Exploring Consumer Opportunism Conundrum in the Insurance Industry: The Role of Marketing

A Sociology for Other Animals: Analysis, advocacy, intervention

Quasi steady state and dynamic hygrothermal performance of fibrous Hemp and Stone Wool insulations: Two innovative laboratory based investigations

A Comparison of Credt Risk Management in Private and Public Banks in India

Chronic symptoms after vestibular neuritis and the high velocity vestibulo-ocular reflex

The Impact Of Repeated Data Breach Events On Organisations’ Market Value

Transportations of space, time and self: The role of therapeutic reading groups in managing mental distress in the community.

"Zip me up, and cool me down”: Molar narratives and molecular intensities in ‘helicopter’ mental health services.

I Hear You See Me

On long-term direct measurement of suction in soft soils

An experimental investigation of the independent effect of suction and degree of saturation on very small-strain stiffness of unsaturated sand

"If I were you, I wouldn’t start from here”: Working for real change in societal responses to distress

Nonlinear Vibrations and Chaos in Rectangular Functionally Graded Plates with Thermo-mechanical Coupling

Round and Round the Gardens: Can the RHS engage children with relevant environmental issues through immersive, promenade theatre?

Higher Education Involving Students: A Literature Research in Constructivism, Connectivism and Experiential Learning Perspective

Changes in the Perception of Freshman Engineering Students: Team-Based Problem Learning Approach in an Engineering- Design Foundation Course

Engineer-To-Order Product Development: A Communication Network Analysis for Supply-Chain's Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Supply Chain Strategies and the Engineer-to-Order Approach

Benchmarking Performance Measurement Systems in Botswana’s Construction Sector

Big data applications in operations/supply-chain management: A literature review

Flexible Organisations: Creating a Healthy and Productive Context for Gender and Sexual Minority Employees

Psychological Flexibility and ACT at Work

Modeling the agents of cyclical change in order to determine appropriate movement towards sustainability

Mindfulness and meditation in the workplace: An acceptance and commitment therapy approach

Accelerate, Advance & Gain

Leading in Early Childhood

From Isolation to Interaction: Developing a Network, to Share Learning, Develop Outcome Measures, and Endure the Potential Of Social Prescribing Meets the Needs of the NHS

Neoliberal Culture

Climate Resilient Low-Income Tropical Housing

Building Performance and Simulation

Zero Energy Homes


Existential Psychotherapies: Similarities and Differences Among the Main Branches

Research in Teacher Education: Volume 6, No.2, November 2016

Research in Teacher Education: Volume 6, No.1, May 2016

Erratum for “Stability of Breakwater Armor Units against Tsunami Attacks” by Miguel Esteban, Ravindra Jayaratne, Takahito Mikami, Izumi Morikubo, Tomoya Shibayama, Nguyen Danh Thao, Koichiro Ohira, Akira Ohtani, Yusuke Mizuno, Mizuho Kinoshita, and Shunya Matsuba

Interactive Sensory Objects for and by People with Learning Disabilities

One Page Profiles and EHC plans the Wiki way: Using RIX Wikis to implement EHC plans

Infants ask for help when they know they don’t know

Behavioral and Neural Indices of Metacognitive Sensitivity in Preverbal Infants

Miriam Haughton and Mária Kurdi, ed. Radical Contemporary Theatre Practices by Women in Ireland Dublin: Carysfort Press, 2015. 251p. €25.00. ISBN: 978-1-909325-75-3

Coaching in Education

Parents’ Resources

Book Review: Educating Children and Young People in Care: Learning Placements and Caring Schools

Book Review: The Human Advantage: A New Understanding of How Our Brain Became Remarkable

The Pyramid of Participation: The Representation of the Child’s Voice in Psychological Advice

The Psychological Impact of Austerity: A Briefing Paper

Rethinking Statutory Advice: A Working Party’s Solution

My Name Is Sohail, and I Am in Year 5 — ‘This Is Me’: A Fictional Narrative

The King Is Dead; Long Live the King: Is It Possible to Co-Construct EP Advice Given the ‘New’ Code of Practice?

Can Self-Advocacy Skills Support Young People to Participate in Person-Centred Planning? an Example From Research Involving Young People With Dyslexia

So I Met an EP…?

Empowering Children to Learn: An Exploratory Study Using a Philosophical Listening Tool (the Little Box of Big Questions 2)

The Voice of the Child in the Code of Practice


Educational Psychology Research and Practice (EPRaP): Volume 2, Issue 2

Book Review: Strength Cards

Book Review: Neurotribes: The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity

Understanding Sexualised Behaviour in Children

Maintaining an Interactionist Perspective of Undesirable Behaviour: What Is the Role of the Educational Psychologist?

What Motivates Staff to Work at a Therapeutic School for Children Identified as Having Social, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties?

‘It's Just Because It Went Really High and We Go Wheeeee…!’: Young Children’s Views on Risk-Taking Play in Their Early Years Setting

The Tree of Life: A Review of the Strengths-Based Narrative Approach


Educational Psychology Research and Practice (EPRaP): Volume 2, Issue 1

A Meta-Analytic Review of Achievement Goal Orientation Correlates in Competitive Sport: A Follow-Up to Lochbaum et al. (2016)

Task and ego goal orientations in competitive sport: a quantitative review of the literature from 1989 to 2016

London 2012 and Sport For Its Own Sake

Diabetes prevention and management in South Asia: A call for action.

$2.1billion Arms Procurement Fraud in Nigeria: Its Impact on National Security, Peace and Sustainable Economic Development in Jonathan’s Administration 2011-2015

Hidden Histories, Forgotten Narratives

Just who is educating Rita? The learning careers of Access HE tutors

Navigation system for robot-assisted intra-articular lower-limb fracture surgery

How can archives document, preserve and make accessible the material culture and first-hand testimonies of refugees through civic engagement

Paradoxical narratives of transcultural encounters of the “other”: Civic engagement with refugees and migrants in London

Building Information Modeling (BIM) for Project Value: Quantity Take-Off of Building Frame Approach

Contractor-Led Critical Design Management Factors in High-Rise Building Projects Involving Multinational Design Teams

Comic Cultures: Commerce, Aesthetics and the Politics of Stand-Up Performance in the UK 1979 to 1992

Pupil Dilation to Explicit and Non-Explicit Sexual Stimuli

Fast Failing; considering embodied exchange in collaborative arts practice

Corporeal Knowing; dance, embodiment and ‘being’ the body

flockOmania 2: Exhibition Catalogue

Flying challenges for the future: Aviation preparedness – in the face of cyber-terrorism

Aviation: a risky business. Green and level playing fields? A paradox of virtues 'dumping' - anti-competitiveness!

Aligning policies: a flying reform in higher education: The development of aviation professionals

Single European Skies: Functional Airspace Blocks – Delays and Responses

BREXIT: A Bolt from the Blue! – Red Sky in the Morning?

