Gardens – Year two monitoring and project evaluation report, May 2017.

Introduction: Aporia, the Sphinx, and the Hope that Life Will Make Sense

Media policy: the curious incident of the dog in the night-time

Editorial: Trust and Islamic Capital

Terrorism Financing with Virtual Currencies: Can Regulatory Technology Solutions Combat This?

Leadership and Inclusion: Creating an Ethos, Culture and Provision

Domestic Spaces in Temporary Places

An exploratory study of children's understandings of well-being; a comparison of two groups of children in primary school, and the views of parents regarding the impact of the FRIENDS For Life programme on their children.

Taming Financial Capital: The Role and Limitation of Basel Capital Regulation in Pakistan

Making Memory Sites: Extending opportunities for people with profound and multiple learning disabilities to participate in life story work.

Loss, Repetition and the Everyday

Work to be done? Exploring the Current Contribution of Educational Psychologists to Special Schools which Cater for Children and Young People with Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties (PMLD)

Exploring children's views and experiences of having a learning difficulty and the support they receive at school.

Bored with school: An exploration of young persons' experiences of becoming disengaged from school and attending alternative provision

How do Special Educational Needs Coordinators (SENCOs) view their role in building relationships with parents of learners with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND)?

How do Nurture Group Practitioners Deliver Their Social and Emotional Wellbeing Curriculum?

The views of young people with an autism spectrum disorder on their experience of transition to secondary school

Uncertain Masculinities

The role of the World Trade Organisation’s Committee on Regional Trade Agreements, between 1996 and 2010

The Viral Sublime and the Bodily Experience of Oil Painting

What are the experiences of educational psychologists when working with adolescent girls in mainstream education with social communication difficulties? An exploratory study.

Male Pornography Use in Heterosexual Relationships: The Female's Subjective Experience

Punjabi Depression Inventory: A Culturally Sensitive Measure for Punjabi-Speaking Migrants Residing in the UK.

Omnia Sunt Communia: On the Commons and the Transformation to Postcapitalism

Erratum to: Attention training for infants at familial risk of ADHD (INTERSTAARS): study protocol for a randomised controlled trial

A Study of the Role of the Master Printmaker at Edinburgh Printmakers

Echoes of The Cave: Dialogues with a Time and Place

Catalogue Introduction

Eves & Liliths: An Exploration of Women's Identity

Process & Possibilities

Let me entertain you: the ambivalent role of university lecturers as educators and performers

Authentication of Smartphone Users Based on Activity Recognition and Mobile Sensing

Multi-level computational methods for interdisciplinary research in the HathiTrust Digital Library

Identifying Smartphone Users based on their Activity Patterns via Mobile Sensing

From Paper To Gold

Imperial Bondage: Austerity in Greece, 2008–2018

Bordering and Rebordering Security: Causes and Consequences of Framing Refugees as a ‘Threat’ to Europe

Energy Saving of the Domestic Housing Stocks: Application Development as a Plug-In for Energy Simulation Software

Effect of contraceptive hormones on a nevirapine based antiretroviral combination treatment induced apoptosis in human cervical epithelial cancer cells

How can practitioners develop methods of hearing the voice of pre-verbal, pre-school children with SEND?

My Cat Knows What I'm Thinking: exhibition catalogue

Four Stone Lithographs

Giving Pupils Licence to Lead: Supporting Teachers’ Continuing Professional Development in the use of ICT

Preparing for Adulthood: An exploration of the experiences of students with learning disabilities on their Person-Centred Annual Review

Reaching for a shared understanding: Exploring the views of Educational Psychologists (Eps) and Special Educational Needs Coordinators (SENCOs) about the role of the EP in supporting mental health and psychological well-being in schools.

Experiences of shame, social rank and violence amongst male offenders

Exploring the Help-Seeking Experiences of Family Members Affected by Someone Else’s Drug and/or Alcohol use.

My Cat Knows What I'm Thinking

The Relationship Between Physical Development, Movement and Children's Learning

Transnational Perspectives on Black Subjectivity

Big Capital: Who is London for?

The political economy of mass tourism and its contradictions

Politics and tourism in the Mediterranean region

The political economy of tourism development: A critical review

Back on right road

Community Psychology’s Gaze

Supporting Struggling Students on Placement: A Practical Guide

Working with Interpreters

“Situated Bystandership” During and After the Rwandan Genocide


National and supranational identities and ingroup-outgroup attitudes of Hungarian adolescents

An investigation of the impact of total reward packages on employee job satisfaction in a particular fast food industry: a case of McDonald’s, Pakistan

How does Snapchat as a social media marketing platform influence consumer behaviour?

Working with Troubled Adolescents: observation as a key skill for practitioners

Global Position Statement: Stigma, Mental Illness and Diversity

Education, Equality and Human Rights: Issues of Gender, 'Race', Sexuality, Disability and Social Class

EU Visa Policy: What kind of Solidarity?