SPACE: The race for mineral rights ‘The sky is no longer the limit’ Lessons from earth!

Combating Misinformation Online: Identification of Variables and Proof-of-Concept Study

Interviewing Walls: Towards a Method of Reading Hybrid Surface Inscriptions

Editor’s introduction

Bourdieu and International Social Science

Reading Bourdieu Phenomenologically

The Anthem Companion to Pierre Bourdieu


Modern selection criteria for procurement methods in construction

A Roadmap for Privacy Preserving Speech Processing

A Cultural Sociology of Anglican Mission and the Indian Residential Schools in Canada: The Long Road to Apology

Making Sense of Learning Human Anatomy and Physiology

Development of a composite substrate peel test to assess moisture sensitivity of aggregate–bitumen bonds

Time dependent viscoelastic rheological response of pure, modified and synthetic bituminous binders

Moisture sensitivity examination of asphalt mixtures using thermodynamic, direct adhesion peel and compacted mixture mechanical tests

Global Energy and the Political Dynamics in the Middle East

Options for Gas Supply Diversification for the EU and Germany in the next Two Decades

To Be or Not to Be? OPEC Summit and the Essence of Decision and Compliance

Dichotomy of Energy Policies in the Caspian: Where Two Strive Another Benefits?

Shale Gas and Energy Security

An Overview of Shale Gas Law and Policy

Strategic Perspectives for Bilateral Energy Cooperation between the EU and Kazakhstan - Geo-economic and Geopolitical Dimensions in Competition with Russia and China’s Central Asia Policies

State and Substate Oil Trade: The Turkey‐KRG Deal

A practitioner's guide for outstanding cross-curricular physical education teaching: Integration of Technological Devices

A Practitioner's Guide for Outstanding Cross-curricular Physical Education

From Bad to Worse? Marginalised Youth and ‘Road Life’ (Mis)Representations and Realities

Clocks 1888: the greener

Collaborative 3D Art

How to Guide: How to develop youth forums in the NHS

Sustainable Development: The Nature of Change and the Influence of Cultural Traits

The Man with Two Brains, but no Umbrella

Fertőzéselmélet a mikrobákon túl

Zombie pedagogies: the problems with using the undead in public pedagogies for emergencies

Reviewing outcomes of psychological interventions with torture survivors:Conceptual, methodological and ethical Issues

Scottish Natural Heritage Commissioned Report No. 925: A review of the influence of ombrotrophic peat depth on the successful restoration of bog habitat

Lagg Fen

Life and Death on the Pulse Dance Floor: Transglocal Politics and Erasure of the Latinx in the History of Queer Dance Culture

Enhancing police and industry practice

Lifecycle performance deterioration modelling of corroded reinforced concrete structures

Cloud-based ERP for Arab Manufacturing Firms

Narrative, imagination and extending visions of the possible

Probabilistic Graphical Modelling for Software Product Lines: A Frameweork for Modeling and Reasoning under Uncertainty

Sonic Hedgehog regulates thymic epithelial cell differentiation

Effective Bronchoscopic Lung Volume Reduction Accelerates Exercise Oxygen Uptake Kinetics in Emphysema

The Einsteinian Eclipse: The Paradigmatic Fourth Dimension in Modern Art Before and After Relativity

Teaching and Learning in Further Education: the Ofsted factor

Multi-coupled resonator microwave diplexer with high isolation

Introduction—Diasporas and Identity: Tourism, Being, and Becoming

Stratigraphic Strips: Variable Dimensions

Rational Thinking and Belief in Psychic Abilities: It Depends on Level of Involvement

Analytical Model for Residual Bond Strength of Corroded Reinforcement in Concrete Structures

How is the economic crisis socially assessed?

Tattooed female bodies: Considerations from the literature

Education as action/the adventure of education: Thinking with Arendt and Whitehead

The East African Railway Strike, 1959-60: labour’s challenge of inter-territorialism

“Setting Fire to the Rain”: A reflection on the influence of Paulo Freire’s philosophy on seminar leadership in Higher Education

The complexity of in-class debates in Higher Education: student perspectives on differing designs

Ecomimicry for Barking Riverside: Achieving locally contextualised biodiversity-led multifunctional urban green infrastructure

Timing of the initiation of antenatal care: An exploratory qualitative study of women and service providers in East London

The role of PCCs

The digital divide in the post-Snowden era

A Polite and Enlightened London?

Recognition Framework for Inferring Activities of Daily Living Based on Pattern Mining

Intergenerational Transfers over the Life Course: Addressing Temporal and Gendered Complexities via a Human Well-being Approach

Preventing the diversion of Turkish opium

An Empirical Evaluation of the Reversal Theory State Measure UsingThree Running Brand Video Commercials

Face matching impairment in developmental prosopagnosia

London's housing crisis and its activisms

More than just a problem with faces: Altered body perception in a group of congenital prosopagnosics

The housing crisis: A visual essay

MUSA: A Scalable Multi-Touch and Multi-Perspective Variability Management Tool

The Decline of Western Civilization

Evolution of Koch's postulates: towards a twenty-first century understanding of microbial infection

Problem-Solving Dissension and International Entry Mode Performance

Economic Valuation for Information Security Investment: A Systematic Literature Review

Peat Bog Ecosystems: Tracks across peatlands

Peat Bog Ecosystems: Peatland Restoration

Ferocious Times: The IRA, the RIC, and Britain’s failure in 1919-1921.

100 Years of Irish Republican Violence: Introduction to the Special Issue

Fighting Talk: The Statements of 'The IRA/New IRA'

We’re just like everyone else!’ Rethinking the cultural politics of the London Asian urban music scene

“…It’s Just Very Hard To Fail A Student…” Decision-Making And Defences Against Anxiety – An Ethnographic And Practice-Near Study Of Practice Assessment Panels

Book Reviews

Cross-Border Issues and Regional Integration in Financial Regulation

Critical incident analysis: reflections of a teacher educator

Climbing Up the Leaderboard: An Empirical Study of Applying Gamification Techniques to a Computer Programming Class


Cultural Nationalism

Developmental Psychology: How Social Context Influences Infants’ Attention

Preparing for disaster: a comparative analysis of education for critical infrastructurecollapse

Weighted Round Robin Configuration for Worst-Case Delay Optimization in Network-on-Chip

Monetary adjustment and inflation of financial claims in the UK after 1980

Self-titration by experienced e-cigarette users: blood nicotine delivery and subjective effects

Filtered power splitter using microstrip square open loop resonators

Turning your dissertation into a publishable journal article

Preparing for a doctoral viva

Positive psychology – The second wave

Beyond individual therapy

Bayes and the Law

Book Reviews: How Secularists Deal with Traditionalists (or Don’t)

Meeting the challenges of globalisation in legal education

Analysing Police-Recorded Data

Creating value, not wasting resources: sustainable innovation strategies

Vestibular and oculomotor influences on visual dependency

May the Giant Be With You: Twin Peaks Season Two, Episode One and the Television Auteur

Migration goals and risk management in cloud computing: A review of state of the art and survey results on practitioners

Turned on, tuned in, but not dropped out: Enhancing the student experience with popular social media platforms


Volunteering, social cohesion and race: the German Technical Relief Service

Hedgehog Signalling in the Embryonic Mouse Thymus

US banks’ international balance sheet linkages: a data survey

A Reference Architecture for Software Protection

A Study on the liquefaction risk in seismic design of foundations

Integrating Mindfulness into Positive Psychology: a Randomised Controlled Trial of an Online Positive Mindfulness Program

Collaborative Teacher Educator Professional Development in Europe: Different Voices, One Goal

A Good Death?