Family, Gender and the Emotional Economy in Tsemberopoulos’s The Enemy Within

Loneliness in Cinema: A Pharmacological Approach

Charlie Hebdo, Republican Secularism and Islamophobia

Working with interpreters: Guidelines for psychologists

Intimacy, intercourse, and adjustments: Experiences of sexual life of a group of people with physical disabilities in South Africa

First evidence of the conversion of paracetamol to AM404 in human cerebrospinal fluid

The dynamics of tax havens: An analysis from an international and domestic perspective

Who’s the hero? Muslim women in Arabic literature and trust

Critical Race Theory: a Marxist Critique

Diversity in Organisations: HRM and International Practices

Fans and Fan Cultures: Tourism, Consumerism and Social Media

New insights into the structural and functional involvement of the gate loop in AcrB export activity

The Higher Education Journey of Young London Residents: December 2017

Protection of Official Data: Submission to a consultation by the Law Commission

Protecting whistleblowers seeking jobs in the NHS: Employment Rights Act 1996 (NHS Recruitment–Protected Disclosure Regulations). Submission to a Department of Health Consultation

Corruption in the World of Sport: Focus on World Cup, FIFA and IOC.

First evidence of the conversion of paracetamol to AM404 in human cerebrospinal fluid

The requirement of p38-MAPKinase and peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-g for the induction of cyclooxygenase-2 by interleukin-4 drives macrophages into an anti-inflammatory phenotype

The perception of Pharmacology among undergraduate students at the University of East London

An evaluation of the efficacy of physical activity interventions in an east London and an Essex borough: Active Sport for Life, exercise & gym-swim.

Financing Energy Resources and Sustainable Development

"I can do more then I think I can....If I can do this then I can take it further": Participatory Action Research with Young People.

Brownfield-inspired green infrastructure: a new approach to urban biodiversity conservation

Virilizing and Valorizing Homoeroticism: Eugen Sandow’s Queering of Body Cultures Before and After the Wilde Trials

Dealing with Cubism: Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler’s Perilous Internationalism

Selective distortion of body image by asynchronous visuotactile stimulation

Stress, health and quality of life of female migrant domestic workers in Singapore: a cross-sectional study

The spectrum of positive affect: A cross-cultural lexical analysis

The impact of regime-switching behaviour of price volatility on efficiency of the US sovereign debt market

Using a game-like procedure as a new test of problem solving and concept formation in children

Muslims and the Politics of Love in Contemporary British Fiction

Parents' Experiences of Having A Child Diagnosed with Landau Kleffner Syndrome

An exploration of staff experiences of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO)

Exploring Young People's Experiences on Social Networking Sites

Culture and Ethnicity in psychological practice: A Thematic analysis

Mapping Meaning into the Everyday: Experiences of an Urban Walk and Talk Group

The Role of Transdiagnostic Cognitive Behavioural Processes in Suicidal Ideation

Gender and the Constructions of Paranoid Experiences in the General Population

Narratives of Extreme Adversity and Strength Amongst Eritrean Refugee People

Investigating the Relationship between Paranoia, Attachment and Victimisation in a Student Population.

"It's Been Devastating": An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis of the Experience of being Cyberstalked

‘We need to remind them they are people too’: The experience of group therapy for Anorexia Nervosa: A qualitative study from Psychologists’ perspectives.

Exploring the relationship between Shame Memories, Self-Concept and Wellbeing

What do parents report of the Education, Health and Care needs assessment process?

Preliminary Evidence of “Other-Race Effect”-Like Behavior Induced by Cathodal-tDCS over the Right Occipital Cortex, in the Absence of Overall Effects on Face/Object Processing

The Reproduction of Architecture: A Cognitive Map to Traverse the Discipline

An Exploration of how Individuals Affected by Social Anxiety Experience Relationships with Others.

Cognitive Function in Type 2 Diabetes: A Study Using Younger Adults

How do therapists who work with people with diagnoses of eating disorders talk about their own bodies?

Women’s Experiences of Human Trafficking and their Conceptualisations and Requirements of ‘Support.’

‘A bright future’ for ‘something new and highly significant’ or a bit of a damp squib?: (neo-) Marxist reflections on recent theoretical developments in ‘BritCrit’ in the journal Race, Ethnicity and Education

Superevolution: Interspecies Modernism and the Naturization of Modernity

Naturyzacja Ewolucji: Kolonie Zwierzece, Drzewa Zycia I Modernizm, Miedzygatunkowy

Children’s experiences of domestic violence: a teaching and training challenge

Beyond Vulnerability: Working with children who have experienced domestic violence

The Emergence of Shame in Counselling and Clinical Psychology Supervision: A Narrative Analysis

Using board games as neuropsychological tests with children with acquired brain injury.