Identification of nuclear genes affecting 2-Deoxyglucose resistance in Schizosaccharomyces pombe

A Game Engine based Networked Infrastructure to Create and Share 3D Abstract Art

Does It Matter What You Call It? Lay Beliefs for Overcoming Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, and Post-Viral Fatigue Syndrome

Rethinking What is Necessary in a Democratic Society: Militant Democracy and the Turkish State

The Brexit vote: A financial thunderclap with long-term consequences

Spatial Analysis for Equitable Accessibility in Social Infrastructure Planning

Continuous acquisition of MHC:peptide complexes by recipient cells contributes to the generation of anti-graft CD8+T cell immunity

Peat Bog Ecosystems: Atmospheric pollution

Compassion and its role in the clinical encounter – An argument for compassion training

Medicated bodies: Mental distress, social media and affect

The Teaching Excellence Framework: would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here

Ingroup/Outgroup Attitudes and Group Evaluations: The Role of Competition in British Classroom Settings

The Concept of Affective Tonality, and the Role of the Senses in Producing a Cinematic Narrative

Experiencing the ‘surveillance society’

Women's Accounts of 'Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous'

Pleasure in Understanding, Pleasure in Not Understanding

Are mental health staff getting better at asking about abuse andneglect?

Understanding the Association Between Relative Sociability Prototypes and University Students' Drinking Intention

Talking everyday science to very young children: a study involving parents and practitioners within an early childhood centre

Disaster preparedness, adaptive politics and lifelong learning: a case of Japan

It’s time: Generation and temporality in psychoanalytic feminism

Event-related potential effects of object repetition depend on attention and part-whole configuration

Search Based Clustering for Protecting Software with Diversified Updates

Children’s embodied experience of living with domestic violence: “I’d go into my panic, and shake, really bad”

Youth pathways into cybercrime

Themes in participants’ understandings of meaning in their Most Recent Dreams: Worries, relationships, and symbolism

Equality versus Fraternity? Rethinking France and its Minorities

Spotsizer: High-throughput quantitative analysis of microbial growth

Refining the traditional flipped-classroom model to optimise student performance on undergraduate degree programmes

In vitro and in vivo insulinotropic properties of the multifunctional frog skin peptide hymenochirin-1B: a structure–activity study

What Is Direct Allorecognition?

Polymorphisms in the F pocket of HLA-B27 subtypes strongly impact on assembly, chaperone interactions and heavy chain misfolding

Discovery of potent inhibitors of the lysophospholipase autotaxin

Time-dependent Reliability Analysis of Flood Defence Assets Using Generic Fragility Curve

Background characteristics of pre-service teachers and their motivation to teach

Class Struggle in Cultural Formation in Contemporary Times: A Focus on the Theoretical Importance of Antonio Gramsci and the Organic Intellectualism of Russell Brand

We thought we knew the landscape of literacy teacher education: ten surprises from our research

Museum of Natural History: An opportunity for families to enhance learning and improve practice.

Book Reviews

What is female genital mutilation and what is it doing in education?


Various Joyful Encounters with the Dystopias of Affective Capitalism

Somatic pedagogies: Critiquing and resisting the affective discourse of the neoliberal state from an embodied anarchist perspective.

Recurrent lateral inhibitory spiking networks for speech enhancement

Lamotrigine and levetiracetam exert a similar modulation of TMS-evoked EEG potentials

Auditory and Visual Crossmodal Correspondences With Haptically Perceived Liquid Viscosity

“A Story about Stories”: Narratives in The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents

Parametricism vs. Materialism: Evolution of Digital Technologies for Development (ASCAAD). Proceedings of the 8th ASCAAD Conference 2016

The sexual health knowledge of people with intellectual disabilities: A review.

Communities, psychotherapeutic innovation and the diversity of international qualitative research in mental health

‘The Remembering Group’; facilitating a cognitive stimulation group in an inpatient health and rehabilitation setting.

Conservative Education Reloaded: Policy, Ideology and Impacts in England

The saccadic size-latency phenomenon explored: Proximal target size is a determining factor in the saccade latency

Imperialism and Racialised World Capitalism or Intercultural Twenty-First Century Socialism

Book Review: Systematic Approaches to a Successful Literature Review

Infant Attention Is Dynamically Modulated With Changing Arousal Levels

A qualitative investigation into the HIV disclosure process within an intimate partnership: ‘the moment I realized that our relationship was developing into something serious, I just had to tell him’

The prevalence, nature, and impact of intrafamilial child sexual abuse: findings from a rapid evidence assessment

The influence of turbulent bursting on sediment resuspension under fluvial unidirectional currents

There is inadequate evidence to support the division of the genus Borrelia

Failure Mechanisms and Local Scour at Coastal Structures induced by Tsunamis

The Assemblage Brain: Sense Making in Neuroculture

Relational resolutions: digital encounters in ethnographic fieldwork

From documentation to dialogue: exploring new ‘routes to knowledge’ through digital image making

Power control in cognitive radios, Internet-of Things (IoT) for factories and industrial automation

Treg therapy in transplantation a general overview

Expression of a chimeric antigen receptor specific for donor HLA class I enhances the potency of human regulatory T cells in preventing human skin transplant rejection

Positive developmental psychology: A review of literature concerning well-being throughout the lifespan

An Interview with Tony David Sampson: Author of Virality: Contagion Theory in the Age of Networks

A Case of Canine Borreliosis in Iran Caused by Borrelia persica

Separating the effects of ethnicity and socio-economic status on sleep practices of 6- to 7-month-old infants

Towards a positive cross-cultural lexicography: Enriching our emotional landscape through 216 ‘untranslatable’ words pertaining to well-being

“I used to think that they were all abnormal. And I was the normal one”: conceptualizing mental health and mental health treatment under Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT)

‘Under Heavy Manners?’: Social Work, Radicalisation, Troubled Families and Non-Linear War

Motor delays in MDMA (ecstasy) exposed infants persist to 2years

The Fenix II Study: A longitudinal study of psychopathology among burn patients

Incongruence between clinicians’ assessment and self-reported functioning is related with psychopathology among patients diagnosed with gastrointestinal disorders

Has the Rajiv Aarogyasri Community Health Insurance Scheme of Andhra Pradesh Addressed the Educational Divide in Accessing Health Care?