An exploration of self-disgust in females with eating disorders

Work-Related Stress in the Banking Sector: A Review of Incidence, Correlated Factors, and Major Consequences

Does the Oxford tutorial system help to stimulate critical thinking and foster a critical dialogue around feedback among Law students?

Distressing Unusual Experiences, Childhood Adversity and Affect.

A social identity approach to career development: possible selves and prototypical occupational identities.

Role of gamma-aminobutyric acid-B receptors in ethanol induced behaviours

Class Consciousness and Education in Sweden: A Marxist Analysis of Revolution in a Social Democracy

Becoming Simian: Creative Evolution and Interspecies Modernism

L’Art Magnétique”: Somnambulatory Trances, Hypnotic Performativity and Mesmeric Modernity

Contesting Corporeal Regeneracy: Picasso’s Syphilitic Bodies

Mesmeric Performativity: Somnambulism Magnétique and Auguste Rodin’s Hypnotic Dancers

The Homoerotic Secret: Aesthetes, Decadents and Transgressive Bodies

Occultist Cubism: Mysticism, Spirit Photography, Max Jacob’s and Picasso’s Saint Matorel

Sustainable Approaches to Complementary Education in England

What Developments can be seen in a year's Intensive Psychotherapy with a Ten Year Old Adopted Boy with Mild Learning Difficulties

SMEs Adoption of SaaS Cloud Services:A Novel Ontological Framework(Nigeria as a case Study).

Exploring Refugee Young People's Conceptualisation of their wellbeing

Implicit attitudes among trainee and qualified clinical psychologists in the UK

What do parents report of the Education, Health and Care needs assessment process?


Leading and Inclusion: Creating an Ethos, Culture and Provision

CPD Opportunities for Staff Working with Children with SEND in the Early Years

Models of SEN Provision: The Inclusion Debate

Early Intervention and Transition

Pupil and Parent Voice: Contributions to Assessment and Planning

Legislation and Policy: Towards a Participatory Partnership

Working with Parents: Principles of Engagement

A Genealogy of 'Dual Diagnosis' in Learning Disability.

You never arrive at a place where you can put your feet up or put your foot down. A study of conscious and unconscious processes in assessments of black and ethnic minority families.

The Battle of the Paris Salons: Wild Beasts and Official Artists

Iron Curtain 3: Kaos Am Wall

Eco-Aesthetics and Eco-Violence: The Environmental Sublime and Ecological Melancholy

"A terrible deal for the western parent": Neoliberal Mothering Versus the Teenager

Kosovo in the Official Rhetoric of the European Union and Russia


Kosovo and Serbia: Contested Options and Shared Consequences

Serbia’s Delayed Transformation: Illiberal Practices, External Approvals and the Politics of Opportunity

Russia’s Involvement in the Kosovo Case: Defending Serbian Interests or Securing Its Own Influence in Europe?

East London Stripper Collective

Some Las Vegas Stripclubs


Investigating the factors that contribute to unstable living accommodation in adults with a diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Disorder

Transient structural variations have strong effects on quantitative traits and reproductive isolation in fission yeast

Radical archiving as social psychology from the future.

Hadleigh Park invertebrate conservation analyses 2017

Applying self-determination theory (SDT) in an emancipatory study with anxious adolescents to investigate any changes in anxiety and wellbeing.

Sex and Relationships: The Role of Learning Disability Support Staff

Compassion, Burn-out and Self-Care in NHS Staff Delivering Psycholgoical Interventions

The use of self in social work practice

Police Chiefs in the UK: Politicians, HR Managers or Cops?

High thought suppressors dream more of their negative waking-life experiences than low thought suppressors.

Inside The Shell

‘People with Problems, Not Patients with Illnesses’: Using Psychosocial frameworks to Reduce the Stigma of Psychosis

Beside Bowie: The Mick Ronson Story

The Objective Assessment of Cough Frequency in Bronchiectasis

Telling the right story: development NGOs as brokers of global citizenship

‘But the Coat is the Picture’: Issues of masculine fashioning, politics and sexual identity in portraiture in England c. 1890-1905

‘Keeping the Children Close’: Towards an Understanding of Therapeutic Provision at the Mulberry Bush School

Mind-Mapping a Way-Finding Process; the use of portable EEG brain mapping in the analysis of the experience of everyday spaces.

Systemische Praxis in globalen Zusammenhängen – zwischen Solidarität und Abwehr

On addressing ‘Whiteness’ during clinical psychology training

Psychological Assessment and Documentation of Torture in Detention

What works for whom in clinical psychology training? Unpicking dominant discourses shaping training experiences

Analysis of the effects of Macrophage Migration Inhibitory Factor (MIF) on the activation of Toll-like receptor 4 (TLR4)

An examination of the ways in which power arises, and is managed, between systemic psychotherapists and parents working together in a social care context

How observational material might be used in a collaborative consultation with teachers to further their understanding of their pupils

Exploring the Utility of a Simple Model of Writing

The Theatre of Life: Collective Narrative Practice with Trans Young People in the Community

Racial Identity in teachers’ educational practice in the context of Colombia

Technology at Work: An Investigation of Technology as a Mediator of Organizational Processes in the Human Services and the Implications for Consultancy Practice

Coming into intensive psychotherapy for adolescents and young adults: An exploration of clinical decision-making

Emotional Impact of Sibling Bone Marrow Donors

An Investigation into the Distribution of Leadership in Extended Learning Activities Through the Lens of Cultural Historical Activity Theory

Motivations for reducing alcohol consumption: An international survey exploring experiences that may lead to a change in drinking habits

Life Stories

Voices from the ‘Jungle’: Stories from the Calais refugee camp

Posthuman Urbanism: Mapping Bodies in Contemporary City Space

Women Workers' Education, Life Narratives and Politics: Geographies, Histories, Pedagogies

Places of Poverty and Powerlessness: INGOs working ‘at home’.

An investigation into the sustainable design of green roofs in relation to their hydrological performance

A New Shift? Explicit and Implicit Mentalizing in Parent-Infant Psychotherapy: A Mixed Methods Design.

A Thematic Analysis of Young Adults’ Perspectives of Gambling and its Representation on Media

Exploring the potential challenges and benefits of multi-media self-advocacy tools for young people aged 16 -25 with cerebral palsy.

Neuroimaging of human motor control in real world scenarios: from lab to urban environment

An interpretive case study to explore children's, teachers' and parents' experiences and perspectives on the impact of a positive psychology technique called the 'three good things in life' technique

Managing Parallel Life Stages: A Quantitative Study of Psychological Wellbeing, Satisfaction with Life, and Parental Sense of Competence in Parents at Midlife

Luxury Fashion Consumption and Identity Work: A Study of Black African Women in London

Total quality management: A framework for quality improvement in Arab manufacturing companies

The Experiences of British Indian Women in Secret Romantic Relationships: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis

V Portraits Toward a Realized Poetic Play

Role of GABAB receptors in ethanol induced behaviours

Global Position Statement: Religion and Spirituality in Mental Health Care

Becoming Australian: a review of southern Sudanese students’ educational experiences

An exploration into women’s choice and premarital experiences of arranged marriages within a South Asian community in Britain. An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis.

SUBSTANCE MISUSE AND THE FAMILY: The exploration of relationships in the family system within sibling narratives

Gendering the post-9/11 movie: Love, Loss and Regeneration in Nora Ephron’s Julie and Julia

Speaker Gaze Increases Information Coupling Between Infant and Adult Brains

“Reflections: An Investigation into Mothers’ Experiences of Having an Adult Offspring with Mild Learning Disabilities”

New Developments in Critical Race Theory and Education: Revisiting Racialized Capitalism and Socialism in Austerity

Critical Race Theory and Education: A Marxist Response

Social Class, Marxism and socialism

Racism in the UK: continuity and change

Racism and education: from Empire to May

Introduction: human rights, equality and education

Atheism and Stigma: The Melee of Social Division

Case Study: Coaching for resilience within an Islamic context

Social Psychology

Sexual Violence and Rape

Autobiographical Writings

Abject Hypocrisy: Gender, Religion, and the Self

Wellbeing in prison design: A guide

Humanising Mental Health Contexts

The effect of the presence of an audience on risk-taking while gambling: the social shield

Contribution d’une catégorisation des RPS à la prédiction du stress et du burnout (ou du mal-être au travail) des soignants

Bridges between I and We

Towards a More Representative Definition of Cyber Security

Racialized Bordering Discourses on European Roma

Performing Difference: Diversity, Representation and the Nation

Detection of diverse genotypes of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus from hospital personnel and the environment in Armenia

Nutritional status and the influence of TV consumption on female body size ideals in populations recently exposed to the media

Re-thinking social exclusion in later life: a case for a new framework for measurement

The Effect of Lamotrigine and Levetiracetam on TMS-Evoked EEG Responses Depends on Stimulation Intensity

Pricing, Income, and Brand Symbolism: Exploring Young Consumers’ Understanding of Value

Marketing Communications and the Young Consumer: Evidence from a Developing Country

Consumerism and Consumer Protection: A Focus on Young Consumers

Young Consumer Behaviour: A Research Companion

Vie et mort sur le dancefloor du Pulse

"Yellow Star"

The Changing Landscape of Young Consumer Behaviour

Shifting landscapes of care and distress: A topological understanding of rurality

Club 57: Film, Performance and Art in the East Village, 1978-1983

The Impact of Alternative Routes on the Work and Identities of Teacher Educators: The English Case