Oculomotor Deficits after Chemotherapy in Childhood

The Mediterranean Migrant Crisis: A Critical Challenge to Global Nation‐States

How can frontline expertise and new models of care best contribute to safely reducing avoidable acute admissions? A mixed-methods study of four acute hospitals

‘Our jolly marin wear’: The queer fashionability of the sailor uniform in interwar France and Britain

Carbon nanotubes' surface chemistry determines their potency as vaccine nanocarriers in vitro and in vivo

Editorial: Facing the Other: Novel Theories and Methods in Face Perception Research

Social Anxiety and Alcohol-Related Impairment: The Mediational Impact of Solitary Drinking

A critical narrative analysis of shared decision-making in acute, inpatient mental health care

Mindful Living in Older Age: a Pilot Study of a Brief, Community-Based, Positive Aging Intervention

Difficulties generating self-compassion: An interpretative phenomenological analysis

Microstrip Dual-Band Bandpass Filter Using U-Shaped Resonators

Security trumps drug control: How securitization explains drug policy paradoxes in Thailand and Vietnam

Reflexivity, Austerity, and the Value of the Useless

Do people have insight into their face recognition abilities?

A critical analysis of Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services policy in England, 2000‐2015

How Young People Peacefully Challenge Community Norms Embedded With Violence in a Brazilian Favela

Taking into account the quality of the relationship in HIV disclosure

SESSION 1: More than just Heather TALK 3: Mires

The response of reworked aerosols to climate through estimation of inter-particle forces

Citizenship and Emplacement: Processes and practices of inclusion of newcomers

Data Center Energy Demand: what got us here won't get us there!

Antimicrobial resistance and synergy in herbal medicine

Trust in Me: Allegiance Choices in a Post Split Terrorist Movement

Reloading the Armalite? Victims and Targets of Violent Dissident Irish Republicanism 2007-2015

Interview with Danny Morrison

Alcohol gel ingestion amongst homeless Eastern and Central Europeans in London: assessing the effects on cognitive functioning and psychological health

Personal and Collective Resilience Building- A Suicide Prevention Program for Schools Using Positive Psychology. Consultancy Project for an Irish Secondary School

Hadleigh Park priority species habitat assessment

From the horse's mouth: how people talk about voice and silence at work

Phenomenology and Poststructuralism

Renaturing cities using a regionally-focused biodiversity-led multifunctional benefits approach to urban green infrastructure

‘Is there a right time for gender just peace? Feminist anti-war organising revisited’

The effect of carbohydrate mouth rinsing on fencing performance and cognitive function following a fatigue inducing simulated bout of fencing in national level foil fencers

The effect of carbohydrate mouth rinse on a 30-minute arm cranking performance

For a Revival of Feminist Consciousness Raising: Horizontal Transformation of Epistemologies and Transgression of Neoliberal TimeSpace

Developmental commonalities between object and face recognition in adolescence

The Significance of Kinship for Medical Education: Reflections on the Use of a Bespoke Social Network to Support Learners’ Professional Identities

Multidisciplinary urban landscape design guidelines: Barking Riverside green infrastructure opportunities

Biological and psychological correlates of self-reported and objective sleep measures

Reachability Does Not Explain the Middle Preference: A Comment on Bar-Hillel (2015)

Positive Art: Artistic Expression and Appreciation as an Exemplary Vehicle for Flourishing.

Clinical outcome measures for monitoring physical function in pediatric obesity: An integrative review

Applying gaze-contingent training within community settings to infants from diverse SES backgrounds

Flourishing as a dialectical balance: emerging insights from second-wave positive psychology

Revitalizing the PE social-justice agenda in the global era: Where do we go from here?

Problematizing social justice in health pedagogy and youth sport: intersectionality of race ethnicity and class

Are mental health services getting better at responding to abuse, assault and neglect?

Are older people prescribed antidepressants on the basis of fewer symptoms of depression, and for longer periods of time? A survey of 1825 New Zealanders

Reconciling Csikszentmihalyi’s Broader Flow Theory: With Meaning and Value in Digital Games

Developmental Commonalities between Object and Face Recognition in Adolescence

A Better Choice? A Case Study of Polish Migrants' Educational Aspirations and School Choice for Their Children

Assessing and Reporting the Adverse Effects of Antipsychotic Medication: A Systematic Review of Clinical Studies, and Prospective, Retrospective, and Cross-Sectional Research

In search of an evidence-based role for psychiatry

Social Adversity in the Etiology of Psychosis: A Review of the Evidence

Improving Psychology Students’ Attitudes Toward People With Schizophrenia: A Quasi- Randomized Controlled Study.

Development and Progress as Historical Phenomena in Tanzania: “Maendeleo? We Had That in the Past”

‘In my life antidepressants have been…’: a qualitative analysis of users’ diverse experiences with antidepressants

Static and fatigue performance of resin injected bolts for a slip and fatigue resistant connection in FRP bridge engineering

Observed bodies generate object-based spatial codes

Investigating the effects of caffeine on executive functions using traditional Stroop and a new ecologically-valid virtual reality task, the Jansari assessment of Executive Functions (JEF©)

Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Neurofeedback-guided Motor Imagery Training and Motor Training for Parkinson’s Disease: Randomized Trial

The Role of Morphogens in B Cell Development

Children with Learning Disabilities and Challenging Behaviour: Relationship between Parents and Professionals

Representing Variability in Software Architecture

Newham’s Every Child a Sports Person (NECaSP): A Summative Process Evaluation of a School-and-Community Based Intervention in East London, UK

A Scalable Design Framework for Variability Management in Large-Scale Software Product Lines

Psychotherapeutic work with Families with Life-threatening Maternal Illness

A simplified finite element model for assessing steel fibre reinforced concrete structural performance

Positive narratives: the stories young people with Social, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties (SEBD) tell about their futures

The Undersea World of the Sound Department: the Construction of Sonic Conventions in Sub-aqua Screen Environments

Affect--or feeling (after Leys)

Why Radical Librarianship? An Introduction

Real, rubber or virtual: The vision of “one’s own” body as a means for pain modulation. A narrative review

Stuck in the middle with you: The role of bridging organisations in urban regeneration

Those Who Belong and Those Who Don’t: Physical and Mental Borders in Europe

An Investigation into the Implementation of CYP-IAPT Routine Outcome Measures in their First Year of Integration into Child Psychotherapy Practice

Determination of a Total Body Model of Efficiency Applied to a Rowing Movement in Humans

MEG-measured visually induced gamma-band oscillations in chronic schizophrenia: Evidence for impaired generation of rhythmic activity in ventral stream regions

A meditation on boredom: Re-appraising its value through introspective phenomenology

The Copenhagen Consensus Conference 2016: children, youth, and physical activity in schools and during leisure time

Situating preparedness education within public pedagogy

Real-time functional magnetic resonance imaging neurofeedback in motor neurorehabilitation

Looking at ‘both sides’ of teacher education research and policy-making: insights for the teacher education research community

Like a fish in water? Experiences of Muslim families in the British education system

Early Years Teachers and young children’s rights: the need for critical dialogue

Alternative approaches to education: Tolstoy’s thinking on teaching and learning and its relevance for today

Science-based entrepreneur project development process for pre-service science teachers: difficulties faced*

Reflections on inclusion: how far have we come since Warnock and Salamanca?

Evaluation of Tottenham Thinking Space Pilot: Final Report. Research Report 11.

Diagnostic potential of structural neuroimaging for depression from a multi-ethnic community sample

Grounded Theory methods in child psychotherapy research

The Role of HBD-2 and HBD-3 in Human T Cell Development

Deep Laterally Recurrent Spiking Neural Networks for Speech Enhancement

Space-related confabulations after right hemisphere damage

What should socialists think about China?

“Refugee Voices,” New Social Media and Politics of Representation: Young Congolese in the Diaspora and Beyond

View-sensitive ERP repetition effects indicate automatic holistic processing of spatially unattended objects

The Relationship between Materialistic Aspirations and Distinct Aspects of Psychological Well-being in a UK sample

Measuring energy footprint of software features

PORBS: A parallel observation-based slicer

What is the Role of Attachment in Contemporary Psychotherapy? A Grounded Theory Exploration of the Perspective of Experienced Psychologists

The Screenplay and the Screenwriter

The Creative Unconscious and the Pictorial Sign

The Political Economy of Reproduction: Motherhood, Work and the Home in Neoliberal Britain

Towards Empowerment: Narrative Study of Counselling Psychology Trainees and How They Make Sense of Their Personal and Professional Development in the Context of Their Past Experiences

Troublesome Knowledge of SoTL

Dual stimulation of antigen presenting cells using carbon nanotube-based vaccine delivery system for cancer immunotherapy

Predicting bee community responses to land-use changes: Effects of geographic and taxonomic biases

Emerging borreliae – Expanding beyond Lyme borreliosis

Moisture Desorption Studies on Polymer Hydrated and Vacuum Extruded Bentonite Clay Mat

A Framework for Security Transparency in Cloud Computing

A qualitative study of the emotional coping and support needs of children living with a parent with a brain injury

Beckton Sustainable Living Initiative, Working Paper 4.

Designing emergency preparedness resources for children with autism

The (Im)possibility of the Intellectual Worker Inside the Neoliberal University

Seeing disadvantage in schools: exploring student teachers’ perceptions of poverty and disadvantage using visual pedagogy

Governing through parents: a genealogical enquiry of education policy and the construction of neoliberal subjectivities in England

University of East London: the 2015 biodiversity update

Bodily Experience and Restricted Conditions in Contemporary Art

How Do Young People Talk About Relationships?

Investigating Links Between Intimacy and Violence in Intensive Psychotherapy

Supervision For School Staff: What is Valuable about Solution Circles?

Self-Harm in Secondary Schools: What are the Perceptions and Experiences of Staff ?

Using Action Research to Develop My Solution-Focused Practice in Collaboration with Year 6 And 7 Pupils When Discussing Their Behavioural Self-Regulation at School

The Views of Young People about an Intervention Programme Designed to Support Them with Exam Related Anxiety and Stress

My Ideal School: A Personal Construct Psychology Approach to Understanding the School Constructs of Children Described as Anxious

An Exploration of Clinical Psychologist and Educational Psychologist Constructs of Mental Health in the Context of Secondary School Aged Children

How do Young People with ADHD Perceive their Condition: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis

Values and Beliefs Held About Parenting and Education by School Staff and Parents of Pupils with Special Educational Needs in the Context of Home- School Collaboration

Closing the Gap: Young People's Views on Learning at School

The art of second wave positive psychology: Harnessing Zen aesthetics to explore the dialectics of flourishing

Exploiting DNA damage repair defects for effective targeting of acute myeloid leukaemia by PARP inhibitors

Hematopoietic stem cells meet induced pluripotent stem cells technology

The professional developmental needs of higher education-based teacher educators: an international comparative needs analysis

Money, (Co)Production and Power in Digital

Music teacher biography and its impact on teaching practice

Recognition of Activities of Daily Living from Topic Model

E-cigarette puffing patterns associated with high and low nicotine e-liquid strength: effects on toxicant and carcinogen exposure

Future(s) Perfect: uchronian mapping as a research and visualisation tool in the fringes of the Olympic Park

Dithen: A Computation-as-a-Service Cloud Platform For Large-Scale Multimedia Processing

Monsters Take to the Streets! Monstrous Street-Art as Pedagogy of Resistance to Post-Olympic Regeneration in Hackney Wick?

Copying to be Different: Violent Dissident Irish Republican Learning

Misaligned and Polarity-Reversed Faces Determine Face-specific Capacity Limits

Greece, global fault-lines and the disintegrative logics of Germany’s primacy in Europe

Attack simulation based software protection assessment method

The effect of carbohydrate mouth rinsing on fencing performance and cognitive function following fatigue-inducing fencing

Professionalising positive psychology: Developing guidelines for training and regulation

The Multi-Faceted Experience of Empathy in Intellectual Disability Settings: An IPA Study

Fc-fusion mimetics

The impact of mindfulness on the wellbeing and performance of educators: A systematic review of the empirical literature

An anti-TNF--α antibody mimetic to treat ocular inflammation

Good looks and good practice: the attitudes of career practitioners to attractiveness and appearance

European Union Approaches to Human Rights Violations in Kosovo before and after Independence

5G innovation opportunities-- A discussion paper

Misty Comic: A Celebration

Long-term antidepressant use: patient perspectives of benefits and adverse effects

Do GPs and psychiatrists recommend alternatives when prescribing anti-depressants?

Locomotor Muscle Fatigue Does Not Alter Oxygen Uptake Kinetics during High-Intensity Exercise

Dose-Response Effects of Water Supplementation on Cognitive Performance and Mood in Children and Adults

Gambling and violence in a nationally representative sample of UK men

‘People think that Romanians and Roma are the same’: everyday bordering and the lifting of transitional controls


A Risk-Driven Investment Model for Analysing Human Factors in Information Security

Self-Disgust Experiences of Patients Post-Bariatric Surgery

Exploring Constructs of Capacity in Learning Disability Contexts: Power, Protection and Institutional Practices

How do Black Trainees Make Sense of Their 'Identities' in the Context of Clinical Psychology Training?

How do People From the Indian Gujarati Community Make Sense of Help-Seeking for Mental Health Problems

Social Cognition and HIV-Associated Neurocognitive Disorders

An Exploration of Mental Health Triage and Support in the Criminal Justice System: Attitudes and Experiences of Professionals Supporting People with Mental Health Needs

An Exploration of Experiences of Yoga Practice and Eating Disorders from the Perspective of Women with a History of Eating Disorders

Service User Involvement in the British Red Cross: Experience and Factors Affecting Willingness to Participate

Exploring Members of the UK Armed Forces Experience of Recovery after Treatment for a diagnosis of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Exploring Young People's Constructions of a First Episode of Psychosis

First Time Mothers: Exploring the Relationship between Shame Memories, and Experience of Shame, Compassion and Motherhood

An Exploration of Emotional Distress in Adults with Acne

A Qualitative Exploration of Gender Identity in Young People who identify as Neither Male nor Female

Exploring the Social Construction of Grief and Loss in Spouses Following Bereavement by Cancer

Discourse, Policy, Gangs: An Analysis of Gang Members' Talk and Policy

Exploring Issues of Cultural Difference for Professionals Working with Psychosis

Therapists' Constructions of Practice in Relation to Women Experiencing Orgasm Difficulty: A Foucauldian Discourse Analysis

Regulating Emotions-Young Children's Views on What Adults Can Do

ME and its Discontents: Life Stories and Photo-Elicited Diaries of a Severe Chronic Illness

How do Females Make Sense of Their Experiences of Being Involved in Gang Activity?

Pre-Operative Treatment for Oesophageal Cancer: Perspectives and Experiences

'Coming into Being'- The Process of Developmental Growth in A Severely Deprived Child in Intensive Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

Cyber-Activists As Innovators: Online Technologies and the Power Struggle in Iran

Exploring Understanding of “Challenging Behaviour” In the Context of People with Learning Disabilities: Views of Those Who Refer and Those Who Respond

Parents of Children with Disabilities: Exploring the Reasons for Seeking Help for Sleep Problems

A Discourse Analysis of Clinical Psychologists' Talk about Psychopathy in Forensic Settings

Social Cognition and HIV: Exploring the Profile of Cognitive Impairments in HIV-Associated Neurocognitive Disorders (HAND)

Factual Television Documentaries and Mental Distress: A Narrative Analysis

Mechanisms of Naltrexone-induced Reduction of Ethanol Preference in Drosophila Melanogaster

Identity and the Couple Relationship: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis of Women's Experiences of Caring for a Partner with Dementia

Developing an Understanding of the Factors that Influence Teacher Engagement in Action Research and Professional Learning Activities in Two English Primary Schools

Staging the Moment: Play and Fictional Reality

Art, Institutions and Social Control

Assessing the Financial Performance of Islamic Banking: The Case of Sudanese Banks

Perception of Employee’s about the Human Resource Management Practices (Talent Management) in Marks and Spencer in Waterloo, London

Investigating Paranoia in a University Student Population

Caring Over the Lifespan: Experiences of Caring for a Sibling with Schizophrenia

"A Sinking Heart": Beliefs of Distress in the Punjabi Community

How do Parents within the Orthodox Jewish Community Experience Accessing a Community Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service?

Imagined Contact as a Means of Improving Attitudes towards People with Learning Disabilities and Reducing Intergroup Anxieties

A Genealogical Investigation of the Conditions of Possibility for the Emergence of Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) Services

The American Retail Market: Why is it so hard to crack, and how to infiltrate it successfully? An investigative analysis.

Exploring consumer motivation to participate in market research activities for actualizing new product development

FDI Inflows in BRICS Nations and Impact of FDI in development of BRICS

Analysis of Exchange Rate Volatility and its Impacts on Global Transition Economy: An Empirical test of Purchasing Power Parity

How cultural brands from evolving markets distinguish its brand image in international market from customers’ perspective? – A case study on Pakistani clothing Brand ‘Khaadi’ launched in London.

A critical analysis of customer loyalty and customer satisfaction - a case study on Tesco Club Card

Does Russian economy follows the same financial principals as in developed world on the example of relationship between future and spot prices on Russian index RTS during volatile conditions and how relationship between two market will improve from the start and after the devaluation in Russia.

Corporate culture and Internationalization ‘A case study of Aon’

Do screened indexes and their portfolios experience a performance penalty due to the application of screening criteria? Empirical evidence from a study of the performances of four FTSE indexes

The impact of switching cost towards customer loyalty: A study on telecommunication sector, UK

A comparison of Value at Risk methods in portfolios with linear and non-linear financial instruments

The Effects of Product Diversification on Brand Identity: Case Study of Samsung and Toshiba Electronics

The Global Financial Crisis in the USA and The Failure of Central Banks

Workplace spirituality: a bibliometric analysis

An Exploration of Transference Interventions in Short-Term Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy with Adolescents Suffering from Depression

The Implementation of Quality Management and the Role of Leadership in Iranian Hospitals

Early years provision and children’s life chances

Storage Stability Studies of Anti-VEGF FpF Antibody Mimetics

HSCi Physical Science Learning Opportunities at Natural History Dioramas

Breaking down dichotomies in the narratives of women’s activism in Morocco

Trends in teacher education across Europe: an initial analysis

Social Marketing and the Corruption Conundrum in Morocco: An Exploratory Analysis

Globalisation, education policy and the Bologna Process: Interlocking and dependency discourses

Production of Clay Coated Lightweight Fill Materials From Air Pollution Control Residues (APCR)

Functional and regulatory profiling of energy metabolism in fission yeast

Introduction: Politics, Geographies and Histories in Workers’ Education

Testing times and the thirst for data: for what?

Using soil microbial inoculations to enhance substrate performance on extensive green roofs

Can sleep disturbance influence changes in mental health status? Longitudinal research evidence from ageing studies in England and Japan

Perambulator: An Artist’s Statement

The database of the PREDICTS (Projecting Responses of Ecological Diversity In Changing Terrestrial Systems) project

Attention training for infants at familial risk of ADHD (INTERSTAARS): study protocol for a randomised controlled trial

What's Ethnicity got to do with it? The Workplace Lived Experience of Ethnic Minority (IJAW) Women in the Nigerian Civil Service

Romantic Relationships: An Exploration of the Lived Experiences of Young Women who identify with a Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Towards an Intracultural Actor Training: Utilising the Cultural Context of the Performer

On a motorbike to

Place of Birth and Concepts of Wellbeing: An Analysis from Two Ethnographic Studies of Midwifery Units in England

Predicting the tensile strength, impact toughness, and hardness of friction stir-welded AA6061-T6 using response surface methodology

Characterisation of the signalling mechanisms involved in the induction of cyclooxygenase-2 by interleukin-4

A Cost Effective and Light Weight Unipolar Electroadhesion Pad Technology for Adhesion Mechanism of Wall Climbing Robot

Closing the Gap: Bridges for Access and Lifelong Learning

Key Stories – Tales on geographies, maps, and methodologies of bordering

Refining the traditional flipped classroom model: Teaching students HOW to think not WHAT to think

The proposed Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) for UK Universities

‘The Suicide Attempt of a Seven Year Old Boy: An Exploration of Precipitating and Protective Factors’

Getting The Job Done: Using Authentic Assessment Techniques In Extra And Co-Curricular Activities (Eccas) To Improve Law Students’ Employability Prospects

Practice Makes Perfect: Using authentic assessment techniques in Extra and Co-curricular course (ECCAs) delivery to reflect the Solicitor’s Regulation Authority’s (SRA) change towards legal vocational stage delivery

Enhancing student performance and employability through the use of authentic assessment techniques in extra and co-curricular activities (ECCAs)

An information security risk-driven investment model for analysing human factors

Childcare market is failing to provide parents with choice and quality

LIFE+ Climate Proofing Housing Landscapes: Monitoring Report 2 - June 2016 to September 2016

LIFE+ Climate Proofing Housing Landscapes: Interim Monitoring Report - August 2015 to May 2016

Losing an Identical Co-twin in Older Adulthood: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis

Gendering the Memory of Work: Women Workers’ Narratives

Teacher educators’ professional development in Flanders: practitioner research as a promising strategy

Teaching poetry in a ‘banking system’: problems and solutions in London, England

Using Turnitin to improve academic writing: an action research inquiry

Unpacking British values: a case study of a primary school in east London

Improving community mental health services: The need for a paradigm shift

General practitioners' beliefs about people with schizophrenia and whether they should be subject to discriminatory treatment when in medical hospital: the mediating role of dangerousness perception

Evaluation of a non-statutory ‘Place of Calm’, a service which provides support after a suicidal crisis to inform future commissioning intentions

Modernising School Governance: Corporate planning and expert handling in state education

Widening the participation into higher education: experiences and perspectives of non-traditional mature learners in HE

Towards Cloud Security Monitoring: A Case Study

Internationalisation and development in East Asian higher education: an introduction

Parks and prejudice

Retrieving psychosocial signs of structural violence in postcolonial Jamaica

Decoding visemes: Improving machine lip-reading

Intelligent Detection of MAC Spoofing Attack in 802.11 Network

Construction of cell models for drug-receptor pharmacology activities for schools outreach: Generating awareness and interest in pharmacology in the younger generations

Architecture and Neuroscience; what can the EEG recording of brain activity reveal about a walk through everyday spaces?

Security countermeasures in the cyber-world

Requirements for the formal representation of pathophysiology mechanisms by clinicians

An empirical study on dependence clusters for effort-aware fault-proneness prediction

Jolinar: Analysing the Energy Footprint of Software Applications (demo)

A dynamic segmentation based activity discovery through topic modelling

Guiding Readers – Layers of meaning: A handbook for teaching reading comprehension to 7-11 year-olds

Grammar schools: a very English solution to a very English problem

The Knife of Dawn

Engagement before Ownership: Reflections on Participatory Radio as a Learning Intervention with Disenfranchised Groups

The Political Pioneers of Punk (Just Don't Mention the F-Word!)

In memoriam: the contributions to public health research of Farah Jamal, BA, MSc, PhD

Fathers Know Best: Mother’s Milk, ‘Dads’ Lit and the Childcare Wars of the Mid 2000s

Client Experience of Receiving Adapted Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) and its Perceived Role in the Process of Change

The Role of Shame and Humiliation in Relation to the Technical Difficulties in Providing Psychotherapy to a Six-Year Old Boy in Care

"Who am I and where do I Belong?" An Exploratory Study of the Construction of Identities of People from Mixed Heritage Backgrounds in Britain

An Exploration of the Experiences and Perceptions of Young People in Further Education with a Diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

A Framework for Including Sustainability in IS Audit

Characterisation of Transgenic Tobacco Plants Expressing Synthetic Mouse Prion Protein

Women's Experiences of Engaging in Intimate Partner Violence in Heterosexual Relationships: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis

The Role of the Prosecutor in the International Criminal Court: Discretion, Legitimacy, and the Politics of Justice

The Dynamic of the ICC and Africa through the Prism of Neo-Colonialism

The Map of Competencies in Systemic Therapy: A Qualitative Study of the Systemic Competencies in Child and Adolescent Mental Health that Target the Associated Abnormal Psychosocial Situations

Highly Skilled Algerian Women Displaced During the Black Decade: Online Networks, Transnational Belonging and Political Engagement

Recognizing activities of daily living from patterns and extraction of web knowledge

Capital and popular cinema: The dollars are coming!

Stress reactivity speeds basic encoding processes in infants

Temporal dynamics of arousal and attention in 12-month-old infants

Michelangelo Antonioni’s Chung Kuo — Cina (1972): A Moment of ‘Explicitation’

Developing a Growth Mindset through outdoor personal development: can an intervention underpinned by psychology increase the impact of an outdoor learning course for young people?

Common and distinct patterns of grey-matter volume alteration in major depression and bipolar disorder: evidence from voxel-based meta-analysis

Troubled Craft and Novice Teachers: An Ethnographic Account of Emerging Professional Identities of Novice Teachers in the English Lifelong Learning Sector

Conflict in Mens Experiences With Antidepressants

The Impact of Causal Explanations on Outcome in People Experiencing Psychosis: A Systematic Review

Editorial [Visual Methodologies] - Special Issue: Fourth international Visual Methods Conference

Doing the 'dirty work of the green economy: Resource recovery and migrant labour in the EU

Determination of shelf life of Chelidonium majus, Sambucus nigra, Thymus vulgaris and Thymus serpyllum herbal tinctures by various stability-indicating tests

Review 5: Evidence review of barriers to, and facilitators of, community engagement approaches and practices in the UK

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence Review 4: Community engagement – approaches to improve health: map of the literature on current and emerging community engagement policy and practice in the UK

The Impact of Social Networks on “Born Globals”

The validity and reliability of a commercially available GPS device during running and cycling

Television exposure predicts body size ideals in rural Nicaragua

Why hip hop should be used to teach


Blanket Mires of Caithness and Sutherland, Scotland’s Great Flow Country (UK)

Peatlands and Windfarms: Conflicting Carbon Targets and Environmental Impacts

Peatland Classification

Peatland (Mire Types): Based on Origin and Behavior of Water, Peat Genesis, Landscape Position, and Climate


Blanket Mire

Blanket Bogs

Language and Communication Difficulties

Perambulator: Borders

Agile Changes of Security Landscape: A Human Factors and Security Investment View

Exploring the knowledge ‘base’ of practitioners in the delivery of sustainable regeneration projects

Causas públicas, historias privadas: los derechos reproductivos y el aborto en Bolivia

Establishing a 'Corstonian continuous care pathway for drug using female prisoners: Linking Drug Recovery Wings and Womens Community Services

Careif Global Position Statement: Mental Health, Human Rights and Human Dignity "Magna Carta for people living with Mental Illness".

Class and Politics in the Greek Debt Crisis


Microwave Diplexer Purely Based on Direct Synchronous and Asynchronous Coupling

Refugees and forced migrants

Repositioning the Learning-Disabled Performing Arts Student as Critical Facilitator

Buffet d’art: Group exhibition

Marketers’ influence on media: Renewing the radical tradition for the digital age

Resourcing a viable digital journalism

A semantic based framework for software regulatory compliance

Child Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (Professional Doctorate) (Tavistock)

No Monkey Business

Young people in a changing Europe: British youth and Brexit 2016

Investigation Into ERP-Based Symbiotic Simulation Project Implentation On Ford Engine Production Line: Challenges, Opportunities and Prospects

Children and Young People in Social Work

Transformation of monocytes to macrophages by combination antiretroviral treatment

Antipyresis and the inhibition of mitochondrial function

The Olympic Re-Construction of East London in the Economic, Political, Media and Legal Discourse. A Possible Theoretical Framework for Social-Political Action

The Multiple Store: The Last Editions

Coercion in social care

Italian and English Practice Educators Experiences of Working with Struggling or Failing Students in Practice Placements

Introducing Union Representation and Its Complexities – A Case Study of the Royal Thai Civil Service

Adaptive Radial Basis Function Methods for Pricing Options Under Jump-Diffusion Models

Regulation (EC) No 810/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 13 July 2009 establishing a Community Code on Visas (Visa Code)

Picasso, Pablo (1881-1973)

International Cooperation Against Terrorism

Prevent and the Shifting Parameters of Counter-Terrorism

The Higher Education Journey of Young London Residents: July 2016

Unleashing Hypersensory Subjectivity: Modernists, Magnetists and Hypnotic Bodies

Virilizing Homosexuality: Queering Body Cultures after the Wilde Trials

Confronting Evolution: Superevolution and Transspeciation in Patricia Piccinini’s Transgenic Species

Primate Visions: Modernist Monkey Business and Interspecies Relationality

Inverting the Anthropocene: Ecological Intervention, Transspeciation and Patricia Piccinini’s Transgenic Species

“Satirical Dynamite”: Anarcho-Communism and František Kupka’s ‘Propaganda of the Deed'

Mesmeric Modernism: František Kupka's Mediumism, Magnetic Waves and Vibrating Abstractions

Mesmeric Performativity: Neo-Magneticists, Hypnotic Bodies and “l’art inconscient”

Aestheticizing Muscle: Modernism, National Regeneration and La Culture Physique

Identità europea. Questioni ufficiali e non–ufficiali

On Archives and Documents: Understanding the European Community-Yugoslav Relations through Primary Sources

European Community-Yugoslav Relations: Debates and Documents that Mattered (1968–1992)

Open Access Policy

Sightlines: Public and Private (Lives)

Increasing extracellular H2O2 produces a bi-phasic response in intracellular H2O2, with peroxiredoxin hyperoxidation only triggered once the cellular H2O2-buffering capacity is overwhelmed

Php4 Is a Key Player for Iron Economy in Meiotic and Sporulating Cells

Radical, ethical spaces

Migrating to Europe: Racism, Imperialism, Politics Now and a Politics for the Future

In Motion

The validity of health-related quality of life questionnaires in bronchiectasis: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Working across multiple domains: the case of Islamic Relief

Oxfam GB’s UK poverty programme: a case for organisational habitus

Preparing for a doctoral viva

Facilitating disclosure of rape and other sexual torture: Guidance for Legal Professionals

Identification and health assessment of women survivors of rape and other torture: Handbook for Clinicians

Decolonising White Psychology

What is the Nature of the Therapeutic Encounter in an Adolescent Psychotherapy Group?

Space Invaders and the Value of Art

Radical Space: Exploring Politics and Practice

The Politics of Personal HIV Stories

On Teaching Decolonising White Psychology

Archival Rhythms: Narrativity in the Archive

The Archive Project: Archival Research in the Social Sciences

Epistolary entanglements of love and politics: reading Rosa Luxemburg’s letters

Psychologists Against Austerity: Mobilising Psychology for Social Change

The effectiveness and impact of the child protection and criminal justice systems in cases of intrafamilial child sexual abuse

EU online child safety: what does the literature say?

Child online protection in the MENA region

"I wasn't sure it was normal to watch it..." A quantitative and qualitative examination of the impact of online pornography on the values, attitudes, beliefs and behaviours of children and young people

Introduction: Gender, Law, and Politics in Jordan

Da Process: Hip-Hop, Pedagogy and Black Bodies

State-Based Stochastic Performance Deterioration Modelling of Flood Defence Assets

Risk-Based Life Cycle Maintenance Strategy of Corrosion Affected RC Structures

Residual bond strength behaviour of corroded reinforcement in natural corrosive environment

Latin American Perspectives on Migration, Social Inequalities and Life Transitions

An investigation into perinatal psychotherapy as a treatment for first-time mothers with anxiety disorders

Inter-generational Transfer of Human Wellbeing from a Gender and Life Course Perspective: The case of Latin American migrant mothers and their daughters in London, UK

Why educational researchers should take on board the multifarious nature of racism in the UK

Racism: A Critical Analysis

Lifetime Performance Assessment of Flood Defence Structures Utilising Condition Grading Data.

The Development of a Peer-Based Approach for Promoting Prisoner Health in an English Male Young Offender Institution

Introduction: Paris and New York: geographies and histories in the garment industry

‘Radicalisation’: The Transformation of Modern Understanding of Terrorist Origins, Psychology and Motivation.

Crossing Conceptual Boundaries VIII

Crossing Conceptual Boundaries IX

P | A | N : Proyecto Amasandería Nacional


Engaging customers during a website visit: a model of website customer engagement

Financial Threat during the Economic Crisis: Connections with the Social Representation of the Economic Crisis and the Willingness to Act

Poetry Written from the Words of People Given a Diagnosis of Dementia: A Narrative Analysis

Characterization of controlled gamblers and pathological gamblers using the social representation theory

Action of Street / Action of Room: A Directory of Public Actions

Bedlam: the Asylum and Beyond

Science Museum Interactive Gallery

Consumers Attitudes towards Debt

Handbook of Research on Consumerism and Buying Behavior in Developing Nations

Gobernanza escolar y la lógica de la política neoliberal. ¿Qué puede hacer la democracia?

Life and Death on the New York Dance Floor, 1980–1983

Consumer Behaviour in Developing Nations: A Conceptual Overview

Richard Long und zie Paradise Garage

Danceteria: Where Studio 54 Met CBGB In 1980s New York

Planet Rock

Subterranean dance: David Mancuso and The Loft

Nightclubbing: Danceteria